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10 Best L Shaped Gaming Desks In 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

A highly important factor in your gaming setup is your gaming desk. Even with the latest generation system, console, and display hardware, you cannot enjoy your gaming system properly without a decent gaming desk.

The desks that are specially designed for productivity tasks and gaming are aimed at providing the user utmost comfort and allow a comfortable sitting position along with space-saving techniques. The most space-saving desks are the L shaped gaming desks. A perfect L shaped gaming desk will fit perfectly in a corner of your room which is usually an unused space. Here are some interesting points to think about in an L shaped gaming desk.

  • Desk Space: The available desk space is, of course, a crucial factor for every desk. After you get your L shaped desk ready in your room, you should be able to securely mount all of your peripherals on the desk.
  • Shape: The L shaped desks are exactly shaped like the letter L. While some desks offer a sharp corner for the desk, some offer a curved corner. A sharper corner usually offers you more desk space, but a curved corner is pleasing to look at.
  • Personalization: After getting your desk, you might find some anomalies in your setup or upgrade parts in your system later on. To compensate for that, you must be able to customize your L shaped desk as much as possible.

Gaming desks are readily available in the market from hundreds of different manufacturers. If you want the perfect L shaped gaming desk, you should take a look at our choices for the best L shaped gaming desk offered on our list. We will also talk about the essential factors to consider before buying an L shaped gaming desk in our “Buying Guide” for the best L shaped gaming desk later on.

10 Best L Shaped Gaming Desks in 2024

Best L Shaped Gaming DesksDesk SpaceMaterialAdditional standsBuy Now
EUREKA L Shaped Gaming Desk60 inchesEngineered Wood
Check On Amazon
Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk51 inchesEngineered woodLarge monitor standCheck On Amazon
Sedeta L Shaped Gaming Desk67 inchesEngineered WoodStorage Shelf, Keyboard Tray, Storage Bag, Iron HookCheck On Amazon
Coleshome L-Shaped Gaming Desk61 inchesEngineered woodLarge monitor standCheck On Amazon
SHW L-Shaped Gaming Desk51 inchesSteel frame with tempered glassMonitor standCheck On Amazon
CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk67 inchesEngineered woodMonitor standCheck On Amazon
SweetCrispy L Shaped Gaming Desk50 inchesMetal and Steel
CPU tray, side storage bagCheck On Amazon
Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk55.2 inchesMetal and  woodLarge monitor standCheck On Amazon
MOTPK L Shaped Gaming Desk51 inchesCarbon fiber surfaceMonitor standCheck On Amazon
Teraves L-Shaped Gaming Desk58 inchesMDF & metalMonitor standCheck On Amazon

Best L Shaped Gaming Desks in 2024: Reviews

1. EUREKA L Shaped Gaming Desk

Eureka L shaped deskBeing the most sold product from our picks, the L shaped gaming desk from Eureka is a smart choice. Also, it is offered at quite a lower price range compared to other options.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk L Shaped, a 60-inch gaming desk that seamlessly combines modern style with smart functionality. This electric height-adjustable dual motor desk is ideal for your home office or gaming setup, offering a spacious and ergonomic workstation. The desk features a smart memory preset mousepad, allowing you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing heights with four memory presets.

Boasting a 60-inch wide surface with an additional 20-inch L-shaped section, this desk offers ample space for multiple monitors and accessories. Say goodbye to feeling cramped in a corner; this stand-up corner desk provides freedom of movement. Crafted from EPA, TSCA Title VI, and CARB Phase II certified particle board, the desktop eliminates formaldehyde exposure concerns. Easily switch between sitting and standing positions to promote a healthy posture and burn calories during your work or gaming sessions. Constructed with thicker and heavy-duty custom-grade carbon steel, this standing desk ensures stability and support.

