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7 Best Light Bulb Camera For Your Office and Home Security

Light bulb cameras are installed just like regular light bulbs but come equipped with built-in cameras, providing discreet monitoring and security. They often feature Wi-Fi connectivity for live streaming, motion detection alerts, night vision capabilities, and two-way audio, allowing homeowners to monitor their property in real-time from anywhere, using just their smartphones

Here some key factors to consider while best light bulb cameras:

  • Resolution: A camera’s resolution is pivotal in providing clear, detailed images. We’ve focused on cameras offering at least 1080p resolution, with some models boasting 4K capabilities for even sharper imagery.
  • Field of View: The field of view determines how much area the camera can cover. Our selections include cameras with a wide range, from 120° for focused areas to 360° panoramic views, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the monitored space.
  • Storage: Effective data storage is crucial for reviewing footage. Our top picks offer flexible storage options, including cloud services for remote access and SD cards for local storage, catering to different user preferences and security needs.

By evaluating these key factors, we aim to provide a detailed “Buying Guide” with well-rounded analysis that helps you find the perfect light bulb camera to suit your surveillance requirements.

Best Light Bulb Camera List

Light Bulb CameraConnectivitySupportsLight socketBuy Now
LaView Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4 GHzE27Check On Amazon
GALAYOU Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4GHzE27Check On Amazon
litokam Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4 GHz-Check On Amazon
JENNOV Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4 GHzE27Check On Amazon
KOWVOWZ Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4 GHz, 5 GHzE27Check On Amazon
AlkiVision Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4 GHzE26, E27Check On Amazon
WESECUU Light Bulb CameraWireless WiFi2.4 GHzE27Check On Amazon

Best Light Bulb Camera Reviews

1. LaView Light Bulb Camera

LaView Light Bulb Camera

LaView Bulb Security Camera, a blend of advanced surveillance and wireless convenience, perfect for safeguarding your home. With its high-definition 4MP resolution, day and night imagery is crisp and detailed. Enjoy a full 360° view without any blind spots, and even in low-light settings, the Starlight night vision feature maintains full-color video quality. Customizable motion detection alerts keep you informed of any activity.

Setting up is a breeze with its wireless design and compatibility with standard E27 light bulb sockets. The LaView app allows easy remote access and control, offering multi-user sharing and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, engage with your surroundings using two-way audio and a powerful 110db alarm siren. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, this camera’s IP67 weatherproof rating ensures reliable performance.


  • Resolution: 4MP HD (2560x1440P)
  • Viewing Angle: 360° panoramic
  • Night Vision: Advanced Starlight technology
  • Motion Detection: Yes, with tracking alerts
  • Audio: Two-way audio with 110db alarm siren
  • Installation: Wireless, E27 light bulb base
  • Remote Access: Via LaView app
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Weatherproof: IP67 rating
  • Cloud Storage: Free 30-Day AWS Cloud
  • AI Technology: Smart Image Enhancement


  • Exceptional image quality with 4MP HD resolution
  • Comprehensive surveillance with 360° panoramic view
  • Advanced night vision capabilities for clear, full-color video in low light
  • Easy installation and user-friendly app for remote monitoring


  • Some connectivity issues, affecting remote access

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2. GALAYOU Light Bulb Camera

GALAYOU Light Bulb Camera

GALAYOU Light Bulb Security Camera is a game-changer in home security. This camera offers hassle-free installation with its wireless setup, effortlessly fitting into any standard E27 light socket. Its standout feature is its crisp 2K image quality, providing clear footage day or night, including color night vision for monitoring in darkness.

The camera includes motion tracking to detect and follow moving objects, alongside a siren alarm and app alerts for added security against intruders. It ensures continuous recording with cloud or TF card storage options for flexible data management. With two-way audio and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, it’s a versatile solution for smart homes, offering peace of mind 24/7.


  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, 2.4GHz WiFi SUPPORTED
  • Resolution: 2K Ultra
  • Installation: E27 light socket, real wireless
  • Night Vision: Color and IR
  • Motion Detection: With tracking and alarm
  • Audio: Two-way
  • Storage: Cloud and TF card (up to 128GB)
  • Compatibility: Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Viewing Angle: 360-degree pan, 65-degree tilt


  • Superior image quality with facial recognition and detail capture.
  • Easy and quick installation process without the need for additional wiring.
  • Effective motion tracking and alert system for real-time security updates.
  • Versatile compatibility with smart home devices for integrated home automation.


  • Limited to 2.4GHz WiFi, which may not suit all home networks.

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3. litokam Light Bulb Camera

litokam Light Bulb Camera

The Litokam 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera is designed to make home security easy and effective. You can install it indoors or outdoors without any complicated setup, making it ideal for seniors or anyone who wants a hassle-free security solution. It works with standard 2.4GHz WiFi networks for a reliable connection, allowing you to monitor your property remotely.

