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9 Best Label Makers For Organizing Your Home Needs

“Looking for the ultimate tool to keep everything organized? Discover the top label makers of 2024.”

Imagine a pantry where every jar and container is clearly labeled or a home office where every file, cord, and supply has its designated, clearly marked spot.

That is the clarity and simplicity a top-notch label maker can bring into your life.

According to professional organizers, the best label makers combine versatility, durability, and ease of use into a streamlined package, delivering crisp, high-quality labels that stand the test of time.

But how do you sift through the many options available to find the one that’s perfect for you?

To streamline your decision-making, we have narrowed down the top label makers and evaluated them on crucial criteria. Detailed insights into these “Specific Factors” can be found further in this article.

Best Label Maker 2024 Table

Label MakerKey FeaturesPrinting Speed (mm/sec)ConnectivityBuy Now
Vixic Label MakersHigh-Resolution Printing25Bluetooth, USBCheck On Amazon
DYMO 200B Label MakersEasy To Setup20BluetoothCheck On Amazon
Nelko Label MakerEnergy-Efficient15USBCheck On Amazon
Phomemo Label MakerCompact Design30BluetoothCheck On Amazon
Brother PTM 95 Label MakerQWERTY Keyboard20StandaloneCheck On Amazon
DYMO Label MakerLCD Display18StandaloneCheck On Amazon
NIIMBOT Label MakerPortable20BluetoothCheck On Amazon
Brother PTH110 Label Makermultiple Fonts20StandaloneCheck On Amazon
Pik Dik Label MakerLightweight22BluetoothCheck On Amazon

Best Label Maker Reviews

1. Vixic Label Maker

vixicMeet the Vixic M960 Label Maker is your versatile, pocket-friendly solution for all your labeling needs – from your household essentials to your office supplies. With less than half the size and weight of its traditional counterparts, this label maker easily fits into your pocket or bag. Perfect for labeling on-the-move, you will never want to leave home without it.

With a high-quality print head that boasts a 203 DPI resolution, your labels come out clear, sharp, and perfectly centered. You will not have to worry about readability or aesthetics, as this label maker ensures both. Moreover, the device has a respectable printing speed of 15mm/s, making it suitable for both quick tasks and larger labeling projects.

When it comes to features, it offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with your iOS or Android device. Once connected, you can use the free “Print Master” App to customize your labels with more than 100 different fonts, 1500 emojis, and an array of other design elements like QR codes, barcodes, and borders.

The M960 comes with a robust 1200mAh battery that can operate continuously for up to 4 hours after just 2 hours of charging. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal on-the-go companion, easily fitting into pockets or bags.

Unlike traditional label makers that use roll paper, the M960 uses BPA-free label tape that is not only safe for children’s items but also far more resilient. These labels are waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant, ensuring longevity and durability. The built-in manual cutter also makes it easy to cut and peel labels, adding to the device’s overall convenience.

Setting up your new Vixic M960 Label Maker is incredibly straightforward. It is specifically designed to be compatible with Vixic Green Shell label tapes. With all these features packed into one compact device, the M960 makes an ideal gift for students, professionals, or anyone looking to bring a new level of organization into their lives.

User Verdict – While the user was highly impressed with the Vixic M960 Label Maker’s array of features, there was one drawback that caught their attention. They found that the device is exclusively compatible with only Vixic Green Shell label tapes.

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2. DYMO 200B Label Maker

dymoDYMO LetraTag 200B Label Maker takes convenience and customization to new heights, offering you a seamless labeling experience directly from your smartphone or tablet. deal for home use, student dorms, or home offices, it offers an easy way to bring organization and efficiency into your life.o9

Thanks to automatic Bluetooth connectivity, this innovative label maker is ready in seconds, allowing you to print various label types via the intuitive DYMO LetraTag Connect app.

It is compact and remarkably lightweight—42% lighter than its LetraTag 100T and 100H counterparts. Battery-operated and requiring just four AA batteries (not included in the original purchase), this label maker slides into your bag for instant labeling on the move.