Best Features

  • 60-inch L-shaped gaming desk
  • Electric height-adjustable with dual motors
  • 4 memory presets for easy sit-stand transitions
  • Smart Anti-Collision Technology with HALL SENSOR & AI CONTROL
  • Height adjustable from 30” to 48”
  • Max lifting capacity up to 220lbs
  • EPA, TSCA Title VI, and CARB Phase II certified particle board
  • Thicker and heavy-duty custom-grade carbon steel construction


  • Great desk, moderate
  •  Great Ergonomic desk for any home office


  • Difficulty in setup
  • Screws in the bottom of the desk did not tighten
  • Not super sturdy

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2. Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk

Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk

Casaottima is the next most popular brand from our picks that had also sold many gaming desks in the past. You will find the L shaped gaming desk from Casaottima suitable for many applications.

Our 2nd choice for the best L shaped gaming desk is a perfect option for those who are looking for a specious desk with a sleek and attractive design. Being the preferred choice of thousands of gamers, the Casaottima L Shaped Desk allows nearly 51 inches of working space on both sides. As both sides of the gaming desk are identical, you can switch the setup according to your preference. Even though it is the cheapest option from our picks, it is made up of engineered wood for great durability.

The desk, along with the included monitor stand, has a scratch-proof finish on the top that prevents it from getting damaged over time. Also, it is safe from water damage as well as high-temperature damage, which makes it perfect for every corner of your room. The included monitor shelf can be removed if you want to create additional space for more monitors on both sides. There is a 3 year warranty period on the Casaottima L Shaped Desk.

Best Features

  • 51 inches space available on the desk
  • Made up of engineered wood
  • Additional monitor stand included
  • Curved L shape design
  • Most affordable L shaped gaming desk
  • Waterproof, scratchproof, and heatproof surface.


  • Very large desk available in the low budget range
  • Multiple monitors can be placed on both sides
  • Frame quality is good


  • The book shelf feature though could be a little more sturdy.

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3. Sedeta L Shaped Gaming Desk

Sedeta L shaped deskSedeta manufactures many different types of furniture for homes as well as offices. The L shaped gaming desk from Sedeta is a great choice for the long term.

SEDETA L Shaped Gaming Desk, a versatile solution for your home office or gaming setup. With dimensions of 19.7 inches in depth, 67 inches in width, and 57 inches in height, this desk provides an expansive and ergonomic workspace. The reversible design allows you to choose between a 67-inch corner desk or an impressive 94.5-inch long office desk, catering to different spatial requirements.

The desk offers substantial storage space, including a storage bag, pegboard, 2-tier storage shelves, and a keyboard tray, ensuring that your gaming accessories and office essentials are neatly organized and within easy reach. Additionally, the desk’s industrial style, powder-coated finish, and built-in USB outlet add a touch of modernity to your workspace.

Best Features

  • Ample storage with storage bag, pegboard, 2-tier storage shelves, and keyboard tray
  • Industrial style with a powder-coated finish
  • Built-in USB outlet for convenient device charging
  • LED lights with over 60,000 colors and 29 flashing modes, controlled via app
  • Headphone hook for convenient storage
  • CPU stand for tower shelf placement


  •  Excellent Wooden L-Shaped Desk!
  •  Cool LED lights
  • It’s very spacious and can fit a lot of little add-ons
  • Allows up to 3 monitor setup


  • The book shelf feature though could be a little more sturdy.

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4. Coleshome L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Coleshome L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Coleshome has designed the perfect L-shaped gaming desk for professional users. If you are also a content creator or a streamer, then you should consider the following option for Coleshome.

The L-shaped gaming desk from Coleshome is a super large gaming desk with one side being nearly 61 inches long that let you fit 2 – 3 monitors on this desk, thanks to its highly spacious desk with plenty of leg room under the desk. This modern and stylish desk is used for various applications like gaming desk, study writing desk, home office desk, or computer desk.

This gaming desk is made up of high-quality engineered wood on top and a metal frame on the bottom. While its adjustable foot pads and sturdy metal leg will keep the desk stay stable without wobbling. Thus, this sturdy & stable desk can easily support more than 220 pounds weight, and apart from that, it is wear-resistant and easy to clean to offer a comfortable and elegant work experience.

