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The 9 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you want to lighten up your deck porches, fences, driveways, stairs and other part of home? Then solar deck lights are the best choice to lighten up area around your home. Solar deck lights are easy to install, convenient to use and best alternative to save energy/power. It is fitted with rechargeable batteries that charged during daytime and store the energy in solar panels and thereby lighten up the LED lights at night time automatically. They are easy to maintain but replace the battery to make it work durable and long lasting.

We have to consider these 2 main things for its easy selection.

  • Brightness – It represents the amount of light generated by the Measured in terms of lumens. One has to choose solar deck lights which provide maximum lumens with minimum power. In general, a normal incandescent bulb has 800 lumens whereas the LED light with many bulbs have 1000, 1800 or higher count of lumens to provide brighter light.
  • Solar Panel – There are 4 types of solar panels – monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous silicon and concentrated PV cell, in which PV cells and monocrystalline will have better efficiency rate and longer life. So, invest in a high-quality solar panel made with shield cover, which provides maximum output with minimum power supply.

Apart from these 2 main factors, you have to consider various other factors like batteries, recharge time and run time, color, illumination angle, durability, weather resistance, etc. which are clearly mentioned in the below Buying Guide. Also, to help you in the selection process, we came up with a list of some best-selling solar deck lights in the market.

Just go through the guide and products to know how to choose your best solar powered deck lights, as per your requirement.

Best Solar Deck Lights Table

Solar Deck LightsWarrantyBuy Now
Aootek Solar lightsN.ACheck On Amazon
Othway Solar Deck Lights1 YearCheck On Amazon
Sunface Solar Deck Lights1 YearCheck On Amazon
Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights1 YearCheck On Amazon
Jackyled Solar Deck LightsN.ACheck On Amazon
Gigalumi Solar Deck Lights1 YearCheck On Amazon
Caifang Solar Deck LightsN.ACheck On Amazon
Jsot Solar Deck Outdoor LightsN.ACheck On Amazon
TIJNN Solar Deck Lights1 YearCheck On Amazon

9 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews

1. Aootek Solar lights 


First on our list is the Aootek 182, an outdoor motion sensor security deck light. This light is LED-based and has a large 15.3 inches solar panel and a PIR sensor for motion detection. Aootek 182 has three operational lighting modes. In these, one is for security monitoring where the PIR motion sensor switches the light on automatically whenever there is someone walking by the sensor and then turns it off when the person leaves. 

The second mode is where the bulb emits light throughout the entire night. It becomes bright whenever it detects any movement within the sensor. Aootek uses an upgraded PIR motion sensor and has an ability to detect motion within 26 feet of distance. The PIR sensor has a wide angle of 120 degrees for detecting motion. It also comes with a very large 2200 mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The panels have a good efficiency of 20/5% at the rate of 1.2 watts energy (3.7 Watts) making it a truly energy saviour.

Built from heatproof and waterproof IP 65 weatherproof material, this solar light is great for not just for your deck area, but also for night time security. Its installation is also very simple and has a good panel angle that can be installed by the stairs also. But it does not have any warranty for it.

What We Liked About It

  • A single LED Light is of an energy rating 3.7 watts
  • Solar panels of size 15.3 inches
  • Includes Dimming and steady functions
  • PIR Sensor Coverage of 26 feet long
  • Sensor’s Wide-angle depth is of 120 degrees 
  • 2200 mAH lithium-ion battery
  • Intelligent PIR motion sensor 
  • 0.5% conversion rate Solar panels

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Does not have a warranty

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2. Othway Solar Deck Lights


Othway is also a pathway deck light that is perfect not just for wall or height placement but also for staircase foot lighting. With a neat cut and a semi-oval shape, Othway adds aesthetic beauty to the decor and also works as a security lighting too. Installed within it are PIR motion sensors which trigger the light to turn on when someone passes by it. This illuminates your wall area or the staircase when someone is moving past it. While proving to be a security accessory, it also adds to a grandeur look to the area as well. 

With the lights made out of durable plastic material, the solar panels are built right onto the lights and are waterproof just like the lights. Their placement is solar sensitive and with a few hours of charge, they can work for the entire night. The lights are run by 1.2 Volt 600 mAH batteries. For winter, it may work for just about 5 hours due to the small availability of sunlight. It even has a steady light option which turns on to use the light without the sensor too. 