What sets this camera apart is its high-resolution 4MP video and full-color night vision, providing clear images day and night. It uses precise motion detection technology to minimize false alarms, increasing security effectiveness. With its wide range of rotation and compatibility with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, along with 24/7 live chat support, the Litokam camera offers comprehensive assistance in keeping your home safe.


  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Resolution: 4MP, 2K
  • Installation: Easy, no drilling or wiring
  • Night Vision: Full-color
  • Motion Detection: PIR and humanoid filtration
  • Rotation: 355° horizontal, 56° vertical
  • Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Support: 24/7 live chat
  • Power: 110V~240V (Not battery operated)
  • Storage: Cloud/TF card (not included)


  • High-resolution imaging with 4MP clarity enhances detail recognition.
  • Easy and quick installation process, ideal for non-technical users.
  • Advanced motion detection minimizes false alarms, focusing on human movement.
  • Full-color night vision provides clear visibility in complete darkness.


  • Difficulty in registering the camera on the app.

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4. JENNOV Light Bulb Camera

JENNOV Light Bulb Camera

The Jennov 2K 3MP Light Bulb Security Camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. It provides high-quality images and advanced features for ensuring property and family safety. With its 3MP HD resolution, it captures details accurately, even in low light, thanks to its color night vision capability.

What sets the Jennov camera apart is its human motion detection and auto-tracking features, enhancing security by detecting and following movement automatically. Moreover, its compatibility with Alexa allows seamless integration and control. Installation is hassle-free as it fits into standard E27 light sockets without complicated wiring. Furthermore, it supports two-way audio communication via smartphone, ideal for monitoring babies, pets, or elderly family members.


  • Resolution: 3MP (2304*1296P)
  • Night Vision: Color, with IR lights and LED bulbs
  • Motion Detection: Human, with auto-tracking
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Installation: E27 socket, plug and play
  • Audio: Two-way
  • Storage: SD/Cloud recording
  • Compatibility: Alexa
  • Power Supply: AC 110-220V
  • Rotation: 355° horizontal, 120° vertical
  • Alarm: Sound and floodlight
  • Supported Systems: Android/iOS


  • Ultra-high-definition resolution offers unparalleled image clarity.
  • Advanced motion detection and auto-tracking enhance security efficiency.
  • Easy installation and setup, suitable for non-technical users.
  • Supports both cloud and SD card storage for flexible video archiving.


  • The motion sensor may be overly sensitive to insects at night.

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5. KOWVOWZ Light Bulb Camera

KOWVOWZ Light Bulb Camera

The KOWVOWZ 360 Degree Security Camera is a great choice for enhancing your home security. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks, ensuring a strong connection. With its 1080p HD video quality, it captures clear footage day and night, with night vision extending up to 15 meters even in complete darkness.

This camera is versatile, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and easy to install. Its motion detection alerts you to any activity, and the two-way audio feature lets you communicate easily with family or pets. Installation is straightforward, using existing light bulb sockets. Plus, its IP65 weatherproof rating means it can handle various environmental conditions, ensuring reliable home surveillance.


  • WiFi Connectivity: Dual-band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Night Vision Range: 10-15 meters
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Installation: E27 bulb socket, no wiring needed
  • Two-Way Audio: Built-in microphone/speaker
  • Weatherproof: IP65 rating
  • PTZ Angle: Horizontal 355°, vertical 60°
  • Supported Systems: iOS, Android 4.0 or above
  • Power Supply: AC 110-240V


  • Dual-band WiFi offers more flexible and stable connectivity.
  • Easy installation process, suitable for DIY enthusiasts.
  • 360-degree coverage ensures no blind spots in surveillance.
  • Two-way audio enhances the camera’s utility for monitoring and communication.


  • Some issues with motion detection sensitivity and delays.

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6. AlkiVision Light Bulb Camera

AlkiVision Light Bulb Camera

The Alkivision 2K Light Bulb Security Camera stands out in home security with its smart design and top-notch features. It’s suitable for indoors and outdoors, offering clear 2K HD color night vision for round-the-clock surveillance. Thanks to Magicpix tech, it excels in low-light, capturing detailed images. With a 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation, it minimizes blind spots, ensuring thorough property coverage.

Installation is a breeze; it fits into standard E27/E26 light sockets, adaptable to various setups. Once set up, it becomes a robust security tool with advanced motion detection, AI motion analysis, and two-way audio for real-time communication. It’s user-friendly, with easy setup via the VicoHome app, and offers flexible footage storage options without subscription hassles.


