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The 6 Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you want to illuminate your outdoor playing area without consuming electricity? Then prefer to choose a solar flood light.

The floodlight has a wide beamed high intensity light, which is used to lighten up the outdoor playing area with extreme brightness. The solar panels of the floodlights will grab the sun light and stored as solar energy in its inbuilt batteries to power up the light at night time. Most of the modern solar floodlights are powered by LED technology with wide variety of shapes and purposes like security, playing outdoor sports at night time and illuminating billboards.

Want to make the solar floodlights as best investment for your front porch, then you have to concentrate on these two main factors before its purchase.

  • Light Brightness – The brightness of light is vital to check and it is measured in terms of lumens. Its range will vary depending on its intensity or the area you want to illuminate. The lumen rating of solar powered flood lights will be 300 – 800 lumens. Choose it wisely.
  • Coverage Distance – The brightness will let you know how illuminating the lights are, whereas the coverage distance will refer to how far the light will reach. Prefer to choose the one that covers distance of 100 square feet, which is acceptable by most of the solar floodlights.

Apart from these 2 main factors, you have to consider various other factors like battery type & capacity, wattage, type of solar panels used, bulb types, color temperature, etc. which are clearly mentioned in the below Buying Guide. Also, we listed some of the highly rated and best solar floodlights to buy online.

Scroll down to know all about solar flood lights and thereby select your best and most suited solar flood lights.

Best Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Lights Battery profileWarrantyBuy Now
Richarm Solar Flood Lights2,200 mAH3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Gebosun Solar Flood Lights12,000 mAH2 YearsCheck On Amazon
ATUPEN Solar Outdoor Flood Lights2000 mAH1 YearCheck On Amazon
SLENPET Solar Flood Lights2,000 mAHN.ACheck On Amazon
HMCITY Solar Lights2,000 mAH3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Aootek Solar Lights2200mAhN.ACheck On Amazon

6 Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews

1. Richarm Solar Flood Lights 

richarm solar

First on our list are a pair of Remote Controlled Solar Flood Lights. These lights have a 6-watt rating and each of the lights have 42 LED lights in their bulbs. 

Combined, each of the bulbs has about 800 lumens power rating and the bulbs are made out of die-cast aluminium. These lights have a wide-angle of 60 degrees (Two lights combine to 120 degrees) focus and can illuminate anything around an area of 430 square feet.

Each of the bulbs, as mentioned before, has a 6-watt rating and are solar-powered. The panels are highly efficient and photoelectric. They can convert about 17% of the sunlight into energy. This is stored in a 2,200 mAH large 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery. 

From dusk to dawn, this battery can light up the bulbs for a whole of 8 hours continuously in full power. Furthermore, these lights come with a 16.4 feet large cable that lets you place up the light to any height possible relative to the solar panel placement.  The lights set is made out of IP 65 weatherproof and waterproof ABS plastic with die-cast aluminium. 

The remote control of the lights is very useful. Using this, you can control the brightness of the light to 30%, 60% and 90%. You can also set up timers for automatic shut down of the lights from 1 hour to 9 hours in increments of 1 hour. And of course, you can power it on and off.

These solar lights come with a 90-day return window and a massive 3 years warranty from the date of purchase. 

Things we liked about it:

  • 2 pieces of 6 Watt rating LED-based floodlights
  • 17% efficient solar panel
  • 3.7 volt 2,200 mAH large lithium-ion battery
  • 16.4 feet large cable for connection
  • 8 hours of continuous power
  • Remote control for brightness adjustment and timer too
  • 60-degree wide-angle
  • 430 square feet coverage
  • Die-cast aluminium built with ABS plastic IP 65 Waterproof material
  • 90 days return window and 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • None too specific to mention

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2. Gebosun Solar Flood Lights


Next on our list is a classic high beam street light like floodlight with an impressive 6000K daylight white Brightness. The lights have a brilliant 3000 lumens of brightness thus can light out a wide area with great ease. 

The 3000 lumens LED bulb has a wattage rating of 30 watts and is integrated with 409 high quality LED bulbs. On a full charge, the bulb can burn for about 12 full hours on 8 hours of solar charge. Running completely on solar power, the lights are backed by a really massive 12,000 mAH high capacity lithium-ion battery. 

