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9 Best Solar Lights for Cemetery In 2024

In cemeteries, maintaining a serene atmosphere alongside safety requires solar lights. Designed specifically for cemetery settings, these lights use solar energy to softly illuminate graves and paths at night. They enhance the ambiance and aid nighttime navigation, eliminating the need for traditional power sources.

Key Considerations:

  • Brightness and Coverage: Choose lights with adequate brightness to effectively light up pathways and gravesites. Aim for models with a brightness range of 10 to 30 lumens, striking a balance between ample light and avoiding harsh glare.
  • Durability and Weatherproofing: Opt for lights made from durable materials like stainless steel or weather-resistant plastic. Ensure they have an IP65 or higher waterproof rating to withstand various outdoor conditions such as rain and snow.
  • Battery Life and Charging Efficiency: Select lights equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and efficient solar panels for prolonged runtime and quick charging. Look for models offering a battery life of 6 to 12 hours on a full charge, depending on your specific requirements and location.

For more detailed guidance on choosing the most suitable solar lights for cemetery settings, refer to our comprehensive “Buying Guide” later in this article.

Best Solar Lights For Cemetery Table

Best Solar Lights For CemeteryBody MaterialBattery LifeTotal Lights per PackBuy Now
TONULAX Solar Rose Garden LightsPlastic,Silk,Iron15 hours2Check On Amazon
Exhart Solar Garden LightsAcrylic6 to 8 hours1Check On Amazon
RECHOO Solar Lightsfabric material12 hours3Check On Amazon
VGYVGYCC Solar LightsABS and Fiber12 to 18 hours2Check On Amazon
GIGALUMI Solar Garden LightPlastic body with steel frames8 hours2Check On Amazon
Solar Wholesale Cross Lights--3Check On Amazon
Juliahestia Solar Powered Decor LightResin--Check On Amazon
MIBUNG Solar LightsAcrylic-4Check On Amazon
Qualife Solar Angel LightsFiber-2Check On Amazon

Best Solar Lights For Cemetery Reviews

1. TONULAX Solar Rose Garden Lights

TONULAX Solar Rose Garden Lights

The new and improved solar rose lights for your garden providing up to 15 hours of light when fully charged. The rose light automatically changes between 7 different colors, creating a magical ambiance in your outdoor space.

These are maintenance-free and easy-to-install rose lights require no wires or external electricity and are perfect for lighting up pathways and in-ground areas. The adjustable stems and leaves, made with durable iron wire, can be bent into different angles and styles.

Our solar rose lights feature an enlarged solar panel and battery, with a 20.5% solar conversion rate, even on cloudy days. The battery provides up to 20 hours of working time when fully charged, lighting up at dusk and continuing to shine until morning.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact our customer support team if you have any issues with our solar rose lights. Upgrade your garden with our unique 7 color changing solar rose lights and create a magical ambiance that will impress your guests.

Best Features

  • 7 color changing rose light provides a magical ambiance in your garden
  • Maintenance-free and easy to install, no wires or external electricity required
  • Adjustable stems and leaves made with durable iron wire
  • Enlarged battery with up to 20 hours of working time when fully charged


  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Unique and attractive design with color-changing feature
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Long working time and charges even on cloudy days


  • Requires direct sunlight for optimal charging

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2. Exhart Solar Garden Lights

Exhart Solar Garden Lights

Since the ‘80s, Exhart has been continuously developing environmentally safe products. Propelled by the satisfaction of its customers, it passionately offers a wider range of unique garden decors.

The Exhart Solar Garden Stake Light is designed in the shape of an angel. It automatically senses the light conditions and switches ON. The white LED bulbs are placed in a way to create better illumination. The translucent acrylic body can withstand a variety of environmental attacks, making it durable. It also blends with LED bulbs to create a beautiful look.

During the daytime, the solar panels convert the available sunlight and recharge the battery. This helps the battery to power the lights for over 6 to 8 hours. The metal stakes are easy to install into the ground and help mount the solar light. The light has a width of 4-inches and the height can be extended up to a maximum 34-inches limit. Being wireless, it is almost maintenance-free.