It is quite easy to install/assemble this Coleshome super large gaming desk as all of the necessary tools, and assembly instructions are provided with the desk. You can also disassemble the desk and break it into a simple, compact desk, and large horizontal gaming desk, in case, if you won’t install it in a corner. Furthermore, you can get 2 of these units to form a U-shaped gaming desk for better working or gaming setup.

Best Features

  • Maximum workspace of 61-inches available on the desk
  • Made up of engineered wood and iron frame
  • Curved extended L-shape design for space saving.
  • Can easily support up to 220 lbs weight
  • Sturdy, durable, and stylish design with easy assembly.


  • Desk quality is very good
  • Adjustable foot pads to prevent wobbling on uneven floors.
  • One of the largest options in the market
  • Best suited for professional gamers


  • CPU shelf is not provided
  • Some users found it a bit difficult to assemble.

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5. SHW L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Coleshome L-Shaped Gaming Desk

SHW is a highly reliable brand that offers durable build quality L-shaped gaming desks at an affordable price range.

Here, we have a durable L-shaped gaming desk coming from SHW. This 3-piece gaming desk offers you a total of 51 inches of working space from each side, including the curved round corner. Thus, it can be used for a working setup, gaming, and entertainment setup without any problem. There is a 19 X 28.5 inches monitor rise available on the table to install the monitor without compromising the desk space.

Made with a sturdy steel metal frame, the SHW L-shaped gaming desk offers great stability for the desk. The triangular junctions are present to support the desk so that you will not find wobble on the desk even after years of usage. Its tempered glass makes it quite easy to clean, and safe, and has a waterproof finish. While its Z-shaped design made of steel finish with powder coating will ensure stability, durability, and longevity. Its adjustable glides are used to balance or stabilize the desk, especially on uneven floors.

Best Features

  • 51 inches of space available on the deck
  • Curved L-shape design
  • Both sides offer the same space
  • High-quality tempered glasses
  • Made up of powder-coated steel frame
  • Z-shaped design for durability


  • Good built quality
  • A reliable choice for long term
  • Stabilize the desk on uneven floors with adjustable glides
  • It can be floor mount or freestanding
  • Simple, easy to assemble, or easy to clean


  • The monitor stand is small.

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6. CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk

CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk

CubiCubi is one of the most premium brands in the market for desks and furniture. They also produce an L shaped gaming desk which is mentioned here.

If you are not liking the typical L shaped gaming desk designs offered so far, you might find this option very interesting. The CubiCubi L shaped gaming desk features a unique and premium sharp L shaped structure with an extended side to match the needs of a professional gaming setup. This modern design gaming desk is a suitable choice for both home and office work. The available working area on this desk is around 67 inches on the longer side, which is the best you can find in extended L shaped gaming desks.

The CubiCubi L Shaped Desk comes with many minor upgrades and perks under the hood that increases its efficiency for regular usage. For example, there is a dedicated headphone holder provided on one side that allows you to safely keep your headphones without taking extra space on the desk. The same goes for the included shell and a special drawer below the desk. It is supported by iron pipes, while the desk itself is made up of engineered wood to offer great stability along with an attractive design.

Best Features

  • 67 inches maximum space available on the desk
  • Made up of engineered wood and iron pipes
  • Most premium option in the market
  • Sharp extended L shape design
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Multiple additional perks installed


  • Built-in a drawer is great as it supported up to 3.3 lbs weight
  • Premium build quality and looks
  • Largest L shaped desk in the market


  • Only suitable for large rooms

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7. SweetCrispy L Shaped Gaming Desk

Sweet crispy L shaped deskSweetcrispy L Shaped Computer Desk, a versatile solution designed for gamers and professionals alike. With dimensions of 49.61 inches in length, 41.34 inches in width, and 29.13 inches in height, this desk provides a spacious and ergonomic workspace. The L-shaped configuration allows for a customized gaming or work zone, optimizing your space according to preferences.

