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7 Best Motion Sensor Light Switches

Motion sensor light switches, a vital inclusion in modern homes and businesses, provide convenience, energy savings, and enhanced safety. They activate lights upon motion detection, shutting off in unoccupied areas. Offering hands-free lighting solutions, they suit various spaces and boast adjustable settings and compatibility with diverse fixtures, thanks to technological progress.

Important Considerations:

  • Detection Range: The range dictates how far the sensor can detect motion, impacting its effectiveness in diverse environments. Typically, motion sensor light switches have a detection range spanning from 10 to 70 feet. Opting for a switch with a longer range ensures broader coverage, making it suitable for larger spaces like warehouses or outdoor areas.
  • Sensitivity: Greater sensitivity indicates the switch’s responsiveness to even subtle movements, ensuring consistent operation under various circumstances. Sensitivity levels typically range from low to high, enabling users to tailor the switch to their specific requirements.
  • Customization: This encompasses adjustable time delays, allowing users to determine how long the lights remain on after motion detection. Additionally, features like adjustable light levels and customizable activation modes offer further options for fine-tuning performance.

For a comprehensive understanding of these critical factors and more, be sure to explore our detailed “Buying Guide” later in this article.

7 Best Motion Sensor Light Switches in 2024

Best Motion Sensor Light SwitchesType of Switchtimeout optionsBuy Now
Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Light SwitchWall-mounted1, 5, 15 or 30 minsCheck On Amazon
ELEGRP Occupancy Motion Sensor Light SwitchIn-wall15 minsCheck On Amazon
Kasa Motion Sensor SwitchIn-wall30 minsCheck On Amazon
TOPGREENER TSOS5 Motion Sensor Light SwitchIn-wall30 minsCheck On Amazon
ECOELER Motion Sensor Light SwitchIn-wall15 sec, 1, 5, 15, and 30 minsCheck On Amazon
Legrand radiant Motion Sensor Light SwitchIn-wall30 sec to 30 minsCheck On Amazon
Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Light SwitchEmbedded1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minsCheck On Amazon

Best Motion Sensor Light Switches in 2024

1. Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Switch

Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Light Switch

Lutron is a very popular brand for electrical appliances such as switches and lights. Lutron especially makes devices like the motion sensor light switch that makes your home a smart home.

Present in the 1st position, we have the Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Switch for you. It is a wall-mounted light switch that offers automatic operation based on when you walk in and out of the room. Based on the XCT sensing technology, it is also capable of detecting additional activities such as typing, reading, and so on for enhanced performance. There is also a built-in daylight sensor present that prevents the device from turning on the light where there is enough natural light present in the room.

You can program the timeout options between 1, 5, 15, or 30 minutes for the  Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Switch. It can be paired with almost any type of bulb or light source, which also includes heavy light bulbs with up to 250 watts power capacity. The overall installation time that might be needed for installing the Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Switch is nearly 15 minutes as it does not require a neutral wire. You will also get 2 years warranty period from Lutron.

Best Features

  • Wall-mounted motion sensor light switch
  • Push-button actuator
  • SPST terminal
  • 1, 5, 15, or 30 mins timeout options
  • Supports up to 250 watts light bulbs
  • 2 years warranty period


  • Many timeout options available
  • Built-in natural light detector saves more electricity
  • Can detect additional activities


  • Wall Plate not included with the switch

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2. ELEGRP Occupancy Motion Sensor Switch

ELEGRP Occupancy Motion Sensor Light Switch

Our next choice is coming from yet another popular brand called ELEGRP. This manufacturer also designs special motion-activated light switches that do not need a neutral wire.

Our 2nd choice for the best motion sensor light switch is the ELEGRP Occupancy Sensor Light Switch. It is also budget-friendly as well as easy to install option as it operates without a neutral wire required. Although, you must have a grounding wire to install this light switch. It has an ultra-slim profile that offers an in-wall installation for the switch. This is a universally compatible switch that works well with even the 300 watts LEDs and up to 600 watts incandescent bulbs.

The design aspect of the ELEGRP Occupancy Sensor Light Switch is very attractive in terms of design as it has a matte finish surface and a frameless design. Although there is still a protective thermoplastic housing that prevents the switch from impacts and scratches. The ELEGRP Occupancy Sensor Light Switch offers multiple control options. You can either use the switch as a single-pole switch or for 2 locations at once. There is also a 2 year long warranty period offered by ELEGRP.

