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9 Best Keyboard Tray Reviews & Buying Guide

Keyboard trays an important ergonomic accessory to prevent the complications and issues caused by our desk jobs.

Typing for long hours on the desk with improper posture will result in back pain, hand fatigue, and strain on your body. An ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray provides comfortable and cozy typing experience that reduces pain in the arms, shoulders, and wrists.

Installing a keyboard tray to existing study table or desk is quite simple. There are several ways like drilling or clamping to attach the keyboard tray to the desk. Also, there are different designs available for these keyboard trays.

We suggest you check the following key factors before investing in the keyboard platform to grab the best option.

  • Size: Ensure to measure the dimensions of the tray while shopping to prevent picking the wrong product. Choosing a too-long track for the desk will extend/push out from the desk, whereas a track without proper pushback won’t hide the keyboard. The tray model you choose should offer enough space for both keyboard and mouse.
  • Weight Capacity: Besides keyboards, we generally store a lot more things on this keyboard tray like an external hard disk, smartphone, mouse, or power brick. For this, you have to check the weight capacity of the tray before making its purchase. This ensures that your tray is capable of supporting the combined weight of all devices placed safely on the tray.
  • Height Adjustment: The height adjustment option on keyboard trays will allow you to get the perfect height for the keyboard so that you can stand or sit in a comfortable posture. Having more adjustment settings will offer a more ergonomic approach for its user.

We are here with a list of some top-notch Best Keyboard Tray options out there and a detailed Buying Guide to help you in selecting the correct tray as per your requirements from the below list of products.

9 Best Keyboard Tray

Best Keyboard TrayRequired Desk SpaceWeight CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray23.5 inchesUp to 10 lbs3 YearsCheck On Amazon
VIVO Keyboard Tray26.8 inchesUp to 11 lbs3 YearsCheck On Amazon
Stand Up Keyboard Tray20 inchesUp to 10 lbs--Check On Amazon
HUANUO Keyboard Tray25 inchesUp to 11 lbs1 YearCheck On Amazon
3M Keyboard Tray23 inchesUp to 18.5 lbs5 YearsCheck On Amazon
EUREKA Keyboard Tray28.3 inches Up to 6.6 lbs---Check On Amazon
Uncaged Ergonomics Keyboard Tray18.5 inches Up to 11.8 lbs1 YearCheck On Amazon
Mount-It Keyboard Tray27 inchesUp to 13.22 lbs5 YearsCheck On Amazon
ErGear Keyboard Tray26.3 inchesUp to 13 lbs1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best Keyboard Tray: Reviews

1. Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray

Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray

Fellowes offers a great selection of affordable choices for casual needs at a workplace. One of which is the keyboard tray from Fellowes.

Present at the top of our list, we have the Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer that will cost you the least amount of investment compared to any other keyboard tray on the market. It is a compact keyboard tray that only needs 10½ inches of desk space for installation. It offers a weight capacity of up to 10 lbs with ergonomic height adjustment settings. You can set up the height for this unit between 3 pre-designed height positions.

As it is a compact option, you will be getting a separate mouse tray mount at either left or right side of the keyboard that can be tucked away if not required. Almost all full-sized standard keyboards fit perfectly on this compact keyboard tray except those that come with additional keys such as macro keys like gaming keyboards, to be specific. There is a built-in wrist rest provided on the tray for comfort and a 3 year long warranty period offered by Fellowes.

Best Features

  • Most affordable keyboard tray
  • 3 height adjustment options available
  • Mounts on 23.5 inches wide desks
  • Up to 10 lbs weight capacity
  • Built-in wrist rest
  • 10 ½ inches glide track length
  • 3 years of warranty


  • Long warranty period for such a cheap option
  • Sturdy construction
  • Separate mouse tray provided


  • Weight capacity should be higher

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2. VIVO Keyboard Tray

VIVO Keyboard Tray

VIVO is a dedicated brand for ergonomic set-up to offer you healthy and active work life. The keyboard tray from VIVO is currently the bestselling option in the market.

The 2nd product on our list today is the VIVO Large Keyboard Tray Under Desk. As the name suggests, it is a very large keyboard tray and fits on desks that are 26/8 inches in length, if not longer. As it needs a large space to be installed, it also offers a similarly large workspace on the tray below your desk where you can put a mouse & keyboard along with many other accessories. You can also keep the tray at a certain distance to get the perfect typing angles that should relieve stress from your wrist and shoulders.