This light can easily replace a 150 watt large outdoor HID light and is powerful enough to light out entire basketball courts too. Easy to install, the light can be pole-mounted or any place with a 3 to 5 meter high pole. If it is mounted on a 10 feet or higher pole, it can cover 13x 23 feet of space. For 16 feet poles, it can cover 19 x 32 feet space.

All Gebosun products come with a 2-year unlimited after-sales manufacturer’s warranty and they also have a good 24/7 customer service.

Things we liked about it:

  • 1 piece of 30 Watt heavy-duty floodlight
  • 40 integrated LED bulbs with 3000 lumens luminosity
  • 6k daylight white brightness
  • 12,000 mAH large lithium-ion battery
  • Can cover an area of 13 x 23 feet (at 10 feet height) to 19 x 32 feet (at a 16 feet height)
  • Easy to install and great for football/basketball courts, patios and large backyards
  • 2 years unlimited manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • None too specific to mention

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3. ATUPEN Solar Outdoor Flood Lights

ATUPEN Solar Outdoor Flood LightsThe next solar flood light product on our list is from one of the reliable brands called ATUPEN.

It is equipped with 120 LED light beads which are capable of providing almost 2500 lumens of brightness with color temperature of 6500K.

The light comes with 3 different night modes which can be operated or changed using the remote control. It has a wide lighting angle of up to 270 degrees and distance range of 26 feet.

You can easily adjust the 3 light heads, motion sensor and lens hoods. These lights are equipped with 2200mAh rechargeable batteries which last pretty long. As these batteries are lithium-ion, they illuminate much brighter compared to other options.

As the lights are made up of ABS material, they are quite durable. And moreover, they are specially designed to handle extreme weather conditions. Because of waterproof resistance, they will not get damaged even in the heavy rains.

These solar flood lights are quite easy to maintain and install. They come with fixed buckle which makes it easy to hang them.

Things we liked about it:

  • Pack of 2 lights
  • 210 super bright LED light beads
  • 26 feet sensing distance
  • 270 degrees wide angle range
  • ABS materials
  • All-weather proof
  • Water resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Longer battery duration

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Warranty details not mentioned

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4. SLENPET Outdoor Solar Powered Flood Lights

SLENPET Outdoor Solar Powered Flood LightsNext product on our list is from a popular brand called SLENPET. Their outdoor solar light equipment comes with 210 super bright LED beads which is known to produce 2500lm to 6500K brightness output.

Compared to other solar outdoor lights, they are 2 to 3 times brighter. As they are equipped with sensitive wide-angle movement detector, they can sense movement up to 26 feet within 120 degrees. And the lights will automatically turn off if there is no movement for 20 seconds.

They are made up of high-quality weather resistant and water-resistant materials. So, these lights can withstand all types of adverse weather conditions that include sun, frosty, rainy and hot.

These lights come with large capacity 2000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. This is the reason why they can ensure full charge at low light. On a complete charge, they can offer up 10 hours of continuous illumination which more than enough.

Things we liked about it

  • Sensitive PIR movement detector
  • IP65 all-weather resistance
  • 270 degrees wide angle illumination
  • Long working time
  • Large capacity rechargeable battery
  • Super bright light
  • Rotatable head
  • Easy to mount

Things we didn’t like

  • No warranty details
  • Has a trouble working when it rains

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5. HMCITY Solar Lights

HMCITY Solar Lights

Hmcity Solar Lights Outdoor is a powerful and efficient lighting solution that offers enhanced security features with its three lighting modes. The motion sensor mode turns the light on when it detects people, while the permanent on all night mode and smart brightness control provide steady illumination. The high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel has a conversion rate of up to 20.5%, providing 15% more electricity than other products in the same solar light time. The light has a wider angle and larger coverage with 120 LED upgraded high-power LEDs and 270° wide lighting angle, illuminating a yard of 30㎡. The Hmcity Pendant Lights are waterproof with an IP65 rating, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions. It is easy to set up without any electrical wires, using expansion pillar-hinges, screws, mounting tape, or thin wire. The upgraded PIR motion sensor can detect motion within a range of up to 26.4FT (8M) with a 120° sensing angle, providing timely illumination when needed.