Much like the deck lights before, this one too does not need any special installation and is just plug and play. With a 60 days money-back window, the lights come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

What We Liked About It

  • Aesthetically pleasing design cut 
  • PIR Motion sensor for movement detection and automatic light on. 
  • 1.2 Volt 600 mAH battery
  • 6 hours to charge
  • 6 pieces of LED in each light
  • Plug and Play
  • 60 days money-back guarantee with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Could have had a better battery life

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3. Sunface Solar Deck Lights

solar deck

Next on the list are a set of Solar Deck Lights that have a very unique shape to them that almost look like wall lantern. When attached to the wall, the lights almost gives you a very vintage look to the wall. 

With two lighting modes, the light has can be switched between warm white to 7 changing colour lighting depending on your choice. Solar Powered, the LED lights are made out of ABS plastic and are highly durable in nature. Weatherproof and waterproof, the lights can withstand heavy wind, snow or any rain or conditions as such.

Easy to install without any wires, the product comes with an automatic switch which will turn on the light at dusk and turn it off during the day (it automatically enters charging mode). Very tiny and compact in size, the actual light sizes less than the size of a standard iPhone. The product comes in a pack of six lights each and it comes with 12 months of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. It also has a 60 days money-back guarantee too.

What We Liked About It

  • Unique wall light design
  • Solar panels on top of the light
  • Simple and wireless installation
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 60 days money-back window too

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Not so bright light. 

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4. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights


Siedinlar is more of driveway lights than to be used on decks. If you have a long driveway and need to illuminate either side of the driveway, you can take the Siedinlar outdoor lights as they are one of the best solar powered driveway lights. With an elegant circular design, the build of the light is made out of premium aluminium alloy. Wireless in design, the lights need no connection whatsoever. Just plant on the ground and it is good to go. 

They have a relatively smaller battery of 1.2 v ni-mh rechargeable batteries but they are more than enough to power the normal charged LEDs. As the solar panels are integrated within the top of the light, they will procure the required light throughout the day for about 6 or 8 hours (3 or 5 hours for full battery charge). After charging, they will automatically turn on and stay lit for 12 to 15 hours at night. Made out of IP 68 Waterproof material (along with the aforementioned aluminium), the lights are protected against any harsh weather such as rain, snow or any blizzards too. Just make sure that they are firmly fixed to the ground. 

Furthermore, they also have something called the Resistance to Pressure of up to 20 tonnes. This means that even if a truck passes over them by accident or just cause, they won’t be damaged and thus they can be virtually placed anywhere you want to light. These lights come with 12 months of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and also have a 24 hours customer support service too.

What We Liked About It

  • Disc-shaped driveway solar lights
  • Very robust build that has a pressure resistance of about 20 tonnes that makes it not lose shape even if a truck passes over it. 
  • 1.2 volt battery that can store up charge max in 5 hours and light for about 12 hours
  • Strong build with IP 68 build material including aluminium for the panels and lights that can withstand any weather
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty and 24 hours customer support

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Nothing specific to mention

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5. Jackyled Solar Deck Lights

Jackyled Solar Deck LightsNext on our list is Jackyled’s solar deck lights. This solar deck uses upgraded LED bulbs with a large size panel to collect more sunlight for optimizing efficiency and providing a longer working time. Jackyled’s solar deck light comes with a 2V 120MA wide polycrystalline silicon solar panel that absorbs light for 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge the 1000mAh battery. With this capacity, you can power the LED solar lights for about 8 to 10 hours on a single charge.

When you turn on the auto mode, the LED lights will turn on automatically at the evening or whenever the sunlight decreases and will turn off automatically at dawn. Each outdoor light comes with 3 LEDs that provide sufficient illumination to light up your path. The solar deck lights are made of premium quality stainless steel and lamp shell. They are protected from harsh weather conditions by the IP44 weatherproof feature. The lights are capable of working efficiently under the temperature range of 140 F to 1220 F.

Jackyled’s solar deck lights come with a screwing mechanism that allows for fast and easy installation. There is no wiring required and the screws for installation are included in the package. You can install this deck light even on uneven terrains. One major drawback of this solar deck light is that it does not come with warranty.

What We Liked About It

  • 2V 120mAh polycrystalline solar panel
  • Rechargeable battery with 1000mAh capacity
  • Battery reaches full capacity in 6 to 8 hours
  • Powers LEDs for 8 to 10 hours on a full charge
  • Provides 30 lumens of light
  • Auto mode for automatic turning on/off of LEDs
  • Each outdoor light has 3 LEDs
  • Made of durable stainless steel with IP44 weatherproof feature
  • Easy and fast installation

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Does not have warranty
  • No motion detection

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6. Gigalumi Solar Deck Lights

giglumi deck light

Yet another set of wall-based deck solar lights, the Gigalumi is an 8 pack LED-based waterproof automatic outdoor solar wall light with a decorative design. Speaking of the design, the Gigalumi lights have a retro-esque design and when you hang it by the wall it really gives an ambient feel while being a deck light. 

