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Top 11 Power Supply for Gaming PC Reviews in 2023

When you construct a gaming PC, you use the best components for your system so that the gaming experience can be smooth. Starting from CPU and GPU to RAM and SSD, you need to have high-end components so that there is no lagging and crashing issue when you play high-graphics games. Along with these components, you should pay attention to the power supply unit(PSU) of your gaming PC.

The power supply unit ensures a steady flow of current to all the different components so that they function properly. Most importantly, the power supply of your gaming PC ensures an efficient flow of current so that there is no wastage of energy. There are different types of power supplies available in the online world dedicated to gaming PCs. Before you purchase a power supply unit for your gaming PC, you should watch out for the following parameters.

  • Output Wattage – The most important parameter to check while purchasing a power supply for a gaming PC is the output wattage rating. You should already have a rough estimation of the maximum power needed by your gaming PC. You should always opt for a higher power supply unit so that there is no dearth of supply of energy as demanded by different components. Some of the common output wattages of power supplies for gaming PCs are 550W, 750W, and 850W.
  • Power Supply Design – When you check out the power supplies for gaming PCs, you will come across different power supply modular designs such as non-modular, semi and full modular. A full-modular design lets you remove cable connections as per your requirements. On the contrary, non-modular power supply units have non-removable cables. Depending on your requirements and budget, you have to choose accordingly.
  • Efficiency – For any power supply, efficiency plays a key role as it determines the consumption of electricity as well as the reliability factor. A power supply with high energy efficiency will consume less electricity as most of the amount is utilized. For example, a power supply of 80% efficiency means it wastes 20% of electricity as heat. Besides, power supplies for gaming PCs have certain efficiency standards such as gold and bronze. A gold power supply is more efficient than a bronze power supply of the same wattage.

Apart from these, there are multiple factors a buyer has to check in order to purchase the perfect power supply for his gaming PC. That is why we have written a detailed Buying Guide where you will find all the buying parameters to check. You can use those parameters to compare and choose the best product. To make things even easier, we have handpicked the best power supplies for gaming PCs for your consideration. We have outlined their features, benefits as well as negative points for better understanding.

Best Power Supply for Gaming PC 2023

Best Power Supply for Gaming PCOutput WattagePower Supply DesignForm FactorFan SizeBuy Now
Thermaltake Smart Power Supply500 WattsNon-ModularATX120mmCheck On Amazon
ARESGAME Power Supply850 WattsFull ModularATX140mmCheck On Amazon
Corsair RM Series Power Supply850 WattsFull ModularATX140mmCheck On Amazon
GAMEMAX Power Supply1050 WattsFull ModularATX140mmCheck On Amazon
Seasonic Prime Power Supply850 WattsFull ModularATX---Check On Amazon
ASUS ROG Strix ATX Power Supply750 WattsFull ModularATX---Check On Amazon
MONTECH BETA Power Supply550 Watts---ATX120mmCheck On Amazon
EVGA BQ Power Supply850 WattsSemi ModularATX140mmCheck On Amazon
Segotep Power Supply850 WattsFully-ModularATX140mmCheck On Amazon
MSI MPG Series Power Supply850 WattsFully-ModularATX160mmCheck On Amazon
ARESGAMEAGT Series Power Supply1300 WattsFull ModularATX140mmCheck On Amazon

Best Power Supply for Gaming PC Reviews

1. Thermaltake Smart 500W Power Supply

Thermaltake Smart 500W Power Supply

Thermaltake is a Taiwanese manufacturer popular for power supplies, cooling devices, and PC cases. Thermaltake 500W Power Supply is a decent power supply for a budget gaming PC. This gaming comes with industry-grade protections that can protect from over power, overvoltage, and short circuits.

The gaming power supply boosts a plus 12Volt rail that makes it deliver incredible performance irrespective of the system loading. The 80 PLUS certification contributes to better efficiency up to 80%. The power supply can deliver continuous output at 40+ degrees without any distortion. The form factor of the unit is ATX12V or EPS12V.

There are two PCI-E connectors with PFC correction. You can use it consistently as it features an ultra-quiet 120mm cooling fan. You can have superior airflow without worrying about any noise. You get a superior 12V rail for all handling system loads effectively. You get a 5-year warranty on the product.

Best Features

  • Complete protection from short circuits.
  • Silent fan prevents overheating issues.
  • Industry-grade protection from spikes.
  • Superior 12V rail for better performance.


  • Active PFC power correction for better output.
  • High-quality components for durability.
  • Compatible with ATX12V or EPS12V form factor.


  • The efficiency is limited to 80% only.

