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Best Remote Battery Disconnect Switches In 2024

A remote battery disconnect switch is a critical component used for automotive applications. This is a simple battery switch used for remotely controlling battery connection. The primary purpose of this device is to introduce an additional safety layer and convenience for users.

As you can imagine, this handy little device offers great convenience to the user, especially at the time of emergencies or maintenance. Without physically accessing the battery, users can quickly disconnect the battery from the system using a remote control switch. Even though this is a rather simple device, there are a few things that you should know about a remote battery disconnect switch before you buy one.

  • Voltage: The voltage rating of a remote battery disconnect switch is a critical parameter that determines the maximum electrical potential the switch can safely handle. This rating also ensures the switch’s capability to manage the specific voltage levels generated by the vehicle’s electrical system. So, choosing the right battery switch based on its voltage rating safeguards the vehicle as well as its users.
  • Connector Type: The connector type of a battery disconnect switch tells you how the switch interfaces with the vehicle’s electrical system. There are various connector types, including clamp, insert, and wireless connections, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. In our buying guide, we’ll discuss the benefits and imitations of each type in delta.
  • Mounting Type: When you’re buying a remote battery disconnect switch, you should also check its mounting type, ensuring whether it is the right choice for your vehicle or not. Choosing the right mounting option as per your needs allows users added ease of installation as well as accessibility if you have to replace the switch, or repair it later on. Right now, you can find 2 different types of battery disconnect switch in terms of mounting options that are panel mount switches and surface mounted switches.

A remote battery disconnect switch might appear like yet another optional vehicle accessory as most users wouldn’t want to disconnect their battery from their vehicle. However, the primary benefit of using this switch is that it acts as a deterrent against theft or unauthorized use of the vehicle. By disconnecting the battery remotely, it becomes significantly more challenging for potential thieves to start the engine or operate any electrical systems, enhancing the overall security of the vehicle. So when you are parking your vehicle in an unknown spot overnight, you can keep the battery disconnected for extra safety. If you want to know more about these switches, kindly refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best remote battery disconnect switch. We will also talk about some of our best recommendations later in this guide, so make sure you don’t miss that.

Best Remote Battery Disconnect Switches List

Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchVoltageConnector TypeMounting TypeBuy Now
FEITON Remote Battery Disconnect Switch12 VoltsWirelessPanel MountCheck On Amazon
DZSSCY Remote Battery Disconnect Switch12 VoltsInsertPanel MountCheck On Amazon
EIKLIM Remote Battery Disconnect Switch12 VoltsClampPanel MountCheck On Amazon
FLUKIN Remote Battery Disconnect Switch12 VoltsClampSurface MountCheck On Amazon
VELCRO Cable Ties12 VoltsClampSurface MountCheck On Amazon
DIKJAK Remote Battery Disconnect Switch12 VoltsClampSurface MountCheck On Amazon
Joinfworld Remote Battery Disconnect Switch12 VoltsWirelessPanel MountCheck On Amazon

Best Remote Battery Disconnect Switches Reviews

1. FEITON Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

FEITON Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchWhen you are looking for an accessory that you are going to add to your car permanently, it makes a lot of sense in choosing a brand that is highly preferred by other buyers. Therefore, we will start off our list with the battery kill switch from FEITON.

In the 1st position, we are putting the FEITON Remote Battery Disconnect Switch since it is the most popular option that we could find in the industry right now. Engineered with precision and upgraded features, this wireless kill switch operates at a powerful DC12V 200A and capable of withstanding up to a 360A starting current, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions. The switch comes with a convenient remote control, allowing you to disconnect your car battery remotely, preventing battery drain and safeguarding your vehicle against theft.

One of the best qualities of this switch is its wide applicability. It is compatible with various vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, campers, ATVs, boats, and more. The black negative wire placed at the bottom of the battery switch for ease of installation can connect seamlessly to the original negative wire in your car. And for those who prefer the original wiring configuration, you can also opt for a 250A model.

Best Features:

  • It is an upgraded kill switch
  • Compatible with Car, Truck, RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, SUV, etc
  • Capable of sustaining 360 A starting current
  • It has a year of warranty


  • Most popular choice for a battery disconnect switch
  • One of the most affordable choices
  • Perfect option for basic requirements


  • Other options are more durable

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2. DZSSCY Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

DZSSCY Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchDZSSCY is also one of the popular suppliers for car accessories that include a battery kill switch. Apart from that, it also includes other accessories such as a backup battery system, and pocket door locks.

