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9 Best RV Wheel Chock Stabilizers

RVs are a popular medium for camping or weekend outings. This outing experience can be enhanced by using certain accessories. These accessories not only add comfort to your plans, but they also make camping safe. Such an accessory is the RV wheel chocks stabilizer. When RVs are parked, they are stabilized by the jacks or on the wheels.

RVs tend to move a little due to the hitch connection or when users board them. Since the weight of these RVs is more, simple parking brakes do not work on them. To restrict any movement of RV, wheel chock stabilizers are used to lock the wheels. Selecting them is not a hard task if certain factors are kept in mind.

  • Durability: Since the wheel chocks are under immense stress when in use, their durability matters a lot. You don’t want your wheel stabilizer chocks to fail at critical moments. The material of these chocks also plays an important role in their durability. It should be able to resist any type of environmental attack.
  • Spacing size: The wheel chocks are placed between two adjacent wheels to lock them. They are hence categorized based on the spacing size they can provide. This size matters because every wheel chock has a maximum limit of extension and retraction. Checking the wheel spacing between your RVs can help in selecting the right size.
  • The maximum loaded weight of RV: The gross weight of the RV when it is loaded affects the performance of the wheel chock stabilizers. They are designed to work under a specified weight rating, beyond which they will not be able to keep the wheels locked in place. This factor contributes to the safety of the user as well as to the wheel chock’s durability.

Considering all these factors, a durable wheel chock stabilizer can be bought easily. We all know the market for RV accessories is growing rapidly. Hence many brands have already launched their versions of improved wheel chock stabilizers for RVs. A detailed list of these options is discussed below along with a Buying Guide to assist your selection process.

Best RV Wheel Chock Stabilizers Table

Best RV Wheel Chock StabilizerSpacing SizeTotal quantityMaterialBuy Now
BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer1-⅜ to 10-inches2---Check On Amazon
EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer3-½ to 12-inches2High-quality steelCheck On Amazon
AFA Wheel Chock Stabilizer3-½ to 12 inches1High-quality steelCheck On Amazon
Maxchock RV Stabilizer Wheel Chock3.5-inches to 11.5-inches2Heavy-gauge steelCheck On Amazon
Wankic Camper Wheel Chock3.5-inches to 12-inches2Cast ironCheck On Amazon
7Proud Panda Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer3.5-inches to 12-inches2---Check On Amazon
RVMATE Camper Wheel Chock3-inches to 10-inches2Zinc-plated metalCheck On Amazon
ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks3.8-inches to 12-inches2High-quality steelCheck On Amazon
HOXWELL RV Camper Chocks Wheel X Stabilizer3.5-inches to 12-inches2High-strength stainless steelCheck On Amazon

Best RV Wheel Chock Stabilizers Reviews

1. BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

The first product is from one of the well-known brands in the RV accessory market, BAL. It is best known for manufacturing innovative products. BAL has a long list of products specially designed for RVs.

The BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer is a durable product. This wheel chock is solely made for the tandem tire setups, found on the bigger RVs. It fits perfectly between two tires and keeps the tires from rotating. Speaking about the size, this unit comes in an adjustable size. It can expand between 1-⅜ to 10-inch size and hence fits the tightest wheel settings. The wheel chock is coated with an anti-rust coating which reduces the corrosion damage in the longer run.

A good level of stabilization is possible as the wheel chock supports the tire’s natural movement. This is different from the other wheel chocks which usually offer the opposite movement to the tires. A plated wrench is also provided with the wheel chocks to extend, lock, and retract the wheel chock easily. This unit comes in a pair, which is enough for an RV.

Best Features

  • Expandable size of 1-⅜ to 10-inches
  • Coated with anti-rust coating
  • A wrench is provided to adjust the drive nut
  • Total 2 wheel chocks come in the single package


  • The unit offers good stabilization of the wheels
  • Suitable for outdoor application
  • Compatible with vehicles having tandem tires


  • This unit is expensive compared to the other options

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2. EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer

EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer

Epoartist is a newcomer in the RV accessories market. It manufactures products mainly for RVs and campers. It has a range of products that are easy to use and save time while installation.

The Epoartist camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer is an adaptive wheel chock stabilizer. Thanks to the adjustable size of 3-½ to 12-inches, this unit can fit almost any type of RV, camper, and trailer. Made from high-quality steel, it offers a sturdy build quality making it safe for use. The body is coated with an anti-rust coat and helps in resisting corrosion.

The grip is 1-½ -inch wide and 9-inch long which results in a larger surface contact area. It offers good stabilization by creating frictional force on the tires. This also prevents any type of tire movement. The wheel chock stabilizer is designed in a way to make the installations easy and quick. The stabilizer is suitable for camping trailers, RVs, and campers.