The user-friendly app gives you extensive options for personalizing your labels. You can choose among five font sizes, 15 box styles, and more than 100 icons. Plus, it lets you underline text, create multi-line labels, or insert a date for ultimate flexibility. If you are pressed for time or looking for design inspiration, the app offers eight pre-saved templates along with handy organization tips.

To ensure optimal performance and quality, the LetraTag 200B is best paired with authentic DYMO LetraTag labels. These come with 100% recycled external cassettes and are available in a broad spectrum of colors and types to match your labeling needs.

User Verdict – Users loved how easy it was to connect to her smartphone and the array of customization options the app provided. However, users noticed a significant drawback: the label maker requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the original purchase.

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3. Nelko Label Maker

nelkoThe NELKO Label Maker Machine with Tape, a game-changer in labeling solutions. This modern label maker is smaller and lighter than traditional models, making it exceptionally portable. With its wireless Bluetooth functionality, it fits comfortably in your pocket and lets you print labels anytime, anywhere.

It employs BPA-Free Direct Thermal Technology. Fueled by a high-speed chip and a 203 DPI printer head, it delivers high-definition, black-text printouts without the need for ink or toner cartridges. Its robust rechargeable battery ensures extended usage, although it is worth noting that a charging adapter is not included in the package.

Installation of this label maker is quite simple. Simply download the “Nelko” app from Google Play or the App Store, install the paper roll, connect to the P21 Bluetooth within the app, and you are ready to print. The app offers a multitude of customization options, featuring more than 90 fonts, 10 languages, and 450 materials.

However, this label maker is not compatible with computers and only supports fixed-length label tapes such as 12X40mm, 15X30mm, and 15x40mm. Continuous label tapes are not supported. For those with a creative flair, the app’s built-in features and templates provide limitless design possibilities. Create labels with text, QR codes, barcodes, images, and even time stamps.

The label maker is versatile, catering to various needs—from organizing home essentials like clothes and food to office items such as notebooks and price tags. With NELKO, labeling is not just functional; it is also fun and effortlessly convenient.

User Verdict – Consumers have particularly appreciated the portability and customization options available through the app. However, they found one significant drawback: the label maker does not support continuous label tapes. This limitation may ability to print labels of varying lengths, which she needs for her crafting projects.

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4. Phomemo Label Maker

phomemoThe next product on our list is the Phomemo D30 Label Maker Machine, the upgraded 2023 version that transforms your labeling tasks into an efficient and creative process. This device is half the weight and size of traditional label makers, making it the perfect portable option for both office and home use. The D30 features a German thermal print head that offers a 25% increase in DPI, ensuring superior print clarity for hassle-free, smooth, and fast printing.

One of the standout features is its cost-efficiency. Utilizing direct thermal technology, this label maker requires no ink, toner, or ribbons. Despite being a monochrome printer that outputs only black text, it allows for colorful creativity when used with color-patterned label tapes, saving you money in the long run.

The D30 is not just about basic labeling; it is about unleashing your creativity. The label maker comes with a wide variety of pre-designed templates, boasting over 1000 symbols, 60 frames, and multiple fonts. You can effortlessly create custom label designs using icons, texts, tables, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, and even voice recognition features, all through its user-friendly mobile app.

Wirelessly connect your smartphone to the Phomemo D30 via Bluetooth 4.0 for convenient and fast printing. The machine comes with a built-in, durable rechargeable battery, allowing for long work sessions without the need to hunt for an outlet. Its compact size means it can slide into your pocket, ready to accompany you wherever you go.

In terms of application, the Phomemo D30 is incredibly versatile. Whether it is organizing household items, marking food expiration dates, classifying office files, or even tagging jewelry for a small business, this label maker has you covered. It supports a variety of label widths, ranging from 0.23 to 0.59 inches, and can operate wirelessly within a 10-meter range.

User Verdict – Overall, consumers were highly impressed with the device’s portability and the quality of the labels. However, they did encounter one drawback. While the device offers a variety of pre-designed templates and creative functions, consumers found that the label maker’s app had occasional connectivity issues that disrupted their workflow.