The maximum limit for the tray is up to 8.5 inches away from the desk, which should grant you a decent viewing distance from your monitor, in case you have a large monitor. Paired with sturdy C clamps, the VIVO Large Keyboard Tray Under Desk offers up to 11 lbs weight capacity, given that you have 1.25 inches or lower thickness available on your desk. It also includes a 3 year long warranty period which is not easily available with most other options.

Best Features

  • Large keyboard tray
  • Fits on up to 1.25 inches thick desks
  • Mounts on 26.8 inches wide desks
  • Up to 11 lbs weight capacity
  • Maximum 8.5 inches distance possible from desk
  • All mounting hardware included
  • 3 years of warranty


  • Suitable for large-sized keyboards
  • Many other accessories can be placed on the tray
  • Great warranty period


  • Additional mouse tray is not included

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3. Stand Up Keyboard Tray

Stand Up Keyboard Tray

S Stand Up Desk specializes in peripherals that are needed for a standing desk setup. Along with special types of desks and chairs, they also make retractable keyboard trays for your desks.

Our 3rd choice is more of an ergonomic take on the retractable keyboard trays coming from the S Stand Up Desk. The S Stand Up Desk keyboard tray is mountable on any desk which is 20 inches in length, if not longer. Even with support for compact desks, this option allows ergonomic height adjustment settings that let you carefully adjust the height and get the right setting for your use. The available height settings are 2.69 inches, 3.44 inches, and 4.19 inches.

The total weight capacity for the S Stand Up Desk keyboard tray is up to 10 lbs which are good considering its limited desk size requirement. Although, you might not be able to fit a mouse along with a standard large-sized keyboard, let alone any additional accessories apart from the keyboard. Designed with sturdy and thick plastic, it offers a non-slip area for the keyboard that allows elevated keyboard position. There is also a built-in wrist rest provided with the tray.

Best Features

  • Compact keyboard tray
  • Built-in wrist rest available
  • Mounts on 20 inches wide desks
  • Up to 10 lbs weight capacity
  • 69, 3.44, and 4.19 inches height settings
  • Robust build quality


  • Non-skid surface available
  • Up to 15 inches desk thickness supported
  • Tool-less installation


  • There is no warranty period

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4. HUANUO Keyboard Tray


When it comes to unique products, HUANUO is a preferred option for many customers. Because of the high agility and articulated designs of HUANUO, its products are suitable for almost everyone.

The HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk is probably the most ergonomic keyboard tray you can find in the market right now. Trusted by thousands of existing owners, the HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk offers up to 11 lbs weight capacity on such an adjustable design. Applicable over 25 inches length of the desk, this keyboard tray allows up to 7.8 inches height adjustment without any preset height settings. Hence, it is a perfect choice for combined standing and sitting desks.

Apart from the height adjustments, the HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk Also offers up to 90 degrees swiveling motion and 6 to 22 degrees tilt upwards and downward for additional adjustment. There is 25” x 9.8” working space available on the keyboard tray that can fit many accessories apart from a full-sized keyboard and mouse. HUANUO also provides a year of warranty on these keyboard trays that check all-important requirement boxes at this budget.

Best Features

  • Most ergonomic keyboard tray
  • Mounts on 25 inches wide desks
  • Up to 11 lbs weight capacity
  • 6 to 22 degrees tilt available
  • Up to 7.8 inches height adjustment possible
  • 1 year of warranty


  • There are no presets for height adjustments
  • Perfect choice for combined sitting and standing desks
  • 25” x 9.8” working space available


  • Expensive price tag

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5. 3M Keyboard Tray

3M Keyboard Tray image


If you are looking for premium and ergonomic keyboard trays, 3M is a great option to look for. It also offers a highly adjustable keyboard tray with best durability.

We are putting the 3M Under Desk Keyboard Tray on our picks for the best keyboard trays because of its robust build quality combined with high flexibility. You will find an ergonomic knob on the rear portion of the tray itself that allows you to adjust the height from 4 inches to 6 inches. You can also tilt the tray 15 degrees upwards or downwards to get the appropriate typing angle on your keyboard.