Additionally, the desk offers efficient storage options with a built-in CPU tray at the bottom, providing a dedicated space for your computer tower while maintaining proper ventilation. The inclusion of a side storage bag ensures easy organization of gaming accessories, office supplies, or personal items, enhancing the overall functionality of this sleek and modern desk.

Best Features

  • Premium build with a durable metal frame
  • Waterproof and easy-to-clean wooden desktop
  • Sleek and minimalist design available in black, white, gray, and rustic colors
  • Side storage bag for convenient organization
  • Built-in CPU tray


  • Would definitely recommend
  • Easy Set Up
  • Perfect for a small room
  •  Nice quality for price


  • Drawers would be nice

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8. Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier L Shaped Gaming Desk

Bestier has been designing premium and attractive furniture for a very long time now. If you already own furniture from Bestier, the Bestier L shaped gaming desk will be a great addition to the collection.

The L shaped gaming desk from bestier is a higher premium, and attractive option for gaming and productivity focused desk. Similar to our previous choice, it also features a wide monitor stand which is nearly 55 inches long, matching the length of the desk itself. The stand is also removable so that you can choose to install it on either the left or right side of the table. If not, you can get creating with the personalization option for the most optimal setup according to your taste.

The Bestier L-Shaped comes in 3 different pieces so that you can even break the tables into 2 or 3 different desks according to your requirement. The best part about this gaming desk is that it comes with a pre-installed RGB LED strip below the monitor stand. This LED strip offers 20 different dynamic modes along with 20 multi-coloured options. Thus, you can adjust the settings according to your requirement, whether you are gaming or working. There is also a headphone and cup holder available on the desk that can also be switched from side to side.

Best Features

  • 2 inches space available on the desk
  • Made up of P2 particle thicken wood desk and metal frame
  • Large monitor stand included
  • Curved L shape design
  • Pre-installed RGB LED light strip
  • Highly customizable L shaped gaming desk


  • Offers many premium features for its price
  • Many built-in features are available
  • Sturdy and durable board design


  • Size should have been bigger

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9. MOTPK L Shaped Gaming Desk

MOTPK L Shaped Gaming Desk

MOTPK is yet another gaming-focused brand available in our picks that focuses on gaming based desk designs. Thus, it is also an ideal choice for gamers.

If you are looking for attractive gaming based L shaped desk under an affordable price range, your search ends here. The MOTPK L Shaped Gaming Desk is specifically designed for gamers which you will notice in its expressive design and attractive carbon fiber finish on the top. The maximum space available on each side of the desk is around 51 inches which are sufficient for customizable gaming setups. MOTPK has also introduced a headphone stand and a cup holder along with a dedicated shelf on this L shaped gaming desk.

Unlike most other l shaped gaming desks, there is an attractive color scheme offered all over the desk, which is ideal for a theme-based setup. While the included monitor stand is not ideal for large monitors, it is still decent for keeping a console or decorative item. You will be getting 29.5 inches height on this desk along with separate foot sets provided on each side so that you get perfect leg space on both sides of the desk. The carbon fiber finish on the desk makes it easier to clean and maintains its attractive looks for a very long time.

Best Features

  • 51 inches space available on the desk
  • Made up of carbon fiber surface and metal frame
  • Additional monitor stand included
  • Curved L shape design
  • Headphone stand and cup holder provided
  • 5 inches desk height


  • Best choice for gaming setups
  • Attractive design aspect
  • The desk is very durable and has a scratch-proof surface


  • Compact monitor stand

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10. Teraves L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Teraves Modern L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Yet another reliable called that provides high-quality products in the gaming accessories section is the Teraves. It is the perfect choice for gaming lovers who are looking for affordable price range.

It has a simple and classy look which fits into modern, contemporary and industrial interiors. It is perfect choice for offices, homes, writing table and gaming table. It has adequate space for placing the monitor and all the accessories related to your gaming.

This gaming desk has a strong steel metal base which enables it to handle a weight capacity of up to 450lbs. On the top, it comes with an engineered wood slap in L-shape. At the bottom, adjustable leg pads and foot rest to convenience.