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2. ARESGAME 850W Power Supply

ARESGAME 850W Power Supply

ARESGAME has been in the gaming computer component manufacturing industry for years now. The brand is popular for designing stable and durable components. ARESGAME 850W Power Supply is the best product from the company that offers the best value for money. The power supply ensures stable output voltage with consistency thanks to its innovative voltage regulated structure.

Featuring a fully modular design, the cable management will be organized and customized. It features a silent fan of 140mm for proper heat dissipation. Moreover, you get a magic cable tie to keep the cable organized and allow proper air circulation. The honeycomb ventilation design also helps in better heat dissipation.

The ATX gaming power supply comes in a voltage-regulated design that can protect from short circuits, over-current, over power, and over-voltage.

The 80 plus Gold certification can provide a maximum of 90% efficiency. The elegant outlook can be great if you have a transparent case. The power supply supports high-end graphics cards thanks to modern PCI-E connectors. You get a 10-year warranty on the product.

Best Features

  • Fully modular design for flexibility in cable management.
  • Gold certification for better power efficiency.
  • Continuous stable output with innovative structure.
  • Industry-grade protections for higher durability.


  • Equipped to handle peak load with efficiency.
  • Silent 140mm fan for heat dissipation.
  • 10-year long warranty period.


  • The availability of cable connectors is limited.

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3. Corsair RM850 Power Supply

Corsair RM Series

Corsair is definitely a reliable brand when it comes to buying a high-end power supply for gaming. This gaming power supply comes with 80 plus Gold certification for offering high efficiency. The product is made for low noise usage as the fan noise is low even in a full load.

Equipped with industrial-grade 105-degree rated capacitors, there will be outstanding electrical performance. The Microsoft modern standby compatibility reduces wake from sleep times as well as improves low load efficiency. The mean time between failures is a whopping 100,000 hours.

It has a rifle-bearing fan and can switch off entirely. You can continue downloading updates or receive notifications during sleep. You can easily fit it in all types of modern PC cases with its compact casing of 160mm. You can do a lot more with the power supply for gaming as it includes different types of cable connectors.

Best Features

  • Gold certification ensures high efficiency.
  • Low-noise cooling fan for heat dissipation.
  • High-quality capacitors for reliable performance.
  • Stand-by feature for saving energy and managing load.


  • Smart fan that regulates speed automatically.
  • Fully modular design for better cable management.
  • Low noise operation and different connectors available.


  • There is no con to point out.

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4. GAMEMAX 1050W Power Supply

GAMEMAX 1050W Power Supply

GAMEMAX also produces reliable products including power supply for gaming. When it comes to this gaming power supply, it comes with RGB lights with multiple lighting modes for a complete gaming feel. The overall design also aids in easy installation.

The power supply for gaming has a 140mm fan for maintaining better heat dissipation as well as silent operation. The 80 plus Gold certification can provide efficiency of 90%. The flat module wire and modular socket provide stable connectivity.

It has easy cable management and provides a clean look. You can use it reliably with its rated output wattage of 1050 watts. You can use it without any worry of short circuits, over-voltage, under-voltage, overpower, and over-current. You can also have better convenience as it comes with a memory function. You get a 5-year warranty on the product.

Best Features

  • 25 colourful RGB lighting modes.
  • Fully modular design for customization.
  • Noiseless fan operation for maintaining temperature.
  • Gold certification for higher efficiency.


  • Complete protection against surges.
  • Easy to install and better airflow.
  • Flat modular wire for easy cable management.


  • The number of connectors could be higher.

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5. Seasonic Prime 850W Power Supply


850 watt power supplyHere is Seasonic PRIME 850 Titanium SSR-850TR Power Supply – your go-to choice for a reliable and efficient PC setup. This powerhouse comes with an impressive 80 PLUS Titanium certification, ensuring it’s not only powerful but also energy-efficient. With its 850W output, it delivers stable performance across different usage scenarios.

The full modular design allows you to use only the cables you need, reducing clutter and improving airflow for a cooler system. Thanks to its Hybrid Fan Control system, you can keep fan noise to a minimum. Plus, with gold-plated high-current terminals, you get reliable connections.

Seasonic stands by the quality of this power supply with a generous 12-year warranty, providing you peace of mind for the long haul. Elevate your PC experience with the Seasonic PRIME 850 Titanium SSR-850TR – where power meets efficiency and user-friendly design.