Best Features

  • In-wall motion sensor light switch
  • On/off switch actuator
  • SPST terminal
  • 15 mins timeout option
  • Supports up to 600 watts light bulbs
  • 2 years warranty period


  • Modern and attractive design
  • Multiple control options available
  • Low standby power consumption


  • Time out options are limited

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3. Kasa Motion Sensor Switch

Kasa Motion Sensor SwitchKasa Switch makes using lights easier by turning them on when it senses movement and turning them off later, all without needing to touch anything! Great for places like bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms, it adds convenience while saving energy. The KS200M version has smart motion detection, sensing movement up to 25 feet away.

This clever switch knows when it’s daytime, so it won’t turn on unnecessarily in bright light, saving even more energy. You can personalize it with features like smart mode and away mode, which adjust to your routine and make it seem like someone’s home for added security. Plus, it works with voice commands and apps via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings. And it’s safe, with UL certification and a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Best Features:

  • Operation Mode: ON-OFF
  • Current Rating: 5 Amps
  • Operating Voltage: 110 Volts (AC)
  • Contact Type: Normally Closed
  • Connector Type: Screw


  • Hands-free operation
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Smart ambient light detection
  • Voice and app control


  • Quality concerns

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4. TOPGREENER TSOS5 Motion Sensor Switch

TOPGREENER TSOS5 Motion Sensor Light Switch

TOPGREENER is yet another familiar brand name that provides a lot of options that are aimed for power saving and smart home applications. The motion sensor light switch from TOPGREENER is a great variant from them.

The TOPGREENER TSOS5 is our 3rd pick for the best motion sensor light switches available in the market right now. It also offers extended compatibility similar to other premium options in the market as it can detect the vacancy and occupancy of the room and offer different outcomes based on that. You can also switch the settings to manual mode and take control in your hands, and use the switch like a regular light switch.

The maximum coverage area for the TOPGREENER TSOS5 is up to 707 square feet with a 180-degree field of view where it can detect the presence. You can also adjust the sensitivity from 30% to 100% based on the room size and requirement. You can also adjust the timeout option between 15 seconds to 30 minutes. TOPGREENER offers a year of warranty with all of its motion sensor light switches.

Best Features

  • In-wall motion sensor light switch
  • On-off type button actuator
  • 2P6T terminal
  • 30 mins timeout options
  • Supports up to 500 watts light bulbs
  • 1 year warranty period


  • The coverage area is very wide
  • The sensitivity range can be controlled
  • Time out option is highly adjustable


  • The warranty period is short

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5. ECOELER Motion Sensor Switch

ECOELER Motion Sensor Light Switch

If you are looking for affordable options, ECOELER will be a suitable brand for buying a motion sensor light switch. The following option from ECOLER is the cheapest switch from our list today.

ECOELER is a preferred choice for many buyers as they offer a full refund guarantee if you do not find its products suitable for your needs. On top of that, the ECOELER Motion Sensor Light Switch is available at the cheapest price tag in comparison. But before you buy this light switch, make sure you have a neutral wire available in your home. Once installed, you will be able to customize the light switch between vacancy and occupancy options. There are also a variety of timeout options available, ranging between 15 seconds to 30 mins.

The ECOELER Motion Sensor Light Switch offers both an automatic and manual operation that offers versatile usage. The smart motion sensor installed in this switch is certified by the UL certification, FCC Listed, and California compliant standards. Thus, it is going to be a great pick despite the low budget range. ECOLER is also offering a year of warranty on the light switch, which is great considering its budget range.

Best Features

  • In-wall motion sensor light switch
  • PIR motion sensor-actuator
  • SPST terminal
  • 15 to 30 mins timeout options
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Most affordable motion sensor light switch
  • Versatile adjustment options available
  • Multiple time out options available


  • The design could be better

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6. Legrand Motion Sensor Switch

Legrand radiant Motion Sensor Light Switch

Now that you have seen the affordable choices for motion sensor light switches, let’s move on to the premium range options, Out of which Legrand is a great option for the price.

