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10 Best Solar Generators Reviews & Buying Guide in 2023

“Solar Generators: Efficient and Affordable Power Back-Up Solution”

Embrace portable power with the ‘Best Solar Generators’ offering a lifeline of electricity wherever you roam. These generators are a boon for outdoor enthusiasts, providing essential energy for camping, RV trips, or off-grid adventures. Their top three distinguishing features include wattage, solar charging time, and engine type. Designed to cater to varying power needs, these generators ensure you have enough power to charge devices, run small appliances, or even power essential equipment. With their eco-friendly solar charging capabilities, these generators harness the sun’s energy, making them a sustainable choice.

  • Wattage: It determines how much power generator can produce. The best ones range from 1000 to 3000 watts, like the Jackery Explorer 1000 or Goal Zero Yeti 3000. These pack enough punch to run various devices during power outages or outdoor adventures.
  • Solar Charging Time: It determines how generator that quickly charges using solar energy. The top-notch ones take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours for a full charge. For instance, the Bluetti AC200P or EcoFlow Delta 1300 excel in this area, ensuring you’re never left waiting too long for power.
  • Engine Type: The distinction between dual and four-stroke engines. While solar generators generally don’t use traditional combustion engines, they might have different motor configurations affecting efficiency and noise levels. Models like the Bluetti AC200P and the Renogy Lycan Powerbox employ advanced brushless motor technology for quieter operation and enhanced durability.

These solar generators are versatile companions for camping trips, emergency preparedness, or simply providing sustainable power wherever you need it. With varying capacities and charging speeds, there’s a model out there to match your specific power needs. Dive into the world of solar generators and ensure a reliable power source wherever you go. Unlock the power of solar energy with our in-depth “Buying Guide”, highlighting essential features for the best solar generators available!

Top Solar Generators List

Solar GeneratorsWattageSolar Charging TimeEngine typeBuy Now
Jackery Solar Generator 1000W6 hrs---Check On Amazon
Westinghouse Solar Generator 1200W6 - 8 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon
Aimtom Solar Generator150W7 - 8 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon
EGO Power+ Solar Generator3000W6 - 7 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon
EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator1200W2 -3 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon
Allwei Solar Generator600W6 - 8 hrs---Check On Amazon
GRECELL Solar Generator600W7 - 8 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon
Bluetti Solar Generator2000W3 -4 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon
DBPower Solar Generator350W5 - 6 hrs---Check On Amazon
MARBERO Solar Generator200W4 -5 hrs4 StrokeCheck On Amazon

Best Solar Generator Reviews

1. Jackery Solar Generator

Jackery Portable Power Station

The first solar generator in our list is from Jackery. Jackery has become a reliable brand in terms of portable power stations and solar generators.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 is one of the most powerful options on our list with 1002 Wh capacity. With this portable station, you can power up to 8 AC appliances simultaneously. The power of this solar generator makes this an automatic choice for powering mini-fridges, ovens, power blenders, and pellet smokers.

The solar generator has 2 USB C-type ports and 1 quick charge port to power your digital devices.

Jackery has used MPPT technology that allows you to recharge this solar generator quickly. The generator will reach its full capacity in 8 hours if you charge it using two SolarSaga 100W solar panels. If you use one solar panel, it will take 17 hours for a complete recharge.

You can also recharge the generator using AC outlets and 12v vehicle accessory ports. It will take 7 hours to reach full capacity if you recharge from an AC outlet and 14 hours from 12v vehicle accessory ports.

There has not been any warranty period specified on the products page. But the brand’s official website states that all its power products including solar generators come with a 24 months warranty.


  • 1002Wh capacity
  • 3 110V AC outlets
  • 2 USB C-Type outlets
  • 1 Quick charge port
  • Multiple charging options
  • 22 pounds in weight
  • 2 years warranty


  • Solar generator
  • AC adapter
  • Car charger cable
  • SolarSaga parallel cable
  • User guide

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Westing House Solar Generator


Westing House Solar GeneratorWestinghouse iGen600s, a portable powerhouse that keeps you seamlessly connected and powered wherever you go. With an impressive 592Wh of lithium-ion battery power, this versatile power station ensures a constant supply of clean and safe energy for all your needs. Charge up to 8 devices simultaneously using an array of outlets, including AC outlets, USB ports, a car cigarette lighter port, and more. From smartphones and laptops to TVs, mini fridges, and even CPAP machines, this station has you covered.

