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7 Best Security Cameras For Apartment Doors In 2024

Living in an apartment has its perks, but safety is important, especially with many people around. Thankfully, security cameras can help. By placing one at your door, you can keep an eye on who’s there, even from afar, easing your worries.

In this blog, we’ll discuss various camera options, from affordable to advanced, helping you choose the best one for your home security needs.

Here are some factors to consider for a wise decision:

  • Resolution: Higher-resolution cameras provide clearer images for identifying people and incidents. So, find cameras with high resolution (at least 1080p or higher) to ensure clear and detailed footage.
  • Motion Detection: Opt for cameras with motion detection capabilities to alert you immediately when there’s activity outside your apartment door.
  • Two-way Audio: Consider cameras with two-way audio for communicating with visitors or intruders outside the door. This function allows for remote interaction, which adds a layer of safety.

Best Security Cameras For Apartment Door Table

Security Cameras for Apartment DoorCamera ResolutionField of ViewMotion DetectionBuy Now
Ring Security Camera1080P155°Advanced Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
Blink Security Camera1080P110°Enhanced Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
Arlo Security Camera1080P180°Basic Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
eufy Security Camera1080P160°Basic Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
VIMTAG Security Camera2.5K105°Basic Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
EZVIZ Security Camera1080P155°PIR Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon
Remo+ Security Camera1080P160°Basic Motion DetectionCheck On Amazon

Best Security Cameras For Apartment Reviews

1. Ring Security Camera

Ring Security Camera

The Ring Video Doorbell is a top choice for apartment door security cameras. It’s known for being reliable and durable, making it popular among many users. This camera offers high-quality Full HD 1080p video and allows users to check the live video feed anytime.

Significant upgrades have been made to the latest version, including better motion detection, privacy settings you can adjust, and improved night vision. It sends alerts to your smartphone through its app whenever it detects motion, ensuring you’re always informed.

The wireless device comes with rechargeable batteries that can last up to 180 days, making it convenient to use without frequent recharging. It also works with various smart home accessories, which can be controlled using Alexa for added convenience. However, access to some of the more advanced features requires a subscription to the Ring service.


  • Video: 1080p HD Video, Live View, Night Vision
  • Field of View: 155° horizontal, 90° vertical
  • Motion Detection: Advanced with adjustable zones
  • Audio: Two-way with noise cancellation
  • Power: Rechargeable battery or hardwired
  • Internet Requirements: High-speed
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Operating Conditions: -5°F to 120°F, water-resistant
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Software Security Updates: At least 4 years


  • Most reliable option trusted by hundreds of thousands of users
  • Installation is very easy considering it’s completely wireless
  • It supports many different smart device integration using Alexa


  • Battery life could have been better

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2. Blink Security Camera

Blink Security Camera

For those seeking smart home surveillance, we recommend Blink’s security cameras for their advanced technology. The high-definition camera provides clear visibility day and night, thanks to its infrared night vision feature. 

A significant advantage of this camera is its extended battery life, lasting up to two years with just two AA lithium batteries. Users can opt to store videos in Blink’s cloud service or locally via a Blink Sync Module 2 and a personal USB flash drive (sold separately). Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, it’s ideal for outdoor placement. 

Simple to set up independently, it doesn’t require wiring or professional help. Through the Blink Home Monitor app, users receive motion detection alerts on their phones and can customize motion zones for selective notifications. Moreover, it’s compatible with Alexa, allowing voice control over the camera and other smart home devices.


  • Field of View: 143° diagonal
  • Video Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Battery Life: Up to two years with AA lithium metal batteries
  • Motion Detection: Enhanced with dual-zone detection
  • Audio: Two-way audio capability
  • Power: 2 AA 1.5V lithium metal batteries
  • Connectivity: High-speed internet, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 113°F
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Cloud Storage: Optional Blink Subscription Plan


  • Highly popular choice for a smart video doorbell
  • 2-way audio performance is spectacular
  • The outdoor camera is very compact


  • Blink Sync Module 2 needs to be purchased separately for local storage

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3. Arlo Security Camera

Arlo Security Camera

The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell ranks third on our list as a compact and effective option for home security. It’s designed to work with your home’s existing electrical setup, requiring 16V AC to 24V AC, and is straightforward to install without needing any additional tools.

