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The 10 Best Smart Thermostat Reviews

Thermostats are one of the most used devices in almost every household. The thermostats are connected to a complete heating and ventilation system embedded in the house to manage the temperature levels up to a certain level. The user can provide the input via the thermostat installed in the living room or bedroom and can manage the temperature level all over the house.

While we are on the topic of thermostats, let us introduce you to the new generation of home appliances that are smart thermostats. Now that WiFi and local networks are pretty common everywhere, there are smart thermostats available that offer an extended range of features. You can find pretty good functionality in smart thermostats equipped with the following features.

  • Ease of Control: The most important reason to upgrade to a smarter variant for any electronic device is the ease of control. But, you should also consider the requirements and abilities of everyone who is going to use the thermostat and buy one accordingly. Thus, you can either get a complicated but feature-rich, or a basic smart thermostat.
  • Wireless Features: Wireless compatibility makes everything easier, from installation to regular day-to-day usage. Unlike traditional systems, smart thermostats provide options for remote control via smartphones or even smart TVs. With these features, you can manage the thermostat without even needing to get up.
  • AI Support: The next big revolution in the smart industry is the integration of artificial intelligence in smart devices. There are features such as voice access, automated functionality, and support for voice assistants which makes the system truly smart. You can basically control the thermostats with simple voice commands with AI support.

In case you are also wondering about upgrading your current thermostat system to a smarter one, let us walk you through some of the best thermostats available in the market right now. In this list, we will be listing the best smart thermostats in the market along with their specifications and features. If you wish to know more about these features, kindly refer to our “Buying Guide” also present in this article.

Best Smart Thermostats Chart

Best Smart ThermostatCompatibilityWarrantyBuy Now
Google ThermostatWorks with Alexa - Stainless Steel---Check On Amazon
Emerson ThermostatVera, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings--Check On Amazon
Amazon Smart ThermostatWorks with Alexa – C-wire required1 yearCheck On Amazon
Honeywell ThermostatIFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, iOS, Android2 yearsCheck On Amazon
ecobee ThermostatIFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings--Check On Amazon
Google Nest Thermostat Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, nest, iOS, Android1 yearCheck On Amazon
Honeywell RCHT8610WF  ThermostatIFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa1 yearCheck On Amazon
Emerson Sensi Touch Smart ThermostatVera, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings2 yearsCheck On Amazon
SunTouch ThermostatHand Control--Check On Amazon
Bosch ThermostatVera, Amazon Alexa1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Smart Thermostat Reviews

1. Google Thermostat

Google ThermostatNest Learning Thermostat is a user-friendly solution for better home comfort. This smart thermostat adapts to your routine, managing temperatures automatically. Save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs, potentially cutting your bills significantly.

It’s equipped with features like Home/Away Assist and Energy History, making energy management effortless. The Nest Leaf provides a visual cue for energy-efficient settings. Its sleek design complements any home decor.

Control it remotely via the Nest app or voice commands, and enjoy the confidence of a one-year warranty. Upgrade to the Nest Learning Thermostat for simplified comfort and potential savings.

Best Features

  • Adaptive learning for automatic temperature adjustment
  • Potential 15% energy savings
  • Home/Away detection prevents waste
  • Energy history tracking
  • Nest Leaf encourages efficiency


  • User-friendly with remote control via app
  • Works with most heating/cooling systems
  • Modern design complements homes
  • Supports eco-friendly living


  • Dependency on technology

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2. Emerson Thermostat

Emerson ThermostatSensi Wi-Fi Thermostat, a smart solution designed to enhance your home’s climate control. With its ENERGY STAR certification, it’s built to reduce your HVAC energy usage by up to 23%. It works seamlessly with various HVAC systems and offers straightforward installation. Enjoy personalized comfort through flexible scheduling, remote access via your smartphone or tablet, and detailed energy usage reports. The thermostat also provides smart maintenance alerts to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

It includes features like remote temperature monitoring, easy device control, and a focus on energy efficiency. The Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat offers a modern and user-friendly way to manage your home’s climate.