Best Features

  • 1-½-inch wide and 9-inch long grip
  • Adjustable size range from 3-½ to 12-inches
  • Coated with anti-rust coating
  • Comes with a pair of wheel chock stabilizers
  • A ratchet wrench comes included.


  • High-quality steel construction offers sturdy built quality
  • Easy and quicker installation
  • Offers good stabilization


  • Not suitable for tight space applications

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3. AFA Wheel Chock Stabilizer

AFA Wheel Chock Stabilizer

AFA Tooling stabilizer is designed to keep your vehicle steady and secure on the road. Say goodbye to swaying caused by vibrations, traffic, or wind, as this stabilizer ensures a smooth journey every time. It fits wheel gaps ranging from 3.5″ to 12″, making it suitable for RVs, trucks, and trailers.

Made from tough, rust-resistant steel, this stabilizer is built to last through countless trips. Its unique raised perforations provide excellent traction and stability by firmly gripping the tire surface. Setting up and storing it is a breeze, thanks to the included dual-sided wrench and handy storage bag. Plus, the gloves provided ensure comfortable handling and prevent calluses. Enjoy confident travels with the AFA Tooling stabilizer.

Best Features

  • Stops back-and-forth movement effectively
  • Fits wheel gaps from 3.5″ to 12″
  • Made from high-quality rust-proof steel
  • Unique raised holes for extra grip
  • Includes double-sided wrench and storage bag
  • Comes with comfortable gloves for handling


  • Easy to use and store
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Provides exceptional stability
  • Accommodates various wheel sizes securely


  • May not fit wheel gaps less than 3.5″

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4. Maxchock X-Shaped RV Stabilizer Wheel Chock

Maxchock X-Shaped RV Stabilizer Wheel Chock

Maxchock develops accessories for RVs. Keeping durability in mind, the Maxchock products have sturdy construction. The products are also built in a way to facilitate quick installation with minor adjustments.

The Maxchock X-Shaped RV Stabilizer Wheel Chock is one of the durable wheel chocks. The body of this wheel chock is made from heavy-gauge steel that adds strength to the body. The zinc plating increases the corrosion resistance property of the wheel chock and makes it suitable for outdoor use. An adjustable range of 3.5 to 11.5-inches makes it suitable for RVs and other travel trailers.

The pedals can swivel and adapt to the tire curvature easily. This helps in providing a stronger grip and maintaining maximum surface contact with the tires. The wheel chock stabilizer is compatible with power drills that make the installation process easy and fast. Locks are also provided to add security against theft or unwanted loosing of the wheel chock. A case is provided to keep everything organized in one place.

Best Features

  • An adjustable size range of 3.5 to 11.5-inches
  • Heavy-gauge steel body with zinc plating
  • Comes with a case for storage
  • Total 2 wheel chocks come in the single package
  • Locks included for safety


  • It is durable thanks to the anti-corrosion coating and hence suitable for outdoor usage
  • The adaptable design of the pedals offers increased grip over the wheels and avoids tire rolling
  • Faster installation and improved stabilization of the wheels


  • Not suitable for tighter space applications

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5. Wankic Camper Wheel Chock

Wankic Camper Wheel Chock

Wankic is yet another brand specializing in RV accessories. It has a wider range of high-quality products which adds comfort to the camping experience. The products are also designed in a way for easy storage and easy installation.

The Wankic Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer is a heavy-duty wheel chock. Made up of cast iron, it can withstand impacts without deforming. The surface is coated with anti-rust paint to increase the durability of the unit. The adjustable size of 3.5 to 12-inches helps the wheel chock fit any type of RV or trailer. The grip pedals are wide enough to offer a stronger grip on the wheels.

The wheel chock stabilizer applies an opposing force on the wheel surface to prevent rotational movement of the tires. It is designed in a way to keep the RV stabilized even in windy or sloppy conditions. The wheel chock is also provided with a hex socket and a wrench which helps in a quicker installation of the wheel chock onto the tires. A bag is provided to store all these products in one place.

Best Features

  • Adjustable size of 3.5-inches to 12-inches
  • Cast iron body with rust-resistant paint coating
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • 2 wheel chocks included in the package
  • Hex socket and wrench included for faster installations


  • Stronger grip due to the wide grip pedals
  • Prevents rotational movement o tires even in heavy loading conditions
  • Enhanced stability in windy as well as sloppy conditions


  • Not suitable for tight space applications

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6.  Proud Panda Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer

Proud Panda Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer

Proud Panda is known for its innovative products. It offers heavy-duty products which are suitable for wider vehicles. The durability of these products makes them a popular choice amongst consumers.

The Proud Panda Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer is a versatile product. The wheel chock can be extended between 3.5-inches to 12-inches, making it compatible with large RVs, campers, trailers, and many heavy-duty trucks. The wheel chock design helps in applying an opposing force on the tires to restrict any rotational movement.

