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11 Best Outdoor Flood Lights Reviews & Buying Guide

If you wish to illuminate your backyard, there are a lot of options available in the market for that. You can either go with affordable small LED array lights, solar-powered LED lights, and even high-capacity floodlights for ultimate illumination levels.

The floodlights are the best choice for large backyards as you will be able to cover the entire area with just 2 or 3 lights instead of buying a number of small lights. The floodlights are easily available in the market and if you want to buy the best one for your house, check out the following important features.

  • Number of Lights: The floodlights are available in a set and within a set, you will get 1, 2, or even 6 lights together. This will allow you to cover a larger area with more lights and get an even illumination throughout your backyard.
  • Wattage: The wattage of the outdoor flood lights basically represents its power capacity. With more wattage, the floodlight will be able to provide brighter and more powerful illumination. But keep in mind that high wattage floodlights also require high power to operate and cost more in the long run.
  • Warranty: Now that you are looking for floodlights that are going to be installed outdoors, you need to pay special attention to the warranty period of the lights. As these lights are installed outside, they will come in contact with rain, snow, and other environmental factors. Thus, it would be comforting to have a long warranty period on the floodlights.

Even though these features are enough to highlight the best floodlight amongst the rest, you should still carefully check the rest of the features of each option that is available for purchase. Fortunately, we have already created the list of the best available floodlights in the market for you. We will also be providing a brief review of each of these picks so that you can understand the product completely before buying it. We will also explain the significant features and factors of the floodlights in the “Buying Guide” for the best outdoor floodlights.

Best Outdoor Flood Lights Table

Outdoor Flood LightsWattageNumber of LightsWarrantyBuy Now
LEPOWER Security Motion Sensor Light35 watts31 YearCheck On Amazon
Amico 3 Head LED Security Lights40 watts31 YearCheck On Amazon
Lithonia Lighting OFTH150 watts21 YearCheck On Amazon
The Energetic Flood Outdoor Light Bulb11 watts62 YearsCheck On Amazon
ATUPEN LED Outdoor Solar Lights15 watts21 YearCheck On Amazon
LUTEC Lumen Flood Light15 watts25 YearsCheck On Amazon
AmeriLuck PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb13 watts43 YearsCheck On Amazon
Onforu 50W LED Security Light50 watts35 YearsCheck On Amazon
GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light100 watts21½ YearCheck On Amazon
DEWENWILS 65W LED Flood Light Outdoor65 watts11 YearCheck On Amazon
RAB LED Floodlight12 watts210 YearsCheck On Amazon

Best Outdoor Flood Lights Reviews

1. LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Light

LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Light

LEPOWER is our first choice for today’s list as it is the highest-selling brand for floodlights. It is offering a very powerful set of floodlights which you should not miss out on.

The LEPOWER LED Security Light is present on the top of our picks for the best outdoor floodlights. There are 3 lights available in the set, and each offers 35 watts of power capacity. Along with that, the lights are also powered by motion sensor technology so that they are energy-saving and offer additional security measures even if turned off.

Each of the lights in the LEPOWER LED Security Light set has IP65 water resistance. Once installed, this set of light will offer you about 3500 lumens of brightness level that is equivalent to a 175 watt light. The motion sensors can be triggered even from 72 ft away. Apart from the range, it also has a similarly wide 180 degrees detection range. The lights come with an articulated fixture that allows you to adjust the angle as you wish. While it only offers a year of warranty, LEPOWER is promising nearly 50000 hours of lifespan.

Best Features

  • 3500 lumens brightness level
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Set of 3 lights
  • 35 watts power capacity
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Motion sensors have 180 degrees 72 feet range
  • Adjustable fixture
  • 50000 hours approximate lifespan


  • The warranty should have been longer

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2. Amico 3 Head LED Security Lights

Amico 3 Head LED Security Lights

Amico is yet another highly popular brand to appear on our picks. If you have previously purchased any floodlights, you must know about Amico.

In the 2nd position, we have the Amico LED Security Lights. Similar to our first pick, this is also a 3 piece LED floodlight set with a built-in motion detector and high power capacity. The capacity of each light installed on this fixture is about 40 watts which offers you nearly 4000 lumens illumination which is pretty good. As for the color, it generates light at 5000K color temperature.

