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Best Way To Secure A Trailer From Theft

While camping or enjoying a road trip, your RV gives you the comfort of a small and cozy home. But that also comes with the risk of theft. Most of the time, petty thefts are reported by RV or camper owners. It can happen anytime, while your camper is parked in a place or you are getting some food from the drive-through.

Not just theft, an unsecured RV is also vulnerable to other crimes. After all, other valuables like cash, etc., will make your RV and the members easy targets for security breaches.

So, as a responsible and smart driver, you must find the best methods to keep the camping van secured on and off the road. Thankfully, we have found some great methods to help you keep your RV secure against theft and other crimes! Here are the top seven methods that you need to check out!

How Thieves Can Steal Your Trailer?

1. Thefts Committed by Petty Thieves

These are done by thieves who are inexperienced and often do crime in organized fashion. Such people are often slackers who resort to stealing because they need money by hook or crook. Such people will only take the hard cash or some valuables they can easily pawn off or sell to earn money.

Sometimes, thieves only target food and cash. Most people commit petty crimes for a living.

But, some thieves often end up stealing the whole camper as well. Such people often target the van because they think they can sell it off faster to earn more money.

In most cases, theft happens if the cargo trailer is parked in a deserted place, like a jungle or a lonely campsite where no other people are present. Usually, these people break inside the camper and take your valuables and food away. Please remember that these thieves will take everything they can sell or consume and will target any trailer. It can be an old trailer worth nothing or an advanced and modern trailer- the thieves will steal anything they find as an easy target.

Those thieves that steal the complete van often hook your trailer to their car and run away.

2. Organized Thefts

Such thefts are usually done by thieves who are experienced or scammers. These people only target the trailers that look valuable or seem to have many people in a group. They will only take out what is valuable.

The thieves often work as a close-knit team and will plan properly before stealing a trailer. They will closely observe possible targets before focusing on a particular one.

They can approach you and scam you. Most often reported cases state that the thieves approached their targets as tracking device agents or shopping agents with similar uniforms. They then take hold of your trailer, saying they will park out or test and will eventually run away.

Their disguise is often so believable that even experienced campers can become their prey. They usually approach their targets during busy shopping hours or when the shop is about to put down its shutters. They can also target trailer owners that are in a hurry while shopping.

If someone in the scenario mentioned above approaches you, always make sure never to leave the van in their hands. Occupy the van and insist on being with them/ It is also best if you do not take help from such people and never leave in a hurry!

3. How Thieves Steal With the Help of Technology

Sometimes seasoned and organized thief groups use hi-tech machines like monitoring devices, tracking tiles, and software to hack into the trailer security system to steal your RV. They will install tracking devices in your RV in your absence and will run off with your trailer when they find an opening.

Such thieves also often steal your GPS data and other personal information and use the stolen data to steal the camping van. They may even break through the smart security systems through software and hacking to steal that van.

They are not easily found as they often use fake information or identity. So, keeping your trailer secured and changing the password is always better. On top of that, keep your location private on social media platforms.

Top Methods to Secure Your Trailer From Thieves

1. Install Air Cuff or Hitch Locks

The easiest way to secure your RV from petty theft is to install hitch locks and air cuff locks. The hitch lock prevents hooking by blocking the trailer hitch.

You just need to slide the ball mount into the hitch’s receiver tube and align the holes of the shank and the tube. Insert the hitch lock pin through the holes and apply the final cap. You can also use a padlock as extra security.

2. Use Tongue Lock

The next method is to get a tongue lock. It helps if you need to move and change the camper’s position frequently. The tongue locks are a type of hitch lock in the shape of the “U.” The lock closely fits on the tongue of your camping van and prevents unauthorized hooking and theft of the trailer.

The locks usually come with a rubber cap to hide the keyhole. You must remove the cap and insert the key to unlock the pin.

3. If Nothing is There, Use, Wheel Chock Lock

A lot of seasoned campers often swear by the wheel chock lock. You need to apply the clamp on your car’s wheels and individually lock the clamps. Sometimes the clamps come with padlock locks. Many models are also available with combination locks.

The locks prevent any accidental or unwanted movement. You can also get chock locks with rubber coating to get better security.

4. Use Spare Tire Lock as a Temporary Method

Those who own a larger camper or a camping boat can use spare tire locks to secure their trailer. But you will use the lock on the regular and installed tires instead of the spare tires. The locks closely clamp the tire alongside the well and are locked and unlocked with the ignition key of your camping van.

You can always use a spare tire lock if you cannot buy a hitch lock or advanced lock.

5. Innovative Camper Exterior Painting

Painting your car with interesting graphics or graffiti can be helpful. You can spray-paint the camper with camper paint or with something unique. The unique paint will make the trailer stand out, and it will be easier to spot anywhere,

This unique paint can prevent petty thieves since they will not take the risk of stealing something that stands out too much! But please remember that such tricks will not work against thieves who perform organized crime.

6. Secure the Trailer With GPS Tracking Devices

You can install GPS tracking devices like tracker tikes to know your trailer’s current position while driving. The constant location monitoring can help you notice if the trailer seems out of the planned track so that you can track it down quickly. On top of that, the trailer can also be easily found with GPS devices.

7. Install Anti-Theft Alarms

Remember to install car alarms inside your camper. The smart car alarms come with sensors. The sensor will can if anyone tries to remove your camping van by hooking or by any unauthorized movement. It will activate the camper horn and turn on the LED lights to warn you.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Theft

Besides these methods, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your RV more secure-

  • Make sure to lock the trailer while you reach your destination and park it. Always secure the trailer with a coupler lock if it is stationed in a place. Make sure to uncouple the lock and recouple it again every time you need to use the RV. If you are using a tongue lock or clamp lock. Repeat the same method.
  • Always keep the trailer in a place where you can monitor easily. It can be where you are camping or staying in an area with high visibility and lighting. If you need to park it at a distance. Make sure to park it in an area that is under CCTV surveillance,
  • If you use a detachable trailer, remove the ball mount when you need to park the camper for a long It will allow you to protect the car from theft.
  • Install a strong, advanced alarm system to prevent thieves from stealing your personal information.
  • Always keep all the documents with you, including the insurance documents. It will help you to get compensation even if the trailer gets stolen.
  • Never keep the key of the trailer or keys in an easy-to-reach place. The keys should be securely kept in a place only you and the other occupants of the RV know. If possible, keep spare keys with another person for extra security.
  • If you are buying a second-hand trailer, make sure to buy it from an authorized seller to prevent any unwanted issues. On top of that, get all the documents and a copy of the sales It will allow you to avoid buying any stolen trailers.
  • Only park the trailer in a safe place or under CCTV surveillance. If you need to park in an un-surveillance area, always park it in front of you.
  • Always lock the RV doors and windows before you step out.
  • Only get help from someone who appears trustworthy and convincing. While inside a gas station or petrol pump, ensure to only ask for help from the staff.


As an RV owner, you must take some sensible security measures to prevent trailer theft. Here, our experts have offered detailed information on the top method to secure your trailer and some tricks to avoid unwanted situations. You can always protect your camper and belongings with intuition and smart strategy.


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