Best Features

  • Up to 23% reduced energy usage.
  • Works with various HVAC systems.
  • Customizable day-to-day schedules.
  • Manage via smartphone or tablet.
  • Detailed energy consumption reports.
  • Timely reminders for upkeep.
  • Intuitive interface and easy setup.
  • Encourages energy-efficient habits.


  • Long-term energy savings.
  • Remote control for comfort.
  • Tailored scheduling.
  • Understand energy usage patterns.
  • Prevents costly issues.
  • Suitable for all users.
  • Supports greener living.


  • Requires a C wire for Apple HomeKit installation

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3. Amazon Smart Thermostat 

Amazon Smart ThermostatAmazon Smart Thermostat is a beacon of energy-conscious technology lauded in online reviews. Its automated temperature scheduling optimizes energy usage, while the away mode and geofencing enhance efficiency. The astute recovery system ensures your preferred temperature upon return, and humidity control enhances comfort and savings.

Installation is easy, and compatibility with most 24V HVAC systems simplifies setup. While a C-wire or power adapter kit is required, integration with Alexa-enabled devices offers seamless voice control.

Users like its compatibility and transformative integration with Alexa, highlighting energy efficiency and remote access. While minor connectivity issues were noted, the Amazon Smart Thermostat remains a budget-friendly choice, redefining home climate control.

Best Features

  • Efficient temperature adjustments.
  • “Away” mode reduces energy use.
  • Adapts as you come and go.
  • Comfortable return temperatures.
  • Enhanced comfort and savings.


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Simplified setup.
  • Seamless voice control.
  • Decreased utility costs.


  • Specific wiring needed.

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4. Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell ThermostatHoneywell Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat  is the ultimate solution for efficient climate control. This advanced thermostat is designed to help you save on energy costs by up to 23% through its ENERGY STAR certification. It adapts to your preferences, ensuring your home remains comfortable while optimizing energy usage.

The user-friendly app allows remote thermostat control from anywhere, complete with personalized schedules and alerts. The thermostat’s customizable color touchscreen seamlessly integrates with your home decor, while its maintenance alerts keep your system running smoothly.

Moreover, it effortlessly syncs with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Upgrade to the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat to experience enhanced comfort and savings without compromising simplicity.

Best Features

  • A customizable, reliable, and affordable option
  • 7 days advanced scheduling possible
  • Bright and intuitive touchscreen display
  • Daily weather reports
  • Smartphone app support
  • 5 years warranty


  • Provides a lot of information
  • Energy-saving reports are available
  • Reminders for regular tasks


  • C wire is necessary for installation

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5. ecobee Thermostat

ecobee ThermostatThe ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control is a smart solution for effortless home comfort. This thermostat intuitively adjusts temperatures, keeping you cozy while optimizing energy usage.

Equipped with a Smart Sensor, it ensures every room maintains the ideal temperature, even when you’re away. Seamlessly interact with it via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit for convenient voice control.

Installing it is simple– only around 45 minutes – and its Energy Star certification highlights its energy efficiency. With its modern design, user-friendly touchscreen, and compatibility with various HVAC systems, it’s a versatile choice. Backed by a one-year warranty, the ecobee Smart Thermostat offers peace of mind while enhancing your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Best Features

  • Smart learning for personalized comfort.
  • SmartSensor ensures uniform temperatures.
  • Voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.
  • Energy-efficient with potential cost savings.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface.
  • Compatible with various HVAC systems.


  • Tailored comfort and potential savings.
  • Hassle-free voice and remote control.
  • Consistent comfort with SmartSensor.
  • Modern and stylish design.


  • Compatibility limitations with some HVAC systems.

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6. Google Nest Thermostat 

Google Nest Thermostat Google Nest Thermostat is your smart solution for energy savings and comfort. It adapts to your routine, adjusting your home’s temperature when you’re in and conserving energy when you’re away.

Control it remotely through the Google Home app, even from your phone. It’s easy to install and works with most systems. Save on bills with up to 10% energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy year-round comfort.

