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12 Best GFCI Outlet Reviews in 2024

Before you can install any type of electronic device in your house or office, you will first need a proper wall outlet to power the unit. It is the same for all crucial devices in our homes such as a TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, computer, etc. Even with the standard wall outlets, your devices aren’t completely safe, especially against faulty wiring or earthing-related issues.

To avoid any damage caused by such problems, you can replace the standard wall outlets with a decent GFCI outlet. The GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter, as the name suggests, is a circuit breaker designed to cut off the power supply in the event of a ground fault. Here are some things which you should know before buying a GFCI outlet.

  • Amperage Rating: Most GFCI outlets offer either 15 Amps or 20 Amps amperage ratings. These are the perfect options for home usage since most of your devices will be requiring such outlets. If you are sure that you are not going to plug any heavy electrical appliance into the outlet, you should go with the 15 Amp option. Or, you can also go with the 20 Amps option, just to be on the safe side.
  • Voltage Rating: Similar to the amperage rating, each GFCI outlet also has a dedicated voltage rating. The voltage rating directly affects the type of electrical device you can connect to the outlet. If we are considering general home installations, 125 Volts is a perfect choice. Therefore, all of our picks for the best GFCI outlet offer 125 Volts voltage rating.
  • Warranty: The warranty period offered by the manufacturer of the GFCI outlet is yet another important factor. The warranty period basically defines the overall quantity and reliability of the unit. Since you will be connecting highly expensive electrical appliances to the outlets, you should definitely check the warranty period of the GFCI outlet set before buying it.

Today, we will be looking at some of the best GFCI wall outlets present in the market right now. These devices are designed for modern homes. You can definitely notice the positive results once you replace your current wall outlets with the GFCI outlets. We will be explaining all of our choices in great detail so that you can understand the product thoroughly before buying it. We will also include a helpful “Buying Guide” that will lead you to the perfect option as per your usage.

Best GFCI Outlet Table

Best GFCI OutletVoltageAmperageWarrantyBuy Now
ANKO GFCI Outlet 125 Volts20 Amp---Check On Amazon
Leviton GFCI Outlet---15 Amp2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Faith GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp---Check On Amazon
PROCURU GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp2 YearsCheck On Amazon
EVER ELECTRIX GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp---Check On Amazon
Faith GFI GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp---Check On Amazon
ELECTECK GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp3 YearsCheck On Amazon
TOPELE GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp1 YearCheck On Amazon
LGL GFCI Outlet125 Volts20 Amp2 YearsCheck On Amazon
DEWENWILS GFCI Outlet125 Volts20 Amp---Check On Amazon
BESTTEN GFCI Outlet125 Volts15 Amp---Check On Amazon
3GRACE 20 Amp GFCI Outlet125 Volts20 Amp---Check On Amazon

Best GFCI Outlet Reviews

1. ANKO GFCI Outlet


Anko is one of the leading brands when it comes to electronic appliances and outlets. The following GFCI outlet from Anko is definitely a right choice for this price range.

In the 1st place, we have the ANKO GFCI Outlet set. Unlike the majority of the options in this list, this outlet set consists of 3 20 Amps outlets, all of which are UL listed and offer tamper protection as well as weather resistance. These outlets are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor usage.

As for the construction, the ANKO GFCI Outlet is designed with premium and high-quality thermoplastic material for a prolonged lifespan. You will also find self-test compatibility on the ANKO GFCI Outlet which is possible thanks to the dual LED indicators present on the outlet. This set is also fairly easy to install and you will be done with the procedure within 10 minutes.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 20 Amps amperage rating
  • Comes with – years of warranty
  • Set of 3 GFCI outlet
  • Easy to install


  • Great option for a single room in your house
  • One of the most popular options in the market
  • Quite cheap considering the package value


  • More GFCI outlet should be available in the package

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2. Leviton GFCI Outlet

Levion is also a fairly popular brand in the market that exclusively produces electronic and smart home appliances. Thus, you can easily find a decent pair of GFCI outlets made by Leviton.

