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9 Best Battery Disconnect Switch Reviews & Buying Guide

A battery is one of the most critical parts of a vehicle as it is the only part of the vehicle which stores and provides a considerable amount of electrical energy. The batteries power the essential parts of a car and make the car unusable without it. But as the battery is always connected to the card, some people observe automatic power draining. This can be avoided by simply installing a battery disconnect switch in the car. Here are some important factors of a battery disconnect switch.

  • Voltage Capacity: High voltage batteries are commonly installed in large cars like an RV or similar options. For such cars, you must choose a proper battery disconnect switch so that it can perform as required and carry the voltage to your car’s circuit properly.
  • Amperage Rating: Amperage is basically the intensity of the current flowing through a circuit. Depending on your car, the amperage output of your car battery also changes. Thus, your switch must have the necessary amperage rating to be compatible with your battery.
  • Build Material: The build material for even a simple device such as a battery disconnect switch is very important. With decent build quality, your switch will be in proper working condition for a very long time. If it’s not durable, it might even get damaged within a month or so.

Today, we are bringing you the finest battery disconnect switches present in the market right now. We have carefully sorted these picks out from hundreds of different options based on some crucial factors such as the voltage capacity, amperage rating, size, weight, etc. You can take a look at our “Buying Guide” for the best battery disconnect switch if you wish to know more about these aspects.

Best Battery Disconnect Switch List

Best Battery Disconnect SwitchVoltsCurrentWarrantyBuy Now
Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch12-48 Volts455 Amps--Check On Amazon
Nilight - 90015A Battery Disconnect Switch12 Volts275 Amps2 YearsCheck On Amazon
LotFancy Battery Disconnect Switch12-48 Volts1250 Amps--Check On Amazon
GAMA Battery Disconnect Switch12 Volts200 Amps--Check On Amazon
Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch12 Volts125 Amps--Check On Amazon
BEP Battery Disconnect Switch12-48 Volts1250 Amps2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Fastronix Battery Disconnect Switch12 Volts180 Amps--Check On Amazon
COZYEHOO Battery Disconnect Switch12 - 18 Volts275 Amps--Check On Amazon
Gioyonil Battery Disconnect Switch12 Volts275 Amps--Check On Amazon

Best Battery Disconnect Switch Reviews

1. Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch

Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch

Ampper is the most popular brand present on our list today with over 3000 plus satisfied customers already. Hence, it is present at the top of our picks.

The Ampper Battery Switch is our 1st pick for the best battery disconnect switches as it is one of the most sold and appreciated products on the market. It is made with heavy-duty ABS plastic housing that makes it safer from all sorts of environmental damage. It can be operated for 12 to 48 voltage batteries with 455-ampere intermittent current. You can either use this switch as a standalone device or couple it with other circuits of your system.

The Ampper Battery Switch is 2.76 x 3.74 x 2.95 inches in size and features ⅜ inches dual copper terminal studs. The existing rear cover of the switch perfectly insulates the terminals to avoid the chances of a short circuit. It can be securely installed on almost any surface with the bolt installation method including 4 sets of bolts.

Best Features:

  • Heavy duty ABS plastic housing
  • 12 to 48 volts capacity
  • 455 amps current capacity
  • ⅜ inches dual copper terminal studs


  • It is safe to use
  • Rotational switch design for easy operation
  • Secured installation method


  • Does not have a warranty period

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2. Nilight – 90015A Battery Disconnect Switch

Nilight - 90015A Battery Disconnect Switch

Nilight is bringing you a highly similar battery disconnect switch as compared to our previous pick. But, you will find our next pick a little bit more reliable.

For less-powered batteries, you do not require a battery disconnect switch with high current and voltage capacity. Thus, we are placing the Nilight – 90015A Battery Switch at the 2nd position on our list. This variant is perfectly suited for low-capacity batteries as it has 12 volts voltage and continuous 275 amp current capacity. Apart from that, it has a lot of similar features that will make it a perfect choice on an affordable budget.

The Nilight – 90015A Battery Switch also has a heavy-duty ABS plastic housing which makes it highly durable for most applications. Also, there is protective insulation provided to the terminals present in the rear section of the switch. The installation of this switch required 4 bolts which you will find along with the switch in the package. The installation makes the switch very rigid and secured in its place. There is a 2 year warranty period on this device.

Best Features:

  • 12 volts capacity
  • 275 amps current capacity
  • Value for the money options
  • Heavy duty ABS plastic housing
  • 2 year warranty period


  • Very reliable in build quality and usage
  • Large switch which is easily accessible
  • There is a warranty period


  • Difficult to remove and reinstall if needed

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3. LotFancy Battery Disconnect Switch

LotFancy Battery Disconnect Switch

Plastic rotational switches are one of the safest and easiest switches to install in your car. Hence, we are including yet another rotational switch on our list.