This video doorbell provides a wide 180-degree field of view and supports HDR video, offering superior quality compared to many other models. It allows for two-way audio communication with visitors, and you can also use pre-recorded messages for convenience.

The Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell offers advanced alert features for recognizing people, vehicles, packages, and animals directly on your phone’s lock screen, especially when subscribed to the Arlo Secure plan. The Arlo Foresight feature lets you see what’s happening before someone even rings the doorbell. Additionally, the doorbell comes with a built-in siren to deter unwanted visitors, which can be activated manually or automatically.


  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Special Features: 2 Way Audio, HD Resolution, Night Vision, Motion Sensor
  • Video: HD with HDR
  • View: 180-degree viewing angle
  • Installation Requirements: 16V AC – 24V AC, 10VA Transformer
  • Digital Zoom: 12x
  • Weather Resistance: Certified to withstand heat, cold, rain, or sun
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 45°C
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Alerts: Smarter notifications with Arlo Secure plan
  • Audio: Two-way audio with pre-recorded messages


  • It offers the most advanced customization features
  • The aspect ratio of the video feed is 1:1
  • It does not leave any blind spots in front of the door


  • The security system is dependant on the AC power supply

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4. Eufy Security Camera

eufy Security Camera

The Eufy Security Video Doorbell is recognized as a high-quality choice for those seeking advanced security features. It provides a clear, full HD view of your doorstep with enhanced WDR and a 4:3 aspect ratio to ensure accurate color representation. An appealing feature of this doorbell is its ability to operate for 120 days on a single charge, thanks to its efficient, low-power connection with the Wi-Fi chime.

This video doorbell is also cost-effective, eliminating the need for subscription fees or monthly charges. It offers a straightforward, do-it-yourself installation process that doesn’t require complicated tools or extensive wiring. The device’s sleek design allows it to integrate seamlessly with any doorframe.

Security is further enhanced by local storage of video footage on the Wi-Fi doorbell chime through advanced encryption, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible without the risk of a data breach. Storage requires a micro-SD card, allowing easy access to your video history anytime and anywhere.


  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Battery Life: 120 days
  • Subscription: No monthly fees required
  • Installation: Easy setup, wireless
  • Data Storage: Local storage on Wi-Fi chime (micro-SD not included)
  • AI Detection: Smart human detection
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 for full-body visibility
  • WDR: Enhanced backlighting clarity
  • Two-Way Audio: Real-time communication
  • Customizable Detection: Activity zones
  • Smart Home Integration: Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Design: Slim and sleek


  • Great option for reduced running costs and maintenance costs
  • Up to 120 days of battery life is assured
  • Local storage is possible without any extra purchase


  • Some advanced motion detection and night vision features are missing

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5. VIMTAG Security Camera

VIMTAG Security Camera

VIMTAG, although less known than some other brands, offers high-quality security cameras suitable for various uses, including monitoring pets, babies, and general home security.

The Vimtag Security Camera is an affordable yet powerful choice for apartment door security, capable of both outdoor and indoor use. It stands out with its 2.5K video quality, achieved through a 4MP resolution and a F/1.6 aperture lens, allowing it to capture more light and provide clearer images than many standard cameras. This camera features a spotlight and siren alarm that can deter intruders by activating upon detecting suspicious movement.

Equipped with AI for motion and sound detection, it sends alerts to your phone for human activity while minimizing false alarms from pets or environmental movements. Its durability is enhanced with an IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring it functions optimally even in harsh weather conditions.

For storage, you have the option to use a local micro-SD card (up to 512GB) or subscribe to cloud storage services. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with Alexa and other smart home devices, offering greater convenience and control over your home security setup.