  • Resolution: 2K HD
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Night Vision: Color/Smart/Infrared
  • Motion Detection: 355° Pan, 90° Tilt
  • Storage: Cloud and SD card (up to 128GB, not included)
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes
  • Installation: E27/E26 light socket
  • App: VicoHome
  • Compatibility: Works with 2.4GHz WiFi only
  • AI Features: Human and pet detection
  • Special Feature: Siren Alarm


  • Easy installation and setup
  • High-quality 2K HD night vision
  • Advanced motion tracking and AI detection
  • Free rolling 3-day cloud storage


  • Cloud storage may require subscription for extended use

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7. WESECUU Light Bulb Camera

WESECUU Light Bulb Camera

The WESECUU Light Bulb Security Camera is an advanced home surveillance device that combines the features of a light bulb with top-notch security capabilities. It connects easily to both 5G and 2.4G networks for reliable WiFi coverage, ensuring smooth video streaming without interruptions. With its high-definition 2K resolution, it captures clear images day and night, with color and infrared night vision reaching up to 33 feet in low-light conditions.

Setting up the camera is straightforward—just screw it into an E27 bulb base and plug it into a power outlet. Its two-way audio feature allows direct communication with visitors or family members, and its motion and body detection alarms minimize false alerts by focusing on human movement. Plus, it works seamlessly with Alexa for easy integration into smart home setups, offering both security and convenience.


  • Resolution: 2K HD
  • Connectivity: Dual-band 5G & 2.4G WiFi
  • Night Vision: Color/Infrared, up to 33 ft
  • Motion Detection: 355° Pan, 90° Tilt
  • Storage: Cloud (subscription required) and micro SD card (up to 128GB, not included)
  • Two-Way Audio: Yes
  • Installation: Screw into E27 bulb base
  • App: EseeCloud
  • Compatibility: Alexa compatible
  • Alert System: Motion and body detection with alarm
  • Special Feature: Alarm sound and white light on detection


  • Supports both 5G and 2.4G WiFi for stable connectivity
  • Easy to install and operate
  • High-resolution imaging with effective night vision
  • Allows for multi-user viewing and video sharing


  • Intrusive ads in the app compromise user experience

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Light Bulb Camera

1. Resolution

Why it Matters: The resolution of a light bulb camera determines the quality of the video footage it captures. High-resolution cameras produce clearer, more detailed images, which are crucial for identifying faces, license plates, and other important details in your video footage. In security situations, the clarity of the image can be the difference between identifying an intruder and a blurry, useless video.

What to Look For: Look for cameras offering at least 1080p resolution. This level of detail ensures that the footage is clear enough for most security purposes. Some high-end models offer 2K or even 4K resolution, providing even greater detail but often at a higher cost and with increased storage requirements.

2. Field of View

Why it Matters: The field of view (FOV) indicates how wide an area your camera can cover. A camera with a wide field of view can monitor a larger area, reducing the number of cameras you need to install to cover your desired space. This is particularly important in large rooms or outdoor areas where you want to minimize blind spots.

What to Look For: A light bulb camera with a field of view between 90° and 360° is ideal, depending on your surveillance needs. Some light bulb cameras offer a panoramic view, which is excellent for outdoor and large indoor spaces. Determine the layout of the area you want to monitor and choose a camera with a suitable FOV to ensure comprehensive coverage.

3. Storage

Why it Matters: Storage options determine how your footage is saved and accessed. Adequate storage is crucial for maintaining a continuous record of events. Without sufficient storage, you might miss recording critical moments or be forced to overwrite valuable footage prematurely.

What to Look For: There are generally two storage options: cloud storage and local storage (such as microSD cards). Cloud storage often comes with a subscription fee but allows for easy access to footage from anywhere and provides an off-site backup. Local storage may be more limited in capacity but offers a one-time cost without ongoing fees. Look for cameras that offer the flexibility to use both, with at least 128GB of local storage capacity to ensure ample space for your recordings.

4. Connectivity

Why it Matters: Connectivity refers to how the camera connects to your home network, affecting the ease with which you can access live and recorded footage, receive alerts, and even control the camera remotely. A stable and reliable connection is vital for ensuring that your camera functions seamlessly, without missing critical moments due to connectivity issues.

What to Look For: Most light bulb cameras use Wi-Fi to connect to your home network. Ensure the camera supports at least 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks for compatibility with most home routers. Some models also offer 5GHz Wi-Fi support, which is beneficial for reducing interference and improving connection quality in crowded Wi-Fi environments. Additionally, consider models that offer Ethernet connections as a backup or for areas with weak Wi-Fi signals.

5. Night Vision

Why it Matters: The ability to capture clear video footage in low light conditions is essential for around-the-clock surveillance. Night vision technology enables your light bulb camera to detect and record activities in the dark, ensuring that your property is protected even at night.

What to Look For: Look for cameras with infrared (IR) night vision, which can typically provide clear black and white video in complete darkness up to a certain distance (usually measured in feet or meters). The range can vary, but a good standard is at least 30 feet (about 9 meters) of night vision capability. Some advanced models may also offer color night vision with the help of ambient light, offering more detail in low-light conditions.

