The 7 Best Linear Actuators Reviews & Buying Guide

A linear actuator can be used to move a lot of things at your home or workshop for automation. Unlike a standard motor, these linear actuator motors move forward and backward.

This allows you to use them for lifting things or moving things as needed. If you are also looking for these, consider getting one of the best linear actuators stated down below that have been selected based on these factors:

  • Maximum Load: Since linear actuators get used for moving all kinds of objects, they should be able to withstand a heavy load. Thankfully, almost all linear actuators have a maximum load rating of 225 lbs. Some of them even offer a maximum load rating of 600 lbs which is much higher than what you will need.
  • Stroke Length: Apart from being able to handle a heavy load, your linear actuators should also move a decent amount of distance for practical usage. This can be checked by taking a look at their stroke length. You can find different stroke length ratings like 300 mm, 500 mm, and even 700 mm in some cases where a higher stroke length is more practical.
  • Travel Speed: While using a linear actuator, you would want yours to quickly move from its close position to open position and vice versa. This becomes even more important for linear actuators with a high stroke length. Fortunately, most of them offer a travel speed of 10 mm/s which is quite good for most users.

Apart from these factors, there is still much more to consider before getting a linear actuator. This includes things like their significant specifications and other details along with a comprehensive “Buying Guide” that we have explained in this article.

Best Linear Actuators

Best Linear ActuatorsCapacityLengthWarrantyBuy Now
Homend  Stroke Linear Actuator225 lbs300 mm6 monthsCheck On Amazon
ECO-WORTHY Solar Tracker Linear Actuator330 lbs450 mm30 daysCheck On Amazon
Justech Linear Actuator Motor160 lbs100 mm---Check On Amazon
WindyNation Stroke Linear Actuator225 lbs750 mm30 daysCheck On Amazon
Kovpt DIY Design Linear Actuator---125 mm1 yearCheck On Amazon
PROGRESSIVE Linear Electric Actuator600 lbs250 mm1.5 yearsCheck On Amazon
DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Actuator225 lbs205 mm---Check On Amazon

Best Linear Actuators Reviews

1. Homend  Stroke Linear Actuator

Homend  Stroke Linear Actuator

Homend is one of the cheapest options out there when you are buying something like linear actuators for use with various furniture at your home.

The Homend linear actuator comes at the 1st position of this list since it is the cheapest option stated here making it ideal for budget buyers. Despite having a low price tag, you still get a maximum load capacity of 225 lbs with it.

This is combined along with a 300 mm stroke length which should be good enough for those who are on a budget. To ensure that this linear actuator can be used quickly, it uses a travel speed of 10 mm/s. While you do get a 6-month warranty with this budget option, its build quality is a bit on the average side which is to be expected from an entry-level offering.

Best Features:

  • Supports up to 225 lbs of maximum load
  • Comes with a stroke length of 300 mm
  • Rated travel speed of up to 10 mm/s
  • Offers a warranty period of 6 month


  • Viable affordable option
  • Pretty good stroke length
  • High travel speed for quick movement


  • Build quality is a bit on the average side

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2. ECO-WORTHY Solar Tracker Linear Actuator

ECO-WORTHY Solar Tracker Linear Actuator

As you can tell by its name, Eco Worthy makes products related to green power solutions like its linear actuators made for solar panels that offer great performance.

Eco Worthy’s linear actuator comes at the 2nd position of this listicle as you get great performance out of it. Starting with its maximum load capacity, this linear actuator is designed to handle up to 330 lbs of weight with ease.

However, the higher load capacity does result in a lower travel speed of 5.7 mm/s. This travel speed can be an issue when you consider the given stroke length rating of 450 mm. As for the warranty, Eco Worthy includes a 30-day warranty with this linear actuator.

Best Features:

  • Supports up to 330 lbs of maximum load
  • Comes with a stroke length of 450 mm
  • Rated travel speed of up to 5.7 mm/s
  • Offers a warranty period of 30 day


  • Great maximum load capacity
  • Quite a good stroke length
  • Ideal for solar panels


  • Travel speed is a bit low

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3. Justech Linear Actuator

Justech Linear Actuator

From automobile accessories to home improvement tools, the Justech brand has all kinds of products at pocket-friendly prices.

This linear actuator from the brand works with a rated power of 20W that goes up to the maximum of 30W, making it a reliable tool.