Our 3rd pick for today’s list is coming from a heavy-duty brand called LotFancy. The LotFancy Battery Switch allows up to 1250 amp cracking DV current at up to 48 volts that makes it ideal for high-end applications. The switch itself is 3.9 x 2.91 x 2.83 inches in size with dual ⅜ inches studs available on the back. It carries a durable plastic housing on the outside that makes it perfect for outdoor weather conditions.

There are 4 stainless steel mounting screws included in the package that allows you to install the switch in your car right away. In the switch itself, you will have dual copper studs that need to be connected with the battery. There is a removable cover present on the studs that increases the protection of the switches and avoids hazards caused by short circuits. It is compatible with a 12 to 48 volts system which is perfect for most batteries to avoid excessive power loss.

Best Features:

  • Heavy duty ABS plastic housing
  • 12 to 48 volts capacity
  • 1250 amps current capacity
  • ⅜ inches dual copper terminal studs


  • Safe to use and install
  • Removable covering prevents short circuit
  • Large size dial which is easier to operate


  • It does not have a warranty period

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4. GAMA Battery Disconnect Switch

GAMA Battery Disconnect Switch

If you’re looking for a cheap yet highly durable alternative for battery disconnect switches, we have a great option for you provided by GAMA electronics.

There are many types of rotational switches available for battery circuits that usually serve a simple purpose, which is to disconnect the battery from the system when not in use. The Top Post Battery Master Disconnect Switch is a similar device, but it has a very simple design as well as a very cheap price tag. This battery switch simply consists of a metal clip and rotational switch present on top of it.

The Top Post Battery Master Disconnect Switch needs to be installed directly on the battery as it would be difficult to mount this device away from the battery. Although, mounting is daily simple and can be performed by anyone. The knob present on the top can be rotated clockwise to allow the current through the switch and counter-clockwise to stop the current. It supports up to 200-ampere current capacity.

Best Features:

  • Decent option for the price
  • Simple construction and working
  • Less chance of getting damaged over time
  • Immune to external body damage
  • 1 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches in size


  • Can be installed directly on the battery
  • Compact switch
  • Easy to install


  • It is not a very safe option considering exposed metal part

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5. Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch

Ampper Battery Disconnect Switch 1

Ampper is one of the most renowned brands which is known for automobile accessories. The following battery disconnect switch from Ampper is a very affordable choice.

Next up, we have the cheapest battery disconnect switch you can find on the market today. The Ampper Side Post Battery Disconnect Switch does not feature any excessive features and works simply as a switch which is a basic requirement for many users. There is a 12 volts voltage capacity on this switch and up to 125 amp current capacity. It has a simple design and can be mounted directly on the battery itself via the ⅜ inches default battery post hole.

The knob is made up of electrically insulative material and very easy to use. It is a rotational switch with simple on and off functionality. Even though the design of this switch is simplistic, it is still very safe against dust, moisture, and other environmental problems. It is great that Ampper is providing a 1 year long warranty period on this switch. But considering the application for this switch, it will last much longer.

Best Features:

  • 9 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches in size
  • Most affordable battery disconnect switch
  • Simple design and application
  • 12 volts voltage capacity
  • 125 amp current capacity
  • Can be mounted on ⅜ inches default battery post hole


  • A very cheap option for a battery disconnect switch
  • Supports up to 12 volts and 125 amp current
  • Installation is easy


  • Not easy to reach considering daily usage

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6. BEP Battery Disconnect Switch

BEP Battery Disconnect Switch

Reliability is an important factor for electrical appliances. Thus, we are bringing a reliable option from BEP next on our list.

The BEP Battery Switch offers the On-Off-On operation mode that makes it much easier to use on a daily basis. It supports up to 48 volts connection and nearly 1250 amp current cranking capacity which is not commonly available in budget switches. There are dual ⅜ inches studs present on this switch that allows proper surface mounting and stability. The BEP Battery Switch is specifically designed for panel mounting so that users can easily access this switch.

There is a standard 2 1/16 inches hole cut present on this switch which is identical to the standard gauge hole present on most of the switches. You can insert 3/16 inches nuts inside the switch that allows you to connect the cables easily without any restrictions. While the BEP switches are suitable for heavy-duty applications, it features a 2 year long warranty period.