Enjoy hours of uninterrupted power, whether you’re binge-watching your LED TV for up to 11 hours, keeping a mini fridge running for an impressive 42 hours, or simply ensuring all your devices stay charged for extended periods. Weighing a mere 11.3 lbs (lighter than a gallon of paint), it effortlessly fits into your car trunk, making it perfect for camping, tailgating, or any outdoor adventure without the bulk.

Recharge swiftly using a wall outlet, car charger, or for the eco-conscious, a solar panel (not included) for a sustainable power solution that reduces your carbon footprint. Unlike modified sine wave generators, the iGen600s delivers pure sine wave power, safeguarding your devices against voltage spikes and ensuring smooth operation. With built-in protections against overload, short circuits, and temperature fluctuations, enjoy worry-free usage whether you’re preparing for power outages at home or powering up your campsite, RV, or outdoor activities.


  • 592Wh lithium-ion battery for various devices.
  • It can charge Up to 8 devices simultaneously.
  • Powers devices for hours on a single charge.
  • Weighs 11.3 lbs, ideal for travel.
  • AC, USB, car port for extensive device compatibility.
  • Clean, quiet, and reduces carbon footprint.
  • Protects devices from power surges.


  • Solar generator
  • AC adapter
  • DC adapter
  • User manual
  • Wall Charger
  • Car Chargers
  • Soft Accessories Case
  • Manual

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3. Aimtom Solar Generator

AIMTOM Portable Solar Generator

This solar generator from Aimtom has a very affordable price tag. Still, the feature list is quite impressive.

With a 155-watt hour battery, Aimtom portable solar generator provides three different outlets. There is one 110 volt AC outlet, three USB outlets, and three 12 volt DC outlets. The weight of this generator is only 3.48 pounds that are considered pretty lightweight. Along with such a low weight factor, it has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to carry around.

The recharging options include solar panels, AC outlets, or a car charging port. While charging, there are a lot of safety features that will prevent overcharge, overheating, and other problems. The warranty on Aimtom portable solar generator is 1 year that is good enough for a portable device.


  • 155-watt-hour battery
  • 1 110 volt AC outlet
  • 3 USB outlets
  • 3 12 volt DC outlets
  • 48 pounds in weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Overheat protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Solar generator
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • AC wall charger
  • Car charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

4. EGO Power+ Solar Generator

EGO Power+ Solar Generator

Next, we have a solar generator from EGO Power+. EGO Power+ is mainly a home appliances production company, but they also make solar generators.

The cutting-edge EGO Nexus Power Station is your ultimate power solution for indoor and outdoor use. With a peak power of 3000W and continuous power of 2000W, this portable generator provides quiet and clean energy to run your household appliances. Equipped with three 120V A/C outlets and four USB ports, it effortlessly powers multiple devices simultaneously. The bright LED display provides real-time information on the remaining runtime, while the sturdy steel handles guarantee easy transportation.

Built with weather-resistant construction, this power station is designed to withstand any outdoor adventure. Say goodbye to noisy and polluting gas generators and embrace the quiet, clean power of the EGO Nexus Power Station for all your household appliances. Never worry about power outages again!


  • Powerful and efficient with 3000W peak power and 2000W continuous power.
  • Versatile charging options with three 120V A/C outlets and four USB ports.
  • Informative LED display shows real-time runtime information.
  • Easy transportation with robust steel handles.
  • Weather-resistant construction for durability and reliability.


  • 3 120V A/C Outlets
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Steel Handles
  • 4 Port Battery Charger
  • User Guide

Buy Now From Amazon

5. EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator

EF ECOFLOW Solar GeneratorEcoFlow RIVER 288Wh a compact yet powerful companion designed to keep your essentials charged whether you’re amidst nature, facing a power outage, or simply embracing outdoor adventures. With its groundbreaking X-Stream technology, the RIVER revives from 0% to 80% charge in a mere hour, ensuring minimal downtime. Fully recharging in just 1.6 hours, it guarantees uninterrupted power for your devices. Empower your appliances effortlessly with its smart X-Boost technology, supporting heavy-duty kitchen tools and devices up to 1800W. From blenders to coffee makers, it handles them all seamlessly. Featuring three pure sine wave AC outlets, the RIVER accommodates up to 10 devices simultaneously be it smartphones, laptops, tablets, or even TVs—keeping your gear operational whenever, wherever.