Our 2nd choice is the DZSSCY battery kill switch which is a handy solution that not only addresses the issue of battery drain but also offers enhanced circuit protection, ensuring your car battery stays fully charged no matter how long it’s parked. This remote switch reduces the risk of theft by disconnecting the battery power, providing an additional layer of security. With an instantaneous current of up to 450A and a rated current of 250A, this premium-quality battery kill switch is crafted using high-quality materials and pure copper wire. The upgraded design includes larger rivets in the modules for improved reception performance, potentially extending your car battery life by 3-4 times.

It also has the benefit of an easier installation procedure. This upgraded remote battery kill switch is specifically designed to directly disconnect the negative switch, simplifying the process. You can perform the installation by simply fixing the battery clip to the negative pole and connecting the red wire to the positive pole. Notably, this upgraded version streamlines the process by reducing the number of wires, making it simpler than other products on the market.

Best Features:

  • It can extend car battery life by 3 to 4 times
  • Capable of sustaining 450 A starting current
  • It has a lifetime of 6000 uses
  • Easy installation method


  • Highly reliable choice from a popular brand
  • Easy to set up initially
  • Made with pure copper wire


  • Construction quality could have been better

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3. EIKLIM Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

EIKLIM Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchEIKLIM is famous for its hardware and vehicle modification accessories designed to extend the life of your car’s critical components. There is a wide range of accessories designed by this brand that you can check out.

For the 3rd place, we have reserved yet another popular solution from EIKLIM. The EIKLIM Remote Battery Disconnect Switch is designed for ultimate convenience and anti-theft protection in your vehicle. This advanced system allows you to effortlessly kill your car battery power with a remote control, preventing battery drain and adding an extra layer of security against theft. In cases where a parasitic battery drain is avoidable, this product serves as a solution, not only disconnecting the battery but also functioning as a security system that renders the vehicle unstartable.

Built with durability and long-lasting use in mind, the EIKLIM remote battery disconnect switch features silver contacts and pure copper wires, ensuring reliable performance. With a rated current of 250A DC12V, this upgraded switch also ensures a lifetime usage of over 6000 times and has the potential to extend your car battery life by 3-5 times. The switch is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cars, trucks, RVs, travel trailers, and campers, catering to any engine application with 12-volt batteries.

Best Features:

  • Works on X-20 connectivity protocol
  • Compatible with Car, Truck DC Auto RV, etc
  • It has silver contacts and pure copper wire
  • It has a lifetime of 6000 uses


  • Complete installation kit is provided
  • Remote control range is good
  • Ensures extended battery life


  • Compatibility is a bit restrictive

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4. FLUKIN Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

FLUKIN Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchFLUKIN is bringing a highly premium option to our picks of the best remote battery disconnect switch which is best suited for high-end applications. You can also find some handy solutions for vehicle maintenance from this brand.

The FLUKIN Upgraded Remote Battery Disconnect Switch, a DC12V 250A dual remote control system designed to prevent battery drain, enhance security, and streamline power management in your vehicle. This model has improved installation features and build quality with one copper sheet and two copper columns, ensuring easier installation and better contact for optimized performance.

You also get unparalleled convenience with the wireless remote controller, eliminating the need to open the hood every time you want to turn on the power. A simple press of the remote control button effortlessly disconnects your car’s power system, saving you considerable time and hassle while also contributing to enhanced safety. The upgraded model also features a refined design to make the installation process more user-friendly. This switch is suitable for any 2.5 displacement car, offering flexibility and compatibility across various vehicle types.

Best Features:

  • It has improved installation features
  • It contains one copper sheet and two copper columns
  • Features a refined design
  • Relatively user-friendly option


  • Premium option for a remote battery disconnect switch
  • It offers better performance with minimal heat
  • Rated current capacity is very high


  • Other options are much more affordable

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5. COZYEHOO Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

COZYEHOO Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchWhile the brands we have covered so far are exclusive suppliers for vehicle accessories, COZYEHOO is a highly versatile brand that works with a wide range of products, spanning from vehicle maintenance to office products.

The COZYEHOO is a robust solution designed for top post negative battery terminals, offering advanced features to prevent battery drain and enhance security in your car, RV, or truck. This kit offers impressive compatibility, specifically tailored for top post negative terminals and supporting DC12V systems with a substantial starting current of 360A and a rated current of 200A. With excellent quality and durability, this remote battery disconnect switch is constructed from premium materials such as durable brass with silver-plated contacts, and pure copper wire.

With that, it ensures excellent corrosion resistance, strong electrical conductivity, and maintains a long-lasting safety. The installation process is also made very simple with two extra black power cords included in the kit. This thoughtful addition facilitates easy connection, even in tight spaces. Along with the switch, you will also receive detailed installation instructions as well as all the necessary accessories free of charge, ensuring a quick and easy setup.