As the brightness level of the Amico LED, Security Lights is equivalent to a 200 watts light source, it offers you nearly 80% reduced energy cost. As for the built-in motion sensor, it can detect activity within 180 degrees range and instantly turn on the lights. The maximum range of the motion sensor is about 75 feet which should cover your front door until your fence. There are 3 modes on this light that are motion detection, light detection, and always-on mode. Amico LED Security Lights arrive with a year of warranty from the manufacturer.

Best Features

  • 3 floodlight modes
  • Up to 80% energy saving
  • Set of 3 lights
  • 40 watts power capacity
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Comes with built-in motion sensors
  • Great power capacity
  • Illumination levels are good


  • The warranty should have been longer

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3. Lithonia Lighting OFTH 300PR 120 WH M12

Lithonia Lighting OFTH

The power capacity is a very important factor for a floodlight, especially if you want to cover a large area. Lithonia is offering one of the most powerful floodlights in the market right now.

Sometimes, it is difficult to find high-powered options, especially if you are looking under a certain budget range. In such a case, products like the Lithonia Lighting OFTH 300PR offer a great solution. This particular set has 2 floodlights that offer a power capacity of 150 watts. Such a high power capacity results in great illumination. It is a wall-mountable floodlight set that is perfect for outdoor installations.

The Lithonia Lighting OFTH 300PR is built with sturdy and weather-resistant outer housing. It prevents the device from damage caused by rust and other similar issues. The lights come with a fixture that can be adjusted as per your requirement without needing any sort of tool. The Lithonia Lighting OFTH 300PR is backed by a 1 year warranty period which should be good enough for such a low-budget floodlight.

Best Features

  • Wall mountable floodlight
  • Weather resistance design
  • Set of 2 lights
  • 150 watts power capacity
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Durable build quality
  • Power capacity is high
  • Highly affordable option


  • Running cost will be very high

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4. The Energetic PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Light Bulb

The Energetic PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Light Bulb

If you have a large area in your mind which you wish to cover with the floodlight, the set from PAR38 might be perfect for you. It will offer you multiple lights in the set which you can install as per your wish.

More lights per set always turn out to be beneficial in the long run. The PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Light Bulb set consists of 6 lights in the set with each light having 11 watts capacity. The color temperature of the light obtained from these floodlights is 5000K and the illumination levels are equivalent to that of a 90 watts light bulb. In technical terms, you will get about 900 lumens of output from the bulbs.

Even with so many lights installed, you won’t notice a major impact on your energy bills. These lights are highly energy-efficient and offer nearly 86% lesser power consumption which is quite good in the long run. And as the average lifespan of each floodlight is about 15000 hours, you can expect them to be perfectly functional for at least 6 to 7 years. Unlike the floodlights mentioned so far, the PAR38 LED Flood Outdoor Light Bulb comes with 2 years warranty period.

Best Features

  • 40 degrees light angle
  • Nearly 15000 hours lifespan
  • Set of 6 lights
  • 11 watts power capacity
  • 2 years warranty period


  • Saves about 86% of energy
  • 5000K light color temperature
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications


  • The coverage area of every individual light is low

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5. ATUPEN 210 LED Outdoor Solar Lights

ATUPEN 210 LED Outdoor Solar LightsATUPEN outdoor solar lights are suitable for people who want quality at reasonable price range. This brand has been providing high-quality solar lights for several years.

This outdoor solar light product is equipped with 210 LED light beads that are capable of producing at least 2500lm to 6500K high brightness output. So, you can brighten up more space compared to other options.

It has 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which pretty long. It is also featured with 3 heads so you can adjust the lens head and hoods as per your preference. With wide 270 degrees lighting area and 26 feet sensing distance, you can monitor large space easily.

Best Features:

  • Motion detection
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 210 LED light beads
  • Good battery range


  • Waterproof
  • 2500 lumens brightness
  • Remove control
  • 3 lighting modes


  • Warranty details not mentioned

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6. AmeriLuck 5000K PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb

AmeriLuck 5000K PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb

In most floodlight sets that include a number of lights, you will receive low-powered and relatively unreliable lights. But, that’s not the case with the AmeriLuck floodlight set.