Things we liked about it

  • 3 lighting modes for enhanced security
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel
  • Wider angle and larger coverage with 120 LED upgraded high-power LEDs and 270° wide lighting angle.
  • The motion sensor mode helps to conserve energy.
  • Waterproof and durable with an IP65 rating
  • Wireless and easy to set up without any electrical wires.

Things we didn’t like

  • The light may not be as bright as some other outdoor lights.

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6. Aootek Solar Lights

Aootek Solar Lights


Light up your outdoor space with the Aootek Outdoor Solar Lights. These versatile lights come with three optional modes to choose from – security mode, permanent on all night, and smart brightness control giving you full control of your lighting needs. With an upgraded PIR motion sensor detector, these lights can detect people up to 26 feet within a 120-degree angle. The lithium-ion battery of 2200mAh ensures long lasting use, while the high-efficient LED lights provide brighter illumination with wider coverage than other similar lights in the market. The product also features a high-efficiency solar panel with a 20.5% conversion rate and 1.2W Monocrystalline silicon for durability and long-term use. It has an IP65 waterproof rating and is heatproof, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions. These lights can effortlessly installed in your wall, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, gutter, and other outdoor spaces. Get superior outdoor lighting and security with the Aootek Outdoor Solar Lights.

Things we liked about it

  • Three optional modes to choose from to meet your lighting needs
  • Upgraded PIR motion sensor detector can detect people up to 26 feet within a 120-degree angle
  • High-efficiency LED lights provide brighter illumination and wider coverage compared to similar lights on the market
  • High-efficiency solar panel with a 20.5% conversion rate and 1.2W Monocrystalline silicon for durability and long-term use
  • Waterproof with an IP65 rating and heatproof, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Long-lasting use with the 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials
  • Weather-resistant design that can withstand harsh weather conditions

Things we didn’t like

  • The motion sensor may be too sensitive, causing the lights to turn on unnecessarily

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How To Choose The Best Solar Flood Lights:

Want to play, enjoy and relax with your buddies at night time with brighter light without consuming power. Then look out the solar flood lights, which gets charged through sunlight and stores its energy in battery of solar panel and thereby powers up the light at night time.

So, one has to know what factors they have to consider, how to install and use them effectively before its purchase. Here we are providing a buying guide with all the essential information that help you in grabbing the best and most suited solar flood lights.

1. Light Brightness:

The first and foremost thing you have to consider is brightness of light, why because you’re going to place them at patio, outdoor sports area or entrance wall for illuminating a large area. So, it is vital to check the illumination capacity of a bulb in flood light, which is measured in lumens. This will let you know whether it is able to illuminate the area effectively or not.

  • For smaller and accent lights, the lumen rating will be 100 – 300 lumens.
  • For motion activated solar flood lights, prefer to choose from 300 – 600 lumens.
  • For high power outdoor solar flood lights, choose bulb ranging from 1000 – 3000 lumens.
  • It’s better to choose a bulb with a minimum 5000 lumens of light brightness to make the floodlighting of residential front porches.
  • One can find light brightness with high luminosity of 6000, 8000, 10,000 or 12000 lumens. All you need is to choose the best one, depending on the area you would like to illuminate.

2. Coverage Distance:

The light brightness will tell you how illuminating the light are, whereas the coverage distance will let you how far the light will go for. Simply, the coverage distance is directly proportional to brightness of light. For instance, focus lighting with smaller brightness will shoot out light to 10 feet or more whereas a 360-degree open bulb with high brightness will have limited coverage.

The minimum acceptable coverage distance for a patio/porch floodlight is about 100 square feet. The longer would be better one. Also, it is essential to consider is the angle of coverage. Depending on how bulbs will cover the lighting. One can find 60 or higher degrees of coverage angles. Prefer to choose the higher angle for better results.

3. Battery Type:

In general, there are 4 types of batteries available in solar flood lights. They are lithium ion, NiMH, NiCAD, and lead acid.

  • NiMH battery – Less powerful and emits low power light but works for a longer time.
  • NiCAD (OR) Lead Acid Battery – Powerful one that comes with high capacities.
  • Lithium Ion Battery – Powerful and most preferred battery, as they have higher energies yet small size. It comes with lifespan of 2000 cycles when compared to lead acid batteries but they are expensive than other types.

