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Best Solar Street Lights Reviews In 2024

Solar-powered street lights are highly in trend these days as more and more people are now understanding their benefits. Not only are solar-powered street lights better than traditional lighting solutions, but they also save you a lot of money in the long run as they don’t add up anything to your electricity bill.

With that said, if you are interested in buying such lights, we have already shortlisted some of the best solar street lights from the market. However, before you decide to buy one, make sure to check for some essential things like:

  • Illumination: Well, there’s no point buying a light if it’s not bright enough, right? That being said, you should always check the number of LEDs in the light, and also the brightness level which is usually mentioned in Lumens.
  • Waterproof Rating: Since street lights are installed outdoors, they need to be built tough enough to sustain harsh weather conditions such as storms, rain, etc. To be sure about that, make sure the solar lights you buy comes with a waterproof or dustproof rating like IP66, IP67, etc.
  • Battery Life: Solar street lights don’t need any electrical connections to work as they take power from the solar-charged battery that comes built-in. Hence, the more the battery capacity, the longer the lights will work. You can check the battery capacity as it’s mentioned in terms of mAh, and make sure it lasts for at least 6-8 hours to provide lighting all night long.

Like these few factors, there are a bunch of other things as well which are quite important and should be considered by every new buyer out there. Well, we can’t explain it all here, but don’t worry, you will find all the information in the detailed “Buying Guide” mentioned below in the article. For now, let’s directly jump onto the list of best solar street lights and see which one of them would be a perfect pick for you.

Best Solar Street Lights List

Best Solar Street LightsBrightness (Lumens)Waterproof RatingWarrantyBuy Now
Jadisi Solar Street Light240000IP67--Check On Amazon
JAMIEWIN Solar Street Lights12000 IP671 year Check On Amazon
RuoKid Solar Street Lights1500IP675 yearCheck On Amazon
A-ZONE Solar Street Light60000IP651 yearCheck On Amazon
GORLDE Solar Street Light8000IP651-yearCheck On Amazon
Juyace 80W Solar Street Lights800 IP655 yearCheck On Amazon
Joylight Solar Street Lights10000IP673 yearCheck On Amazon
LANGY 60W Solar Street Light6000 IP661 yearCheck On Amazon
INSDEA Solar Street Light60000IP661 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Solar Street Lights Reviews

1. Jadisi Solar Street Light

Jadisi Solar Street LightJadisi 3200W Solar Street Light is a bright and smart lighting device for your outdoor area. These lights shine bright with 240,000 lumens, making large outdoor areas easy to see and well-lit. These lights are tough and can handle any weather because they are made with strong materials like aluminum and ABS. The light gets its power from the sun, it is easy to set up on a countertop. It has a special feature called waterproof. The shade is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. There are 24 light sources and it operates at 3.2 Volts. It uses push buttons to turn on and off. It is designed to be mounted on a pole.

They can sense movement and adjust the brightness to make things safer and save energy. These lights are perfect for outdoor areas like parking lots and streets. They look good, work well and save energy for homes and businesses. It brings your outdoor lighting to a whole new level.

Best Features:

  • 240,000 lumens for excellent visibility.
  • Durable aluminium and ABS construction.
  • Motion sensor and remote control.
  • Zero electricity costs, minimal maintenance.
  • It has voltage of 3.2 Volts
  • Suitable for parking lots, streets, and pathways.
  • Sturdy construction for all weather conditions.


  • Powerful illumination for large outdoor spaces.
  • Environmentally friendly solar-powered operation.
  • Versatile application in various outdoor settings.


  • Remote control range may be limited.

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2. JAMIEWIN 120 led Solar Street Lights Outdoor Wireless

JAMIEWIN 120 led Solar Street Lights

Let’s start the list with one of the most affordable options out there, this is a pair of 2 solar street lights from JAMIEWIN which is highly reliable and comes with a few interesting features as well.