Unlike most other choices, the 3M Under Desk Keyboard Tray is made with a wooden platform that minimizes the unnecessary movement of the keyboard tray while typing. Also, it increases the possible weight capacity up to 18.5 lbs that can support even the heaviest mechanical keyboards present in the market. It is also very comfortable to use thanks to the built-in wrist rest that consists of a special get instead of sponge or foam. It can be swiveled in 360 degrees in both directions for extended applicability. It comes with a 5 year long warranty period from 3M.

Best Features

  • Most reliable keyboard tray
  • Mounts on 19.5 inches wide desks
  • Up to 18.5 lbs weight capacity
  • High-quality wrist ret available
  • A wooden platform for best durability
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Minimizes vibration and movement while typing
  • Provides desk experience on a tray
  • Allows angular and swivel adjustments


  • Quite an expensive keyboard tray

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6. EUREKA Keyboard Tray

EUREKA Keyboard TrayEureka Ergonomic is a popular furniture brand that provides you with an all-in-one solution for all keyboard tray problems. It offers a clamp on the keyboard tray with the most necessary features combined.

This keyboard tray from EUREKA ERGONOMICS has a special mechanical design that makes the tray compatible with different types of desks (made of wood/MDF but not plastic/glass/stone) with at least 18mm thickness.

It features height adjustable, 360° rotatable/swiveling, angle adjustable (15° vertically tilted), and retractable that allows the user to set/adjust the keyboard tray for comfortable usage. It comes with a 28.3 X 10.2 inches smooth carbon fiber texture offering ample space to place the keyboard and mouse (even holds a small laptop). It can hold up to 6.6 lbs weight without any deformation, which is a bit low compared to other options in the list.

This 2-in-1 keyboard tray for desks with/without beams is quite easy to install and has an ergonomic armrest that supports the wrist and prevents the keyboard or mouse from sliding upon tilting the keyboard. Since it is built with strong and durable material, the tray provides stability, reliability, and longevity, which in turn makes it a perfect gift for gamers.

Best Features

  • 3 X 10.2 inches effective working space
  • Up to 6.6 lbs weight capacity
  • Mounts on 18 mm thick desks
  • Made of high-quality plastic material
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Height adjustable, tiltable, retractable, and 360° rotatable
  • Offers a maximum 2-inch beam height


  • Durable in construction with a decent weight capacity
  • Available working space is pretty good in this range
  • Compatible with different types of desks
  • Ergonomic armrest for a comfortable typing
  • An ideal choice for home or office usage


  • There is no warranty period
  • A bit expensive model.

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7. Uncaged Ergonomics Keyboard Tray

Uncaged Ergonomics Keyboard TrayMany users prefer a simple and straightforward option for desk additions. Hence, we are featuring a keyboard stand from this Uncaged Ergonomics.

Up next, we are bringing you the affordable, effective, and ergonomic under-desk KT1 keyboard tray from Uncaged Ergonomics. You can tilt, slide, raise, and swivel this keyboard to have perfect and comfortable positioning.

Its height adjustment will elevate the keyboard tray from 4.5 inches below to desk height aids in a comfortable posture. Its tilting panel will support your wrist while typing, and its 360-degree rotation helps for easy, quick, and simple slide and swivel adjustment of the keyboard’s position.

Another great thing about this keyboard tray is that it comes with a separate yet adjustable mouse pad, in which you can adjust the pad for comfortable usage along with the keyboard. The working area of the keyboard track will be 16 X 5.75 inches, while the mouse pad will be 7 X 8.75 inches.

The keyboard stays in its place due to its non-skid pads and also comes with a durable and sturdy steel frame construction. Thus, it doesn’t shake at all, even when you are working standing/sitting. In addition, it can easily hold up to 11.8 lbs weight without any deformation. This tray is backed by a 90-day warranty along with 30 days return from the original date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Largest keyboard tray
  • Workspace of 18.5 X 8.75 inches
  • One-fast adjustment level
  • Up to 11.8 lbs weight capacity
  • High-quality railings and tray
  • Non-skid pads for stability
  • Easy installation and use
  • Separate yet adjustable mouse pad
  • Backed by 90 days of warranty


  • Best choice for home or office use
  • Comfortable typing that prevents user fatigue
  • Tilt, raise, slide, or swivel the tray
  • An affordable, durable, and reliable model
  • Good build quality with a decent weight capacity


  • The warranty period is short for the price.
  • Some users complain about its mounting/installation issues.