4. Battery Capacity:

One has to check the capacity of battery before purchasing. The rechargeable battery capacity will let you know the maximum amount of energy stored in the battery. It is measured in terms of ampere hour (Ah) or milliampere hour (mAh). Its always better to choose the flood lights with higher mAh, as it can store more charge and lasts longer.

  • For lead acid batteries come with highest capacity that range from 4000 mAH to 6000 mAH.
  • For lithium ion batteries, the capacity range will be 2000 mAH – 6000 mAH,
  • The NiMH batteries, the capacity is 2000 mAH
  • For NiCAD batteries, the capacity is 600 mAH.

5. Build of Solar Panel & its Types:

In general, the solar panels are categorized into three types – Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, & Amorphous solar panels. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Monocrystalline – It is most effective when it comes to cell efficiency and the amount of energy it converts. It falls between a desirable range of 15 – 21% but it is a bit pricey.
  • Polycrystalline – With 16% of energy conversion efficiency, this type of solar panels will give out less efficiency but comes within your budget (affordable) and have good build quality.
  • Amorphous – Also, called as thin-film solar panels. Since, they have less energy efficient of about 10% (or less), they are cheaper than other types.

6. Wattage of the Panels:

The panel’s wattage will refer to the amount of power the panel produce when the conditions are ideal. It depends on the efficiency and build conditions. Remember that the higher the value, the better choice is the panels. So, the higher wattage panel is required to power up more lighting. Larger solar panels produce more wattage due to its more surface area. Hence high power outdoor flood lights will be equipped with two or more panels rather than one to produce energy required to recharge their batteries.

For instance, a 10 watts solar panel will produce 10 watts of electricity for every hour, which is denoted by 10 watt-hours. In case, if your bulb having luminosity then you have to go for higher watt-rated panels. Here low power lights will produce a few hundred lumens of light will run by 1 – 5-watt solar panels whereas the larger lights require 10 – 20 watt solar panels for perfect lighting.

7. Charging Time and Run Time:

A solar powered light will require a battery to back-up the solar energy and convert into lighting the area. So, its crucial to check the battery’s charge time and run time of a given solar flood lights before you make its purchase.

  • Charging Time – A quick charging battery will definitely ensure you to have proper lighting with minimal sunlight. This will lighten up the area even when there is a bad weather or climatic changes.
  • Run Time – It let you know how long the lights will stay upon complete charge. The batteries require 4 – 8 hours of sunlight to get complete charging. The run time will vary depending on the light setting and its number of modes. Prefer to choose the one that comes with high run time for best results.

8. Bulb Types:

Bulb in the solar floodlight will be responsible for its illumination. In general, we use various bulb types in regular, wired outdoor flood lights. The most common bulbs are LED, CFL, halogen, HID and MH, in which LEDs are best-suited bulb type for any solar powered lights and here are the reasons why one has to choose them.

  • Energy Efficient – It consumes less energy and produce more lighting. This makes it perfect choice for solar and battery powered lights.
  • Durable – Its diodes are durable than any other bulb types, especially for glass envelopes and thereby suits perfect for outdoor lighting.
  • Longer Lifespan – It comes with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This results in running the lights with maintenance free till its lifespan.
  • Compact Fixtures – The small form factors of LEDs will produce more compact fixtures.

9. Color Temperature:

Color temperature will let you about the color of light produced by a bulb/lamp. It is measured in kelvins (K). One has to check the color temperature of a given lamp for both indoor and outdoor lighting. The reason is that you can choose bulb with certain color temperature that suits as per the user’s mood of their office, living room or bedroom. The lower color temperature of the bulbs will produce orange looking color & warmer lights (like an incandescent bulb). While the higher color temperature of a bulb will generate a cooler & bluish color (LED diodes and daylight CFL bulbs).