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5. Brother PTM 95 Label Maker

brotherThe Brother P-Touch PTM95 is a lightweight and portable device designed for all your labeling needs, whether it is for the home or a home office. It comes with a standout feature that makes it is easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard, mimicking the layout of a computer keyboard for effortless typing.

The device also boasts an easy-to-read 12-character display that allows you to preview your labels before printing, eliminating any guesswork. What sets the PTM95 apart are its customization options. The device comes pre-loaded with nine different type styles, ten framing options, and over 200 symbols, enabling you to create labels that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your labels, the machine offers eight different DECO mode patterns, ideal for gift bags, special occasions, or even adding some flair to everyday items.

Compatibility is never an issue with the PTM95. It is designed to work seamlessly with genuine Brother ‘M’ tapes, which are available in 9mm (~3/8 inch) and 12mm (~1/2 inch) widths, as well as a range of colors. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right size and color for any project, from organizing file folders and storage bins to labeling school supplies.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty and offers free phone support for the life of the product. With its versatility, ease of use, and backed by Brother’s trusted customer support, the P-Touch PTM95 Handy Label Maker is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to bring a bit of order and personalization to their life.

User Verdict – Most of the users found this product to be a convenient and versatile tool for everyday labeling tasks. They particularly appreciated its lightweight and portable design, as well as the easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard. However, the device’s 12-character display, while functional, limited the ability to preview longer labels in their entirety before printing. This sometimes led to errors or the need for reprints, causing a minor but noticeable inconvenience.

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6. DYMO 100H Label Makerdymo 100 H

DYMO LetraTag 100H Label Maker is a perfect option for both school and office needs. This compact, portable gadget is perfect for busy parents, craft lovers, and professionals who value organization and efficiency. The label maker provides a high level of customizability, allowing you to choose from 5 font sizes, 7 print styles, and 8 box styles, offering endless possibilities for personalizing your space.

It comes with the real-time preview function through its clear LCD display, ensuring you will get exactly the label you envision. This eliminates any costly mistakes and the hassle of reprinting. And you do not have to worry about energy consumption; the device’s auto-off functionality kicks in when not in use, making it an eco-friendly choice.

This label makers also have real-time preview function through its clear LCD display, ensuring you will get exactly the label you envision. This eliminates any costly mistakes and the hassle of reprinting. And you do not have to worry about energy consumption; the device’s auto-off functionality kicks in when not in use, making it an eco-friendly choice.

It also comes with three bonus LT labeling tapes—each suitable for different types of surfaces and environments. The tapes come in easy-to-load cassettes and feature an easy-peel backing, making application a breeze. In line with DYMO’s commitment to sustainability, all paper labels are FSC Certified and BPA Free, and the packaging and external cassettes are made from recycled material.

User Verdict – Several users have found this versatile label maker to be user-friendly. They have particularly appreciated the real-time preview feature and other customization options. However, the auto-functionality and eco-friendly can be somewhat inconvenient when working on extensive labeling projects.

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7. NIIMBOT Label Maker

nimbotThe NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker, your versatile labeling companion for every occasion. Designed for ease of use and maximum convenience, this label printer works seamlessly with both iOS & Android devices as well as PCs. It’s especially great as a holiday or special occasion gift, making it a thoughtful present for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

With the free NIIMBOT app, you gain access to over 30 fonts, 100 borders, and a whopping 1500+ symbols, enabling you to print labels that are as unique as your needs. It houses a robust 1500 mAh lithium battery, allowing you to print labels continuously for up to 5 hours on a single charge. This eliminates the need for constant battery replacements, saving you both time and money.

Further contributing to its eco-friendly design, the label maker also features an automatic shutdown function that kicks in after 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy. Made of high-quality ABS material, the NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker is not just functional but also stylish, complementing any professional or personal setting.

With the ability to support label widths ranging from 0.8″ to 2″, this printer uses 21.18-inch (50×30 mm) tape, offering ample space for your text or design. Despite its powerful features, the NIIMBOT B1 keeps a small footprint with dimensions of just 5.23.6*2.4 inches and a weight of only 0.7 pounds, making it extremely portable and easy to store.