In 2nd place, we have the Leviton GFNT1-W GFCi outlet. This is a single unit available in the package, which might be what many of you are looking for. Apart from the basic protection options, the Leviton GFNT1-W offers an additional layer of protection with automated internal testing. Thus, you can always rely on the performance of this outlet.

The Leviton GFNT1-W also detects ground fault in the circuit and breaks the connection immediately if detected. To show you the status of your connection, you have 2 LED indicators on the front of the outlet. The special feature of the Leviton GFNT1-W is its exclusive lockout functionality that prevents resetting if the GFCi is damaged.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Offers continuous self testing
  • Slim and shallow design


  • One of the reliable options in the market
  • Exclusive lockout action
  • Attractive design aspect


  • Only 1 unit is available in the set

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Faith GFCI Outlet

Faith 15A GFCI Outlet

Faith also produces high quality electronic appliances and crucial equipment under a very affordable price range. You will find a couple of GFCI outlets from Faith on our list in a similar budget range.

In the 3rd place, we have the Faith GFCI Outlet. This GFCI outlet is the ideal option for home installations since it offers 15 Amps amperage rating under a very affordable price tag. But, it is still in compliance with the NEC and is ETL listed, assuring its construction quality and safety. Faith has managed to deliver that within a slim and modern design which is preferred by many house owners.

Due to its compact size, it becomes very easy and quicker for installation. To ensure continuous protection against ground faults, the Faith GFCI Outlet auto-tests itself frequently. Thus, you can install this outlet in your bathroom, garage, or kitchen without worrying about its reliability. As for its performance, Faith is assuring a response time of a mere 1/40th of a second. Thus, it will definitely prevent an electric shock or fire hazard as soon as ground fault is detected.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Response time of 1/40th of a second
  • Performs auto tests
  • Slim and modern design


  • Cheap yet reliable option
  • Compliant with the NEC
  • ETL listed GFCI outlet


  • It does not offer tamper protection

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PROCURU TAmper Resistant

Procuru is also offering a highly affordable option if you are looking for a set of a GFCI outlet. In comparison, it is offering the cheapest GFCI set on this list.

If you wish to replace only a handful of outlets in your home, then the Procuru GFCI outlet is definitely a great choice. This is one of the cheapest options on our list that is offering 2 units in the package. But, you will still get the standard safety features with the outlet such as tamper resistance, self-testing capability, etc.

The Procuru GFCI outlet is also fully compliant with the NEC so that you will be getting reliable performance from the unit. This GFCI outlet features a sutter safety mechanism that blocks power access as soon as ground fault is detected. As for the installation, the Procuru GFCI outlet is suitable for both side and back wiring setups. You will also have a 2-year long warranty period on the set.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • One of the cheapest set of GFCI outlets
  • LED status indicator


  • Easy to install and setup
  • LED status indicator
  • NEC compliant GFCI outlet


  • Overall build quality and design could have been better

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EVER ELECTRIX GFCI OutletHere, we have but one more highly affordable GFCI outlet available on our list. The following option is made by EverElectrix and it has already sold more than thousands of GFCI outlets so far.

The EverElectrix GFCI Duplex Outlet is yet another highly affordable choice present on our list. However, there is only a 10 outlet available in the package. It is a 15 Amps GFCI outlet that is completely weather resistant with many great features such as self-testing, LED indicators, etc.

As for the build quality and performance, the GFCI Duplex Outlet surpasses the majority of options in the market. This unit is UL as well as cUL listed. Hence, the safety of the outlet is always ensured. You will find all necessary installation components included within the package. Thus, the outlet will be ready for installation right away.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Easy to install
  • Completely weather resistant
  • All necessary components are included


  • Great choice for first time buyers
  • Comparatively cheap
  • LED indicators with self-testing functionality


  • Only 1 unit is available in the set

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6. Faith GFI GFCI Outlet

Faith Non TAmper

As we mentioned earlier, Faith is a highly affordable brand and offers similar options for a wide range of productsIf you are looking for a set of GFCI outlets, the following option from Faith is definitely a money-saver.