  • Resolution: 2.5K/4MP HD
  • Night Vision: Full-color with spotlight
  • AI Detection: Motion and sound, human detection
  • Audio: Two-way real-time talk
  • Waterproof: IP66 rating
  • Storage: Cloud/SD card (up to 512GB)
  • Connectivity: Wireless, 2.4Ghz WiFi
  • Compatibility: Alexa-enabled
  • Installation: Easy setup
  • Special Features: Spotlight & siren alarm
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use: Suitable for both environments
  • Design: Sleek


  • IP66 weather resistance for extended durability
  • -4°F to 131°F temperature range
  • It supported up to 512 GB storage capacity


  • SD card is not included in the package

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6. EZVIZ Security Camera

EZVIZ Security Camera

EZVIZ revolutionizes home security with a diverse lineup of cameras, covering battery-powered, indoor, outdoor, and solar-powered options. The Door Peephole Camera redefines traditional door viewers with advanced security features. 

Its 1080p Full HD resolution and 155-degree wide field of view ensure comprehensive doorstep monitoring. With a 4.3-inch color screen, identifying visitors is effortless. WiFi connectivity adds convenience and functionality. Enjoy two-way audio communication and real-time video feeds for direct interaction with visitors. 

Apart form this, customers can also customize alert settings and sensitivity to their preferences. With long battery life and wire-free installation, it’s hassle-free. Store videos and photos on a MicroSD card, supporting up to 256GB for ample recording space and security.


  • Resolution: 3K ultra-clear
  • Connectivity: Strong signal with built-in antenna
  • AI Detection: Smart recognition of people and vehicles
  • Storage Options: Local microSD (up to 512GB) or EZVIZ CloudPlay
  • Smart Home Integration: Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Weatherproof: Reliable operation in all conditions
  • Proactive Security: Siren and spotlights for deterrence
  • Night Vision: Color night vision capability
  • Auto-Tracking: Follows human movement
  • Waving-Hand Recognition: Easy video call initiation
  • Design: Compact and durable
  • Certification: ISO27001:2013 Certified for data security


  • Highly affordable option with a discrete design
  • 4.3-inch display device is handy for communication
  • Real-time remote access is possible


  • Local storage capacity may not be sufficient for some users

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7. Remo+ Security Camera

Remo+ Security Camera

Wrapping up our lineup of top apartment door security cameras, we introduce a high-end choice from Remo+. The Remo+ DoorCam 2 provides a wireless and smart solution for overseeing your front entrance. Its installation is a breeze – simply hang it over the door and link it to your home’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. This configuration delivers a crystal-clear 1080p Full HD video stream with a broad 160-degree viewing angle. 

With full-duplex audio, you can converse directly with visitors, while motion alerts are promptly sent to your mobile devices. As a premium offering, it allows for personalized coverage zones to match your precise needs. It initially grants 3 days of complimentary cloud storage, with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for expanded storage capacity. 

On-demand live video streaming is accessible, and the system can issue push notifications for detected motion. The camera accommodates sharing access with up to five users, enabling collaborative monitoring among family members. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, providing an array of smart home customization possibilities.


  • Installation: Over-the-door, wire-free
  • Video Quality: 1080p HD
  • Field of View: 160º
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Audio: Full duplex 2-way talk
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Amazon Alexa
  • Power: 3 D batteries (up to 4 months)
  • Storage: Free cloud storage
  • Connectivity: Superior with indoor Wi-Fi
  • Weather-Resistant: Yes, IPX4
  • User Access: Shareable with up to 5 users
  • Operating Temperatures: 0ºF ~ 140ºF


  • Premium choice with advanced customization features
  • Overall coverage area is pretty good
  • Audio quality is very good


  • It costs more than twice compared to other popular options

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Buying Guide For Best Security Camera For Apartment Door

1. Camera Resolution

Why it Matters: Camera resolution is pivotal because it determines the clarity and detail of the video footage captured by the security camera. High-resolution cameras can provide clearer images, making it easier to identify faces, license plates, and other important details. This clarity is crucial in the event of a security incident, where details in the footage can play a significant role in investigations and legal proceedings.