Speaking about the lights, each of the lights consists of 120 LEDs, hence the brightness offered by the lights is quite good, somewhat about 12000 Lumens. In fact, the illumination offered by the lights scatters widely. The solar panels are of really high quality and do a decent job in the daylight to charge its 6000 mAh battery. This battery capacity is enough to keep these lights powered up for 6-8 hours at night.

One of the most attractive features of these lights is that there’s an Induction Mode. This mode keeps the lighting dim all the time, except when someone is crossing nearby the lights as the lights have in-built motion detection sensors. Thus, this feature allows the light to provide illumination only when it is needed, and saves a lot of battery power by doing so. The lights can sense any moving object in the range of 10-20ft., so this feature works really well. Moreover, these lights even come with an IP67 waterproof rating which makes them totally ready to deal with outdoor conditions.

Best Features:

  • 3 Lighting modes including induction mode
  • Has a total of 120 LEDs
  • 6000 mAh battery capacity
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Comes with 1 year long warranty


  • Remote provides easy control
  • Great for backyards, driveways, gardens, etc.
  • Made from high-impact ABS material


  • Solar panels are not separately adjustable

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3. RuoKid 80W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp

RuoKid 80W Solar Street Lights

Next up on the list, we have a pretty good lighting option coming from RuoKid which has been rated quite good by all the previous customers, so you should give it a try as well.

The pricing of this light is significantly more than the previous one, but since the build quality and features are quite good, we can’t complain much. This package only includes a single street light which comes with 80 LEDs and offers illumination up to 1500 Lumens which is pretty decent. In fact, the light spreads in an area of about 90 sq.m. which makes it one of the best light options to use in yards or gardens. In fact, the light even has an auto on/off feature which allows it to automatically turn on at dusk, and turn off at dawn.

The solar panel is completely adjustable as it comes with vertical as well as level adjustment, so you can easily angle it towards the sun. Speaking of the battery life, this light comes with a 6000 mAh battery which takes about 4 hours to charge completely and offers lighting for about 8 hours at night. On top of that, it’s totally safe to use these lights outdoors as they are backed up by IP67 waterproof rating. Moreover, the build quality of the light is superb and the brand even offers a 5-year warranty for it.

Best Features:

  • Offers 1500 Lumens of brightness
  • Has a total of 84 LEDs
  • 6000 mAh battery capacity
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Comes with 5-year warranty


  • All aluminum alloy body
  • Easy to mount
  • Charging time is quite good


  • Brightness could be better

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4. A-ZONE Solar Street Light

A-ZONE Solar Street LightThis solar street light is bright, giving off an impressive 60,000 lumens of light. It’s made to light up outdoor areas with exceptional brightness. It is perfect for yards, gardens, patios, parking lots and other outdoor spaces, it makes sure you can see well and feel secure wherever you use it. It comes with 12 voltages of power. The light uses 600 watts, and you can control it with a remote. It lasts for about 50,000 hours on average.

This solar street light is easy to use with two modes: one for daily use and another you can control remotely. It is designed to be convenient for you. This solar light has 480 bright LEDs that light up a wide area at a 160° angle. This solar light is well-made with tough materials like ABS and aluminum, so it stays strong and lasts a long time. It can handle tough weather because it is waterproof with an IP65 rating. It comes with 1 year warranty. It blends practicality, toughness and easy use for a smooth lighting experience.

Best Features:

  • Powerful 60,000LM brightness
  • Versatile daily mode and remote control
  • It has 480 bright LEDs Lights
  • Light uses 600 watts
  • Durable ABS and die-cast aluminium construction
  • IP65 waterproof for all-weather resilience
  • 160° wide-angle coverage


  • Long lifespan with 50,000 hours average life
  • 480 energy-saving LED beads
  • Easy wall mount installation
  • 12-month


  • High wattage at 600 watts (may be excessive for some users)

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5. GORLDE Solar Street Light

GORLDE Solar Street LightGORLDE Advanced 150W Outdoor Solar Light is a bright and efficient way to light up your outdoor spaces. It gets its power from the sun. The light stays on for a long time because it has a strong battery that lasts over 50,000 hours. Our light has three modes: it lights up when it senses motion for 6-12 hours, stays a bit dim for 4 hours, or shines all the time. This outdoor Solar Light is bright with 250 LEDs, making your entryways, garages, yards, gardens, pathways and parking lots well-lit and inviting.