The Legrand radiant Motion Sensor Light Switch automatically turns on and off the connected light sources when someone enters or exits the room. This is possible because of the high-quality motion sensor available with this light switch. There is also a dedicated LED indicator present on the switch, which gives you a visual indication for the location of the switch in the room, even in dark. It also offers great adjustment options for time-out functions ranging from 30 seconds all the way up to 30 minutes.

There are 3 operation modes provided on the Legrand radiant Motion Sensor Light Switch that are automatic, manual, and selectable auto/manual settings. This switch supports interchangeable face plates so that you can always get a decent faceplate for your switch and keep it matched with the current decor of your room. Legrand is possibly the most reliable option from our list as it offers a limited lifetime warranty period on its motion sensor light switches.

Best Features

  • In-wall motion sensor light switch
  • Automatic on and off type actuator
  • Most reliable motion sensor light switch
  • 30 seconds to 30 mins timeout options
  • Supports up to 600 watts light bulbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A lifetime warranty period is a great advantage
  • Time delay adjustment is great
  • Supports interchangeable faceplates


  • Fewer features available for the price

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7. Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Switch

Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Light Switch

Enerlites is a very premium brand that takes care of all your needs with its selection of premium accessories and sensors. Apart from the switch itself, you can also buy various accessories needed for a motion sensor light switch from Enerlites.

Coming at the end of our list for the best motion sensor light switch, we have the Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Switch. It is the most premium choice for a motion sensor light switch, and rightfully so as it combines dual technology for motion detection. There is a PIR as well as an ultrasonic sensor present on this device which makes its performance unmatched by other options. Thus, there won’t be any false positive results on the Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Switch. It is a great choice for commercial usage as well, with delay options adjustable between 1 to 30  minutes.

Apart from the delay options, you can also adjust the detection range, light intensity, and mode of operation for the Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Switch. There are essentially 2 modes of operation present that are occupancy and vacancy, that differ in terms of trigger modes and detection levels. As it is a premium device, Enerlites is offering a 5 year long warranty period with this light switch.

Best Features

  • Embedded sensor light switch
  • On/off type actuator
  • Dual technology sensor
  • 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 mins timeout options
  • Supports up to 800 watts light bulbs
  • 5 years warranty period


  • Performance is accurate and precise
  • Can detect additional activities apart from the movement
  • Up to 800 watts of light sources can be connected


  • Neutral wire required for installation

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Motion Sensor Light Switches

Motion sensor light switches are getting more popular because they’re handy, save energy, and boost security. But picking the right one needs some thinking. Let’s explore the important things to consider when choosing the best motion sensor light switches for your place.

1. Types of Motion Sensor Light Switches

Motion sensor light switches are available in various types, each employing different technologies to detect movement and activate lights.

a. Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors: PIR sensors are widely used in light switches. They detect heat from objects, like people, to turn on lights. They’re good for big movements but may not detect small ones or work well in changing temperatures.

b. Ultrasonic Sensors: Ultrasonic sensors emit sound waves and detect movement by changes in frequency. They activate lights when detecting motion. They’re sensitive but may trigger falsely due to environmental factors.

c. Dual Technology Sensors: Dual technology sensors use two sensing methods, like PIR and ultrasonic, for better accuracy and fewer false alarms. They detect both heat and motion, making them reliable and perfect for security use.

d. Microwave Sensors: Microwave sensors send out microwaves and spot changes in frequency from moving objects. They can see through barriers like glass and walls, useful for outdoor and big indoor areas. However, they might get confused by radio signals and need precise tuning to avoid false alarms.

2. Detection Range 

It’s important to think about how far they can detect movement. A wider detection range means the sensor can cover more space, giving better coverage and response. Think about the size of the area where you’ll install the switch, and choose one with the right detection range for the best results.

3. Sensitivity Adjustment

Motion sensor light switches come with different sensitivity levels. Some are too sensitive, causing false alarms or turning on for minor movements like pets or passing vehicles. Others might not be sensitive enough to detect human movement effectively. Choose switches with sensitivity adjustment options to customize their responsiveness based on your preferences and the environment.

4. Installation Requirements 

Certain motion sensor light switches may need professional installation, particularly those requiring hardwiring. Some offer easier setups like wireless or battery-powered options, needing minimal wiring. Consider your installation skills and preferences to select the right motion sensor light switch for your needs.