Expand your power capacity by doubling the RIVER’s potential to 576Wh with the optional Extra Battery. Ideal for extended excursions or as a reliable emergency backup, it ensures sustained energy supply. Weighing a mere 11 lbs and compactly sized, akin to a toaster, it is effortlessly portable, enabling easy transportation and storage. With a 24-month warranty and exceptional customer service, ensuring reliable and worry-free power. From camping adventures to emergency backup needs, this stands as a versatile energy solution.

Be it camping, emergencies, off-grid living, or remote work this ensures you’re never disconnected. Seamlessly powering your devices, it offers the freedom of portable energy.


  • X-Stream tech charges 0% to 80% in 1 hour.
  • Handles heavy appliances up to 1800W.
  • 3 AC outlets, charges 10 devices simultaneously.
  • Doubles capacity with Extra Battery.
  • Lightweight (11 lbs) and compact for easy transport.
  • Backed by a 24-month warranty and good customer service.


  • 3 types of charging cable.
  • User Guide
  • Car Charging Cable.

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6. Allwei Solar Generator

Allwei Portable Power Station


Founded in 2007, Allwei specializes in leveraging technology to develop portable power solutions that fulfill the diverse power consumption needs of customers.

Allwei uses a 280Wh lithium-ion battery that does produce any fumes or noise. The portable power station is capable of powering CPAP for more than 4 nights or a mini-refrigerator for more than 5 hours.

To connect the power station to other devices, there are 2 AC outputs, 3 DC Ports, 2 USB ports, 1 cigarette lighter port, and 1 type-c quick charge port. The power station weighs only 6.5 lbs and can be carried easily using the handle.

The portable power station has a built-in smart cooling fan that activates automatically and prevents overheating. It comes with a flashlight with an SOS design that you can use during a power outage.

There is no warranty period specified on the product page. But Allwei’s portable power stations generally come with 12 months to 18 months warranty.


  • 280Wh battery capacity
  • 2 110V/300W AC ports3 9V-12.6V/3A DC ports
  • 2 5V/2.4A USB ports
  • 1 12/8A cigarette lighter port
  • 1 60W quick charge port
  • Multiple charging options
  • Overheat protection
  • Flashlight SOS design
  • Weighs only 6.5 lbs


  • Solar generator
  • power cable
  • AC power adapter
  • Car charging cable
  • MC4 cable
  • User manual

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7. GRECELL Solar Generator

GRECELL Solar GeneratorGRECELL 288Wh solar generator designed for those seeking freedom from plugs. Whether embarking on outdoor escapades, braving power outages, or seeking reliable energy on-the-go, this powerhouse delivers. With an impressive 330W of pure sine wave power, this versatile station ensures uninterrupted operation for an array of essential devices. From laptops, tablets, phones, and lights to CPAP machines, projectors, TVs, mini-fridges, and beyond virtually anything within its rating. This lightweight station is tailor-made for camping, road trips, and outdoor revelries.

Safety is paramount. Enjoy worry-free power with built-in protections against overload, overcharge, and short-circuits. Dual cooling fans ensure optimal temperature control for safe, reliable operation. Its blazing-fast charging with the USB-C PD 60W output double the speed of standard USB-C ensuring swift charging for Android and iPhones, tablets, and laptops. Equipped with 8 simultaneous outputs a versatile charging hub including AC, USB-C PD 60W, USB-A QC3.0 18W, car port, and DC outputs keeps multiple devices powered at once.

Utilize AC outlets, solar panels, or your car’s cigarette lighter port, offering flexibility and uninterrupted power on-the-go. Featuring a built-in MPPT controller, maximize solar panel efficiency, ensuring optimized charging even in changing weather conditions an ideal companion for camping, emergencies, off-grid living, or remote work.


  • Handles various devices up to 330W.
  • 288Wh capacity at only 4.9 lbs.
  • 8 simultaneous outputs for diverse needs.
  • MPPT controller for optimized solar panel use.
  • Ideal for camping, emergencies, and remote work.
  • Supports a wide range of electronics.
  • Fast USB-C Charging 60W output for swift device charging.
  • Built-in protections and dual cooling fans.
  • Multiple Recharge Options AC, solar panel, car port flexibility.