Best Features:

  • Standard 200A battery disconnect switch
  • Works with car, truck, or RV
  • Crafted with durable brass material
  • Extra black power cords for easy connection


  • Overall installation and setup is very easy
  • Capable of completely isolating the battery
  • Alternative options available with different mounting


  • Compatibility is rather limited with top post mounting

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6. DIKJAK Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

DIKJAK Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchNow that you are familiar with the popular options for a remote battery disconnect switch, let’s take a look at a few lesser known brands like DIKJAK. This brand is dedicated to electrical components such as switches, bus bars, battery accessories, and more.

The DIKJAK Battery Disconnect Switch is a versatile and advanced solution designed for cars, RVs, trucks, and various other applications. Offering superior convenience and anti-theft features, this remote battery disconnect switch stands out by allowing you to shut down the battery without needing direct access to the battery. Installation of the switch is also very easy, with the DIKJAK battery disconnect switch kit. This kit  includes 2 copper plates, 2 metal clamps, and 2 copper nuts. This comprehensive kit also enables easy installation on both positive and negative sides, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Instead of one, DIKJAK is giving 2 remotes so that you are always equipped to protect your battery. Whether leaving your car for an extended period or safeguarding against unexpected situations, this remote battery disconnect switch prevents battery drain and guarantees a hassle-free start of the engine. This switch is widely applicable and is suitable for cars, trucks, RVs, and more. It is possible with its highly compact size, allowing it to fit into narrow spaces and making it a versatile and practical solution for different vehicle types.

Best Features:

  • Screw terminals are available for secure connection
  • Made up of brass material
  • Normally open contact type switch
  • Compact option compared to others


  • Ideal choice for cars, RVs, boats, etc
  • Meets ISO 9001 specification
  • Capable of working within -40 degrees to 85 degrees.


  • Installation could have been a little easier

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7. Joinfworld Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

Joinfworld Remote Battery Disconnect SwitchLastly, we are including a battery disconnect switch from Joinfworld. Even though this brand is not as much recognized as others, it also offers a number of options for automotive switches, rocker switches, power distribution block, and many other similar accessories.

The Joinfworld Remote Battery Disconnect Switch is our final choice for this list of the best remote battery disconnect switch. This is also a value-for-the-money option as it comes with all necessary accessories for seamless installation and usage, providing users with a hassle-free experience from the start. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this 12V remote control switch boasts a robust rating of 200A, enhancing overall reliability and performance. The heavy-duty design ensures that it can handle the demands of various automotive settings, making it a trustworthy component for your auto, truck, or boat.

Get the freedom of remote control with this innovative car battery disconnect switch. It comes with 2 paired remote fobs, it offers a user-friendly interface for effortlessly managing your vehicle’s power system. The remote control functionality not only adds convenience but also contributes to the anti-theft features of this product. Beyond preventing battery drain, the Joinfworld Remote Battery Disconnect Switch is also engineered to reduce the risk of theft occurrences.

Best Features:

  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Enhances battery reliability greatly
  • Less articulated design and construction


  • Relative cheaper option than many other switches
  • Different options are available for higher current capacity
  • Works on X-10 connectivity protocol


  • Current capacity is comparatively lower

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Buying Guide For The Best Remote Battery Disconnect Switches

When vehicles are parked for extended periods at a time, such as during winter or in the case of recreational vehicles, a remote battery disconnect switch can prevent excessive battery drain by keeping the battery disconnected from the system. This not only ensures that the battery retains its charge but also simplifies the process when you are starting up the vehicle again by reconnecting the battery remotely. However, these benefits are only possible when you choose the perfect option which is not only compatible with your car’s battery, but also adheres to its specifications and offers a safe and secure installation. To make it possible, we have prepared this detailed buying guide revolving around the best features of a remote battery disconnect switch. In this guide, we will be covering the most important aspects of a remote battery disconnect switch and tell you everything you need to know before you buy one.

1. Voltage Rating

The voltage rating is simply the measure of the potential difference between two points. In case of a battery switch, the voltage rating of a switch tells you the maximum voltage that the switch can handle without damaging the battery or the device itself. If the voltage rating of the switch is lower than the voltage of your battery or your load, the switch may overheat or short-circuit. Therefore, you should carefully choose a switch that matches the voltage of your battery and your vehicle or equipment. For example, if you have a 12V battery, you should always use a 12V switch.

2. Connector Type

Checking the connector type tells you the type of connector that the switch uses to connect to the battery and the system. The connector on these switches is a simple device that joins electrical circuits together by creating a contact between conductors. There are different types of connectors, such as clamps, insert, and wireless connectors.

