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All You Need To Know About The Modular Power Supply

The modular power supply is closely related to PC building and PSU units. After all, connecting cables is important for designing a full-fledged PC, and you must ensure you choose the right method. Many PC builders prefer to get a modular power supply. So, what does it mean. In this article, we offer in-depth information about the modular power supply, its features, and so on! So, let’s start reading and learning!

What is a Modular Power Supply?

Modular power supply refers to detached cables used in PC buildings. You can attach or detach the modular cables as per your preference. The cables are essential as these can supply power to different parts of the PSU, units like the HOD, SOD, Motherboard, Processor, fans, and even some peripherals. Most motherboards come with a designated power supply slot where you need to connect the cables for this purpose.

While in the past, many cables came in a fused form(multiple cables joined together), modern PC designs use modular power supplies or detachable single power cables. These are pre-manufactured and pre-tested values for designated output slots. Hence, you can attach them easily to the motherboard by checking the output voltage and amperage to check the overall power level. The best part about the modular power supply is that you can customize the output devices attached to the PC, such as installing an extra cooling fan or HOD if needed.

What are the Types of Modular Power Supply Cables?

1. Full Modular Power Supply

Full modular power supply cables are special cables that supply power separately for each component. You must connect the cables to their designated socket to attach and supply power to a single component. You can remove all cables while they are not in use. But, only a few cables are full model. The cooling fan cables are an example of a fully modular cable.


  • The main advantages of the fully modular viable are that these abilities are fully detachable, and you can limit the use of any device per your


  • These are extremely expensive, and you need to get a special motherboard which is also expensive.

 2. Semi-Modular Power Supply

 Semi-modular power supply refers to the cables connected to the motherboard, video card, or processor, i.e., the main component. These  cables lie somewhat in the middle price range. The cables are attached to the main power supply body.

 On top of that, these types of power cables can be detachable or non-detachable. Hence, you can attach the cables depending on the   equipment you use for PC building.

 SATA cables, dedicated cables for components, and 8-pin, 24-pin  PCIe cables are semi-modular power supply options.


  • Since the semi-modular cables are connected individually.
  • It helps to keep the number of cables inside the PC case less to make things arranged neatly.
  • It is a great way to save space while designing a new PC. Since you do not need to use a lot of cables, you can significantly cut down on extra cables.


  • The price is higher than non-modular cables, so it can be a bit pricey for those on a tight budget.

What Should You Invest in Modular Power Supply Cables?

  • Advanced Cable Management

The best part about modular supply cables is that you can detach them when they are not in use. It offers better cable management and    also allows you to keep the number of cables low.

  • Better Cooling System

Fewer wires mean less heat produced inside the PC. Hence, modular or semi-modular cables allow you to keep the pc cooler. On top of        that, you can also administer more cooling fans to keep the PC better.

  • Better Aesthetic and Performance

The fully modular and semi-modular cables are often used to create customized PC models for gamers, graphic designers,                            .  Hence, the performance is higher than non-modular pc models.

  • Better Space Management

Since the number of cables is less in case of modular power supply, the space needed in this case is less than for non-modular cables.          you can get a PC that is not overridden with wires and better cable management.

Disadvantages of Modular Power Supply

Even though modular power supply cables are very useful, there are some limits to them-

  • Price

The price of modular cables is highly expensive. Hence, it can greatly increase your budget if you use these cables frequently. Besides that, you also need specialized motherboards to use modular power cables, which are also expensive.

  • Not Compatible With Most Motherboards

The main advantage of using modular power cables is that they are incompatible with regular motherboards or PC components. Hence, you will have to choose only those models that are compatible with the cable you are using.

  • You Need To Be Careful

Even though these modular cables offer higher performance, you need to be extra careful while using the cables. You need to make sure the cables are plugged in or plugged out p

Modular Power Supply FAQs –

1. Are all Modular Power Supplies Compatible with all Computer Components?

Ans: Well, modular cables are not like non-modular systems. Hence, the cables are not compatible with non-modular cables. Hence, a model cable will not be compatible with all computer components, especially motherboards.

2. Are Modular Power Supplies more Expensive than Non-Modular Power Supplies?

Ans: Yes, modular power cables are more expensive than non-modular power cables.

3. Can I Mix and Match Cables from different Modular Power Supplies?

Ans: Mixing and matching semi-modular and modular power supply cables is not recommendable as they can lead to driving damage. It even can kill Hard Drives or SSDs.

4. What should I look for When choosing a Modular Power Supply for my Computer?

Ans: Always check out the average cable quality, warranty, voltage, and cable compatibility before choosing the modular power supply for your PC.

Conclusion –

Modular power supply cables are specially designed cables that can be reattached and detached with their designated slot when necessary; These advanced cables are often used while building customized PC models. Switching to a modular and semi-modular power supply can be a good choice if you want to get high-end performance from your PC unit.

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