Best Features:

  • Reliable battery disconnect switch
  • Up to 48 volts capacity
  • 1250 amps current capacity
  • ⅜ inches dual terminal studs
  • 2 Year long warranty period


  • It features a warranty period from brand
  • Standard installation procedure
  • High capacity for voltage and current


  • Comparatively expensive than similar options

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7. Fastronix Battery Disconnect Switch

Fastronix Battery Disconnect Switch

Fastronix also produces many heavy-duty appliances for automobiles such as various electronic switches and terminals. The following battery disconnect switch is quite a reliable option from Fastronix.

The Fastronix 2 Post High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch is possibly the most durable and heavy-duty battery disconnect switch present on our list today thanks to its metal construction. The complete switch is made up of metal including the rotational knob present on the front. The Fastronix 2 Post High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch is rated for up to 1000 amp intermittent current which is quite high.

You can mount the Fastronix 2 Post High Current Master Battery Disconnect Switch by making a ¾ inches hole that does not require a lot of space. It can be used as a singular switch for the entire electrical system of your car considering its high amperage rating. It features ⅜ inches brass studs fixed on an aluminum body to provide the best build quality in this class.

Best Features:

  • Heavy duty battery disconnect switch
  • Completely made out of aluminum
  • 8 inches dual brass studs
  • Up to 1000 amps intermittent current capacity
  • Can be mounted on a ¾ inches hole


  • Very high build quality
  • The switch will not get damaged by impact
  • Metal handle has a long lifespan


  • Comparatively unsafe to use

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8. COZYEHOO Battery Disconnect Switch

COZYEHOO Battery Disconnect SwitchThe COZYEHOO Battery Disconnect Switch 12V Master is the correct answer for defensive your automobile or boat’s battery from immoderate drain when no longer in use. With its easy on/off operation, this switch makes it clean to isolate and secure your electric gadget, and it could be used with DC 12-48V systems.

This battery disconnect transfer is made with long lasting ABS plastic housing and tinned copper studs and nuts, making sure long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions. The transfer comes with four stainless steel mounting screws and caps to soundly fasten it in vicinity, and 4 removable facet plates offer clean get admission to for battery cables.

Rated for 275A DC non-stop (1hr), 455A DC intermittent (five min), and 1250A DC cranking (10 sec), this battery shut off transfer can deal with excessive currents with no trouble. Its stud length is 2×3/8" (10mm), making it well matched with a huge range of electrical gadget, consisting of flashing lighting fixtures, chassis lighting fixtures, fog lighting, and dome lighting fixtures.

Whether you are the usage of it on your automobile, van, caravan, RV, truck, or marine boat, the COZYEHOO Battery Disconnect Switch 12V Master is a easy and low priced manner to guard your battery and hold your electrical machine secure. Plus, with its ability to stand alone or be locked collectively with different switches, it gives even extra flexibility for your unique wishes.

Best features:

  • Simple on/off operation for easy use
  • Durable ABS plastic housing and tinned copper studs for long-lasting performance
  • 275A DC continuous rating and 455A DC intermittent rating for reliable power management
  • Protects batteries from excessive drain when vehicle or boat is not in use
  • Wide compatibility with DC 12-48V systems, including cars, boats, RVs, and more.


  • Easy to operate on/off switch for convenient use
  • Durable construction materials for long-lasting performance
  • Reliable power management with high current ratings
  • Protects batteries from excessive drain to extend their life
  • Wide compatibility with various DC 12-48V systems


  • No additional features or functions beyond basic on/off switch operation
  • May not be suitable for systems requiring higher current capacity

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9. Gioyonil Battery Disconnect Switch

Gioyonil Battery Disconnect SwitchRobust Heavy-Duty Battery Switch designed for devices up to 48v, ensuring excellent performance and reliability. This device can handle a lot of power up to 275A Continuously, 455A Intermittently, and a huge 1250A Momentarly. This switch has two modes: off and on-off. The switch has a type called “Normally Open” and it connects with a clamp.

The metal part of this switch is 3/8 inch (10mm with nuts), ensuring strong and steady connections. This switch is strong because it is made of strong plastic, and it won’t mind a bit of water in tricky situations.

Best Features:

  • Off, On-off Operation Mode
  • Current Rating of 275 Amps
  • Easy to use
  • Operating Voltage of 12 Volts
  • Handles up to 48V
  • High power ratings of 275A (continuous), 455A (intermittent), 1250A (momentary)
  • Versatile mounting recessed or surface installation


  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Water-resistant
  • ISO 8846 approved


  • Loose connections

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Buying Guide For The Battery Disconnect Switch

Battery disconnect switches are pretty common these days. A lot of users are installing battery disconnect switches in their cars as it offers a variety of disadvantages. First of all, it is a very simple and compact device. Hence, it does not cost a lot if you wish to get one yourself. A decent battery disconnect switch will avoid unnecessary battery drain in your car. Also, it is an additional security measure for your car as it cannot be stolen easily if the robber is unable to power up the car.