Automatic in its operation, the 120mA solar panels of the light are on top of it and are powered by 600 MAH AA Ni-Mh batteries and with just about 6 to 8 hours of solar charge, they will work for about 8 to 10 hours throughout the night. Easy to install and use, you can either use screws to place it by the wall or simple double-sided tape can also do the trick. 

The lights are made out of highly weatherproof materials and can withstand any weather. They come with a 60 days replacement window and a 1-year manufacturers’ warranty from the date of purchase.

What We Liked About It

  • A neat and tiny design that can stick up on the wall with double tape
  • 600 mAH Ni Mh batteries that can run for 10 hours on 6 hours of solar charge
  • 120mA weather and waterproof solar panels
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 60 days risk-free replacement window

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Could have had a higher brightness

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7. Caifang Solar Deck Lights

caifeng solar lights

Next on our list are 16 pieces set of small and no set up required lights which have a 90-degree angle design for the solar panels and the lights. Looking more like clip-on lights, these lights have tiny 3 lumens brightness with 0.12 wattage and have a warm white colour. 

Built out of waterproof material, the lights can withstand any weather conditions and can be placed not just on the decks but on staircases and many more. 

With a warm glow, the lights automatically on and off function, the panels charge for about 5 to 6 hours of charge and can light up for about 8 hours overnight. These lights do not have any warranty.

What We Liked About It

  • 16 pieces of very small design of lights
  • 3 lumens brightness with 0.12 wattage
  • 6 hours of charge with 8 hours of power
  • Easy to set up 
  • Automatic on and off
  • Made out of waterproof material 

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • No warranty

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8. Jsot Solar Deck Outdoor Lights


If you are looking for easy to install and maintain lights to illuminate your driveway or backyard, then JSOT solar outdoor lights are the perfect choice. It comes in an 8 pack of deck lights with advanced solar panel efficiency. They can be installed on walkway, fence post, railing, pool, backyard, stairs, and garden areas. They are equipped with high quality stainless steel shades which make it durable enough to withstand weather and environmental conditions like wind, ice, snow and rain.

As it doesn’t require any wires or electric sockets to install, it can be used for decorative purposes as well like holidays, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, pool parties, and weddings. On a full charge, it can provide continuous illumination for 9 hours. The charging time required for full charge is 6 to 8 hours of sun exposure. These lights also come with automatic light sensor functionality. So they will charge up automatically during the day without any manual interference. And light up when they sense darkness or during the nights.

Being solar panel equipped, it will save you money on electricity bills. It not only acts as decorative lighting, but also acts as protection against thefts.

What We Liked About It

  • Wireless installation
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting performance
  • High efficiency
  • Worry-free guarantee
  • Auto-charging
  • 9 hours of continuous illumination
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pack of 8 lights

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Not corrosion resistant

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9. TIJNN Solar Deck Lights

TIJNN Solar Deck LightsTIJNN solar lights are the perfect way to illuminate your pathways, deck and patios at an affordable price range. This product comes in a set of 6 solar lights. It has two lighting modes that include warm white and 7-color changing mode. You can install them on patios, porch, garden, fence, deck, gutter, stair and other areas.

As these solar lights come with polysilicon silicon, it charges quicker than other products. With just 4 to 5 hours of sun light exposure, it can provide 10 hours of continuous lighting. These lights have automatic turn on at dusk and off at dawn sensors. So, you don’t have to worry about the manual intervention. They are equipped with IP65 technology which makes it waterproof. Apart from that, it is also weather resistant.

Heat-proof plastic construction, so no matter how harsh the sun is, these lights will not be affected. They are easy to install as the installation process doesn’t confusing wires. It comes with 12-month warranty and 60-days money-back guarantee.

What We Liked About It

  • 2 different light modes
  • Easy installation process
  • 10 hours of light backup on complete charge
  • Automatic turn on/off
  • Weather-resistant
  • Heatproof plastic construction
  • IP65 technology

What We Didn’t Like About It

  • Some people experienced issues with light intensity

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights offer eco-friendly outdoor illumination. Selecting the ideal one amidst various options can pose a challenge. Prioritize factors such as brightness, longevity, and installation convenience to ensure suitability for your requirements.

1. Brightness and Lumens

Lumens indicate the brightness of a light source. Higher lumens mean greater brightness, so selecting solar deck lights with higher lumens is advisable, particularly for illuminating dim areas effectively. However, it’s important to strike a balance between brightness and energy conservation for optimal outcomes.

2. Battery Life and Charging Efficiency

Consider two main factors: battery life duration and charging efficiency. Opt for lighting options with top-notch batteries that can hold enough energy to last through the night. Also, check how fast they recharge. Faster charging means your lights will be ready to shine even with minimal sunlight exposure.