  • AC 100-240V wall plug power adapter
  • Connector cable
  • Car Charger cable
  • Portable Power Station
  • User Manual

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8. Bluetti Solar Generator

Bluetti Portable Power Station

Bluetti has grown into an all-in-one power solution stop with over a decade of background experience. Some of its popular products include portable generators, solar panels, and power banks.

Bluetti’s portable power station delivers a massive 2000W to power up your household appliances. Besides, the power station can handle a power surge of 4,800W.

You can use this power station to charge high-power appliances such as a fridge, air conditioner, oven, and coffee maker.

Using a 700W solar input, you can charge this power station within 3 to 3.5 hours. It has an MPTT charging mode that allows you to charge it 40% times faster using solar panels.

You can also charge it using a 400W AC adapter in 5.5 hours or 24V/12V carports in 10 hours/20 hours. By combining the AC adapter and solar input, you can charge the power station in 2.5 hours.

The power station has numerous output options using which you can charge up to 17 appliances simultaneously. The outputs ports include 6 AC outlets, 1 RV port, 2 wireless pads, 1 USB C-Type, 4 USB A-Type, 1 12V/10A carport, and 2 12V/3A carports.

Some of the other highlights of this power station include a smart LCD screen to show real-time data, intelligent temperature-activated fans for quieter operation, and Bluetti Eco mode that prevents up to 50% of electricity loss.

The portable power station has a super long life and can last more than 3500 life cycles.

Bluetti backs this portable power station with a 24 months warranty.


  • 2000Wh battery capacity
  • 6 AC outlets
  • 1 RV port
  • 2 wireless pads
  • 1 USB C-Type port
  • 4 USB A-Type port
  • 1 12V/10A carport
  • 2 12V/3A carports
  • Multiple charging options
  • Weighs 60.6 pounds
  • 2 years warranty


  • Solar generator
  • 400W AC wall charger
  • Solar charging cable
  • Car charging cable
  • User manual
  • Customer service card

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9. DBPower Solar GeneratorDBPower Portable Power Station

DBPower has been manufacturing and selling power stations with the focus of providing electric power to customers at any time and anywhere.

The 250Wh portable power station features 6 outlets to charge appliances. These outlets include an AC output, 2 DC-in outputs, and three types of USB ports. It comes with LED lights that allow you to use them during power failures.

You get multiple options to recharge the battery. You can recharge it with a 110V wall socket, 12V/24V car accessory socket, and solar panel. The power station is lightweight and weighs only 4.4 lbs. So, you can easily carry it anywhere.

DBpower has equipped this portable power station with several security features such as spark protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection.

The portable power station is backed by a 3 years warranty from the date of purchase.


  • 250Wh battery capacity
  • 1 AC output
  • 2 DC-in output
  • 3 Types of USB ports
  • Built-in LEDs
  • Multiple charging options
  • Weighs only 4.4 lbs.
  • 3 years warranty


  • Solar generator
  • 15V/2A charger
  • User guide

Buy Now From Amazon


10. MARBERO Solar Generator


MARBERO Solar GeneratorMARBERO Portable Power Station a compact and versatile powerhouse designed to liberate you from wall outlets, catering to camping trips, emergencies, and daily escapades. This station delivers a robust 200W peak power, ensuring seamless operation for your essential devices. Energize your gear effortlessly, powering cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, mini fridges, CPAP machines, and more within its 200W capacity. Enjoy extended battery life, whether amidst a camping adventure or navigating through a power outage.

Equipped with 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, 2 DC ports, and 2 AC outlets, this station serves as a multi-outlet hub, facilitating simultaneous charging for multiple devices keeping everyone connected and powered up. The built-in LED flashlight offers steady and SOS modes, providing additional illumination precisely when needed, ensuring preparedness during unexpected situations. Recharge options abound utilize wall outlets, a separately sold solar panel, or your car’s lighter outlet for versatile and uninterrupted power.

Built-in protections against overload and short-circuits provide peace of mind, ensuring safe and reliable operation. From camping essentials to emergency backup needs, travel, remote work, or off-grid living this Power Station empowers you to seize control of your power.


  • 200W Peak Power supports various essential devices.
  • Multi-Outlet Hub, 2 USB-A, 1 USB-C, 2 DC, and 2 AC outlets.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight steady and SOS modes for illumination.
  • Reliable power for lights, medical devices, and communication during outages.
  • Keeps devices charged for productivity on-the-go.
  • Ideal for essential electronics in remote locations.
  • Powers diverse electronics simultaneously.
  • Multiple Recharge Options wall outlet, solar panel (sold separately), car outlet.
  • Compact & Portable lightweight (3.6 lbs) with a convenient handle.