6. Motion Detection

Why it Matters: Motion detection is a critical feature that triggers your camera to start recording or send you an alert when movement is detected. This feature ensures that you are made aware of any activity in real time, allowing for quick response to potential security threats. Efficient motion detection can significantly reduce the amount of footage you need to review and conserve storage space by only recording when necessary.

What to Look For: Seek out cameras with adjustable motion sensitivity and the ability to customize motion detection zones. This customization helps reduce false alarms caused by pets, cars, or other non-threatening movements. Additionally, some cameras offer advanced features like person detection or unusual sound detection, enhancing the accuracy of alerts and minimizing unnecessary notifications.

7. Two-Way Audio

Why it Matters: Two-way audio capability allows you to communicate through the camera with whoever is on the other end. This feature is crucial for scenarios where you need to ward off intruders, greet visitors, or simply communicate with family members or pets while away. It adds a layer of interaction and deterrence that video alone cannot provide.

What to Look For: Ensure the camera has a built-in microphone and speaker offering clear, lag-free audio. This functionality should allow for easy communication through your smartphone or web app. The quality of the audio components is vital for ensuring that voices can be heard clearly without significant background noise.

8. Alert System

Why it Matters: An efficient alert system is critical for immediate notification of any suspicious activity detected by your light bulb camera. Timely alerts enable you to promptly assess the situation and react accordingly, whether that means calling the authorities or simply checking in on your home.

What to Look For: Opt for cameras that offer customizable alert settings, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity and specify the types of events that trigger notifications. The ability to filter alerts by motion type (e.g., people, vehicles) can greatly reduce false alarms. Also, look for systems that provide real-time alerts through your preferred method, such as push notifications on your smartphone, emails, or even text messages.

9. IP Rating

Why it Matters: The Ingress Protection (IP) rating determines how well the camera is protected against dust and water. For outdoor cameras, a high IP rating is crucial to withstand various weather conditions, from rain and snow to dust and debris.

What to Look For: An IP rating consists of two numbers: the first indicates protection against solids (like dust), and the second against liquids (water). Look for a camera with at least an IP65 rating, which means it’s dust-tight and protected against water jets from any direction. Higher ratings, such as IP67 or IP68, offer even greater protection, including immersion.

10. Compatibility

Why it Matters: The compatibility of your light bulb camera with existing smart home systems and devices enhances the seamless integration and functionality of your home security setup. Being able to control all your devices through a single platform simplifies usage and increases efficiency.

What to Look For: Check for compatibility with popular smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. This integration allows for voice commands and the ability to connect with other smart devices for automated routines. Also, ensure the camera’s app is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system, whether it’s iOS or Android, for hassle-free setup and control.

Best Light Bulb Camera – FAQs

1. Is the use of light bulb cameras legal?

Ans: Yes, the light bulbs cameras are legal till you are using them in the offices, guest houses or your home.

2. Can the light bulb cameras be operated with the smartphone?

Ans: The light bulb camera can be connected and operated with the smartphone with the help of WiFi, or any other network like 4G, 3G and 2G.

3. Will the security camera be functionable when the lights are turned off?

Ans: Most of the security cameras work fine even when the lights are turned off. As most of the security cameras feature infrared LEDs which help to capture videos even in complete darkness.

4. How long do the light bulb cameras last?

Ans: Usually, the light bulb cameras last for mostly one to three years according to how often you use the cameras. Some of them run on electricity while you need to purchase extra batteries for the battery-powered cameras.

5. Are the light bulb cameras waterproof?

Ans: Most of the light bulb cameras are perfect for security purposes as they can function well even if they encounter splashes of water as they are waterproof.

Final Word

By this part, we hope that you are convinced to buy a light bulb camera. Through the guide, we have tried to solve all kinds of doubts regarding the light bulb camera, if you still have questions, feel free to write in the comments section below.

  • The LaView Light Bulb Camera is a versatile and feature-rich option for those seeking a comprehensive security solution in a convenient light bulb form factor. Its 360° view, high-quality video, and smart features make it ideal for monitoring your home both indoors and outdoors. However, the lack of local storage and 5GHz Wi-Fi support might be drawbacks for some users.
  • The litokam Light Bulb Camera offers a robust combination of features and performance in a convenient light bulb form factor. Its 360° view, high-quality video, and smart features make it ideal for comprehensive home security both indoors and outdoors. However, the lack of local storage and 5GHz Wi-Fi support might be drawbacks for some users.
  • The third and final product from the list is GALAYOU Light Bulb Camera. The Galayou light bulb camera has six floodlights and six IR lights, which provide clear, colored images even in complete darkness.

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