5. Power Source Options 

Motion sensor light switches can get power in different ways: hardwired, battery, or solar. Hardwired ones are reliable but need pro help to install. Battery ones give flexibility but need frequent battery changes. Solar ones use sunlight, eco-friendly and cheap long-term, but less reliable without much sun. Pick based on power needs and outlet availability.

6. Compatibility with Existing Light Fixtures 

Ensure the motion sensor light switch you select matches your current light fixtures. Certain switches may only function with particular bulbs or fixtures, while others are more versatile. Review product details to confirm compatibility and prevent any installation hiccups.

7. Weather Resistance 

it’s important to think about weather resistance. Outdoor switches face rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, which can affect how well they work and how long they last. Pick switches with tough, weather-resistant materials to make sure they keep working well outside. They should be able to handle moisture, corrosion, and UV exposure to last a long time.

8. Dual Technology Sensors 

Motion sensor light switches with dual technology sensors use multiple sensing methods, like passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic, for better accuracy. They detect heat and movement, cutting down false alarms from temperature or airflow changes. This means they’re more precise in detecting motion and less likely to turn on unnecessarily, making them a dependable lighting choice.

Motion Sensor – FAQs

1. What’s the difference between active and passive sensors?

The light switch with the passive type of sensor will detect the motion by using a passive infrared sensor, which emits the energy in the form of heat. This means when someone enters the room, then it identifies the change in heat level and triggers the switch to turn on the light.
While the active type of sensor will detect the motion whenever there is a change in the speed or pattern of the sound wave sent by the sensor and wait for their return process. Though both types use different strategies to trigger the switch, you can use either of them as per your requirement.

2. Where is the best place to install these motion sensor light switches at home?

You should know where to use/install these light switches at home to make them work effectively and save your money and electricity. Here are a few places where low-medium traffic yet must have lights. Bathroom, storage room, kids’ bedroom, garage room, or outdoor places (around the home) at night.

3. Can a LED light bulb work with motion sensors?

Yes, these LED light bulbs are one of the best light bulbs that are used widely with motion sensor light switches.

4. How long do these motion sensor light switches work?

The longevity of these light switches is based on your time-out setting on the light switch and its brand. They allow you to set the time-out range from 1 minute – 30 minutes to turn off the light after the room is unoccupied.

5. Can I set the motion sensor lights off constantly?

Several motion sensor light switches feature an override option that disables the auto-on function by setting the light to the OFF position. Thus, it let you keep the sensor lights off whenever you are going outdoors on holidays.

6. Is the motion sensor runs on a three-way switch?

Being the motion sensor light switch is a three-way switch, the sensor will definitely work on a three-way switch. But it won’t make you install on a single-pole switch to a light that is controlled by 2 or more fixtures.

7. What are the reasons for the accidental turn-on of the motion sensor light switch?

The main reason for this issue is the sensor detecting unwanted motions. All you need is to lower the sensitivity levels of the sensor. For instance, block the lens part of the sensor while using a PIR sensor. Also, ensure that the motion sensor won’t get distracted from outside noises, and if possible, reposition the sensor to confirm that they detect inside the room only but not outside.


While buying a motion sensor light switch, you will have to consider a lot of things that will help you pick up the best option in your budget. As it is impossible to verify a switch before buying it, we will strongly recommend you to go through our buying guide so that you can get an idea about these switches before buying them. Although, all of our picks for the best motion sensor light switches are chosen based on these facts so that you can easily pick one without any problem. Here are some great choices from our picks today.

  • If you are looking for a cheaper option so that you can get multiple light switches and install them in all of your rooms, the ECOELER Motion Sensor Switch will work out perfectly for you. It is the cheapest motion sensor light switch with various adjustment settings available for time, sensitivity, and light. It comes with a year of warranty as well.
  • On the other hand, the Enerlites MWOS-W Motion Sensor Switch is the most premium option that operates on dual PIR and ultrasonic sound technology to offer the best performance. It can also detect whether you are working in a room or simply walking by and perform accordingly. There are 8 different timeout options available with this switch.
  • Electric switches get damaged easily, especially critical devices such as motion sensor light switches. To avoid that, you should prefer a reliable option like the Legrand Motion Sensor Switch This motion sensor light switch features a limited lifetime warranty period along with timeout options ranging from 30 seconds all the way up to 30 minutes.

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