User Verdict – Users appreciated the NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker for its impressive array of fonts and symbols, along with its eco-friendly, inkless printing technology. However, they noted that its connectivity with her Android device was occasionally inconsistent, requiring her to reconnect more than once during her labeling projects.

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8. Brother PTH110 Label Makerbrother 1

The next product is yet again another model from the brand Brother P-touch. Their PTH110 Label Maker, your go-to solution for quick and effortless label-making on the go. Engineered to be both lightweight and portable, this compact device is ideal for virtually any labeling task wherever you are.

Designed for ease of use, the label maker comes equipped with a user-friendly QWERTY keyboard that makes text input a breeze. One-touch keys further enhance the user experience, providing quick and easy access to a variety of fonts, sizes, styles, and frames.

With three distinct fonts, 14 decorative frames, and over 250 symbols at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. If you are looking for something even more special, the device also includes 10 pre-designed decorative labels that add an extra flair to your projects.

The PTH110 is compatible with Brother P-touch TZe tapes in widths ranging from 3.5mm to 12mm, offering you a great degree of flexibility. The tapes are available in multiple colors, and there are also specialty options like extra-strength adhesive, flexible cable, and fabric iron-on tapes, depending on your specific needs.

The TZe tapes are laminated to ensure they are smudge and fade-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The tapes are also designed with a split back, making the application process smooth and simple. And finally, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty and offers free lifetime phone support.

User Verdict – The consumers of this product were particularly impressed with the device’s lightweight and portable design, which made it easy to carry around. However, the lack of a backlit display made it challenging to use the device in low-light conditions.

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9. Pik Dik Label Makerpikdik

PikDik D11 Pro Pink combines convenience and creativity, making it an indispensable tool for both personal and professional labeling. The PikDik D11 Pro is a versatile tool designed for a variety of applications. From home and office organization to labeling items in schools and supermarkets, this device has got you covered.

Updated with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the device offers faster and more stable connections, enhancing the user experience. Apart from being smarter, it is also smaller and lighter than traditional label makers, making it exceptionally portable. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones through its free “Metaprint” app.

Within the app, users can tap into a wealth of creative options, including more than 150 frames, five languages, over 1500 symbols, and 20 pre-designed templates. This treasure trove of options allows for endless customization, perfect for labeling jars, storage bins, folders, or even for crafting decorative gifts.

Another standout feature is its rechargeable battery, which lasts up to two months on a single charge. This not only eliminates the need for constant battery replacement but also makes it an eco-friendly option. Furthermore, the D11 Pro employs BPA-free direct thermal technology, negating the need for expensive ink, toner, or ribbons, thereby offering a cost-effective solution for all your labeling needs.

User Verdict – The user found the PikDik Mini Bluetooth Label Maker – D11 Pro Pink to be an incredibly convenient and versatile tool for both home and office labeling needs. However, one drawback they noted was the device’s incompatibility with computers and tablets, limiting its use to only smartphones.

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How To Choose The Best Label Maker?

When it comes to bringing organization into your life, a high-quality label maker can be a game-changer. But to shortlist the best option among the varied choices is rather not a simple task. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will delve into the key factors you should consider before making a purchase.

1. Type Of Label Maker

When choosing a label maker, one of the first things to consider is the type that best suits your needs. There are essentially two broad categories: Desktop and Handheld. Let’s delve into each type to better understand their unique advantages and limitations.

2. Desktop Label Makers

These are generally feature-rich devices designed to sit on a desk or counter. They typically offer a wider array of fonts, symbols, and even graphic capabilities than their handheld counterparts. Due to their size and reliance on an AC power source, they are less portable and better suited for stationary use.

Ideal for – Businesses, offices, or dedicated craft stations where you need a range of features and are unlikely to move the label maker frequently.

3. Handheld Label Makers

These are battery-operated and designed to be mobile. You can easily carry one around your home, garden, or workshop, labelling items as you go. While they can be quite versatile, they often have fewer features than desktop models, such as limited font choices and simpler interfaces.

Ideal for – On-the-go labeling tasks, small businesses, or home use where portability is more important than an extensive list of features.