The sleek design suits any home, and the display is clear day and night. Covered by a 2-year warranty, it’s a reliable choice. Upgrade to the Google Nest Thermostat for a simpler, smarter way to manage your home’s climate.

Best Features

  • Adaptive Learning for personalized comfort.
  • Remote Control via the Google Home app.
  • Energy Savings up to 10% on bills.
  • Stylish, modern design.
  • Compatible with various systems.


  • User-friendly with minimal adjustments.
  • Cost-effective energy efficiency.
  • Convenient remote management.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Positive environmental impact.


  • Privacy concerns due to data collection.

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7. Honeywell RCHT8610WF  Thermostat

Honeywell RCHT8610WF  ThermostatHoneywell T5 Smart Thermostat is a handy addition to your home. This thermostat does some cool tricks: it learns your schedule and tweaks the temperature for energy savings. You can boss it around using your phone, even from afar.

Installing it is easy, and it pals up with different heating and cooling setups. Think about the perks: possibly saving on energy bills, staying comfy all year, and being kinder to the planet by using less power. Its simple style suits any home, and the screen is easy to handle.

Plus, it’s got your back with a 2-year warranty. For simple smarts, energy smarts, and a sense of security, the T5 Smart Thermostat is your go-to.

Best Features

  • Easy to install
  • Alerts against extreme weather conditions
  • Backed by Energy Star standard
  • Location-based temperature control
  • 7 days flexible scheduling
  • 1-year warranty


  • Self-learning smart thermostat for better performance
  • Smart alert feature
  • Extremely compact form factor


  • The warranty period is short

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8. Emerson Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Touch Smart ThermostatEmerson introduces an additional standout to their array of smart thermostat options, maintaining their reputation for excellence. This smart thermostat, like its counterparts, embraces WiFi connectivity.

This premium thermostat distinguishes itself with advanced features, including flexible scheduling that can save up to 23% of energy annually. If your HVAC system has a C wire, installation so easy, typically taking under 30 minutes.

Compatibility is a strong suit as the Sensi Touch seamlessly integrates with popular smart home assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smarthome service, and Apple HomeKit. Via the smartphone app, users gain easy access to real-time parameter monitoring. As with other Emerson options, the Sensi Touch thermostat comes with a reassuring 3-year warranty.

Best Features

  • Up to 23% energy saving is possible
  • Remote access features
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 30-minute installation
  • Built-in illuminated terminals
  • Compatible with most smart home systems
  • 3 years warranty


  • Great upgrade over the previous choice from Emersion
  • Long warranty period
  • Durable build quality


  • The display is very compact with respect to the large form factor

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9. SunTouch Thermostat

SunTouch ThermostatSunTouch is a lesser-known contender in the market but offering a strong smart thermostat option.

Meet the SunTouch Command, a programmable touchscreen thermostat designed for floor heating systems up to 15A power. It presents a cost-effective choice without compromising functionality. With a 7-day programmable schedule, daily setup becomes hassle-free. This thermostat supports dual voltage, accommodating both 120 and 240 V systems, and includes a built-in GFCI system for safety enhancement.

Physically, the SunTouch Command impresses with a slim 0.5-inch profile and a 3.5-inch wide touchscreen display. A variety of color themes are available to suit preferences. Clear installation instructions accompany the unit, simplifying the setup process. With a 3-year warranty, SunTouch ensures reliability and longevity for the Command Touchscreen thermostat.

Best Features

  • Comparatively affordable option
  • Suitable for 15A floor heating systems
  • Dual voltage design
  • Built-in GFCI system
  • 5 inches display
  • Low profile design
  • Touchscreen UI
  • 3 years warranty


  • Easy to use and install
  • Very compact option
  • Multiple color options


  • Build quality should have been better

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10. Bosch Thermostat

Bosch ThermostatBosch offers a diverse range of products, and among its lifestyle-oriented offerings are smart refrigerators and thermostats.

This is a cost-effective yet reliable alternative to premium devices. This fully smart thermostat integrates with Alexa AI and features internet connectivity. While its design exudes a touch of nostalgia, the 5-inch touchscreen UI resembles that of smartphones, enabling intuitive control.