Best Features

  • 850W power supply 
  • 80 PLUS Titanium certification 
  • Micro Tolerance Load Regulation (0.5%) ensures stable voltage output
  • Full modular design reduces cable clutter for improved airflow
  • Hybrid Fan Control system minimizes overall fan noise
  • Gold Plated High Current Terminals
  • 12-year warranty 


  • Best power supply
  • Sturdy and easy to manage.
  • 850W can serve almost all gaming PCs.
  • Quality, semi-modular power supply at an affordable price.


  • Some people have complained about fan noise.

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6. ASUS ROG Strix 750W ATX Power Supply


ASUS is a global leader when it comes to hardware and there is no exception to power supply for gaming. The ATX power supply features 100% Japanese capacitors for enhancing stability. The design is also very high-tech along with fully modular cables.

This gaming power supply comes with 80 plus gold certification. The axial-tech fan along with integrated ROG heat sinks makes sure there will be calling performance. The dual ball fan bearings are also very durable. It is available in a thermal power design so that there will be relative silence.

You don’t have to do anything as the fan will standstill automatically if the thermal power goes below 40%. You don’t have to worry about voltage ripple as the fully modular cables let you achieve complete customization. You get an overwhelming 10-year warranty on the power supply.

Best Features

  • Japanese capacitors deliver stable performance.
  • Exception cooling arrangement for heat dissipation.
  • Fully modular design with 10-year warranty.
  • 80 Plus Gold certification for better efficiency.


  • Dustproof fan with heat sinks for cooling and durability.
  • Wide range of cable connectors for components.
  • Noiseless operation and strong build quality.


  • May not be suitable for dual GPU setup.

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7. MONTECH BETA 550W Power Supply

MONTECH is an industry leader for electronic goods including gaming power supply. MONTECH BETA 550W Power Supply offers stable wattage output as well as reliable performance due to its high-quality components. The industrial-level electronic capacitors make sure there will be consistent performance along with durability.

The gaming power supply comes with an 80 plus bronze certified design that can provide higher efficiency when on normal loads. The hardware protection design helps to protect during voltage fluctuations, overcurrent, over-power, and short circuits.

It features a powerful single +2V rail that helps to offer reliable power to PC components including graphics cards. You can have many options as it includes a sufficient amount of cables. You can also have an easy setup as the cables have increased length. You don’t have to bear any noise as the fan provides superior airflow. You get 3 years of warranty on the product.

Best Features

  • Japanese capacitors for stability and reliability.
  • Comprehensive hardware protection against surges.
  • High-quality, premium components for durability.
  • Superior single rail for stable performance.


  • 85% efficiency for less power wastage.
  • Silent fan for cooling and improved airflow.
  • Competitive pricing and easy installation.


  • The warranty period is relatively lower.

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8. EVGA 850 BQ Power Supply

EVGA 850 BQ Power Supply

EVGA’s power supply for gaming is not only affordable but is loaded with all the necessary features. EVGA 850 BQ Power Supply has 80 plus bronze certification for offering higher efficiency of 85%. It belongs to ATX form factor and the build quality is superior.

It comes with heavy-duty protections so that the components stay safe during voltage fluctuations, short circuit, overcurrent, and over power. You get ATX, EPS, PCIE, SATA, 4PIN, power cables. It features a 140mm intelligent auto fan so that there will be near-silent operation and improved cooling effect.

You can enjoy quiet games as it has a Teflon bearing. You can easily use it for different types of gaming PCs as it is available in a semi-modular design. You can enjoy games for a long time with its durable build. You get a 5-year warranty on the product and it comes with a power supply tester.

Best Features

  • Semi-modular design for better cable management.
  • Superior fan and bearing for silent operation.
  • Wide range of cables for higher compatibility.
  • Comprehensive protection from surges and spikes.


  • Suitable for computers with multiple hard drives.
  • Includes a useful power supply tester.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty period.


  • Does not have Gold certification for energy efficiency.

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9. Segotep 850W Power Supply

Segotep 850W Power Supply

Segotep has been in the gaming computer components manufacturing industry for over 15 years. The brand has come up with different types of power supply for gaming PCs with varying configurations. Segotep 850W Power Supply has 80 plus Gold certification for superior energy efficiency. In fact, the efficiency can go up to 90% which reduces heat generation and prolongs the lifespan of the PC.

The fully modular design allows you to prevent cable clutter issues and thereby, improving air flow and ensuring a clean look. The power supply prevents voltage fluctuation and therefore, the output will be void of noise and ripples. It comes with protection from short circuit, under and over voltage, temperature, current, and power. Naturally, this makes the product and machine components durable.

The power ports will deliver superior power so that there can be easy overclocking when required. You can enjoy games without any noise due to the ultra-slim, 140-mm fan. You will be able to power all different components thanks to the different types of connectors available. You get a 5-year warranty as well as support on the product.