  • Clamp

A clamp connector is a type of connector that uses a metal clamp or a screw to attach to the battery terminal. A clamp connector is generally very easy to install and remove, and it can provide a secure and tight connection. However, a clamp connector also corrodes easily which can damage the battery terminal over time.

  • Insert

An insert connector uses a metal pin or a blade to insert into a socket or a slot on the battery terminal. In comparison, this connector is more durable and resistant to corrosion than a clamp connector. And, it can also provide a stable and low-resistance connection. However, an insert connector can be a bit harder to install and remove and it may also require a special tool for maintenance.

  • Wireless

Generally, a wireless connector is a type of connector that uses radio frequency waves or a magnetic field to communicate with the battery terminal or the cable end. Wireless connectors are the most convenient and innovative type of connectors, as they do not require any physical contact or wiring to connect. However, a wireless connector is usually more expensive and complex than a clamp or an insert connector.

You should always choose a switch that has compatible connectors with your battery as well as your system, or use adapters if needed. This will ensure that the switch can easily connect to your battery, and that there is no loose connection that may cause sparks or power loss.

3. Mounting Type

This is the way that the switch is mounted inside your vehicle. There are different mounting options, such as surface mount, panel mount, or side post mount. Surface mount is when the switch is attached to the top or the side of a flat surface, such as a dashboard or a wall. Panel mount is when the switch is inserted into a hole or a cutout in a panel, such as a console or a door. Lastly, side post mount is when the switch is attached to the side of a battery post, such as a terminal or a clamp. You can choose a switch that fits your available space and is easy to access and operate based on its mounting type. This will ensure that the switch is securely conveniently mounted on your vehicle and you can easily reach and use the switch if needed.

4. Compatibility

You should also choose a switch that is compatible with your battery based on its model, year, and specifications. For that, you can check if the switch has the features that you need such as remote control, LED display, or automatic low voltage cutoff. Remote control feature allows the switch to be operated wirelessly by a remote device, such as a key fob or a smartphone. As you can imagine, this is an ideal way to operate this switch considering it is not possible to reach out to the switch manually every time you wish to disconnect the battery. Apart from that,  the LED display is also useful as it indicates the status of the switch, such as ON , OFF, or provides an indication for low battery. Low voltage cutoff is also a crucial safety feature which automatically disconnects the battery when the voltage drops below a certain level to prevent damage to the battery.

5. Terminal Quality

The terminals of a connecting switch are the metallic parts of the switch that connect to the wires. For better longevity, the terminals of the switch, or any similar accessory, should be corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and securely attached to the end points. Added corrosion resistance means that the terminals can resist the deterioration or damage caused by chemical reactions, such as oxidation or rust. Furthermore, heat resistance means that the terminals can withstand high temperatures and resist any deformation caused by high temperatures, such as melting or burning. Therefore, you should always also check the size and shape of the terminals to ensure a good fit and connection along with their quality. This will ensure that the switch has durable and reliable terminals that can withstand various environmental conditions.

6. Amperage Capacity

The maximum current that the switch can handle without overheating is its amperage capacity. The amperage capacity of a switch tells you how much current the switch can safely carry from your battery to your load. If the amperage capacity of the switch is lower than the maximum current draw of your load, the switch may overheat quickly. And frequent overheating can cause permanent deformation in the switch, sometimes even cursing the connection to break completely. Therefore, make sure you choose a switch that has a higher amperage capacity than the maximum current draw of your load.

7. Build Quality

Build quality of the remote battery disconnect switch refers to the overall quality and durability of the switch as well as other included components. It is necessary to switch that is made of sturdy and reliable materials, such as copper, brass, or steel. It also means that the switch should have a good design and construction, making it waterproof and dustproof. This will ensure that the switch has a high-quality and durable build that can protect it from various external factors and stresses, and that it can function well for a long time.

8. Ease of Installation

Even if the switch has a great set of features, it should offer ease of installation so that you can set up the switch by yourself without any problem. For that, the switch should not require any special tools or equipment at the time of installation. Also, it is very helpful if the manufacturer includes detailed instructions and installation guide along with the tool to make the installation process easier for the buyer. This will ensure that the switch can be quickly installed on your battery, without any mistakes or errors.

9. Warranty

The warranty serves as a crucial indicator of the manufacturer’s assurance in the durability and performance of their switch. A longer warranty period often suggests that the manufacturer believes their remote battery disconnect switch is built to withstand the rigors of regular use. This can encourage confidence in consumers, assuring them that the product has been tested to meet high-quality standards without the impact of fatigue. Secondly, the warranty is also essential in providing added protection to consumers. In the event that the remote battery disconnect switch experiences a malfunction or fails to meet expectations within the warranty period, consumers can get the product repaired or even replaced at no additional cost.