Best Features

  • Waterproof transparent acrylic body
  • Rechargeable AA battery with 6 to 8 hours of battery life
  • 12 white LEDs placed at the wing tips
  • 4-inches wide and a maximum height of 34-inches
  • Easy to install metal stakes


  • A decent amount of brightness is provided
  • The placement of the solar panels helps in unrestricted sunlight absorption
  • The unit is wireless and hence maintenance free


  • Only one piece comes in the package

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3. RECHOO Solar Lights

RECHOO Solar Lights

RECHOO solar-powered lights: Each light features 15 LED roses, adding a colorful touch to your outdoor space. Crafted from high-quality fabric, these lights have a realistic appearance, enhancing your garden by day and creating a lively ambiance at night with their 7-color changing feature.

Equipped with larger monocrystalline silicon solar panels, these lights charge quickly and last longer, illuminating for 10-12 hours after just 4-6 hours of sunlight. Installation is a breeze – simply place them in a sunny spot in your garden, patio, or pathway, and they’ll automatically light up at dusk. These waterproof lights (IP65) can endure all weather conditions, ensuring they remain vibrant and durable throughout the year, whether it’s raining, snowing, or frosty.

Best Features

  • 7-color changing LEDs
  • High-quality fabric material
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Set of three lights


  • Vibrant color-changing illumination
  • Realistic appearance with rose-shaped LEDs
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Weather-resistant for year-round use


  • Limited lifespan of rechargeable battery

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4. VGYVGYCC Solar Lights

VGYVGYCC Solar Lights

Vgyvgycc manufactures intelligent products that are powered by solar energy. The products are known for their efficient performance and durability. The brand claims to offer unmatched quality in its products, which attracts the consumer’s attention.

The Vgyvgycc Outdoor Solar Garden Lights use high-quality materials. Made from high-density fiber and ABS material, this unit has good durability. With an IP67 rating, it offers good water resistance and weatherproofing. The polysilicon solar panels efficiently convert the sunlight and recharge the 800mAh battery within 4 to 6 hours. The battery can run the lights for 12 to 18 hours easily.

The LEDs automatically turn on after sensing low lighting conditions. The transparent body blends with the multi-color lights, creating a beautiful illumination near the cemetery. The solar panel can be rotated up to 90 degrees to adapt to the sun’s changing path. The stainless steel stakes help in mounting the light on the ground. Being a wireless unit, this light is maintenance-free.

Best Features

  • High-quality ABS and fiber body with IP67 rating
  • Rotatable polysilicon solar panels that can charge a battery within 4 to 6 hours
  • 800mAh battery that powers the light for 12 to 18 hours
  • Multicolor LED bulbs that automatically light up
  • Stainless steel stakes can be easily mounted on the ground
  • 2-pack unit


  • Longer battery life
  • Automatic charging and lighting help in saving energy
  • Weatherproofed and hence suitable for outdoor usage


  • It does not support other types of mountings

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5. GIGALUMI Solar Garden Light

GIGALUMI Solar Garden Light

Gigalumi entered the solar light market with only one mission, to provide a high-quality product range to consumers. These products are designed in a way to suit lawns, cemeteries, or pathways.

The Gigalumi Solar Garden Light is designed like an angel. It is made up of semi-transparent plastic while the stainless steel frame adds strength to the body structure. Fitted with 7 white LEDs, it can create soothing brightness. The lights are waterproof too, making them durable even when in contact with water. The lights can sense sunlight and automatically switch to charging mode. When the outdoor lighting is low, it switches back to illuminate the LEDs.

The solar panel is adjustable up to 90 degrees and can be placed according to the sun’s path. Solar panels fully charge the 300mah AAA battery in 8 hours. The battery can power lights for 8 hours easily. By mounting the lights on the metal stake, a maximum of 31.1-inch height can be achieved. The package contains 2 lights which easily illuminate a wider area.

Best Features

  • Stainless steel frame covered with semi-transparent plastic body
  • 7 white LEDs fitted over the body
  • An adjustable solar panel with 8 hours of charging time
  • 300mAh AAA battery offers 8 hours of runtime
  • Total of 2 lights in the package


  • Automatic switching of the solar panel and the lights helps in energy saving
  • The 31.1-inch height helps in adjusting the lights according to the tombstone height
  • Waterproof construction increases the durability of the lights


  • Priced higher than the other options

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6. Solar Wholesale Cross Lights

Solar Wholesale Cross Lights

Solar Wholesale offers a wider range of lighting solutions. It has religious-themed products which are suitable for cemeteries as well as churches.