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8. Mount-It Keyboard Tray

Mount-It Keyboard clamp Tray


The mount it keyboard tray is also a very premium and good looking keyboard tray. Except, it is a mid-range option with the best reliability.

The following choice for the best keyboard tray is kind of a classic design choice for a keyboard tray. The Mount-It! Keyboard Drawer Under Desk needs to be permanently mounted under your desks with screws so that it can provide rigid stability while you are working. It also has a falling edge design that looks attractive and doubles as a structural wrist rest which is great. Paired with steel ball bearings in guiding tracks, you will not feel any discomfort while using the tray.

The Mount-It! Keyboard Drawer Under Desk needs 27 inches wide desks to install it while it offers up to 13.22 lbs weight capacity. This makes it suitable for only casual purposes and limited accessories. You can also adjust the height of your keyboard within 3 predefined stages. The Mount-It! Keyboard Drawer Under Desk is one of the most reliable options from our list with a 5 years long warranty period.

Best Features

  • One of the most reliable options
  • 3 height adjustment options
  • Mounts on 27 inches wide desks
  • Up to 4.21 lbs weight capacity
  • Additional mouse tray installed
  • Permanent wrist rest available
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Supports large-sized keyboards with mouse
  • Height adjust settings are available
  • The warranty period is very long


  • Weight capacity is very low

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9. ErGear Keyboard Tray

ErGear Keyboard Tray

In the end, we will focus on yet another mid-range keyboard tray that offers premium design and very high durability coming from a well-known brand called ErGear.

Our last pick for the best keyboard trays is offered by ErGear. The ErGear Keyboard Tray Under Desk follows the same design aspect as seen on many of our previous picks that involve C clamp mounting on desks for a tool-free installation. The ErGear Keyboard Tray Under Desk features an extra-large platform with an effective working space of 26.3” x 11.8” area. The foam desk protector adds additional stability to the tray and makes sure that the tray does not damage your desk in any way.

The tray itself is very easy to mount and dismount as there are easy to use knobs given on the bottom portion of each clamp. To be able to install this keyboard tray on your desk, you should make sure that it is below 1.5 inches in thickness and at least 26.3 inches long. As it is mounted with durable C clamps, you will be getting a durable performance from the tray with up to 13 lbs weight capacity. It is also guaranteed for a year from ErGear.

Best Features

  • Sleek design and color choice
  • Mounts on 26.3 inches wide desks
  • Up to 13 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Premium sliding mechanism
  • 1 year guarantee period


  • Suitable choice for domestic applications
  • The package includes all necessary hardware
  • Weight capacity is pretty great


  • Short warranty period

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Buying Guide For The Best Keyboard Tray

Standard desks are getting more popular these days due to increased productivity, and one of the main peripherals required for working on the desk is the keyboard tray. This will help you to adjust the height and angle of a comfortable usage of the keyboard.

So, to help you in choosing the right one, we are here with a guide that has all the essential information required to make a proper buying decision.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors you need to consider while shopping for the keyboard platform.

1. Mechanism

The mechanism of the keyboard tray is determined by the arm or the height adjustment of the product. It is the part that connects the keyboard platform to the side tracks mounted under the desk. There are several mechanisms available for the keyboard trays under the desks. We have listed the most common ones to help you choose better.

  • Standard Arm: This is the most popular and is suitable for most users who plan to use the keyboard while seated. This option can adjust just 6 inches according to the way you place your arm.
  • Above the Desk Arm: This is catered to make the desk which can work alternatively as a sitting or standing workstation. The height range for these varies according to the brands but you can generally adjust 5 inches to 6 inches below or above the work surface.
  • Short Arm: This is used to keep the keyboard tray away when the standard one cannot be used for some reason. This is a short track and has limited height adjustment. They also feature the 5GSM mechanism to store the tray away on the 18-inch track.
  • Double Swivel Arm: Also known as double pivot arm, it provides a pivot point where the track meets the arm, with a second pivot point where the arm attaches to the tray. It is more suited for an L-shaped desk where the monitor can be placed on either side of the tray.
  • Lateral Slider: There is an additional part in which the user slides the tray without pivoting the arm from side to side.