What to Look For: Look for cameras that offer a minimum resolution of 1080p. This resolution is sufficient for most residential needs, providing clear images without requiring excessive storage space. For even higher detail, consider cameras with 2K or 4K resolutions, especially in areas where detailed identification is critical. However, higher resolution cameras may require more storage space and higher bandwidth for streaming.

2. Field Of View

Why it Matters: The field of view (FOV) of a camera determines the extent of the area it can cover. A wider field of view means the camera can capture more area, reducing the number of cameras needed to monitor your apartment effectively. This can be particularly useful in small spaces or for covering large areas like living rooms or balconies.

What to Look For: Cameras with a field of view ranging from 110 to 180 degrees are ideal for apartment settings. A wider FOV means that fewer cameras are needed to cover the same area, potentially saving on costs and installation complexity. However, the choice of FOV should also consider the specific layout of your apartment to ensure comprehensive coverage without unnecessary overlap.

3. Motion Detection

Why it Matters: Motion detection is a critical feature for security cameras, as it enables the camera to alert you to activity within its field of view. This functionality is key to conserving storage space and ensuring you are only notified of significant events. Effective motion detection can differentiate between relevant movements, such as a person entering a room, and false alarms, like pets moving around the apartment.

What to Look For: Opt for cameras with adjustable motion sensitivity and the ability to customize detection zones. This customization allows you to focus on specific areas of your apartment, such as windows and doors, while ignoring others where movement is expected or non-threatening. Additionally, advanced cameras offer AI-based motion detection, which can more accurately distinguish between types of movement, reducing false alarms and enhancing security.

4. Storage Options

Why it Matters: The method of video storage determines how long you can keep the footage before it’s overwritten or needs to be deleted to make room for new recordings. Adequate storage is essential for maintaining access to past videos, which may be necessary for evidence after a security incident or for reviewing incidents that went unnoticed at the time.

What to Look For: Security cameras typically offer two storage options: local storage (e.g., microSD cards) and cloud storage. For local storage, look for cameras that support at least 128GB of storage to ensure sufficient space for several days’ worths of footage. Cloud storage options vary by provider, with some offering free limited storage and others requiring a subscription for extended storage and additional features. Evaluate the cost, the security of the storage solution, and the ease of accessing and managing the footage.

5. Video Frame Rate

Why it Matters: The frame rate of a video, measured in frames per second (fps), impacts the smoothness and clarity of the footage, especially in videos showing motion. A higher frame rate ensures that video playback is fluid, making it easier to identify actions and individuals in the footage. This is particularly important in security situations where precise movements need to be observed.

What to Look For: A minimum of 15 fps is adequate for general surveillance needs, providing a balance between video quality and storage requirements. For areas where higher detail and smoothness are needed, such as entry points or high-traffic areas, cameras that can record at 30 fps are ideal. Remember, higher frame rates will consume more storage space, so consider this when planning your storage solution.

6. Night Vision

Why it Matters: Night vision capability is crucial for around-the-clock surveillance, ensuring your apartment is protected even in complete darkness. Good quality night vision can be the difference between identifying an intruder and a blurry, unusable image. This feature is particularly important in areas with poor lighting conditions or for monitoring the exterior of your apartment at night.

What to Look For: Look for cameras that offer infrared (IR) night vision, which provides clear black and white video in complete darkness. Check the range of the night vision, with many cameras offering between 30 to 100 feet (9 to 30 meters) of visibility in the dark. Some advanced models may also feature color night vision with ambient lighting, offering greater detail than traditional IR night vision. Ensure the night vision range and quality meet your apartment’s specific needs, especially for outdoor or perimeter monitoring.

7. Smart Features And Integration

Why it Matters: Smart features and the ability to integrate with other smart home devices enhance the usability and efficiency of your security cameras. Integration with platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit allows you to control your cameras and review footage using voice commands or through a unified smart home ecosystem. Additionally, smart features such as person detection, vehicle detection, and package delivery alerts can provide more relevant notifications, reducing the number of false alarms.