The Solar Wholesale cemetery light has a cross-shaped design. The body is transparent and blends with the lights to make the detailing work visible. The body has been developed by keeping outdoor usage in mind. Hence proper waterproofing is provided to the lights. Amorphous solar cells help in converting sunlight into usable electricity. Multiple color modes make the lights look elegant.

The electricity is stored inside the AA battery which powers the lights for the whole night. The stainless steel stakes help in mounting the lights on the ground. The stakes can be adjusted to a maximum height of 36.5-inches. A total of 3 lights are included in the packages to illuminate the cemetery area.

Best Features

  • Transparent body with weatherproofing
  • The dimension of the light is 4-inch wide and 6.8-inch in height
  • Amorphous solar cells are known for their high efficiency
  • AA batteries for electricity storage
  • Multicolor light fitted inside the body
  • Stainless steel stakes for mounting the lights


  • The extendable height of 36.5-inches makes the light noticeable from a far distance
  • The religious theme design adapts to the wider religious applications
  • 3 lights included in the pack to easily light up the installed area


  • Does not support other mounting methods

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7. Juliahestia Solar Powered Decor Light

Juliahestia Solar Powered Decor Light

Juliahestia specialized in making garden decorations. It neutered the cemetery light market with its prior expertise in statues for the lawns. Combining these experiences led to developing statue-themed products for the cemeteries.

The Juliahestia Solar Powered Decor Light has an angelic design. It is made up of a high-quality resin material. The body is painted which blends with the LED lights creating a warm glow. Being weatherproof, it can withstand environmental attacks without deforming. The solar panel is fitted in a way to absorb more sunlight. It charges the battery which later powers the lights at night.

The 3.3×4.3-inch statue size is easily noticeable. It stands at a maximum height of 17.7-inches, suitable for cemeteries or lawns. The plastic stakes easily go into the ground and provide stable support to the statue. The light needs no attention after turning on the inbuilt switch. The unit is maintenance-free and has no external wires.

Best Features

  • Made from a waterproof resin material
  • Rechargeable battery paired with solar panel
  • 3×4.3-inches dimension
  • Maximum height of 17.7-inches
  • Plastic stakes for easy mounting on the ground


  • The painted body creates an illusionary glowing effect
  • Proper weatherproofing helps the light withstand environmental attacks
  • Lightweight body


  • The solar panel is not adjustable

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8. MIBUNG Solar Lights

MIBUNG Solar Lights

Mibung has focused its product development process to manufacture nature-friendly products. It offers solar-powered alternatives to regular lighting solutions. The products are designed to look simple and yet unique.

The Mibung Solar lights are durable. Designed in an angelic shape, the body is made up of high-quality acrylic material. Provided with proper weatherproofing, it resists all types of environmental attacks. The LED bulb illuminates the body with 7 different colors from the inside, creating a magical look. The solar panels sense sunlight and automatically start charging the battery.

At night, the lights automatically illuminate by drawing power from the AAA battery. The angel body is mounted on a stainless steel pole. This pole also illuminates and adds a decorative touch to the solar light. The pole can be further mounted on the ground with the help of the stakes. 4 lights are provided with the single package.

Best Features

  • Body made up of high-quality acrylic material
  • LED bulb with 7 different colors
  • Rechargeable AAA battery paired with solar panel
  • Stainless steel pole with inbuilt lights
  • 4 lights come included in the pack


  • Weatherproof construction makes it suitable for outdoor usage
  • The automatic on/off feature helps in saving the electricity
  • This light has a wireless setup and hence maintenance-free


  • Absence of normal light mode

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9. Qualife Solar Angel Lights

Qualife Solar Angel Lights

Qualife’s range of durable products competes aggressively with the other brands. The products carry an aesthetically focused design that adds a subtle touch to the landscape they are installed at.

The Qualife Solar Angel Light is suitable for multiple applications. This light is made up of lightweight fiber material. It is durable and able to withstand water and snow, thanks to the IP65 rating. It is fitted with high-efficiency amorphous solar panels that are paired with an auto mode. The solar panel senses sunlight and starts absorbing sunlight to convert it into electricity. The electricity is stored in a rechargeable Ni-Mh battery of 600mah capacity.

The battery powers the light for hours, eliminating the need for an external power source. The multi-colored LED bulbs have different color combinations to create a serene atmosphere. The stakes can be easily pushed into the ground to provide a stable mounting for the lights. The light can be extended up to a maximum height of 34-inches.