2. Material

The material of the keyboard tray under the desk will determine the durability and the build quality of the same. We have discussed all the common materials for the keyboard trays.

  • Plastic: This is the most affordable option and easily available in the market. However, it is not suitable for heavier keyboards as it is not the best option when durability is concerned.
  • Metal: Metal keyboard trays are the most durable option and they are sturdy and durable. But, the drawback is that these are the most expensive on the list, which pushes you to look for a budget-friendly option.
  • Laminated Wood: These are available in several designs and are known for their aesthetic values. But, they are difficult to adjust and mount.

3. Adjustment or Comfort

User comfort is the main factor to consider while working on the desk. Irrespective of using a sitting or standing desk, you should have the best position to get rid of any physical stress. Here are a few tips to be followed for comfortable usage of the keyboard tray.

  • Does your keyboard tray adjustable? Remember these tray models are built differently, which means any single model won’t fit all desks. So, pick the tray model that offers a range of height and angle adjustments.
  • After setting the proper height for the desk and body, you can go with a pull-out keyboard tray that can be adjustable in height. Also, look for the model that let you tilt (up or down) the keyword for the best angle without much strain on the hands.
  • All these settings are particularly vital when you are short or tall (or) have a short or long torso because the typing position is quite different comparative to monitors and desks.
  • Choose a keyboard drawer that features in-built wrist cushioning. Some models come with a padded wrist rest, while others come with a gel wrist support. The latter one is an even better option that aids in the long-time usage.

4. Size

Before buying the keyboard tray, you need to check the dimensions of the keyboard so that it is a good fit in the tray. Also, make sure that the tray is not too long and that it sticks out from the desk. Also, there should be a little extra space in the keyboard tray so that the mouse also fits easily. 

5. Rotating angle

When you are looking for ergonomic keyboards, the negative rotating angle of 15 degrees while the positive rotating angle of 10 degrees. However, if you have longer arms, you should go for a negative rotating angle of 20 degrees. Also, there are some options with infinite negative and positive tilting angles. The fact is that the steeper rotating angle will help you strain your hand muscles lesser. So, look for keyboard trays with maximum rotating angles.

6. Type of installation

The assembly and the installation of the tray is also major aspect as they should be straightforward and user-friendly. If the installation takes hours or days, then it can be very annoying for the user. And, there is a high chance that he will remember that awful experience and disregard the perks of the keyboard tray under the desk. So, go for the options that can be assembled and installed easily. 

7. Mouse Platform

Ensure that your mouse should be close to your keyboard and placed on the same platform. An adjustable swiveling mouse platform (like a Lilly pad) will let you place them closer, which in turn minimizes the need to move the upper arm away most often. You have to keep the upper arm straight to have an ergonomic position without moving to use the mouse. This might result in causing shoulder and back pain.

8. Portability

The place (stable or mobile) where you use this keyboard drawer will determine whether you need a portable option or not. However, portability won’t matter for those who work in one stable place, yet search for an adjustable tray when you have to work from different desks. You can remove the clamp easily on the drawer within a few minutes.

The design of some tray models allows you to fix them in one place with proper drilling, and removing them is quite a hard task. These are strong, sturdier, and durable, yet exhibits less flexibility.

Usually, portable keyboard tray models are fragile and wobble while typing. Therefore, you have to check all these issues before making your buying decision.

9. Price

The general price of good-quality keyboard drawers will range from $35 – $200. However, some high-end premium models are available for $300. The main difference in the price range will be due to their build quality, features, and warranty duration. Hence check the models and select the correct option that balances your requirements and budget range.

10. Warranty

The warranty of any product will determine its strength, durability, reliability, and longevity. Almost all these keyboard trays come with warranty duration ranging from 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years, while a few models won’t offer any warranty. Apart from warranty duration, you have to check the online reviews and ratings on the product and purchase the best option. The longer the warranty, the better you can have peace of mind about its usage.

Benefits of Using an Under Desk Keyboard Tray:

Apart from enhancing the comfortable typing, when you work at the desk, there are several benefits you can grab by using this under desk keyboard tray. Since most people are still not using this platform and work on the desk keyboard, go through them and purchase the model according to your needs.