What to Look For: Look for cameras that support integration with your existing smart home ecosystem and offer features that match your lifestyle needs. If you receive many packages, a camera with package delivery alerts might be beneficial. For those interested in a hands-free experience, compatibility with voice assistants is a must. The ability to customize notifications and set automation rules, such as turning on lights when motion is detected, can further enhance your apartment’s security and convenience.

8. Audio I/O

Why it Matters: Audio capabilities in security cameras, including both input (microphone) and output (speaker), allow for two-way communication through the camera. This feature is invaluable for interacting with visitors or warning off potential intruders without being physically present. Additionally, audio recordings can provide context to video footage, offering clues about events occurring out of the camera’s view.

What to Look For: For comprehensive coverage, opt for cameras with clear, high-quality two-way audio. This includes a built-in microphone and speaker that enable you to communicate effectively with someone in front of the camera. Noise-cancellation features can improve the clarity of the audio, making conversations easier to understand. Ensure the audio quality is sufficient to serve its intended purpose, whether it’s for greeting guests or deterring trespassers.

9. Power Type

Why it Matters: The power source of your security camera affects its placement flexibility and the level of maintenance required. Wired cameras are generally more reliable, as they don’t depend on battery life, but require access to power outlets and may need professional installation. Battery-powered cameras offer more flexibility in placement and are easier to install, but require regular monitoring of battery levels and battery replacement or recharging.

What to Look For: Consider the layout of your apartment and access to power outlets when deciding between wired and battery-powered cameras. If you prefer minimal maintenance, wired cameras might be the better choice. For areas without easy access to power or for renters seeking a non-invasive installation, battery-powered cameras are ideal. Additionally, some models offer solar panels as a supplementary power source, extending battery life and reducing maintenance.

10. Connectivity

Why it Matters: The type and quality of connectivity determine how well your security cameras communicate with the network and other devices. Good connectivity is essential for streaming and downloading video footage, receiving timely alerts, and ensuring your cameras remain online and functional. Poor connectivity can lead to delays, missed alerts, or gaps in video footage, compromising the effectiveness of your security system.

What to Look For: Seek out cameras that support dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) to ensure a more stable and faster connection, especially in environments with congested Wi-Fi networks. For apartments with spotty Wi-Fi coverage, consider cameras that offer Ethernet connectivity as an alternative for a more reliable connection. Additionally, check the camera’s compatibility with your home’s internet speed and bandwidth requirements to avoid potential connectivity issues.

11. Warranty

Why it Matters: A warranty protects your investment in a security camera system by covering defects and malfunctions over a specified period. A robust warranty can provide peace of mind, knowing that you can receive support or replacements if your cameras fail to operate as expected. The length and terms of the warranty can also be indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s quality and reliability.

What to Look For: Look for security cameras that come with at least a one-year warranty, though some manufacturers may offer extended warranties of two years or more. Pay close attention to what the warranty covers, such as parts and labor, and understand the process for claiming warranty support. Some warranties may include an advanced replacement, where the company sends you a new device before receiving the faulty unit, minimizing downtime. Additionally, consider any optional warranty extensions or additional coverage plans for longer-term protection.

Security Cameras For Apartment Door – FAQs

1. Are outdoor security cameras legal?

Ans: Generally, outdoor security cameras are legal as long as they do not invade the reasonable expectation of privacy of others. However, some places may have specific rules or regulations regarding the use of outdoor security cameras such as requiring consent, notification, or registration of the unit. Therefore, it is advisable to check the local laws of your region before installing outdoor security cameras. In most cases, apartment door cameras are fine as they have a limited coverage area that does not extend into anyone’s private property.

2. Is it allowed to use a security camera on the apartment door?

Ans: Tenants usually have the right to use security cameras inside or outside their rented apartments, but they may face some restrictions or challenges when installing cameras outside their apartment doors based on society’s regulations. Some landlords or apartment associations may not allow tenants to attach anything to the property or alter the structure that requires a permanent alteration. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to the landlord or the apartment association and discuss the agreements before installing security cameras on the apartment door.