It has a body treated with an electrophoretic process which offers brilliant rust protection. A crank handle is provided with the wheel chocks which fits easily. It helps in adjusting the size by twisting in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction. An arrangement for socket adapters is also made to connect electric drills and make the installation process fast.

Best Features

  • Surface treated with the electrophoretic process for rust resistance
  • Expandable size from 3.5-inches to 12-inches
  • Crank handle for easy expansion and retraction of the wheel chock
  • Socket adapter arrangement to connect electric drills
  • The total quality of the wheel chocks included is 2


  • This wheel chock can apply strong force to restrict any rotational movement of wheels
  • Improved stabilization even in the loading and unloading process
  • Suitable for outdoor applications


  • No storage bag or case provided

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7. RVMATE Camper Wheel Chock

RVMATE Camper Wheel Chock

RVMATE, as the name suggests, is an RV-focused manufacturer. By keeping strict quality standards in the development process, it can offer reliable products for RVs.

The RVMATE RV Wheel Chock Stabilizer is a high-quality wheel chock. Made from a zinc plated material, it has good corrosion resistance. This property makes it ideal for outdoor applications. It has an adjustable size of 3 to 10-inches and can be used with many RVs, trailers, or campers with tandem wheel setup. The grip side has raised ribs that offer enough contact friction to restrict any wheel movement.

The body is provided with two holes at different locations. These holes can be used to lock the wheel chock after setting an appropriate position. The feature prevents unintentional slipping of the wheel chock and also keeps it safe from theft. A ratchet wrench is included to make the installation process easy in the absence of power drills.

Best Features

  • An adjustable size range of 3-inches to 10-inches
  • Zinc plated material for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance
  • Grip pedals with raised rib design for stronger grip over the wheels
  • Ratchet wrench for easy installation
  • Provided with 2 locks and 4 keys, to secure the wheel chock
  • A pair of wheel chocks and a storage bag is included


  • A stronger grip keeps the wheel from moving
  • The wheel chock is durable and can bear a heavy load
  • The storage bag helps carry the wheel chocks anywhere with ease


  • No hill grade was given and hence not suitable for sloped surfaces

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8. ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks

ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks

Roblock is a brand committed to manufacturing high-quality products. It provides a range of wheel chocks for many vehicles. Good after-sales service helps it to gain the trust of the consumers.

The Roblock X-shaped Wheel Chock may be the last option on the list but it still performs on par with other options. This wheel chock is made up of high-quality steel and a reinforced connecting part. As a result, it can withstand heavy loads without deforming and has good durability. The surface is treated with anti-corrosion coating and hence it can adapt to various environmental conditions. The expandable size of 3.8-inches to 12-inches makes it compatible with several vehicles.

The grip pedals have raised holes design which offers good friction between the wheel chock and the wheel. Since the wheel chock is installed between two wheels, it helps in stabilizing the RV by applying opposing force. It prevents movement of the tires and keeps the RV safe from slipping away. A chrome plated handle is also provided to carry the wheel chock easily. A wrench comes with this wheel chock set, to make the installation process easy.

Best Features

  • Robust body made up of high-quality steel construction
  • Anti-corrosion coating for enhanced durability
  • Expandable size range of 3.8-inches to 12-inches
  • Chrome plated handle for easy transportation of the wheel chock
  • Wrench included along with 2 wheel chocks


  • The raised hole design offers high gripping strength and restricts wheel movement
  • Good stabilization of the wheels under different conditions
  • Easy installation and quicker setting of the wheel chocks


  • Not suitable for the wheel spacing below 3.8-inches

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9. HOXWELL RV Camper Chocks Wheel X Stabilizer Sets

HOXWELL RV Camper Chocks

Hoxwell is an emerging brand in the RV parts market. The brand has a range of premium products that perform on par with other well-established brands. It provides a complete set of accessories in one package, which comes in handy in camping situations.

The Hoxwell RV Wheel Stabilizer is another durable option on the list. It has an expandable size range of 3.5-inches to 12-inches, suitable for RVs, camping trailers, and other vehicles with tandem wheel setup. The upgraded design of the wheel chock helps in better positioning between the tires. The extruded holes on the grip section help in increasing the friction between the wheel chock and the tires.

This helps in enhanced stability even when the occupants board the RV and even in windy conditions. The extruded holes also prevent any movement of the tire and keep the RV safe from slipping away. Made from a high-strength stainless steel body, it can bear heavy loads easily. The anti-rust coating helps increase the durability of the wheel chock and makes it suitable for outdoor application.