By understanding these categories and what they offer, you will be better equipped to choose the label maker that aligns perfectly with your specific needs.

4. Print Technology

In label makers, print technology primarily falls into two categories: Thermal and Inkjet.

Thermal printers use heat to imprint labels, offering quick and economical printing without the need for ink. However, they are typically limited to monochrome output.

Inkjet printers, on the other hand, utilize liquid ink cartridges, providing a wider range of colors but at a higher ongoing cost and slower print speed due to drying time.

Choose thermal for high-volume, cost-effective, black-and-white labeling, and inkjet for specialized, colorful labels that may require a higher budget and more time.

5. Printing Speed and Accuracy

Printing speed, measured in mm/s, indicates how quickly a label maker can produce labels. A minimum speed of 15 mm/s is generally adequate for most tasks, but for office or heavy-duty printing, aim for at least 60 mm/s.

On the other hand, printing accuracy, or resolution, is expressed in dpi (dots per inch). This factor affects the clarity and quality of your labels’ text and graphics. For a crisp output, opt for a label maker with a minimum resolution of 203 dpi.

6. Label Material and Size

Label makers are compatible with a range of materials, including plastic, fabric, and even metallic options. The material you opt for will largely depend on the specific use-case scenarios.

For example, plastic labels are generally good for indoor uses like home organization, whereas metallic labels might be more suited for rugged, outdoor applications. Fabric labels, on the other hand, are ideal for items like clothing or textiles.

Another pivotal consideration is the size of the labels the machine can generate. Many label makers have limitations on label width, so you will need to ensure that the device you choose can handle the sizes you require.

Some models offer adjustable widths, which can be particularly useful if you have a variety of labelling needs—narrow labels may be suitable for smaller items like spice jars or office folders, while broader labels are better for larger storage containers or pieces of equipment.

Some advanced label makers even allow for adjustments in both length and width, offering maximum versatility for a wide range of projects. Considering these factors will help you select a label maker that is truly aligned with your specific needs.

7. Power Source

When it comes to power source, label makers come in two primary options – batteries or AC-powered.

Battery-powered label makers are highly portable, allowing you to take them wherever you go without worrying about finding an electrical outlet. This makes them ideal for on-the-move tasks. However, the downside is that batteries can run out, and you will either need to replace or recharge them, which could be inconvenient and adds an ongoing cost.

On the other hand, label makers that come with an AC adapter generally need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function. While this limits their portability, these models often provide more consistent power, which can be suitable for high-volume labelling tasks.

So, you must make the choice based on your requirements and convenience.

8. Connectivity

Label makers come with various connectivity options, both wired and wireless, each offering distinct advantages. Wireless connectivity, often via Bluetooth, allows for easy setup and seamless label printing without the clutter of cables. This also provides the flexibility to position the label maker farther from your smartphone or laptop.

If you opt for a Bluetooth-enabled device, it is advisable to ensure it supports the latest version of Bluetooth, as this will generally give you faster data transmission and a longer connection range.

Wired connections, while less versatile in terms of placement, might offer more stable data transfer for high-volume printing tasks.

Choosing the right connectivity option depends on your specific needs, whether that is the convenience of wireless printing or the stability of a wired connection.

9. Operating System Compatibility

When linked to a smartphone or computer, many label makers offer extensive customization features. Some models even integrate with programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, granting you access to an array of fonts, text sizes, symbols, and icons. Others come with their own specialized apps for crafting custom labels.

However, it is crucial to note that not all label makers are backward-compatible with older smartphone operating systems. Before making a purchase, it is advisable to confirm that the label maker is compatible with the operating system of your device to ensure you can unlock all its customization capabilities.

10. Additional Features

When shopping for a label maker, do not overlook the value of additional features that can make your labelling tasks simpler and more efficient.

Templates – Some models offer pre-installed templates for common labels, saving you the effort of designing from scratch.

Multi-Line Printing – If you require labels with more information, consider a unit that supports multi-line printing. This feature enables you to print detailed labels with multiple lines of text, providing extra space for essential data or instructions.

These extra capabilities can greatly enhance your overall labelling experience.

