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Standing Desk Benefits and Types

You are rampaging through your keyboard, shuffling ideas in your mind, but have you ever thought about your posture and health while doing your “desk job”? Probably not. After a long day at work you shuffle around and come home with aching legs, stiff shoulders, and constant back pain then you just complain about it and move on, but the problem in your comfort zone should be fixed.

Modern problems need modern solutions. People are going gaga over standing desks, which is scientifically proven and is profoundly good for health. A height-adjustable or standing desk would be perfect for moving you out of your comfort zone. Studies and surveys done by professionals have suggested that a standing desk might be able to help people with high blood pressure, obesity, and high sugar levels. So, the butterfly effect of a standing desk can cause a big revolution in your health and daily habits.

What is a Standing Desk?

We humans are born to move. A standing desk allows you to work comfortably, just like a normal table but in a standing position. Like any normal desk, a standing desk will also accommodate your PC, keyboard, mouse, laptop, files, and other important files. You can get your job done while standing and move freely without fatigue. Studies from Harvard have shown that sitting for a long period can cause damage to your health and mind. A standing desk that provides a balanced alignment to your body will save you from muscle freeze and unnecessary long-term health hazards.

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Types of Standing Desks

If you can choose your couches, then there should be variety at standing desks. Primarily, there are 4 types of standing desks.

1. Manual Sit Stand Desks

Manual Sit-stand Desks are adjustable standing desks according to the people’s needs. They are practical, particularly for sitting and standing while you work. The desks require height adjustments that need to be done manually. These desks are specifically made to balance your workspace sitting and standing time and let a person switch positions effortlessly. Although it is made for easy work, these standing desks come with some other specifications and limitations, which are:

  • These are simple, cost-effective, practical options if you are looking for standing desks.
  • The height adjustment process is manual, so that it can be a little slow in action.
  • The weight capacity of the desk is limited
  • The range of such desks is limited due to the weight and manual operation
  • The electric parts need different adjustments
  • Physically disabled people can find it difficult to operate
  • These are environment friendly

2. Electric Sit Stand Desks

An Electric Sit Stand desk contains an electric motor that will handle the height adjustment of the desk. These types of desks are perfect for sitting, standing, and moving positions effortlessly without hassle. The motion is within the range of your leg so that you can use that easily. You can also adjust the height range accordingly and the process would be much smoother than a man-powered sit stand desk. These desks have auto-save settings so that the height settings can be saved in the machine, and the best part is they can handle a good amount of weight. Their other attributes are:

  • Powered by electricity, it can be handled by anyone
  • The motors are situated near your leg so that you can operate them easily
  • can pre-set the height and weight measurements
  • These desks are sturdy and can take the weight of fully equipped desktops and other objects.
  • The programmable settings, buttons on a panel for easy operation
  • These can be a little bit pricey

3. Standing Desk Converters

Standing Desk Converters are the smarter option when it comes to standing desks. These desks will allow you to transform your conventional sitting desk into a modern sit-stand desk within a few minutes. Standing desk converters are made for those tight spaces and are also very economical. These types of desks can easily hold your important work gear like desktops, laptops, printers, and other machines. These workstations provide flexibility in a certain way, which might be a significant step forward for your health. These types of desks have a few key points that should be noted which are:

  • These desks are portable, easy to move and use
  • Height is adjustable and can handle weight
  • They might need manual power or other sort of power sources to convert
  • They have built-in sections for keyboards, monitors, or mounted spaces for specific things
  • These are flexible, cost-effective, and practical
  • Easy to install at places, sometimes they don’t require a lever or motor

4. Portable Standing Desks

These types of desks are perfect for those who move around a lot. Portable Standing desks are perfect if you want to stand while you are at work and then you can fold them and take it with you. These are lightweight and flexible. You can adjust the height measurement manually. They are perfect for carrying a laptop and good space management. Teachers or people who work from home can be the perfect users for such desks. These desks come with specifications such as:

  • Foldable, affordable, and flexible
  • Good for home offices, workshops, and outdoors
  • The design is made for durability, and the height is adjustable
  • A budget-friendly option for frequent movers
  • They are easy to assemble, won’t require electricity
  • People with disabilities can find it difficult to set up
  • The desk can handle weight

Benefits of Standing Desks

1. Burns Calories and decreases risk of weight gain and obesity

When you get more calories than you need but do not do anything to reduce that, it can cause obesity. The Journal of Physical Activity and Health has shown that standing or moving can lower the chance of obesity. When you are sitting in different positions, you lose around 80 calories per hour, but when you are standing, the rate increases. So it is proven that standing at your desk job can prevent weight gain at a lower rate and help you lose some calories.

2. Using Standing Desks may decrease/lower Sugar levels

People who rest after eating might have the highest chance of getting issues related to increased blood sugar levels. If the levels are getting high, you are going to risk your life. Few studies regarding this issue have shown that standing in a particular position may reduce blood sugar levels by a certain level. Altering between standing and sitting after eating can also help with health problems.