Scheduling settings for upcoming days streamline the setup process. Recent updates enhance compatibility with newer HVAC systems, though installation requires a C wire. Bosch stands behind the BCC100 with a 5-year warranty from the original installation date, underlining its commitment to product quality and longevity.

Best Features

  • One of the most reliable smart thermostats
  • 5 inches touchscreen display
  • Commercial updates for better compatibility
  • The scheduling feature is available
  • Comparatively cheaper option
  • 5 years warranty


  • Offers great compatibility for various HVAC systems
  • Best suited for commercial installations
  • Offers a full-color display


  • The design could have been better

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Buying Guide For The Best Smart Thermostat

1. Design and Display

Consider the design and display of the thermostat. Some models have touchscreen displays with intuitive interfaces, while others have more traditional interfaces. Choose a design that matches your aesthetic preferences and is easy for you to use.

2. Compatibility

Check whether the smart thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system. Most smart thermostats work with standard heating and cooling systems, but if you have a specialized or older system, compatibility might be an issue. Look for compatibility information on the product’s packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

3. Heating and Cooling Stages

Determine the number of heating and cooling stages your HVAC system has. Some systems have single-stage heating and cooling, while others have multiple stages. Make sure the smart thermostat you’re considering supports the stages your system has for optimal performance.

4. Wiring

Evaluate your current thermostat’s wiring and compare it to the wiring requirements of the smart thermostat. Some smart thermostats require a common wire (C-wire) for consistent power supply. If your current wiring lacks a C-wire, consider a smart thermostat model that can work without one or plan to have a C-wire installed.

5. Learning and Adaptation

Some smart thermostats come with learning capabilities. They analyze your temperature preferences and adjust settings accordingly. This can lead to energy savings over time. However, if you prefer manual control, you might want a thermostat that doesn’t rely heavily on learning algorithms.

6. Remote Access and Control

One of the main benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability to control it remotely via a smartphone app. Ensure the thermostat you choose has a user-friendly app compatible with your device and operating system. Remote access lets you adjust settings even when you’re not at home, improving energy efficiency and comfort.

7. Compatibility with Home Assistants

Consider whether the smart thermostat works with popular home assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. Integration with these platforms allows you to control your thermostat using voice commands and may enable more advanced automation features.

8. Energy Reports and Savings

Some smart thermostats provide energy usage reports, helping you track your energy consumption and identify potential savings. Look for models that offer insights into your heating and cooling patterns, so you can make informed adjustments to save on your energy bills.

9. Geofencing

Geofencing is a feature that uses your smartphone’s location to adjust your home’s temperature settings. When you leave a defined perimeter around your home, the thermostat can adjust the temperature to save energy. When you approach the perimeter, it readies your home for your return. This feature can be quite convenient and efficient.

10. Installation

Consider whether you’re comfortable with DIY installation or if you would prefer professional installation. Some smart thermostats are easier to install than others, and professional installation might be necessary for more complex systems.


A thermostat helps control your home’s temperature. Smart ones can be controlled with your phone and give you information. Check our guide for the best options and advice. We picked good choices for you based on our guide.

  • Google is also a very popular brand of choice for smart home systems as the Google nest system brings the best of the features for everyone. The Google Nest Thermostatis one such offering from the Nest series of products that offers a great experience. This is also a programmable smart thermostat and can be installed within 60 minutes. You can also pair it with temperature sensors for even more sophisticated and automated results.
  • The Amazon Smart Thermostat will cost you the least investment compared to any other option in the market. Even though it is a cheaper choice, supports Alexa and Google voice assistant for voice-activated commands. This is the 1st generation of the device so that you are getting the best offering from the brand.
  • Reliability is a parameter that cannot be ignored while buying any electronic system. Therefore, our first recommendation is the Honeywell Thermostatwhich comes with a 5 years warranty period. This is a WiFi-compatible smart thermostat that offers up to 7 days of programmable features along with touch screen accessibility. You can also use the dedicated application to manage the device.

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