11. Warranty

Label makers, like any electronic devices, are prone to both physical damage and technical glitches. That is why having a warranty can be a valuable safeguard. Some manufacturers offer extensive warranty periods of up to five years, and certain brands even provide additional service warranties. To minimize risks and ensure peace of mind, we recommend choosing a label maker that comes with a minimum of a one-year warranty.

Best Label Makers – FAQs

1. What is the best type of label maker for home use?

Ans: For home use, a handheld label maker with basic features is often sufficient. These are usually more affordable and easier to store. If you need more customization options, a computer-connected model might be useful.

2. Are label makers easy to use?

Ans: Ease of use varies by model. Basic handheld models are generally straightforward, while computer-connected or advanced models may have a learning curve but offer more features.

3. Can I print labels in different languages?

Ans: Many modern label makers support multiple languages, but always check the product specifications to ensure the language you need is supported.

4. Is it expensive to maintain a label maker?

Ans: Maintenance costs can vary. Inkjet models require ink replacements, while thermal models do not. However, thermal models may require special label rolls, which can be more expensive.

5. Do label makers have memory for storing designs?

Ans: Many advanced models have memory capabilities for storing frequently-used label designs. This can be a time-saving feature if you often print the same labels.

6. Can I use my label maker for barcodes?

Ans: Some advanced label makers support barcode printing. If this is a requirement for you, make sure to check the product specifications.

7. How do I clean my label maker?

Ans: Cleaning instructions will vary by model, but most can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Always check the user manual for specific guidelines.

8. Can label makers be used for professional applications?

Ans: Yes, some high-end label makers are designed for industrial or professional use and come with features like high printing speeds, extensive material compatibility, and advanced customization options.

9. What is the difference between a label maker and a label printer?

Ans: Label makers are standalone devices designed for simple, often portable, labelling tasks. They usually have a built-in keyboard and screen for creating labels on-the-go. Label printers, on the other hand, are generally connected to a computer and are designed for higher-volume, more complex labelling tasks.

10. Do label makers have different fonts?

Ans: Yes, many modern label makers offer multiple font options, giving you the flexibility to customize your labels to fit specific needs. Some advanced models, especially those that can be connected to a computer, offer even more extensive font and design options.

11. Is it worth getting a label maker?

Ans: The value of a label maker depends on your needs. If you find yourself frequently needing to organize items, whether at home or work, a label maker can be a time-saving and efficient tool. It helps you create custom labels for better organization and clarity.

12. How do label makers operate?

Ans: Label makers usually function using thermal printing technology to imprint your selected text onto a label tape. This tape typically comes in rolls or strips, so you will need to replenish it if you print labels frequently.

13. Do label makers require ink?

Ans: Most label makers do not use ink, as they rely on thermal printing. In this process, a heated print head activates a special, heat-sensitive label tape, creating the text. Therefore, there is no need to worry about replacing ink cartridges or dealing with spills. To keep printing, just make sure you use the compatible label tape, often available from the manufacturer.

14. Are labels produced by label makers water-resistant?

Ans: While labels from most label makers can withstand minor exposure to water, they are not designed to be fully waterproof. A quick wipe can usually save a label from water damage, but these labels are not meant for submerged or extremely wet conditions.


The world of label makers has seen significant advancements, moving from clunky, hard-to-navigate devices to sleek, user-friendly machines that connect effortlessly with smart devices. Whether you are looking to organize your home, office, or even your retail business, there is a label maker out there that can suit your specific needs.

  • From the feature-rich DYMO 200B Label Maker series to the incredibly portable and rechargeable NIIMBOT Label Maker and PikDik Label Maker pro, each offers a unique set of features that aim to make your life more organized and efficient. Brother’s PTM 95 Label Maker also brings reliability and ease of use to the table, with a variety of fonts and frames to choose from.
  • However, no product is without its drawbacks, whether it be limited compatibility with certain devices or the lack of certain advanced features. It is important to carefully consider what you’ll primarily use the label maker for, as well as what devices you plan to connect it with, to make the most informed decision.

For any questions or doubts, write to us in the comment section below.

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