Our light is built strong and can handle all kinds of weather because it is waterproof with a rating of IP65. It stays safe from the elements. This solar light works in temperatures from -5℃ to 100℃, making it a strong for all seasons. It comes with 1 year warranty. It gives both innovation and reliability to make your outdoor lighting better than ever.

Best Features:

  • 8000-12000 lumens with 250 super bright LEDs.
  • Motion activation, dim constant, and bright constant options.
  • 6-12 hours motion, 4 hours dim constant.
  • Waterproof (IP65) and operates in a wide temperature range (-5℃ to 100℃).
  • Over 50,000 hours.
  • 4-6 hours charging time.
  • Semi flush mount design.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • Efficient and bright lighting for various outdoor spaces.
  • Eco-friendly with a long-lasting battery.
  • Multiple lighting modes for diverse needs.
  • Durable construction for all weather conditions.
  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Remote does not work

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6. Juyace 80W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

Juyace 80W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

If you are looking out for a budget-friendly solar street light, Juyace is yet another good brand that sells a wide range of solar street light options in the market, with all advanced features available.

This 80 W solar street light from Juyace is quite popular for its long-lasting battery life. Speaking of it, it comes with an 18000 mAh large-sized rechargeable battery that takes about 6-8 hours to charge fully. With a full capacity battery, this solar street light can work continuously for 12-16 hours without any issues. Moreover, it also boasts an in-built light sensor that helps this light to automatically turn on and off at dusk and dawn.

Built from highly durable materials, this light is constructed very well, and robust enough to deal with harsh weather conditions. In addition, it also comes with an IP65 waterproof rating as well. Although the light has an in-built auto turn on/off feature available, you can also set a custom on/off timer for the light using the remote control.

If we talk about brightness, the light lamp consists of 84 high quality LED beads which offer a brightness of 800 Lumens. There’s room for improvement in the brightness of the light, however, this is a highly durable option and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Auto On/Off function
  • Has a total of 84 LEDs
  • 18000 mAh battery capacity
  • IP65 Waterproof rating
  • Comes with 5-year warranty


  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Great for backyards, driveways, gardens, etc.
  • Offers 3/5/8 hours timing mode


  • Brightness could be better

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7. Joylight Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp

Joylight Solar Street Lights

This next solar street light option comes from Joylight which is quite a well-known brand in the market and is highly popular for selling such highly efficient lighting solutions.

This is a 200W solar street light that comes with a total of 96 LED pieces and offers a bright illumination of 10000 Lumens. The color temperature of the lights is 6500K, so it doesn’t even feel any discomfort to the eyes. Built from aluminum alloy material, the build quality of the light is very robust, and it even comes with an IP67 waterproof rating which makes it a suitable lighting option to use outdoors.

The light comes with a handy remote control as well which allows you to set a timer for the lights. In fact, it even has an auto on/off feature so you don’t have to worry much about it. If we speak about the battery life, it uses a 36000 mAh battery which takes about 6-8 hours of charging time and provides continuous lighting for more than 12 hours. On top of that, the brand even promises a 3 year long warranty for this solar street light which makes it one of the best choices for you to pick.

Best Features:

  • Auto On/Off and Timer function
  • Has a total of 96 LEDs
  • 36000 mAh battery capacity
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Comes with 3-year warranty


  • Remote provides easy control
  • High quality aluminum construction
  • 10000 Lumens bright light throw


  • Take quite a while to charge fully

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8. LANGY 60W Solar Street Light

LANGY 60W Solar Street Light

Next up, we have another budget-friendly solar street light option available from Langy, hence, if you are on a budget, don’t forget to check out this one.