  • Solar generator
  • MC4 Cable
  • Solar MC4 Connectors
  • Cigarette Adapter
  • Adapter
  • MC4 Cable
  • User Manual

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How to Choose the Best Solar Generators?

1. Wattage

Wattage in solar generators measures the power they produce. Different models offer various wattages, ranging from small units around 150W suitable for charging devices to robust ones exceeding 2000W for higher power needs. For instance, generators like Goal Zero Yeti 500X (505Wh) or Jackery Explorer 1000 (1002Wh) showcase diverse wattage ranges, catering to different energy requirements.

2. Solar Charging Time

Solar charging time refers to how long a solar generator takes to recharge using sunlight. Times vary; some models recharge fully in 6-12 hours under optimal sunlight, while others like the EcoFlow Delta 1300 can recharge in just 4 hours with high-powered solar panels. For instance, diverse generators showcase different solar charging times, crucial for understanding how quickly they regain power from solar sources, ensuring continuous energy availability in varying conditions.

3. Engine Stroke Type

In solar generators, the stroke type doesn’t apply as they don’t use internal combustion engines like traditional generators. However, for engines generally, 2-stroke and 4-stroke refer to different combustion cycles. 2-stroke engines complete a power cycle in just two strokes (up and down), simpler but less efficient. 4-stroke engines use four strokes (intake, compression, power, exhaust), more efficient but complex. Solar generators predominantly use electric motors, negating the need for stroke-type considerations.

4. Charging Modes

Charging modes in solar generators dictate how they recharge. These modes include wall outlet charging, car charger use, and solar panel recharging. Wall outlet charging is common, offering a standard method for most units. Car charger compatibility provides on-the-go recharging convenience. Solar panel use, like Goal Zero’s MPPT or Jackery’s solar-ready interface, harnesses sunlight for eco-friendly recharging. Each mode offers flexibility, ensuring uninterrupted power in various situations, catering to different user needs for solar generator recharging.

5. Compatible Devices

Solar generators power various devices like smartphones, laptops, lights, fridges, and medical equipment. They offer versatile outlets AC sockets for larger appliances, USB ports for phones, tablets, and DC ports for devices like mini-fridges. Generators handle diverse electronics, ensuring compatibility with essential gadgets for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and everyday use. For instance, Goal Zero’s Yeti series or Jackery’s Explorer line showcase compatibility with a wide range of devices, emphasizing their versatility in catering to different power needs.

6. Ports and Outlets

Solar generators offer multiple ports and outlets for charging devices. These include USB ports for phones, tablets, and smaller gadgets, AC outlets for larger appliances, DC ports for electronics like mini-fridges, and specialized ports like USB-C for faster charging. For instance, Goal Zero’s Yeti series or Jackery’s Explorer line feature a range of these outlets, ensuring compatibility with various devices, making them versatile power hubs for outdoor activities, emergencies, and daily use.

7. Portability

Portability in solar generators refers to their ease of transport. These units are designed to be lightweight and compact, enabling effortless movement. Typically weighing between 10-50 pounds, they feature handles or carry straps for convenience. Portable solar generators like Goal Zero Yeti or Jackery Explorer series are ideal for camping, outdoor activities, emergencies, or remote work due to their manageable size and weight, allowing users to access power on-the-go without hassle.

8. Durability

Durability in solar generators signifies their robust construction and resilience to endure various conditions. These units are crafted with sturdy materials, often featuring rugged casings to withstand outdoor elements like dust or moisture. Additionally, they incorporate protective features guarding against overloads or short circuits. Renowned solar generators, such as Goal Zero Yeti or EcoFlow Delta, boast durability, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environments, making them ideal for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and prolonged usage.

Different Types of Solar Generators

Based on their size, solar generators are divided into three options – small, medium and large. We have provided detailed information on each type below. It will let you determine which size of solar generator suits you better.