The AmeriLuck floodlight set also offers you multiple floodlights so that you can either cover more corners around your house or keep the extra lights as backup options for future use. There are 4 lights included in the set, and each light performs almost identical to the traditional halogen bulbs. Well, the performance will remind us of the power capacity and not the expensive monthly bills.

The AmeriLuck floodlights have 14 watts capacity each. But, they perform similar to the 90 watts light bulbs that make them nearly 87% more efficient in comparison. With each light, you can expect a brightness level of about 900 lumens which is certainly good to have. As the brightness levels are not too harsh, you can also install them indoors without worrying about the performance. AmeriLuck also offers 3 years of warranty on the floodlights as the average lifespan of each bulb is about 15000 hours.

Best Features

  • The average lifespan of 15000 hours
  • Performs equivalent to 90 watts halogen lights
  • Set of 4 lights
  • 13 watts power capacity
  • 3 years warranty period


  • Affordable set of floodlights
  • 80+ CRI rating
  • A comparatively longer warranty period


  • Not suitable for large backyards

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7. LUTEC P6221B 1130 Lumen Flood Light

LUTEC P6221B 1130 Lumen Flood Light

The floodlight that you are going to install on the outside of your home not only needs to be powerful and durable. They should also offer an attractive look such as the following option designed by LUTEC.

The LUTEC P6221B is a set of 2 floodlights that are designed with the aesthetics of the device in mind. These lights feature a stylish outer shell which also makes the devices completely weatherproof and resistant to dust and water. Each of these lights can be adjusted to 360° so that you can maintain the coverage area as you wish. This also makes the device perfect for walkways, entry doors, and other outdoor areas.

The lights in the LUTEC P6221B have 15 watts power capacity. Thus is quite low compared to many other choices in the market and will result in low energy consumption. But, it still manages to produce about 1130 lumens of light. The light has a 5200K daylight white color temperature to offer great visibility even on dark nights. LUTEC is also one of the most reliable brands for a floodlight as it is offering 5 years warranty.

Best Features

  • 1130 lumens brightness level
  • 5200K daylight white color temperature
  • Set of 2 lights
  • 15 watts power capacity
  • 5 years warranty period


  • 360 degrees adjustable light angle
  • Versatile set of lights
  • Long warranty period


  • Multiple sets are required to cover a large area

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8. Onforu 50W LED Security Light

Onforu 50W LED Security Light

Now that you have seen the best budget-friendly options, let’s talk about some of the most powerful floodlights in the market. Onforu has one such device designed especially for outdoor installations.

The Onforu LED Security Light set includes 3 lights that are comparatively more powerful than most floodlights mentioned so far. Each of these lights has 50 watts of power capacity. Therefore, you can expect a brightness level of about 5000 lumens from these floodlights. And as they are powered by an array of LED lights, they will have a significantly lower running cost compared to the traditional halogen light.

The Onforu LED Security Light set comes with a decent fixture that contains all 3 lights together. It is an adjustable set so that you can adjust all 3 lights to focus at different angles for better results. The fixture also prevents the lights from external damage as it offers IP65 waterproof resistance for the lights. On top of that, the mount is made up of die-cast aluminum so that you can expect additional durability as well as heat dissipation from the set.

Best Features

  • Reliable and durable performance
  • Die-cast aluminum mounting
  • Set of 3 lights
  • 50 watts power capacity
  • 5 years warranty period


  • An adjustable set of lights
  • IP65 water resistance
  • Easy to install due to the mounting


  • A comparatively expensive choice for a floodlight

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9. GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light

GLORIOUS-LITE 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light

GLORIOUS-LITE is yet another brand that has designed a highly powerful floodlight. The next option on our list offers very bright illuminations along with high power capacity.

Our next choice for the best outdoor flood lights is the GLORIOUS-LITE 2. This is a pack of 2 LED floodlights with each one powered by 100 watts of LED arrays. This helps to create nearly 10000 lumens of light which is perfect for all types of outdoor applications. The generated light has 5000K daylight white color temperature and manages to provide perfect vision even in dark.

The housing of the GLORIOUS-LITE 2 is made up of premium die-cast aluminum and prevents all sorts of external damage as it offers IP66 water resistance. Along with being one of the most powerful lights, these floodlights are also one of the most durable options as the average lifespan of the light is about 30000 hours, if not more. But, GLORIOUS-LITE is only offering about 1½ years of warranty on the device which is quite short for such an expensive option.

