MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights Review

Simple, Sturdy, and Easy to Use LED Solar Deck Lights from MAXvolador. They work automatically including charging the battery and turning the lights on/off).
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The MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights are a simple way to illuminate (as a decoration only, not as regular light) decks, patios, stairways, gardens, pools, and other outdoor spaces using solar energy. The solar panels charge the battery during daytime and as the sun sets, they turn on automatically (even turn off automatically in the morning). These solar deck lights are easy to install, works automatically, and are weatherproof.

Solar deck lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that make use of solar energy to illuminate decks, patios, stairs, and other outdoor spaces. These lights have solar panels that capture sunlight during the day, converting it into electrical energy and store in rechargeable batteries. As the sun sets, the electrical energy in the battery powers LED bulbs, providing gentle and ambient lighting for outdoor areas. Solar deck lights offer several advantages, including energy efficiency due to their reliance on renewable solar energy, ease of installation with no need for electrical wiring, and wireless and cordless operation, making them both safe and visually appealing.

They typically come with automatic sensors that activate the lights at dusk and deactivate them at dawn. Furthermore, they are built to withstand outdoor conditions and are available in various designs to match different outdoor aesthetics, improving safety, security, and the overall appeal of outdoor spaces. With no ongoing operating costs and their environmentally friendly nature, solar deck lights are an excellent long-term lighting solution for outdoor areas.

We recently came across one such simple and elegant solar deck lights. They are the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights. Particularly, we got the color changing RGB Model and they also come in solid warm while color as well. All the points we spoke in the introduction apply to these solar deck lights i.e., they are solar powered, turn on and off automatically, have a built-in user replaceable rechargeable battery, and they are pretty pleasing to the eye (after installing them on stair case rails and garden fence).

This is the review of the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights. We are writing this review after installing and using these solar deck lights for more than 2-weeks. We will see the ease of use, automatic features, and many more. If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your patio, garden, pool, or any other outdoor space, continue reading this review to know more about MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights.

Most of the solar deck light vendors sell these lights in 20-pack. This is also the case with MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights. We got two units of 20-pack lights, so totally 40 lights. There isn’t much to talk about the contents of the package. You will have 20 solar deck lights in a big carton along with some basic documentation (user manual) and some accessories to mount the lights.

MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights Unboxing

These accessories include 3M-branded double side tapes, wall anchors, and screws. That’s it.

If you are familiar with solar deck lights then they have a design that maximizes both functionality and aesthetics for outdoor illumination. The MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights are no different. At the top, there is a solar panel that captures sunlight during the day efficiently. The main body of the solar deck light houses the LED bulb, which emit the light. The LED has a semi-transparent lens and its design focuses on providing ample illumination while conserving power.

MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights Design

While the outer part of the solar deck lights is made up of ABS plastic, the lens is made from Polystyrene. The overall construction of these lights prioritizes durability and weatherproofing and can withstand exposure to rain, snow, and UV rays.

Solar Deck Lights Design

On the inside, you can see the single RGB LED along with a AAA 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery and a small circuit board.

Before installing the solar deck lights, you have to remove the plastic lens and access the inside of the unit. There is a switch inside, which is in OFF position. You have to toggle it to ON position so that the battery comes in contact with the rest of the circuit before first charging. After that, you can close the lens and are ready for installation. In case the lights don’t illuminate, you can try toggling the switch from ON to OFF and back to ON or check the battery’s positioning.

MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights Installation

You have two mounting option with the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights: Double-sided tape or screws. If you want to go with the double-side tape mounting option, begin by peeling off one side of the adhesive tape and firmly attaching it to the bottom of the solar panel. Then, remove the protective backing from the other side of the tape and adhere the solar deck light to any flat surface or edge. This method provides a quick and hassle-free way to install the lights without the need for tools.

Alternatively, to opt for screw mounting option, start by drilling two holes in any edge of your desired mounting location, aligning them with the light holes on the solar deck light. Insert anchors into these holes to provide a secure foundation. Afterward, position the solar deck light on the edge and use screws to fasten it in place. This method ensures a sturdy and long-lasting installation, ideal for situations where you need additional stability from the lights.

MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights offer a range of exceptional features designed to enhance your outdoor lighting experience. With an upgraded solar panel and energy-efficient LED lighting, these outdoor deck lights are designed for maximum efficiency. Simply place them in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours, and they will fully charge, eliminating the need for electricity and significantly reducing your energy costs.

Thanks to built-in dusk-to-dawn sensors, these solar-powered step lights operate automatically, turning on at dusk and off at dawn. They emit soft and warm cozy lighting for up to 8 hours at night once fully charged.

MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights Features

As we mentioned earlier, these solar deck lights are constructed with durable ABS and Polystyrene materials, making these outdoor fence lights weather-resistant, waterproof, and resistant to rust and fading. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, including snow, rain, thunderstorms, and frost, while maintaining their stylish appearance for years. Their longevity saves you time and energy on replacements.

These solar deck lights are versatile and suitable for various outdoor applications. Their compact size and simple design make them ideal for mounting on the edge of outdoor railings, pools, walls, porches, pathways, gutters, or any other outdoor areas in need of decorative lighting. The bronze-finished step lights feature an RGB Lights with color changing mode, creating a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for daily decoration and accent lighting, adding both functionality and aesthetics to your outdoor spaces. If you opt for the warm while lights, then they stay on without any effects.

So, how’s the experience of using the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights? We installed these solar lights on the staircase rails and the garden fence. We opted for the permanent screw mount installation and the whole process was very simple. Before using them, we placed them in direct sunlight for about 6 hours so that the battery can charge for a decent time. After that, we placed in their place and as soon as the sun is setting, the LEDs came to life. A small suggestion with the installation; do not install these lights on the stair case as in right in the middle as some of the promotional images are showing. This will be a serious tripping hazard. Install on the sides, or on the rails, or any place where we don’t put our foot down.

MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights Performance

As we have the RGB version, the lights keep changing at a factory-set rate and color. Sadly, we don’t have any control over this. If you choose the warm white variant, the light stays solid. While the manufacturer says the battery give a working time of 8 hours, we got close to 7 hours. The good thing is you can easily replace the battery as it is a standard AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

Other than that, we are really impressed with the performance of the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights. Once you install them, you don’t have to worry about electrical wiring or electricity consumption. Everything is automatic and the lights are solar-powered.

: MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights (RGB Multicolor)
: ABS for Main Body and Polystyrene for Lens
Power Source
: Solar
Battery Type
: AAA 1.2V Ni-MH Battery
Battery Capacity
: 300mAh
Charge Time
: 6 to 8 hours
Working Time
: 8 to 12 hours
: 3 Lumens
Beam Angle
: 180°
: IP44

The Warm White variant of the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights are available for $21.99. This is of course the price for 20-pack. If you add some coupons and discounts, you can get these lights for even less. This is a good price for these products and the ambiance they provide.

Overall, we really liked the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights. Installation was simple and straightforward and the best part is as these lights are solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about electrical wiring or electricity consumption. Simply install them in a place where you get ample sunlight and they work. It is that simple.

Speaking of simple, you don’t even have to keep an eye on them as they do everything automatically, from charging the battery to turning the light on and off. Don’t expect too much illumination from these lights with a tiny 3 Lumen LED. They are just a decoration light for decks, patios, garden fences, and other similar outdoor places.

If you are interested in improving the aesthetic appeal of your patio, garden, stair case, pool, etc., then the MAXvolador Solar Deck Lights are a worthy choice.