  • Small Solar Generators: Their capacity is 10 to 250 watts, making them suitable for providing power to small devices like tablets, smartphones, lights, fans and small TVs. They are light in weight and small in size so you can carry them virtually anywhere possible.
  • Medium Solar Generators: Their capacity ranges from 250 to 1000 watts which makes them an ideal choice for providing continuous electricity for a certain period of time. They are also suitable for powering appliances that require high wattage. Though they are not as lightweight as small models, they can still quite portable. You can transport them using just one arm.
  • Large Solar Generators: Their capacity ranges from 1000 to 10000 watts. If you want a powerful solar generator that can power up a large home, then this is the right option. They can run large appliances for a longer period of time. From residential, commercial to industrial, large solar generators can suit several applications.

Best Solar Generators – FAQs

1. Is a solar generator can power up a house?

A solar generator is not enough to power up every item in a house at a time. It all depends on the size of the generator. A large-sized generator can charge efficiently and power up a variety of large & small appliances, medical machines, and electronic devices.

2. Do solar generators have adapter cables?

Solar generators offer a range of ports for plugging in various appliances. You may require a separate adapter to charge the generator, either from a 12V socket (or) AC power outlet. But make sure to check that if a particular generator comes with relevant adapter cables. 

3. Is a solar panel included in the portable power station?

Not all portable power station, which is labelled as solar-powered won’t include a solar panel. So, one has to check the models whether a solar panel is included or not while buying it. In case, if not checked, then consider whether this portable power station works well with proprietary solar panels only (or) can be connected to solar panels of other brands. 

4. Solar or Fuel Generator – Which One is Better?

Choosing between a solar or fuel generator depends on your needs:

  • Solar generators: Eco-friendly, silent, low maintenance, ideal for smaller devices or intermittent use in well-lit areas.
  • Fuel generators: Provide consistent power, useful for high-demand situations or longer durations, but generate noise and emissions. Choose based on portability, power needs, and environmental impact.
5. Is it Possible to Power Appliances in a RV using a Solar Generator?

Yes, it’s possible to power appliances in an RV using a solar generator, but it depends on the generator’s capacity and the appliances’ power requirements. Low-power devices like lights, small fans, and electronics are usually compatible, but larger appliances may require more significant generator capacity or alternative power sources.

6. Which backup solar generator is suitable for emergencies?

Paxcess 100-watt station is an excellent option for people who want a backup solar generator for emergencies. This product is specially designed for providing emergency power supply. It is light in weight and compact. They are completely reliable in power outrage situations. If your relatives, friends or neighbors are connected to CPAP machine, then you can provide with your power source.
Another great option is Chafon backup generator. It is capable of providing adequate power and also a UPS unit when blackout happens.

7. How Much Should I Pay for Getting Top Solar Generator Kit?

This is a crucial aspect for everyone looking to purchase a solar generator. Prices of them are usually based on the power capacity and brands.
Portable solar generator models that have 150Wh capacity and with less features are priced lower. The price range is located between $120 to $200. Solar generators that have more capacity like 400Wh are priced between $600 to $1500 based on the size.


Solar generators are a very important backup power source for all road trips and outdoor campings. But, due to their popularity, there are a lot of options available on the market, and selecting one from all these different variants can be a confusing task. That is why we have provided you the list of best solar generators in this article along with their details and features. But, if you are still not sure about your choice, you can take a look at our top 3 recommendations given below:

  • If you are looking for the most powerful solar generator, you should consider buying Jackery Solar Generator This solar generator has a massive 518-watt hour battery capacity that will last much longer than many similar generators. With this solar generator, you can charge or power any electronic device that has under 500-watt power rating, including TV, mobile phones, laptops, etc. It has 3 USB outputs having 5 volts output rating and 2.4-ampere current capacity. Compared with some heavier options in the list, Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 weighs only 13.32 pounds that makes it perfect for traveling around.
  • If you are on a tight budget, you should consider MARBERO Solar Generator which is the cheapest option available in our list of best solar generators. For such an impressive price tag, you get a 200-watt hour battery capacity along with 110 volt AC outlets and 2 USB ports. This portable solar generator weighs 3.6 pounds. With a portable design, this makes the generator very easy to carry around, even within a backpack. The brand warranty on this product is 1 year, which is comparatively similar to other products.
  • Lastly, if you are interested in an overall balanced product, take a look at Aimtom Solar Generator. It has an affordable price tag along with a decent feature lineup. Aimtom Portable Power Station provides you 155Wh battery capacity that is good enough for multi-purpose usage. LifePO4 battery is better than general lithium-ion batteries. This solar generator has 2 USB outlets and 2 DC outlets having a 11-volt rating. There is a 1 year warranty on Beaudens Portable Power Station.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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