3. Durability and Weather Resistance

It’s important to think about durability and how well lights can handle different weather conditions like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Choose lights made from strong materials such as stainless steel or tough ABS plastic. Look for lights with an IP65 rating or higher, showing they can handle water and weather well. This means the lights will last longer and work reliably even when they’re outside and exposed to different environmental factors.

4. Installation Options

Seek out lights that offer various installation options, such as screw-on, adhesive, or magnetic mounting. Additionally, ensure that the lights come with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions for a straightforward installation experience.

5. Design and Style

Solar deck lights have two main functions: they help with visibility at night and add to the visual charm of your outdoor area. Choose lights that match the style of your deck or patio, whether it’s modern or classic. Also, think about things like the warmth or coolness of the light and how it spreads out, so your space feels just how you want it to.

6. Motion Sensing Capability 

Motion detection is a key feature of high-quality solar deck lighting. These lights come with sensors that turn them on when they sense movement nearby. This not only boosts security by scaring off potential intruders but also saves energy by only lighting up when needed. This feature offers convenience and peace of mind, especially in places where constant lighting isn’t necessary.

7. Adjustable Light Modes

You can adjust the brightness and strength of these lights to match your preference. Whether you’re having a party outside or just relaxing, being able to change the light makes it better. Some solar deck lights have different modes like steady brightness, dimmed light, and motion detection, giving you options for different situations.

8. Automatic On/Off Functionality

Solar deck lights come with automatic on/off features, designed for convenience and energy savings. They turn on at dusk and off at dawn, so you don’t have to do it manually. This saves energy and ensures consistent outdoor lighting. Plus, it helps prolong battery life by reducing unnecessary usage during the day.

Solar Deck Lights – FAQs

1. How do solar deck lights turn on and off automatically?

Ans: Solar deck lights feature built-in sensors that detect ambient light levels. When it becomes dark, the lights automatically turn on, and they turn off when sufficient light is detected, typically at dawn.

2. Are there options for color-changing solar deck lights?

Ans: Yes, some solar deck lights come with color-changing capabilities, allowing users to select from a variety of colors or transition between different hues. This feature adds a fun and decorative element to outdoor lighting arrangements.

3. Can solar deck lights be used as pathway lighting?

Ans: Yes, solar deck lights can double as pathway lighting, providing guidance and illumination along walkways, stairs, and garden paths. Their compact size and versatile mounting options make them ideal for illuminating various outdoor pathways.

4. Are there options for adjustable brightness settings in solar deck lights?

Ans: Yes, many solar deck lights offer adjustable brightness settings, allowing users to customize the light output based on their preferences and lighting needs. This feature provides flexibility and energy savings by adjusting the brightness as required.

5. Are there options for customizable designs or finishes in solar deck lights?

Ans: Yes, many solar deck lights come in a variety of designs, finishes, and colors to suit different preferences and aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or classic and traditional styles, there are options available to complement your outdoor decor.


When picking solar deck lights, think about brightness, how long they last, ease of installation, and extras like motion detection. Focus on these to improve your outdoor space. Choose lights from trusted brands with good warranties and customer service. By selecting the right solar lights, you’ll have safer, eco-friendly, and nice-looking deck lighting for a long time.

  • The Aootek Solar Lights stand out as the top choice for deck lighting. Featuring security motion sensors, upgraded solar panel, and 3 activity modes, it offers intelligent PIR sensor motion sensing. With a 2,200 mAH battery and wide-angle coverage, it’s a top pick online.
  • The OTHWAY Solar Lights combine style and usefulness. Featuring a chic honeycomb design, they’re built to last with a strong construction that endures different weather. Simple to install, they promise satisfaction and long-lasting illumination for outdoor areas.

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  1. Where we live there are no street lights. It gets pretty dark outside and can’t really enjoy our sitting area. I was in the market for something modern and cute. These SOLMORE Solar Deck Lights are just what I was looking for. There are made of durable strong metal. You can screw them in to anywhere or you can just place them and move them around where you want. I bought it for my driveway as it is very dark at night. I love the bright blue color, you can see it from a far.

    Now I don’t have to worry, I can see my drive way from a far. very happy with it and the price is great! The lights are so pretty very different. They light up pretty well and last and very long time after they get full solar charge.

    These lights are pretty bright and so far have been staying on for over 12 hours a night. Very sturdy as a few cars have already run over them with no issues.

  2. Thanks for writing this post! The best solar lights are ideal for illuminating the stairs and any other spaces at my home. Such solar lighting systems are bright enough, good-looking, and energy-saving.

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