3. Do apartment door security cameras last long?

Ans: Security cameras designed for home installations can last between 3 to 5 years, but premium-range options cameras with professional installation and regular maintenance can even last up to a decade without any issues. Choose high-quality cameras that are built to last and withstand various elements, such as weather, temperature, and humidity. You won’t have to worry about the reliability of the camera. And as for the maintenance, you need to perform regular maintenance and cleaning, such as checking the batteries, wires, lenses, and mounts, and removing dust and debris.

4. Where should I place the security camera on the door?

Ans: The best place to install a security camera on the door is at a relatively higher position, such as 8 to 10 feet above the ground, and pointed downward toward the door with a view of the approach to the door itself. This can provide the highest visibility and coverage for the entire area, as well as prevent the camera from being easily obstructed from surrounding. Make sure you place the camera within 10 feet of the door or any object you want to monitor, as this can ensure clear and detailed image quality.

5. Are there any restrictions for camera brands?

Ans: There are no specific restrictions as to which brand of security cameras you may or may not install on your apartment door. Different brands offer different types, features, and prices for cameras that you can browse in order to choose one that suits your needs. But, it also means that because of the variations in specifications, a handful of options may not comply with certain rules from your apartment association. The specification that usually affects the compatibility is the coverage area. For example, suppose you are getting a premium security camera that exceeds limitations on the coverage area defined by your society committee. In that case, you may not be able to use such cameras, or other similar options from the same brand.


Having a security camera on the apartment door is important for several reasons. First of all, it can help prevent unauthorized access and trespassing by capturing the faces and actions of the perpetrators. It also provides evidence in case of a dispute which is getting more and more necessary with each passing day. Apart from that, having a security camera on the apartment door simply enhances the peace of mind and safety of the residents, especially when they are away from home or expecting visitors.

However, choosing a security camera from the variety of options available on the market can be a little confusing given that there are hundreds of different options available. Therefore, we have selected the best options from the lot for you and presented them here along with a brief review. You can also check out our detailed buying guide to check which factors affect the performance and compatibility of such cameras the most. Lastly, we also have a few recommendations for you which can be the perfect option for most installations.

  • Unlike complete security systems that require a significant investment, you can get a standalone security camera for your apartment door at an affordable price point. For that, the best option would be the VIMTAG Security Camera. This compact and discreet security camera is the cheapest option that we have on our list today. Still, you will get a 4 MP lens resolution on this camera that can capture the footage at 2.5K resolution, making it more detailed than many other premium alternatives. It is possible with the highly capable CMOS sensor of the camera that uses F/1.6 aperture. It also offers advanced security features such as motion detection, night vision, 2-way audio, etc so that you don’t miss out on any essential feature.
  • However, the most reliable and trusted option on this list would be the Ring Security Camera which is the preferred choice for hundreds of thousands of buyers. This is an FHD 1080p resolution camera which is one of the most capable options developed by Ring. This is basically an upgrade over the original Ring video doorbell that comes with added special features such as improved motion detection, customizable privacy zones, and much clearer night vision. Ring video doorbells also direct the notification to your smartphone via the Ring mobile app so that there is no delay when it comes to important alerts. Also, it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that can operate for about 180 days on a single charge.
  • Another highly reliable choice for most buyers would be the Blink Security Camera covered in our picks. This is the 3rd iteration of the security camera from Blink that has an extensive 2-year-long battery life with dual AA lithium batteries. You will also find a set of batteries included in the package, making it usable for nearly 2 years after purchase. With the Blink subscription plan, you also get to store the captured footage over their cloud servers. And if you want local storage, you can use the Blink Sync Module 2 and use any USB flash drive without any compatibility issues. Since this is also a smart alternative, you will be able to access the camera feed and its features directly using the Alexa voice assistant.  

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