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What is a Normal GPU Temp While Gaming?

Whether you are a gamer looking to extract all the frames from a game or a 3D Artist trying to design and render beautiful 3D Models, you need a decent graphics card (also known as a Graphics Processing Unit or GPU). GPUs nowadays are very powerful when we compare to what they were 5 years ago, where 4K Gaming was still a dream. But now, you can take any modern GPU from Nvidia or AMD and easily play a game in 4K with decent frames per second. All these performance numbers come at a price of GPU Power Consumption and Temperature.

As you push a GPU to achieve higher performance, its power consumption increases and also the temperature rises. Speaking of temperature, many games wonder what is a normal GPU Temp while game?

If you are concerned that your GPU is overheating or the temperatures are always high, then this guide is just for you. Here, we will take a look at optimal temperatures for a typical GPU.

We will also see different aspect of a GPU such as how to monitor its temperature or how to lower it.

Do You Need a GPU?

If you are asking this question, then chances are you don’t need a GPU. But on a serious note, who really needs a dedicated GPU?

First and most obvious answer for this is gamers. Games with high-end and realistic graphics, in-game maps, all sorts of physics, 4K resolution, and stupendous FPS need a dedicated Graphics Card.

Other than gamers, video editors also need a GPU. Modern GPUs have built-in video encoders and decoders that can help in render (or display) video. Very useful for content creators.

3D Modelling is another field where you will definitely benefit from a GPU.

How to Monitor GPU Temperature?

Before looking at some number for normal GPU Temp while gaming, let us quickly see how to monitor the GPU Temperature.

There a few ways you can do this. One of the simplest is to use the Windows’ Task Manager. That’s right. The Task Manager of Windows has improved a lot over the years and one important thing it ca do is display the temperature of the GPU.

Both AMD and Nvidia have their respective utilities to configure and control their GPUs. You can also monitor the GPU Temperatures using these utilities.

Next, you need to install a third-party software, be it open source such as Open Hardware Info or proprietary tools such as HWiNFO. These tools can also help you monitor the GPU Temperature.

What is a Normal GPU Temp While Gaming?

Let us now come to the important question “What is a normal GPU Temp while Gaming?”.

Each GPU is different. Also, the GPUs from Nvidia have a different range of optimal temperatures while AMD GPUs have another range of temperatures.

While gaming, if you see GPU temperatures in the range of 80 to 85 °C, then we can call it a normal temperature.

If you take at some modern Nvidia GPUs, then temperatures in the range of 70 to 85 °C fall under “normal”.

Similarly, for AMD GPUs, GPU Temperatures in the range of 65 to 75 °C are “normal”.

Anything beyond these value means your GPU is overheating and you need to take care of it.

The upper limit of Nvidia GPUs is 95 to 100 °C while it is 90 to 100 °C for AMD GPUs.

Why is My GPU Overheating?

If you constantly notice your GPU hitting more than 85 °C all the time, then your GPU is overheating. The reasons for this could be anything.

Dust is a severe problem in computers, especially if it blocks air flow in CPU and GPU coolers.

Are you an overclocker? If you overclock your GPU or CPU to extract the maximum possible performance from them, then there is a good chance that the GPU temperature rises.

Slightly older GPUs have a problem of poor thermal conductivity between the GPU and the heatsink. One possible reason is dried-up thermal compound.

Airflow inside and around your case play a significant rale in cooling the system as well as the components such as CPU and GPU. If you place your case in a poorly-ventilated area or if there is no proper air flow in the case, then also the GPU temperatures will rise.

How to Lower GPU Temps?

Now that we have seen what is a normal GPU temp while gaming, if you are over these values all the time, then you need to find a solution to lower the GPU temperature.

First and foremost, if you are overclocking your GPU, stop it and see. Overclock puts a lot of pressure on the GPU, which will in turn lead to rise in temperature.

Look at the state of the GPU cooling fans, heatsink fins, and their performance. Clean the GPU fans from dust. Reapply thermal paste or compound between the GPU and the heatsink.

Try to properly manage your cables so that they don’t block air flow. Speaking of which, try rearranging things so that the case has a better air flow.

Are you using a proper power supply that fulfils the demands of the GPU as well as CPU? Poor power supply can put the GPU under a lot of stress and will lead to higher temperatures.

Even after trying all these methods, if you are still noticing higher GPU temperatures, then there might be a problem with the GPU itself.


GPUs are an essential component for gamers, video editors, 3D Artists, and others who work on similar graphic-intensive applications.

If you are a gamer and noticing higher temperatures all the time, then you start to wonder what is a normal GPU temp while gaming?

In this guide, we saw what is an optimal temperature range your GPU should be in. we also mentioned “normal” temperature ranges for both Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

After that, we listed out some reasons why a GPU might overheat. Finally, we saw some simple methods that you can follow to lower your GPU Temperatures.

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