You can install the battery disconnect switch almost wherever you desire in the car so that it’s not noticeable but also easily reachable for you. If you are willing to buy a battery disconnect switch, you should go through our list of the best battery disconnect switches present in the market and get a decent option right now. In case you are not sure which one you want, take a look at the following properties of a battery disconnect switch which will help you decide.

1. Type of Switch

There are many different types of switches available for battery connection. As these switches are often installed after purchase, you will find multiple choices from various brands. While buying a battery disconnect switch, you must pay attention to the category of a switch. Your best bet is to get a rotational switch that features a knob for operation. These switches last for a very long time and also allow much safer operation. Also, make sure that there is no exposed metal part around the knob as it is generally a safety hazard.

2. Amperage and Voltage Rating

Electrical accessories generally offer a certain limit for electrical current and voltage. The voltage and current capacity are present in the volts and amps units respectively and must be carefully checked before buying one.

In the case of battery disconnect switches, there is a certain voltage and ampere restriction for all switches. If the input voltage or current intensity is higher than the design limit of the switch, it can damage the switch and render it useless, causing unnecessary battery drain. Also, it can be the reason behind short circuits due to damage caused to the internal parts of the switch.

3. Installation Procedure

As we mentioned earlier, the majority of automobile manufacturers do not install a battery disconnect switch by default. Hence, you need to purchase and install these switches by yourself to prevent excess power loss from your battery.

The installation for different types of switches is different as there is variation in the design as well as mounting methods. A switch with a higher number of screws is generally much sturdier and does not come off easily. There are a few options that can be mounted on the battery directly which is also a considerable choice.

4. Safety

Safety is a critical factor while operating with electronic devices as there is always the risk of getting an electrical shock which can cause permanent damage. In almost every automobile, there is a high-capacity battery that can cause a severe electrical shock which must be avoided.

Hence, you need to make sure that the battery disconnect switch that you are buying follows the safety protocols properly. One of the important safety precautions is to not touch any metal part of the switch while accessing it as it always has a live connection attached to it. Also, it should be safe from environmental damage to avoid future safety issues.

Battery Disconnect Switch – FAQs

1. How does a battery disconnect switch work?

Ans: The switch physically disconnects the electrical circuit between the battery and the vehicle’s electrical system, cutting off power flow. This prevents any parasitic loads from draining the battery.

2. Where should I install a battery disconnect switch?

Ans: Install the switch in a location easily accessible to the driver or operator. It’s typically mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard or in the engine compartment.

3. Can a battery disconnect switch improve battery life?

Ans: Yes, by preventing parasitic drains, a battery disconnect switch can help extend the life of your battery and ensure it remains charged when not in use.

4. Do I need a battery disconnect switch for my boat or RV?

Ans: Yes, a battery disconnect switch is particularly useful for boats and RVs that may have extended periods of inactivity. It prevents the battery from being drained by onboard electronics.

5. Can a battery disconnect switch be used on other vehicles, like motorcycles or ATVs?

Ans: Yes, battery disconnect switches are versatile and can be used on various vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles.


Today, we brought the best battery disconnect switches right at your fingertips. Here, you are able to get all of the important specifications of the best battery disconnect switches and also a brief review where we have tried to explain the product in a simple manner.

If you are not satisfied with the information, you can also refer to our buying guide to get some additional information about battery disconnect switches in general. Here are our top recommendations from today’s list that might be the right choice for you.

  • If you are looking for a direct battery disconnect switch that can only be accessed by opening the vehicle, we have got just the perfect device for you. The Ampper Side Post Battery Disconnect Switch is a very simple and cheap solution for a battery switch that only includes a metal strip with the switch and two bolts. It is installed directly on the battery which is not accessible for anyone except the owner of the car.
  • Looking at our most premium choice for the best battery disconnect switch, we have the Fastronix Battery Disconnect Switch It has the most durable build quality as its outer body is made up of polycarbonate with brass terminals inside. It supports 12 volts and continuous 180 amps capacity which is great.
  • Reliability matters even for simple devices like a battery disconnect switch. Hence, we are recommending the BEP Battery Switches which is one of the most reliable options on our list today. It is a 48 volts switch with support for over 1250 ampere cranking current. Along with such heavy-duty specifications, it features a 2 year long warranty period.

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