10. Sensors:

Photosensors and motion detectors are some of the sensors that play a key role in solar-powered lighting, why because the sensor will save the battery by switching on the light only when some motion is identified or whenever essential but not for the whole time. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Motion Sensors – It detects motion in certain range moving around the flood light. They turn on the light whenever the motion has detected. There are three main common types available – Passive infrared sensors/PIR (scans infrared heat changes to detect motion in monitored area), active sensors (send microwave & thus monitor change to detects motion), & combined sensors. Most of the solar lights uses PIR sensors with motion activated sensor to detect the motion, as they are adjustable easily and won’t pick motion of objects like windblown objects or tree branches, which are quite common in outdoors.
  • Adjustable PIR Sensors – Most of the solar flood lights with motion detector will let adjust PIR sensor like detection range, distance, light sensitivity, and delay time. The range & distance setting will determine the angle to detect the motion. Some motion sensors will detect the motion within the angle of 180-degree all around the sensor whereas some sensors will pick the motion on even 360-degrees. Detection time setting or delay will determine the time, the light will illuminate after detecting motion. The light sensitivity setting will determine the darkness level required for sensor that will start by picking the motion. The sensor starts working at night and stops during daytime. The solar powered floodlights with motion sensor will work to pick the motion in wide angle of 120 – 180 degrees with long distance of 15 – 40 feet long.
  • Photosensor / Dusk to Dawn Sensor – It turns on the light automatically when its dark outside and turn off the light in morning when its bright outside. Without this feature, you have to turn on / off manually. So, search for light with dusk to dawn light or automatically turns on at night. Make sure to choose the flood lights with this sensor, as they won’t illuminate during day to waste energy and turns on/off automatically.

11. Build Materials:

The plastic and aluminum are two main material used for flood light casings. Most of the flood lights with high-power come with aluminum casings, as it will protect the light’s inner parts against outer impacts damaging the light. To reduce the price, most of the cheaper flood lights/low power lights, will use the plastic casings. But the plastic won’t be an indication of low quality, why because manufacturers use durable plastic to make the lights. Thus, it will protect the light from water damage and impacts and also make it tolerable against low and high temperature. In case, if you found a solar flood light with aluminum casing at less price, then don’t think it’s a big deal, instead the flood light comes with poor water-proofing and make the light to get easily damaged in heavier downpour.

12. IP Ratings:

IP ratings is used to measure dustproof and waterproof nature of the light fixture, which is indicated in two numbers. The first one denotes the protection level against solid objects (range from 0 – 6) whereas the second one indicates protection upon liquid damage (measured between 0 – 9). The different flood light parts come with different IP ratings.

A fixture with ratings as high as IP66 or IP68 rating and may be lower as IP44 rating. The flood lights with more parts will have lower IP ratings. You won’t practically notice a motion-activated light with maximum IP68 rating. Most of the motion detector activated solar flood lights comes with IP ratings that range from IP44 to IP64 that offers a better level of protection against damage caused by liquid (rain) and solid (dust). They are great in areas having calm weather conditions with higher winds and irregular downpours.

Most of the solar floodlights with higher end dusk to dawn come with IP65 rating, in which all parts of solar light are dust protected completely to withstand water jets protected by the nozzle. Hence the light used outdoors in any type of weather conditions all the time.

13. Additional Features:

Here are some additional features that allow you to use these solar flood lights safely, and effectively. Have a look on them.

  • Modes – Different lights has different combination of modes like bright or dim & normal on or motion sensing. One can customize lights with unique and extra useful modes. For instance, light will turn on dim and switches high while sensing motions.
  • Mounting Hardware – Different types of solar flood lights are available for wall mountable units, pole mounted lights and ground mounted lights. All you need is to check the light with right mount for area where you have to install. A few manufacturers offer flood lights to use various mounting hardware types for separate fixtures.
  • Cable Lengths – The cable’s length will connect the solar panel to the fixture. All you need is to check the area where you want to install these lighting. Prefer to have cable length with long enough. Or else, simply buy an extension cable but be careful while longer cables will impact the performance of solar panel.

14. Size:

The LED diodes are small light sources and won’t take up a lot of space in LED floodlight fixture, whereas other components in fixture will be quite larger. So, you have to consider the place and its available space before choosing the fixture. The sizes of lights available as small as 5X5 inches or as big as 20X20 inches. Hence, make sure to attach the LED light if it comes within these range.

The panels of this solar powered flood light are big and wider than LED flood lights. They are detachable and let you fix on the roof but won’t take up less space to install them.