Made of aluminum alloy, this sturdy actuator has a 4-inch stroke length and a 10mm fast speed, which is ideal for most actuators in the market. It runs with an input voltage of 12V DC and has a load capacity of 160 lbs. Also, this IP54 waterproof actuator makes noise even lesser than 42 dB and is ideal for use in industrial, agricultural, and domestic purposes.

You can stop it at any time by just cutting off its power source and it halts just the way it is with a sophisticated self-locking system. This actuator has a 20% duty cycle which means for every minute of work it needs to rest for 4 minutes.

Best Features:

  • 160 lbs load capacity
  • 4-inch stroke length
  • 10mm fast speed
  • 12V input voltage


  • Value for money
  • Decent stroke length
  • Good travel speed


  • Not durable enough for heavy work

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4. WindyNation Stroke Linear Actuator

WindyNation Stroke Linear Actuator

Windy Nation is known for making high-performance linear actuators for use with windmills or any other furniture in your home as per your needs.

The Windy Nation linear actuator offers the highest stroke length in this listicle which is much higher than others. To be precise, you get a stroke length of 750 mm with it. This makes it ideal for all kinds of uses including installing with a windmill.

Coming to its maximum load capacity, it is similar to other smaller linear actuators at 225 lbs. Another similarity between this and other options is the given travel speed of 10 mm/s. However, despite having a pretty sturdy build quality, you only get a 30-day warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • Supports up to 225 lbs of maximum load
  • Comes with a stroke length of 750 mm
  • Rated travel speed of up to 10 mm/s
  • Offers a warranty period of 30 day


  • Excellent stroke length rating
  • Standard maximum load capacity
  • Great build quality


  • Poor manufacturer’s warranty period

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5. Kovpt DIY Design Linear Actuator

Kovpt DIY Design Linear ActuatorKovpt is a relatively small brand that develops a wide range of products for your DIY home improvement needs. Kovpt can be an ideal option if you are looking for affordable products that get you the job done.

Kovpt’s linear actuator has a rated speed of 40 rpm and a no-load speed of up to 50 rpm. While it comes with a 20mm stroke in default, you can adjust the stroke length using the stroke adjusted spanner that comes included in the package. You can set strokes of 12mm and 16mm for diverse applications including spraying machines, pellet machines, vibrating screen, shale shaker, and lifespan lab testing.

The bracket is made of aluminum alloy for a sturdy construction. The outside shell is durable as well with easy access to mounting screws. You will have to add lubrication oil to the axle at regular intervals to prevent overheating and prolonging its life. You can also add a PWM DC motor speed controller to adjust the speed of the linear actuator.

Although warranty period is not explicitly specified on the product’s page, Kovpt’s linear actuators come with a 1-year warranty.

Best Features

  • Default stroke size of 20 mm
  • Speed rating of 40 RPM
  • Offers a warranty period of 1-year


  • Adjustable stroke size
  • Sturdy construction
  • Long warranty period


  • Not the most powerful option

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6. PROGRESSIVE Linear Electric Actuator

PROGRESSIVE Linear Electric Actuator

As you can most likely tell by its name, Progressive Automations makes a lot of products like linear actuators that can be used for automation.

This Progressive Automations linear actuator is the best pick in this list for those looking for a heavy-duty option. When compared with most other offerings out there, its given maximum load capacity of 600 lbs is way higher than others.

Even at the given maximum load capacity, you get a decent stroke length of 250 mm with it. However, the high load capacity does affect its travel speed which is quite low at just 4.8 mm/s. Since this linear actuator is made for heavy-duty usage, you get a 1.5-year warranty included with it making it highly reliable.

Best Features:

  • Supports up to 600 lbs of maximum load
  • Comes with a stroke length of 250 mm
  • Rated travel speed of up to 4.8 mm/s
  • Offers a warranty period of 1.5 year


  • Excellent load capacity
  • Decent stroke length for a heavy-duty linear actuator
  • Quite a reliable offering for long term usage


  • Travel speed could have been higher

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7. Demotor Performance Linear Actuator

Demotor Performance Linear Actuator

Your search for accessories for home improvement or automobile repairs stops at Demotor Performance brand. From brake boosters, fuel pumps to air cleaners and headlights, the brand has it all.

This linear actuator from the brand has a stroke length of 4 inches along with a retracted length and extended length of 8.13 inches and 12.13 inches respectively. These are the prominent qualities that make it an ideal tool to deal with medium loads.