A freely sliding CPU space is provided under the desk. The powder-coated finish of the gaming desk prevents corrosion. It is quite easy to maintain as you can just wipe it using a dry cloth.

Best Features:

  • Made up of P2 particle board
  • Adequate space
  • Wide applications
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable leg pads and foot rest


  • Modern design
  • Extra storage space for CPU
  • Powder coated finish
  • No corrosion


  • No warranty details
  • Instructions are not clear

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The L Shaped Gaming Desks

Buying a desk is a necessary step in creating your personal space in your home that you can use for gaming, working, entertainment, and many other purposes. The L shaped gaming desks are a perfect choice for all of these applications as they are perfectly applicable for even the smallest corner of the room and offer you a lot of desk space.

The L shaped gaming desks are also a decent choice for a living room setup as you can always use the additional desk space for decoration after you have placed the consoles and TV accessories. Although, you need to pay great attention to the small details while purchasing an L shaped gaming desk as you will not be able to replace it any time soon. Thus, we will strongly recommend you to go through our buying guide for the best L shaped gaming desks before you finalize your choice.

1. Available Desk Space

The primary function of any desk is to provide you ample space to keep all your necessary items in place and offer you a decent working space with it. It is also required from an L shaped gaming desk that is usually designed for heavy gaming and long working sessions. As you are going to spend most of your work or free time on your desk, you should make sure that it can store all of the things that you need in your setup. This includes audio devices, consoles, books, table lights, and many other things apart from the computer and monitors. Also check if it has keyboard tray.

2. Materials Used

The materials used to make the desk represent its durability and reliability for the future. Even if you upgrade your gaming setup almost every other year, you should not have to invest time or money into upgrading your gaming desk as well. Thus, there are spacious L shaped gaming desks available that can offer you a very long life span of about 10 years or higher. But, you need to make sure that the desk you are purchasing is made with high-quality materials. This goes for both the desk itself and the supporting structures of the desk.

3. Additional Parameters

The additional features of an L shaped gaming desk basically extend its applicability. For example, having an additional monitor stand will give you more free space on the desk as well as a dedicated space to place speakers and other compact devices. The same goes for the headphones stand available with the L shaped gaming desks that can take care of your headphones and also the cables attached to them. If you like to have a beverage with you while gaming or working, you must pick an option with a cup holder so that you are safe from spillage problems that could be fatal for your system.

4. Color Scheme and Design

Finally, we will encourage you to take a look at the design and the color scheme of the desk you are going to buy. Even if the desk suffices all of your requirements, it needs to match the decor of your setup and also fit perfectly in the available position in your home or office. In the case of the design aspect of the L shaped gaming desks, you will find sharp, curved, and extended L shaped designs. You will find the complete dimensions of each table on the product page that you should compare with the available space in your home. As for the color scheme, you should choose the one that does not oppose the theme of your room for a pleasing setup.


If you are looking for an L shaped gaming desk for your home, you have come to the right place. All of the best L shaped gaming desks provided on our list today will be a fine choice for your home, whether you want a sturdy desk or a minimal desk with attractive looks. You will find a variety of options here that are specifically designed for different types of applications. Hence, you can find the one that suits your needs. If not, you can take a look at the following recommendations.

  • The Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Deskis arguably the most affordable option in the market right now for a high-quality L shaped desk. It offers you a total of 51 inches wide workspace, which is enough for a multi-monitor gaming setup. Also, it has a compact stand present on the side that can support decorative accessories or a console.
  • If you have a large room and can fit a large desk, you should go with the CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk. This is an extended L shaped desk that features one side considerably longer than the other. Apart from the 67 inches wide working space, it also has a small drawer to store essential items.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the SEDETA L Shaped Gaming Desk for serious gamers. It offers 67 inches of desk space with a large and sturdy monitor rise on the longer side. This allows you to put a large-sized monitor on the desk with additional space below it for a streaming desk or compact speakers.

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