Best Features

  • One of the most powerful floodlights
  • 10000-lumen brightness level
  • Set of 2 lights
  • 100 watts power capacity
  • 1½ year warranty period


  • Suitable for all types of outdoor installations
  • 120 degrees beam angle
  • FCC qualified device


  • Short warranty period

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10. DEWENWILS 65W LED Flood Light Outdoor

DEWENWILS 65W LED Flood Light Outdoor

DEWENWILS also has a high-powered floodlight which you can get right away for outdoor installation. It is a singular unit and very easy to install.

Coming up next, we have a great choice lined up from DEWENWILS. The DEWENWILS Flood Light offers up to 6670 lumens of output which is impressive given that it is generated by a single unit. Such performance is equivalent to that of a 500 watts halogen light bulb. But, you will be surprised to know that the DEWENWILS Flood Light Outdoor operates only on 65 watts of power. Hence, it is highly energy-efficient for the given performance.

There are 144 LED lights installed on the light in the form of an LED array. The higher number of LED lights introduces 5000K daylight white color with 180 degrees beam angle, which should be enough for a large coverage area. The lights are rated with an approximate lifespan of 60000 hours which should give you an idea about their reliability. But, DEWENWILS is only providing a year of warranty which is certainly not suitable for such a high-powered option.

Best Features

  • One of the most powerful outdoor flood lights
  • Equivalent to a 500 watts halogen light
  • Single powerful flood light
  • 65 watts power capacity
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Great device for the price
  • Nearly 88% more efficient than halogen
  • Up to 60000 hours lifespan


  • Costly for a single light

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11. RAB Lighting SMSBULLET2X12NW LED Floodlight

RAB Lighting

For the end, we have kept aside the most premium set of floodlights. This is coming from RAB Lighting which is offering you the most reliable set of lights in comparison to any other choice.

While most other floodlights are backed with a shorter warranty period, the RAB Lighting SMSBULLET2X12NW comes with 10 years of the warranty period. This makes the set worth its overly expensive price range a bit more. There are 2 lights included in the set,, which offer 180 degrees coverage once installed. It also has built-in motion detection, which works at a range of 30 feet.

The lights, on the other hand, have only 12 watts of capacity. But, you will be getting 1664 lumen output and an approximate lifespan of about 100000 hours. This is more than almost every other floodlight in the market. The components used in the RAB Lighting SMSBULLET2X12NW are mercury and UV-free. Hence, they are safer for you as well as the environment. The motion sensor technology helps you to bring down the energy costs by turning the lights on only when necessary.

Best Features

  • The most reliable set of floodlights
  • Nearly 100000 hours lifespan
  • Set of 2 lights
  • 12 watts power capacity
  • 10 years warranty period


  • ESNA LM-79 and LM-80 certified lights
  • 180-degree coverage
  • 32 ft range for the motion sensor


  • A very expensive set of floodlights

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Buying Guide For The Best Outdoor Flood Lights

When it comes to buying a set of floodlights, it might get a little confusing as there are a lot of options available in the market and most look similar based on the technical specifications and features. Often, this is caused by the similarity of features such as wattage, lumen level, mounting and installation, and many more.

To help you through that, we have prepared the following buying guide for the best outdoor floodlights. Here, we will try to break down the essential parameters of the floodlights for you in easier terms so that you can understand the meaning and requirements of each term. You will also be able to determine which set of lights is suitable for your own backyard after reading our buying guide present here.

  • Number of Lights

Each set of the floodlights offers you a certain number of lights. Depending upon what you are spending on the set, you get the number of lights and the illumination levels. The sets that offer the most value for the money are the ones that feature multiple lights. This allows you to cover the area quickly without needing to order more lights later on.

Before you make a decision, kindly go through all of our choices and look out for the number of lights included in each set. While some sets will offer you powerful lights, some sets will include more lights in comparison but each will have comparatively lesser brightness levels. Therefore, it’s up to you whether you wish to install multiple low-power lights or a single powerful floodlight in the same place.