It draws a maximum current of 4.6 amps and has the capacity to deal with a maximum load of 225 lbs. With a travel speed of 12mm/s, this actuator can be used in home furniture, industrial constructions, hospital equipment, and agricultural machinery.

It is given IP55 rated protection to prevent damages due to dust, water, and corrosion which means you can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, it works with noise less than 50 dB ensuring a silent operation.

Best Features:

  • 225 lbs maximum load
  • 4-inch stroke length
  • 12mm/s travel speed


  • Decent load capacity
  • Ideal stroke length
  • Built-in limit switches


  • Cannot endure long hours work
  • Not completely waterproof

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Buying Guide for the Best Linear Actuators

Whether you want to move furniture inside your home or want to install movable devices outside like solar panels or windmills, a linear actuator can be a great way to automate all of these. Unlike a traditional motor, these linear actuators are made for moving forward and back allowing you to easily move things.

But since a lot of you may be interested in knowing further, we present you with a buying guide for the best linear actuators. With the following factors in consideration, picking the right linear actuators should be quite easy:

Maximum Load

By now, you must know that linear actuators are used to move all sorts of things. But, if you wish to move something heavy, then your linear actuator should be able to handle its weight as well. This can be understood by taking a look at its maximum load capacity.

As you would expect, different linear actuators have different maximum load capacities. While most of them are rated at a maximum load capacity of 225 lbs for general use, there are also high-performance models supporting up to 600 lbs of weight which is ideal for heavy-duty use.

Stroke Length

Another highly important factor to consider while getting a linear actuator is the stroke length. This tells you the amount of distance you can move a given object. Unlike the maximum load capacity, the stroke length varies a lot between different models out there.

You can find various stroke length ratings like 250 mm, 350 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm, and even 750 mm in some cases. It is recommended to get the highest possible stroke length so that you can use it for almost any use without any issues.

Travel Speed

Those of you who are going with a linear actuator with a high stroke length would want it quickly open and close without consuming a lot of time. This is only possible when your linear actuator has a high travel speed. Usually, this travel speed is given in terms of mm/s where a higher rating is always better.

For most linear actuators, this travel speed is given as 10 mm/s or something similar. However, if you are going with a heavy-duty linear actuator with a high maximum load capacity, the travel speed will be much lower around 5 mm/s. If you want your furniture or installations to move quickly, it is advised to go with a higher travel speed.

Water Resistance

There are a lot of cases where you would be using your linear actuator outdoors. This includes installing a linear actuator for your garage, your solar panels, windmill, or something else. For such installations, it is highly advised to get a linear actuator with a water resistance rating.

With a water-resistant linear actuator, you can be assured that it does not get damaged from rain, snow, or other environmental factors. Some of the common water resistance ratings include IP43, IP45, IP54, IP65, and a few others. Out of all these, going with a higher water resistance rating of IP65 is recommended for protection against rain and snow.


If you are using something like a linear actuator that is made for heavy-duty usage, you would want it to last for as long as possible. Even though most of them are quite reliable, it is still a great idea to check the included warranty. Generally, you will find most of them to offer a 1-year warranty or something similar


As per the name, a linear actuator is essentially a motor where the post moves forward and backward instead of having a rotational movement like standard motors. This allows you to easily move and automate the movement of different furniture around your home. Even if you are new to these, you can easily pick one by going through the best linear actuators discussed up above.

Here are some of our preferred recommendations for the best linear actuators that you can consider getting:

  • In case you want to move something quite heavy, then you can use the Progressive Automations’s linear actuator. It’s given maximum load capacity of 600 lbs is much higher than all other options in this article. You also get a decent stroke length of 250 mm and a 1.5-year warranty included with it making it ideal for heavy-duty usage.
  • However, if you simply want a linear actuator with a pretty high stroke length, then the Windy Nation linear actuator is just for you. You get a stroke length of 750 mm with it which is much higher than most other offerings out there. This is combined along with a standard maximum load capacity of 225 lbs for moving heavy objects if needed.
  • Those of you who are on a budget can go with the Homend linear actuator since it is the cheapest option here. Even at the given price tag, you get a standard maximum load capacity of 225 lbs along with a stroke length of 300 mm. This budget offering even includes a 6-month warranty making it quite reliable for a budget option.

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