3. Increases blood flow

Staying motionless in a particular position or moving barely can create fatigue; your muscles will be stiff, and the blood flow will gradually decrease. The more you move, the more the blood circulation happens swiftly. A balanced routine of sitting and standing can help with the blood flow in your body, and you’ll form a better habit.

4. Using Standing Desks decreases neck and back pain

Slouching or bending your backbone can cause orthopedic problems at a very young age. It is not always the vitamins or food but the tendency to be lazy. Infusing a standing habit in your routine can make a big difference, and a standing desk would help you with it. It probably won’t cure that backache or the Dowager’s hump in just one day, but the changes will be visible eventually.

5. It helps to Improve mood and energy levels at work

In the office, standing while doing your job can bring you a sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm for work. It will increase blood flow and produce more endorphins. In the afternoon, after every meal, it gets hard not to slack off, but it won’t be an issue when you are standing. Saying that standing boosts your energy, a standing desk would be a great option for that.

6. Reduce Arm and Wrist Strain

If you are used to working at a desk and chair, your wrists are meant to be on the edge of the desk. If you don’t change your hand’s position frequently, It can cause discomfort and slight pain in the upper arm. People with carpal tunnel syndrome can face severe damage to nerves. When you are standing, your body and hands are perfectly aligned with each other, and you can maintain a 90 to 100-degree angle with your hands while you are standing and typing or moving around in that position.  A standing desk can help with that.

7. Improves your posture

A proper standing desk with a suitable ergonomic design can get you your desired posture.

The monitor should be placed at a safe eye level and distance so that you don’t strain your eyes and don’t tilt or tilt your head too much. When you adopt the habit of standing, your spine and hands automatically adjust to it. Sitting for a long time can bring discomfort to your legs and spine, so a standing desk can be a helping hand in building a good habit.

8. Increase productivity

Naturally, productivity increases when you are in a good mood or not stressed about little things. The results of multiple surveys have shown that office workers adapting the standing desks into their lives are much happier and more productive in their working hours, and it doesn’t affect typing or such work.

9. Help You Live Longer

Studies have shown that if you sit for a long period, it gets monotonous and depressing with time. Death can also be a long-term result of that. With increasing health issues and other things, you can do a favor for your good.  A standing desk might bring something good to the table and increase healthy habits and good energy.

10. May reduces the risk of heart disease

In 1953, the idea that standing is better than sitting all the time popped up. Since then nobody can deny the effects as it was scientifically proven. If you are sitting an entire day and doing 2 hours of exercise, then probably it won’t eliminate the risks. With these standing desks, you can combine the timing of sitting and standing, and it will benefit your health. Balancing the blood flow, cholesterol levels, and sugar levels won’t add up to your health and won’t push your heart too much.

Standing Desk-FAQs

1. Are standing desks better for your health than sitting all day?

Ans:- If you are sitting for a long period, it can be harmful to your health, as studies have suggested. A standing desk can help you with such problems. It will give you the chance to stand and to move freely when you are working. When you are coordinating your working schedule between a particular standing and sitting time it can decrease health issues and might build up your stamina and energy during work hours.

2. How long should I stand at a standing desk?

Ans:- A sitting habit is difficult to lose. So, if you are considering getting a standing desk, you can start with a 30-minute phase of standing on your feet. You can gradually move up that time at work. You should not push your body to its wits end for health, but increasing the standing time can make a huge difference to your body, and it will be able to keep that up.

3. Are there any potential disadvantages to using a standing desk?

Ans:- Standing for too long can have its disadvantages. It can worsen your back ache or strain your legs. You have to find the right balance between sitting time and standing time so that it won’t interfere with your daily routine.

4. What are the benefits of using a standing desk?

Ans:- There are multiple advantages of using a standing desk. It will improve your posture and back pain. The blood flow in your body would be regular and it will reduce the blood pressure and various other things. It will decrease the risk of heart disease and other things. You might not be benefited in one day but the change in your health would be visible.

5. Can a standing desk improve productivity?

Ans:- Research has said that the production of standing desks is increasing day by day because of productivity. When you are standing, you are bound to feel more active and energetic. So gradually you’ll be more organized and productive.


The more we get smart the more we lose the motivation to move. And in an era that moves around so fast, someday you’ll get a machine to do all your physical and mental work on your behalf. Then who is going to take care of your body?

Let’s answer that question with another relevant question.

What can be a better option than a standing desk if you want to form a good working habit and save time for that also?

It will save you from doing extra work at the gym and form a good habit. A habit where you move around freely, do your work, and maintain a balance with your comfort. Various options are available at the market so you can get a suitable standing desk for your space and start an anti-fatigue tomorrow!

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