Remote Battery Disconnect Switch – FAQs

1. How do battery disconnect switches work?

Ans: Battery disconnect switches have a very simple working principle. These switches work by breaking the electrical connection between the battery and the system. When the switch is ON, the switch circuit is closed and the battery connects to the system. When you turn OFF the switch, the connection is cut which isolates the battery. To turn the switch ON or OFF, there is usually a wireless remote or button included in the package. You can keep this switch along with your car keys so that you can connect or disconnect the battery whenever you want.

2. Is it possible to install a remote battery disconnect switch without professional help?

Ans: Yes, you can install a remote battery disconnect switch without professional help, as long as you follow the proper installation instructions. Basically, you will need a screwdriver, wire cutter, a remote switch, and some electrical tape for the installation of the switch. You will also need to find a suitable location to mount the switch which is inside your vehicle’s hood, but easily accessible when you want. For that, you will have to cut and splice the battery cable and connect it to the switch terminals. Then, you can mount the switch directly. Make sure you check its functionality before closing the hood.

3. Are remote battery disconnect switches common for all types of vehicles?

Ans: Remote battery disconnect switches are not very common for all types of vehicles, but they are more popular for certain applications, such as boats, RVs, and industrial and agricultural equipment. These vehicles greatly benefit from the remote switches. These switches are mainly preferred for preventing battery drain, enhancing security, and protecting electrical components from overloading in case of an emergency. However, remote switches can also be used for standard cars, especially if they are not driven frequently or stored for long periods.

4. Do remote battery disconnect switches work in extreme weather conditions?

Ans: Remote battery disconnect switches do work well in extreme weather conditions. But, their performance depends on the quality and durability of the switch as well as its components. Some switches are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and corrosion. But, keep in mind that extreme weather can also affect the battery performance, rather than the switch. So it is important to check the condition and charge of the battery before using the switch.

5. Do remote battery disconnect switches cause battery drain?

Ans: No, remote battery disconnect switches do not cause battery drain. In fact, they prevent battery drain by cutting off the power supply from the battery when it is not in use. This way, the battery does not lose charge due to parasitic loads or self-discharge. However, some remote switches may use a small amount of power to operate the radio-controlled or electromagnetic trigger, but this is usually negligible and does not affect the battery life significantly.


A remote battery disconnect switch is integral for safety and convenience for its buyers when it comes to taking care of their vehicles. As batteries are one of the most critical components of a vehicle, it is necessary to take proper care of the car battery throughout the year. In the majority of cases, battery problems are mainly caused by excessive battery drain. To avoid that, remote battery disconnect switches are used. In this guide, you can find the finest options for a remote battery disconnect switch available right now. We have also provided a brief review along with our choices to help you understand the product before you make a choice. You can also refer to our buying guide for the  best remote battery disconnect switch to find the most compatible option as per your needs. But if you are still not sure, you can go with one of our top recommendations mentioned here.

  • If you want to go with the most affordable option for such a simple accessory, then worry not. We have got you covered with the FEITON Remote Battery Disconnect Switch. This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for an upgraded kill switch without worrying about its longevity. This battery switch is suitable for cars as well as trucks with DC 12 Volts compatibility and 200 A current rating. It can also withstand up to 360 A starting current, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. As for its quality, it is made up of pure copper wires to maintain perfect conductivity. You will also get a year of warranty from FEITON to give you a peace of mind.
  • However, if you don’t wish to compromise on functionality or durability at all, then we will recommend choosing the FLUKIN Remote Battery Disconnect Switch. This is also a highly advanced kill switch for batteries which can support up to 250 A  current and operates on the standard 12 volt batteries. Since this is an upgraded model, it is installed with 1 copper sheet and 2 copper columns. With that, the switch can maintain better contact and avoid accidentally disconnecting the battery. As for its applicability, this switch is compatible with all 2.5 displacement cars, motorcycles, boards, trucks, and jeeps.
  • Lastly, we will recommend going with the DZSSCY Remote Battery Disconnect Switch. This is also a cheaper alternative for a battery disconnect switch and one of the popular choices covered on this guide. This simple accessory can permanently resolve battery drain issues for your car, no matter how long you keep it ideal. This is also a very durable kill switch which can handle up to 450 A of instantaneous current without any problem. And with the high quality construction paired with pure copper wire, this handy little device can extend your car’s battery by up to 4 times.

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