  • Brightness Levels

The brightness levels differ for each floodlight. The floodlights basically have an array of LED lights inside which generate the light. Depending on the number of LEDs available on the light, the brightness level changes. With more LEDs, you will certainly get more brightness. To check the brightness level of a floodlight, simply check the power rating of the light.

With the actual power rating, most floodlights also have the capacity mentioned for equivalent wattage. For example, a floodlight with 11 watts and 90 watts equivalent rating will operate on 11 watts power and offer a brightness level equivalent to a 90 watts power bulb. For general purpose applications, low brightness floodlights should be preferred as they are still bright enough for the application and do not need an expensive running cost.

  • Power Requirement

As we mentioned earlier, the brightness level of a floodlight depends upon the power capacity of the bulb. But, apart from that, the power requirement also impacts the running cost of the floodlights. Unlike solar-powered outdoor lights, the floodlights will require wiring and they will be utilizing electrical energy from your main source to operate.

Thus, floodlights will definitely impact your monthly energy bills. But, it is only a problem if the floodlights are rated with high watts capacity. The low capacity options barely affect the usual energy cost as they are only enabled in the evening or night and have a power capacity equivalent to regular domestic light. You can also buy high-powered options with motion sensors that do not have to be kept on at all times.

  • Warranty

Floodlights are outdoor devices and they are affected by outdoor parameters such as dust, dirt, rain, snow, high temperature, etc. Thus, a floodlight can get damaged automatically due to these factors. Once the internal LED lights of a floodlight are damaged, they cannot be repaired, and you will need to replace the unit entirely.

As the floodlights are not cheap to come by, it would cost you a lot to keep replacing the lights every year or so. But, if you get a device with a long warranty period, you will not have to worry about these problems. Even if a floodlight is damaged within the warranty period, the brand will offer free-of-cost service for the device. There are devices that offer as long as 10 years of warranty which is certainly a great benefit and assurance of reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are floodlights?

Ans: Floodlights are highly powerful lights that are used to illuminate large areas at once. There are many types of floodlights available in the market that serve different purposes and are designed to suit different types of applications. Depending on your budget range, the available devices will have specific wattage and coverage areas. In general, floodlights are wide-angle lights that are suitable for large areas.

Q. How much wattage and lumens capacity do I need?

Ans: Different floodlights produce different lumens of brightness and consume a specific amount of power. The power is represented in wattage, whereas the brightness levels are present in the lumens unit. In most cases, it is better to compare the lights based on lumen standards as it will directly give you an idea about the brightness levels of the light. But, you must also consider the wattage as it will guide you upon the power requirements of the light. Depending upon the area you want to cover, you should pick up suitable floodlights. You should either go with high powered lights for bright illumination or a set of multiple lights

Q. How many lights should I buy?

Ans: While determining the number of floodlights you are going to buy, you should consider the purpose of buying the LED lights. Once you figure out the required coverage area and available light on your preferred choice, you can easily guess the number of lights required to illuminate the area completely. In any case, we will recommend you to buy some extra lights just as a backup in case one of the lights fails.


Today, we have brought you some of the best flood lights available in the market. And to make sure you understand each product in detail, we have enlisted detailed specifications with each of our options, along with a brief review. As we have also mentioned a couple of pros and cons with each option, you can easily make a beneficiary choice. In case you are still wondering about which floodlight is best for you, consider one of our top recommendations from here.

  • The DEWENWILS 65W LED Flood Light is one of the brightest flood lights in our picks. It operates on 65 watts of power but offers illumination levels equivalent to a 500 watts halogen light. It is IP65 waterproof and saves about 88% electricity compared to similar high-power devices.
  • The RAB Lighting SMSBULLET2X12NW is the most reliable floodlight from today’s list. It is backed by a 10 year warranty period which is simply great for such a device. Furthermore, the RAB Lighting SMSBULLET2X12NW has a built-in motion sensor as well 180-degree detection pattern up to 30 ft distance. Hence, you won’t have to keep the lights on at all times as it will automatically turn on if motion is detected.
  • LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights Motion Sensor Light will offer you great value for the money as it is a set of 3 floodlights and costs almost equal to a single premium floodlight. Each of the lights in this set offers 35 watts of power capacity and illumination equivalent to a 150 watts light bulb. The average lifespan of these floodlights is about 50000 hours, and hence, you will have a warranty period of 1 year on the set.

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