  • It helps to get rid of pressure or strain on the arms, wrists, and shoulders by promoting a healthy and straight posture.
  • Also, they reduce the unnecessary strain on the muscles and enhance extra working hours.
  • Few tray models let you easily adjust the tilt angle and height for comfortable working.
  • A perfect space saver. It saves a lot of space (free up) on the desk and makes it useful to place your worksheet, project papers, and other items.
  • These are quite easy to install and easy to use.
  • Some premium models offer a keyboard stopper feature, which restricts the keyboard and mouse from falling.
  • With its retractable platform, you can hide the keyboard tray and save a lot of space while not using it.
  • Some models offer a sliding mouse pad along with the pack to place them in a single same tray without moving aside.
  • Clamps on some trays have soft pads to prevent causing any damage to the desk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the different types of keyboard trays available in the market?

Based on the kind of installation, there are two types of keyboard trays available – clamp-on trays and trays with an arm. Here the clamp-on trays can be installed easily under the desk, whereas the tray with an arm can be installed either on the desk or under the desk, as per your convenience and height adjustability.

2. Which type of keyboard tray should I select – a tray with an arm or clamp-on?

The main factor to consider is its ease of installation and usage. In general, clamp-on models are quite easy to install without any need for tools and screws, yet the tilt angle and height are unable to adjust in these trays.
While trays with an arm are a bit difficult to install, they need a lot of time, effort, and tools to attach them to the desk. Yet they let you set the ideal tilt angle and height for comfortable working. We can’t use these trays on marble or glass desks.

3. Do we get a mouse tray in every pack?

It is not a mandatory or standard rule to include a mouse tray in every pack. Some models include this mouse tray, while others won’t. But you can find most models offering a mouse pad in the pack.

4. Why do we need to adjust the tilt angle?

You need to adjust the tilt angle for a comfortable typing and to work for an extended time. Changing and setting them properly will relieve strain or pressure on the hands (arms and wrists).

5. Do these keyboard trays fit on standing desks?

Yes, these keyboard trays are perfect to attach to the underside of the standing desks. While working on these desks, you have to pull the tray to type and slide it back after you have done your work.

6. Why do we need a tray with adjustable height?

A keyboard with different height adjustment levels will allow you to adjust and change the tray’s height to have a comfortable position for working/typing on the keyboard without getting any strain.

7. Shall we need a wrist rest on the tray platform?

No, it is not a mandatory or must-have feature in these keyboard trays. Most ergonomic models offer a gel pad wrist rest to make the wrist comfortable to work on the computer. While others come with a beveled edge, which is also a better option to keep your hand safe for efficient typing.

8. How do these trays help to get rid of pain or strain?

With the help of these keyboard trays, you can improve your posture and enhance your typing experience. So, it is an excellent option to reduce the pressure you might put on the shoulders, arms, wrists, and back.

9. Is it better to have a keyboard tray with an angle?

It’s always better to have a keyboard tray with an angle because it protects the wrists by keeping them at 180° to protect the wrist muscles from cramps.


Finding a keyboard tray is not a tough job as thousands of options are a simple search request away from you. But, it is sort of tedious to understand the specifications of each product and find the one which suits you the best. Fortunately, we have eliminated that for you and curated a list of the best keyboard trays you can find in the market today. These options will help you set up your desk and let you add more space to your desk for further improvements. If you find it difficult to make a choice based on the characteristics mentioned above, you can choose from our recommendations present here.

  • Most people only need a basic option to get by for their desk needs. If you have similar requirements, take a look at Fellowes Office Keyboard Tray It is an ideal choice for your workplace as it is the cheapest option on the market. It can support up to 10 lbs weight and needs only 10½ desk space for mounting.
  • Although, if you are planning to store more than just a keyboard on your keyboard tray, the 3M Under Desk Keyboard Tray will be a better choice. It can support up to 17 lbs in weight and fits on any 17 inches wide desk. Also, the adjustment settings are pretty good for this option
  • For those who want a long term option, go for the Mount-It! Keyboard Tary. It is one of the most reliable choices available in the market today with 5 years warranty period. It is a 21 inches wide keyboard tray with a dedicated mouse platform for extra space-saving.

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