Best Features

  • Protection from surge in voltage, current, and power.
  • Fully modular design for easy removal of cables.
  • Noiseless and slim fan for better cooling effect.
  • Up to 90% efficiency for peak performance.


  • Generates less heat and reduces cable clutter.
  • Prevents voltage fluctuation and allows overclocking.
  • 5-year warranty and technical support.


  • Some have reported ticking noise from the fan.

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10. MSI MPG Series 850 Watt Power Supply

MSI MPG Series

MSI is a leading global brand in the gaming PC industry. Apart from making high-end gaming PCs and laptops, MSI offers value for money products in its gaming power supply. MSI MPG Series 850 Watt Power Supply is the best gaming PSU that brand has in the 850W category. The unit has 80 plus Gold certification for high efficiency and low power consumption.

This power supply for gaming is available in a fully modular design so that you can simplify and customize the overall build of your PC. The design also helps to prevent clutter due to cable for providing a clean look. The gaming power supply has Japanese 105-degree capacitors that improve stability during the performance. The flat back cables make sure there will be an organized look and better air circulation.

It is available in the dimensions of 160mm long and 150mm wide. Therefore, it is a perfect size that can fit easily in most types of PC cases. You don’t have to worry about loose connection with the alloy copper connector terminals. The form factor is ATX while the fan size is 140 mm. You get a 10-years limited warranty on the power supply.

Best Features

  • Fully modular design for customization.
  • 80+ Gold certified for higher efficiency.
  • Original Japanese capacitors for stable performance.
  • Proper cable organization and enough airflow room.


  • Large fan for better cooling effect.
  • Protection from sudden surges and spikes.
  • 10-year warranty ensures reliability.


  • Additional motherboard connectors may be required.

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11. ARESGAMEAGT Series 1300W Power Supply

power supply


Here is another ARESGAME gaming power supply that offers functionality to meet all these needs. This power supply for gaming is in a semi-modular design that makes it great for ATX gaming. While its all-black cables give it a unique look that is well-organized and customized.

 ARESGAME AGT Series 1300W a robust solution designed for high-performance computing enthusiasts. With an 80 PLUS Gold certification, this power supply ensures energy efficiency and comes with the confidence of a 10-year warranty. The advanced APFC+LLC+DC-DC structure guarantees enhanced stability, providing consistent performance over the long term. Featuring a high-performance Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan, the unit operates ultra-quietly while extending its lifespan.

The compact 140mm depth strikes a perfect balance between power output and size, seamlessly fitting into various PC builds. Enjoy a clean and organized setup with the full modular design, and rest easy with heavy-duty protection features, including OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, OCP, and OTP, prioritizing the safety of your components. 

Best Features

  • 1300W ATX 3.0 PCIE 5.0 Power Supply
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified for energy efficiency
  • 10-year warranty for long-term confidence
  • APFC+LLC+DC-DC structure for enhanced stability
  • High-performance FDB fan for ultra-quiet operation and extended lifespan
  • Compact 140mm depth for a balanced power-to-size ratio
  • Full modular design for a clean and organized setup
  • Heavy-duty protection features: OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, OCP, OTP


  • Strong build quality for durability
  • Efficient cooling with a silent fan
  • Offers full protection.
  • Provide reliable and stable output voltages and power delivery


  • Power Supply has proven to be a disappointing 

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for Best Power Supply for Gaming PC 

A power supply is an equally important component for a gaming PC as the rest of the components that make the PC powerful for high-end games. Hence, you should pay attention to the details while purchasing a power supply for your gaming PC. You must have seen that there are different types of power supplies for gaming PCs available.

Without the proper knowledge, you can easily end up with an unsuitable power supply for your gaming PC even though the power supply is of high quality. We have selected the best power supplies, but you have to choose the perfect one from the list. Hence, you should go through the following buying guide so that you can pick the best suitable power supply for your gaming PC easily.

1. Output Wattage

The first thing you notice in a power supply unit is the output wattage. You will find various power supply units for gaming PCs with different output wattage such as 550W, 750W, and 850W. The higher the output wattage, the more power it can supply to the components. However, you need to choose a power supply based on your power requirements. If your gaming PC needs around 400W power, a 550W PSU will suffice.

Therefore, you need to have an idea of the power requirements of your gaming PC based on its components. Ideally speaking, if you have a budget gaming PC, 550W PSU is enough. If you have a high-end gaming PC, a 750W PSU will suffice. If you have dual graphics cards on your PC, you have to opt for an 850W power supply. However, you can keep some headroom with a higher power supply than requirements for future upgrading of components.