Best Features

  • Durable fiber body with an IP65 rating against water
  • Rechargeable Ni-Mh battery with 600mAh capacity
  • Multi-colored LED bulbs
  • Amorphous solar panel with auto mode
  • Maximum adjustable height of 34-inches
  • 2 pieces of solar light and one user guide included


  • The stakes are easy to mount and provide sturdy mounting to the lights
  • Suitable for outdoor applications like cemetery grave decoration, gardens, patios, etc
  • Solar panels are highly efficient and durable


  • Cannot be mounted on a tombstone

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Key Features to Look for When Choosing Solar Lights for Cemetery

When choosing solar lights for graveyards, it’s important to consider certain features to make sure they work well and are right for the purpose. Knowing about these features will help you pick the best option that suits your needs and respects the memory of your loved ones.

1. Brightness and Illumination Range

It’s important to consider their brightness and how far they can light up. Look for lights that shine brightly enough to light up the area well, but not too harshly or glaringly. Also, check how far the lights can reach to make sure they cover the space you need, like pathways and gravesites.

2. Durability and Weather Resistance

Select durable options capable of enduring various weather conditions. Seek out lights crafted from resilient materials such as corrosion-resistant metals or sturdy plastics. These materials are capable of withstanding rain, snow, and sunlight. Additionally, verify whether the lights possess an IP65 waterproof rating or above to ensure functionality during rainy or snowy conditions.

3. Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Choose solar lights that are easy to install and maintain, ensuring hassle-free operation over time. For instance, ground stake lights can be effortlessly inserted into soil without complex setup. Opt for lights with convenient features such as pre-installed batteries and user-friendly controls for effortless maintenance.

4. Battery Life and Charging Efficiency

It’s important to think about how long they’ll last and how well they charge. Look for lights with big batteries that can hold lots of energy from the sun during the day, so they stay on all night. Also, make sure the solar panels can soak up sunlight efficiently, even when it’s not super bright out.

5. Design Options to Suit Cemetery Aesthetics

Selecting designs that complement the serene ambiance is crucial. Seek out lighting fixtures that harmonize with the cemetery’s aesthetic, be it traditional, modern, or rustic. Consider factors such as color, form, and texture to discover lights that seamlessly integrate and honor the memories of those laid to rest there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do solar lights work in cloudy weather?

Ans: Solar lights charge efficiently in direct sunlight. The panels continue to work as long as the sunlight falls on the surface. On cloudy days, the panels still capture the faint sunlight and recharge the battery at a slower rate. In case a total blackout happens, the battery continues to power the lights with the remaining electricity.

2. Are solar cemetery lights durable enough to withstand outdoor weather?

Ans: Solar cemetery lights are used in outdoor conditions. Hence they are provided with many weatherproof features. The solar panels are coated to avoid fainting of the panel surface. The light’s body is constructed in a way to keep it waterproof. IP ratings are also given to these lights after testing them for waterproofing. UV ray resistance helps in enduring harsh sunlight.

3. What is the maintenance schedule for the solar lights?

Ans: The solar power lights are designed in a way to be free of maintenance. The solar panels work for many years without needing to be replaced. They are wireless and hence not connected to any electrical outlets. Only batteries might need replacement every five years since they tend to degrade over time.

4. Are solar cemetery lights expensive?

Ans: Solar-powered systems are known for their cost-effectiveness. The solar panels make up the major part of the solar light’s total price. Since the solar lights run fully on the sunlight, money on the electric bills is saved. Hence their price becomes justified in the longer run.


Today we thoroughly explained the available solar light options for the cemetery. Being an important symbol in honoring the dead, the solar lights have been replacing traditional wax candles. Choosing these lights is not a hard task when certain specifications are kept in mind. We thereby provided a buying guide to clear any confusion regarding the solar cemetery lights. The common FAQs were also answered for making the selection process easy. By keeping all the discussions in mind, we have chosen our favorite options from this list.

  • We recommend the VGYVGYCC Solar Lights for its long-lasting battery life (12-18 hours), durable ABS and fiber material, IP67 rating, and efficient solar panel. Easy to install and energy-saving with automatic on/off feature.
  • The TONULAX Solar Rose Garden Lights offer larger solar panels, 15-hour recharge time, 8-hour runtime, realistic rose design, weatherproofing, and automatic operation, all at an affordable price. Package includes 2 lights.

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