It’s a 60W solar street light that comes with a highly efficient solar panel that powers up and charges its 10000mAH large capacity lithium battery. Since the battery capacity is quite large, it takes about 6-8 hours to charge the battery fully. After a full day of charging, this battery can keep the lights powered up for a whole night without any issues. However, to improve the battery life, it uses a radar mode that keeps the lights dim and only makes them work at full potential when someone’s around, thanks to the motion detection sensor.

On the other hand, the light also has an in-built light sensor as well. Thus, the light can automatically turn off in the morning which is quite a convenient feature for the users. Speaking of the build quality, it is made from high quality ABS material and is quite durable. On top of that, it also has an IP66 waterproof rating as well and comes with a 1-year warranty for customer satisfaction.

Best Features:

  • Light and Motion detection sensors in-built
  • Has a total of 120 LEDs
  • 10,000 mAh battery capacity
  • IP66 Waterproof rating
  • Comes with 1-year warranty


  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Great for backyards, driveways, gardens, etc.
  • Made from high-impact ABS material


  • Solar panels are not separately adjustable

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9. INSDEA Solar Street Light

INSDEA Solar Street LightINSDEA Solar Street LightINSDEA 800W Solar Street Light is a device for bright, efficient, and easy outdoor lighting. This solar street light shines with 60,000 lumens using a powerful 800 watts, lighting up large areas with unmatched brilliance. It has a powerful 3.2V/30000mAh battery that lasts over 50,000 hours. It charges in 6-8 hours and can keep shining for 8-16 hours at different brightness levels.

This light has a clever sensor that turns it on when you need it, saving energy and making things more secure. It can handle rain, snow and even lightning. It works in temperatures from -4°F to 120°F and is waterproof with an IP66 rating, making it a reliable lighting for gardens, yards, parking lots and driveways. It can fit this light on a wall, lamp post or any spot. This solar street light is strong, lasts in any weather and makes things look good and stay safe.

Best Features:

  • Powerful 800W LED for 60,000 lumens
  • Motion sensor and timed lighting
  • It has powerful 3.2V/30000mAh battery
  • It charges in 6-8 hours
  • Works at temperatures from -4°F to 120°F
  • 100% wireless, easy installation
  • IP66 waterproof and all-weather resistant
  • Remote control for customization


  • Energy and cost savings
  • Wide area illumination
  • No wiring needed
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Remote control convenience


  • May not be suitable for shaded areas

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Buying Guide For The Best Solar Street Light

Since the markets are flooded with hundreds of solar street light options, picking the best one seems like a task as you need to dig up through the specs and features to compare them all. However, if you are well-aware of all the features beforehand, all that is left to consider is the budget.

That being said, we have tried to make the selection process a little bit easier for you as we have already mentioned the best solar street lights options in the list above. However, if you still want to know about the important things that every new buyer should consider checking, this buying guide has all of it for you. So, make sure you pay attention to it and read it until the end thoroughly.

1. No. of LED Lights

Almost all the solar street lights option use LED lights for obvious reasons as they have a better lifespan and they are less power-hungry as well. In that case, you must check the number of LED lights as it’s directly proportional to the brightness factor of the light. If the number of LEDs used is more, it simply means that the brightness offered by the light will also be more. Along with that, don’t forget to check about the power consumption of the lights as it affects the battery life. For instance, a 50W LED solar street light will consume less power than a 200W street light and will last longer using the same amount of battery.

2. Brightness

While the number of LEDs gives you a rough idea about the illumination offered by the street light, if you want to know about it precisely, you can check the brightness of the light which is generally mentioned in terms of Lumens. The brightness level mentioned in Lumens makes it quite easier for the customers to compare the lighting options and pick a better one.

3. Waterproof Rating

As you know, street lights are installed outdoors, all weather-related factors such as storms, rain, dust, etc. won’t be forgiving for the lights to survive. This is why we recommend you go for the lighting options which come with decent protection to deal with such environmental factors. If you look at the list, almost all the options that we have picked up for you come with a waterproof and dustproof rating such as IP66, IP67, etc. as it’s one of the most essential features to have on a solar street light if you care about their longevity.