2. Power Supply Design

There are mainly three power supply designs available in the market. They are non-modular, semi-modular and full modular power supply designs. In a non-modular power supply, the cable connections come fixed, and they are non-removable. On the contrary, you can remove the cable connections in a modular power supply as per your requirements.

Coming to a semi-modular power supply, you can remove selected cable connections. The non-modular power supply is cheaper in comparison to semi-modular and full-modular PSUs. Gamers who have transparent glass cabinets, they opt for a modular power supply so that they can remove unnecessary cables so that the cable organization could be better.

3. Efficiency

The efficiency of the power supply for gaming PCs matters a lot. You do not want to buy a power supply that wastes power and generates too much heat. To make this easy to understand, power supply units come with efficiency ratings. A PSU with 80% efficiency converts 20% power into heat which goes into wastage. Naturally, you should opt for a power supply with higher efficiency.

You should be aware of the fact that there are metallic codes assigned to power supplies for the buyers to differentiate the efficiency of power supplies. The gold power supplies are more efficient than bronze power supplies even though their percentage of efficiency mentioned is the same. You should opt for a PSU that has 80+ certification in power efficiency.

4. Connections

Since a power supply unit ensures proper power distribution in the components of the gaming PC, you should check for the connections that are possible. The most important connector is the 24 PIN cable that powers the entire motherboard. Additionally, there are 8 PIN CPU and 6 PIN GPU cable connectors.

Generally, the 24 PIN should suffice but there are motherboards that require CPU and GPU connectors. Moreover, it is useful if you have extra connectors on your power supply which you can use in future time when you attach different expansion cards on your motherboard. That is also why you should opt for a fully modular power supply so that you can attach and detach cables as and when required.

5. Warranty

Warranty plays a major role when it comes to power supply units. You should not purchase a PSU without any warranty. A power supply can get damaged but to over voltage, over power and short circuit. If a company has confidence in its products, it gives a considerable warranty. For power supplies, you should watch out for 3-5 years of warranty at least. However, there are several brands that offer 10 years of warranty. The higher the warranty period, the more confidence the company has on its products and the product is likely to be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do power supplies matter for gaming?

Ans: Yes, power supply is an important component of a gaming PC. Not only should a power supply meet the demand of the components of the system but also efficiently manage power distribution. A high-quality power supply ensures long life for motherboard and other PC components. Moreover, it gives more room to overclock your CPU and GPU for better and faster performance.

2. What power supply do I need for a gaming PC?

Ans: It is difficult to predict the power supply that your gaming PC needs because it depends on the power rating of the components in your PC. The more powerful and high-end your gaming PC is, the higher will be the demand for power supply. Ideally speaking, a gaming PC needs power supply in the range of 550W to 750W.

3. Is a 750W PSU good for gaming?

Ans: Ideally speaking, a 550W power supply is good enough for a regular gaming PC. However, if you have installed two graphics cards on your PC, you will need 750W power supply. Therefore, if you have a powerful gaming PC, 750W is good for a smooth gaming experience. Otherwise, 550W PSU can suffice.


It is crucial to get a proper power supply for your gaming PC so that the components can get the necessary power as required. In fact, some components like CPU and GPU may require additional power for overclocking. In short, the power supply should meet all the demands of different internal components so that the system can deliver more than expected.

We have selected the best power supplies for gaming PCs in all categories so that you have enough choices to choose from. On top of that, we have provided you with a buying guide that you can go through and check the parameters to check in order to judge a power supply easily. However, if you are still not sure which power supply to buy, check out the following recommendation from our side.

  • If you are looking for an 850W power supply for your high-end gaming PC, we will recommend Segotep 850W Power Supply. The power supply has all the desired features starting from comprehensive protection to high efficiency. It is a fully modular PSU where you can attach and remove cables as required and hence, it promotes better cable management. The fan is slim and noiseless, and it ensures clean output power for the betterment of the computer components.
  • If you are looking for a budget power supply for your budget gaming PC, Thermaltake Smart 500W Power Supply is the best option. Even though efficiency is not its strongest point, it can deliver continuous power consistently. The ultra-quiet cooling fan keeps dissipating heat for optimal performance. Moreover, you get all the necessary protections that elongate the lifespan of the product.
  • If you are looking for a power supply that focuses on the cooling aspect because you need to overclock your CPU and GPU, ASUS ROG Strix 750W ATX Power Supply. The power supply has zero decibel cooling solution thanks to its axial-tech, dual-ball fan. The fan is dustproof and there are heat sinks for better cooling and heat dissipation. You get a 10-year warranty on the product which shows its quality and durability.

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