Best Features

  • The body is made up of high-strength stainless steel and coated with anti-rust coating
  • Expandable size range from 3.5-inches to 12-inches
  • Round extruded holes are designed for improved grip
  • A multi-functional wrench and hex sockets are included to ease the installation process
  • Comes in a pack of 2-wheel chocks


  • Suitable for RVs and other tandem-wheel vehicles
  • Improved stabilization in loading conditions, windy conditions, or on a slight sloping condition
  • A non-slip grip restricts any movement of the tires, adding to the safety of the RV and its occupants


  • The wheel chock stabilizer is not compatible with tire spacing below 3.5-inches

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Key Features to Look for in the Best RV Wheel Chock Stabilizers

Keeping your RV safe and steady is essential for travelers. A must-have is the RV wheel chock stabilizer. It stops your RV from rolling on uneven ground or when faced with wind or vibrations. When choosing one, look for features that ensure top performance for worry-free travel.

1. Sturdy Construction

For a reliable RV wheel chock stabilizer, strong construction is key. Choose stabilizers made from tough materials like steel or rubber. They need to withstand the weight and pressure of the RV, resisting corrosion and wear for long-lasting reliability and safety.

2. Adjustability

Choose stabilizers that have an adjustable size range, which can fit different wheel gaps and RV sizes. This flexibility guarantees a tight and safe fit no matter the specifications of your RV. It ensures stability and gives you confidence during long stays or when traveling across different terrains.

3. Gripping Mechanism

The stabilizer’s effectiveness mostly relies on its gripping mechanism design. It’s crucial to choose stabilizers with features like raised or serrated surfaces for better traction and grip on tires. These advanced designs penetrate the tire surface, stopping slipping, especially in bad weather or on slippery surfaces.

4. Ease of Use and Storage

It’s important to think about how easy they are to use and store. Look for ones that are simple to set up and don’t need special tools. Also, try to find ones with handy storage options like carrying bags or compact designs. This makes them easier to carry around and store when you’re not using them.

5. Compatibility with various vehicles

It’s important to consider how well the stabilizer works with different types of vehicles. Make sure it can effectively function with a variety of vehicles like RVs, trailers, trucks, and motorhomes. This flexibility ensures you can use the stabilizer with different vehicles in your fleet or lend it to other travelers without worrying about compatibility issues.

6. Size of Wheel Gap

The gap between wheels can differ based on your RV’s make, model, and parking surface. Choose a stabilizer with adjustable sizing to fit various wheel gaps. This ensures a secure fit, reducing slipping, especially on uneven ground. Measure your RV’s wheel clearances before buying to find the right size for reliable stabilization.

7. Material and Durability

Go for strong stabilizers like steel or sturdy rubber for better performance. Steel ones are tough, resistant to rust, and last longer in different weather conditions. Rubber stabilizers give great traction to prevent tire slippage or shifting.

Best RV Wheel Chock Stabilizer – FAQs

1. How many wheel chock stabilizers are needed for RVs?

The number of wheel chocks solely depends on the number of RV wheels. The x-type wheel chocks are installed between two tires. Hence a pair of wheel chocks are enough for a dual rear axle RV.

2. How are the wheel chocks installed?

The wheel chocks are easy to install. The first step is to level your RV to the desired height. Then, place these wheel chocks between the tire space and tighten them until the grip ends touch the tires. The last step is to tighten the wheel chock enough to hold the wheels in position.

3. How to find a suitable wheel chock for RVs?

The selection of an RV wheel chock can be done by considering some important factors. These factors include the maximum weight of the RV, surface type, spacing between the while, etc. With the help of these factors, you can select normal wheel chocks or x-type wheel chocks.

4. Do wheel chocks work on inclined surfaces?

Wheel chocks are designed for flat or horizontal surfaces. Some wheel chocks come with hill grading which makes them suitable for inclined surfaces too. The wheel chocks loading capacity decreases on the inclination but the strong gripping action assists it to an extent.

5. What size of wheel chock is suitable for RV wheels?

Since the wheel chock stabilizers are installed between two tires, the arm needs to be extended. The extension of the arm determines the size of the wheel chock. The size can be checked by measuring the space between the wheels. Since adjustable wheel chocks are also available, the wheel chocks can be set manually too.


Our top pick is the Texas Solar Wheel Chock Stabilizer. It’s versatile for various vehicles with adjustable size (3.5 to 12.5 inches). Made of durable steel with anti-rust coating, it ensures stability and longevity. Easy installation with an adjustable wrench.

  • The XPORTION X-Shaped Wheel Stabilizer is strong and reliable. Made of stainless steel, it’s durable. It adjusts from 3 to 10 inches to fit different tire sizes, keeping your RV steady and preventing slipping. It’s easy to use with a built-in wrench and handle.
  • The ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks is a budget-friendly choice, built with sturdy steel for heavy loads. Its rust-resistant coating adds durability. Adjustable from 3.8 to 12 inches, it suits RVs and tandem wheel vehicles. Raised-hole grip pedals enhance friction, preventing wheel movement for stability. A handle ensures easy transport.

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