15. Brand:

Its must to check the brand before purchasing the solar flood light. Mostly LED solar flood light are preferred best than normal solar flood lights. Here we reviewed only manufacturers who produce well-known quality solar flood lights. Have a look on some of the popular and most trusted manufacturers of solar flood lights are – Maxsa, eLEDing, Cooper lighting, MicroSolar, Sunforce and Reusable Revolution.

16. Price:

It is another key factor to consider before buying. The price range of this solar flood lights will be a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the brand, and other features/factors. Choose the floodlight which comes within your budget but perform well. We suggest you to check all the above-mentioned factors and then select the best one that comes within your price range.

17. Warranty:

In most cases, the warranty provided on a given product will decide the durability and reliability of that product. Most of the brands offer a 1-year warranty on their product. The warranty on solar based products are entirely brand dependent, as few reputed brands offer a few months of warranty whereas normal not a well-known brand will offer a few years of warranty.

This makes the customers get confusion on their selection and product quality. Here, we suggest you to go with the customer reviews on the products, their customer support policies and interactions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why one has to choose solar flood lights rather than regular wired outdoor flood lights?

This is the most common query arises while discussing about solar flood lights. Here are a few points that differentiate and make you choose solar floodlights instead of regular wired outdoor flood lights. Have a look on it.
Mounted Anywhere – One can install the solar floodlights in any place where the sun light reaches the panel for its proper charging and storing solar energy, without any wired or messy installation. 
Free Power Supply/Energy – The solar powered flood lights won’t use electricity, instead they run on solar energy and produce much brightness when compared with regular wired outdoor floodlights. Hence it runs without paying electricity bills. 
Easy & Quick Installation – Solar lighting consists of two parts (solar panel & lighting fixture) or three parts (solar panel, lighting fixture & motion sensor) which are connected with a single cable. One can install these lights quickly and easily by spending a little time.
Hassle-free Re-installation – You can re-install the solar powered floodlights easily in any other place, as it won’t be attached to grid unlike regular wired outdoor floodlights.
Green Energy – The usage of renewable energy will not only save your money but also makes it eco-friendly whereas the wired one consumes a lot of power to run the light.
Different Options – There are so many options available to choose your best one from small solar accent lights, landscape lights, motion activated security lights, etc. that let you get perfect solutions for large areas like sport stadiums.

2.What are the benefits / advantages of solar flood lights?

Here are a few benefits which you can grab by using solar flood lights.
Easy and quick to set up.
Rust resistant, water resistant and weatherproof.
Requires minimal installation cost and less maintenance
Provides better visibility to prevent night darkness without consuming your electricity.
Uses mostly lithium ion batteries for longer lifetime.
Installs on wall and pole without any messy wiring.

3.How this solar flood light works?

The solar powered flood light will work by flooding the area with light, as they produce a wider beam of lighting for up to 120-degrees. These lights suit best for illuminating larger outdoor spaces by maintaining the same wattage or lumen output as spotlight. 

4.How bright the floodlights should be?

It depends completely on how much space you want to cover and also plan to use the light will make a lot of difference. The security lights will run on 700 – 1300 lumens whereas the motion sensor lights come with lumens of 300 – 700 to have brighter light. Choose 50 – 300 lumens for solar power floodlights to light landscape areas.

5.What is meant by lumens and wattage in solar flood lights?

Brightness of light will be described in terms of the lumens whereas the energy usage of light is described in wattage. The more efficient lights such as LEDs of 9-watt will produce same amount of brightness as less efficient lights such as incandescent of 60-watt. So, focus mainly on lumens (light’s actual brightness) rather than wattage. The bright security lights will fall around 1000 lumens, standard indoor lightbulb is 800 lumens and whereas the flashlights and headlamps come at 200 lumens or below. A few manufacturers provide information on square footage each light can illuminate (area). So, measure your area before purchasing the light with perfect lumen count. 


After thorough consideration of a wide range of options, we have decided that the Richarm Solar Flood Lights with 6W 800 LM are the best choice for being the best solar flood lights you can buy. 

With their 800 lumens power and 60-degree wide-angle, 17% energy rating and most importantly, a large cable and good power supply all while providing a 3-year warranty, make it the best choice.

While that was our choice, we are interested in what you think. Did you like our list? Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to add or remove something from the list? Or is it that you have got any questions regarding any solar lights or other solar-based tools/utilities? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible. 

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