4. Battery Life

Solar-powered street lights rely on in-built batteries for power instead of an electrical connection. Hence, how long the light will work totally depends on the battery capacity. In that case, checking for the battery capacity becomes an important factor to consider because if you pick a lighting option with a smaller capacity battery, it’ll go dead at midnight.

Thus, make sure to pick a light that has good enough battery capacity according to the total power consumption of the light. Moreover, also don’t forget to check for the battery life as it should be good enough so that the lights can at least provide lighting all night long. That being said, any solar street light with at least 6-8 hours of battery life or more is a good choice to pick.

5. Warranty

Since the solar street lights comprise of many kinds of electronic parts such as solar panels, batteries, LED’s, etc. You can’t always be sure about each and every part’s lifespan as there are so many environmental factors that can affect the lifespan of a street light. With that said, you should go for the options which have a decent build quality.

On top of that, to be on the safer side, choosing the options offered by popular and trusted brands is always recommended as they usually offer a warranty for their products as well. We have included some of the best solar street light options in the list which come from the top brands, and most of the options have at least 1 year of warranty available. In fact, some brands even offer a lifetime warranty for their lighting options as well.

Solar Street Lights – FAQs

1. How do solar street lights work?

Ans: Solar street lights work by harnessing energy from the sun through photovoltaic cells in solar panels. These panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, which is stored in batteries. The stored energy is then used to power LED lights during the night.

2. Are solar street lights suitable for all locations?

Ans: Solar street lights are suitable for most locations, but factors like sunlight availability, shading, and specific lighting requirements should be considered. Locations with consistent sunlight are ideal for optimal performance.

3. How long do solar street lights last?

Ans: The lifespan of solar street lights varies, but quality systems can last up to 25 years. Components like batteries and LED lights may need replacement every 5-10 years, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

4. Can solar street lights work on cloudy days?

Ans: Yes, solar street lights can still operate on cloudy days, although the amount of energy generated may be reduced. Quality systems are designed to store enough energy during sunny days to power the lights during less sunny periods.

5. Are solar street lights cost-effective?

Ans: While the initial investment may be higher than traditional street lights, solar street lights are cost-effective in the long run due to lower operational and maintenance costs, as well as the absence of ongoing electricity bills.

6. Can solar street lights be used in areas without access to the power grid?

Ans: Yes, one of the significant advantages of solar street lights is their ability to operate independently of the power grid, making them suitable for remote or off-grid locations.


Solar-powered lights are extremely good to use as they are quite inexpensive and work without increasing your electricity bills. Hence, if you are looking out for a solar street light option, the list mentioned above includes all the best options available in the market.

Although we have discussed all the important features, still if you struggle to find the best solar street light option from the list, you can take help from the buying guide as it contains a lot of helpful information for you all. In case you are still feeling confused, consider picking one from our personal recommendations:

  • In case you are looking out for an affordable lighting solution, the JAMIEWIN 120 LED Solar Street Light option will be a perfect choice for you as it’s the cheapest option available on the list. It offers a super bright light throw and comes with an IP67 waterproof rating as well. Moreover, you get 2 lights in the package, both of which last for about 6-8 hours on a full charge. In fact, the lights are constructed from high quality ABS material and come with a 1-year warranty.
  • On the other hand, if you have a decent budget in hand, and want to spend on some premium street light option, the 400W GORLDE Solar Street Light is the perfect option to pick. The light comes with 864 LEDs and offers 10000 lumens of brightness. In addition, it features advanced features like Auto turn On/Off, motion detection, etc. Moreover, the battery life lasts for about 14 hours, and it also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating and a 2-year warranty.
  • However, if you want something in mid-range pricing, the Juyace 80W Solar Street Lights Outdoor is one of the best picks for you. The light delivers a brightness of up to 10000 Lumens and has a total of 300 LEDs. In fact, it also has a 36000 mAh battery capacity that delivers a long-lasting power backup. On top of that, it’s highly durable and comes with an IP67 Waterproof rating. Moreover, the brand offers a 2-year warranty for this light as well.

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