The Faith GFCI Outlet pack mentioned here offers 3 GFCI outlets in the package, making it a suitable choice for a particular room such as kitchen, garage, living room, etc. While designing the GFCI Outlet, Faith has made sure that each of the units present in the pack matches UL 943 2015 standards, if not exceed it.

You will also find the outlets to be compliant with the NEC, so safety of the outlet is not a question here. Since these are basically shallow boxes that include an outlet, the installation process is fairly easy. Similar to our last choice, the GFCi outlets in this set also offer a response time of 1/40th of a second.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Easy to install thanks to its design
  • Meets UL943 2015 standards
  • NED compliant GFCI outlet


  • One of the safest choice in this selection
  • Offers 3 GFCI outlets in a single package
  • Offers a response time of 1/40th of a second


  • Non-tamper resistant GFCI outlet

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If you are planning to replace more than 2 or 3 outlets in your house, the following outlet from ELECTECK might be perfect for you. ELECTECK offers a wide range of options when it comes to GFCI outlets.

The ELECTECK GFCI Outlet pack is one of the many options designed by the brand for such a product. You will find many different deals for the GFCI outlet from ELECTECK, whether it is in number of outlets, price range, etc. As for this set, you will get 10 GFCI outlets in the package, each with an embedded LED indicator to keep you safe and sound.

Since these GFCI outlets offer 15 Amps amperage rating, they are perfect for house installations. The LED indicator on the outlet will always be ON when it is under normal working conditions. Unlike a handful of options in the market, the ELECTECK GFCI Outlet is a completely tamper resistant outlet so that it is safe for children.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Offers tamper protection
  • Set of 10 GFCI outlets


  • One of the most reliable choices
  • Offers back and side wired installations
  • LED indicator for continuous status check


  • A but expensive compared to other GFCI outlet sets

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TOPELE 15 Amp GFCI Outlet

If a set of 5 is not enough for your application, worry not. Topele is bringing you an even larger set of GFCI outlets. It is also a premium choice in the market which you should definitely check out.

The Topele GFCI Outlet is yet another premium option available on our list of the best GFCI outlets. This is a set of 10 GFCI outlets, which is expected at this price point. All of the 10 GFCI outlets provided on this set are completely tamper-resistant and feature LED light for status indication. As for its installation, you will be done within 10 minutes as they are pretty easy to install.

As for the safety of the outlets, you can rely on the brand since these outlets meet 2014 NEC as well as the UL standard 943 Class A. Apart from that, the outlet also features a self-testing functionality so that any error is automatically detected before it can cause any problem to the outlet. But unlike many other options in the market, the Topele GFCI Outlet tests itself every 5 minutes, further improving its performance and reliability.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Comes with 1 year of warranty
  • Set of 10 GFCI outlet
  • Easy to install


  • Offers self testing after every 5 minutes
  • Great option for whole house outlet replacement
  • Meets UL standard 943 class A


  • Quite an expensive package

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9. LGL GFCI Outlet


If you want a large pack of GFCI outlets under an affordable price range, the following option from LGL might also be a great choice. LGL offers a variety of products apart from the GFCI outlets.

The LGL GFCI outlet pack is one of the heavy-duty options available on our list. If you are looking for a set 10 of GFCI outlets for heavy appliances, then this is the right choice for you. Each of the 10 GFCI outlets available in this set offers 20 Amps amperage rating which is compatible with HVAC installations and power tools.

These units also provide self testing functionality similar to many other choices we have seen so far. But, the self-testing feature on this pack offers the feature within every 1 to 10 minutes, making sure there are no ground-faults in your setup. These units are also backed with an end-of-life monitoring feature which indicates if the outlets are no longer functional.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 20 Amps amperage rating
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Offers end-of-life functionality
  • Tamper resistant GFCI outlets


  • Highly reliable option
  • Set of 10 GFCI outlets
  • Weather and tamper resistant outlets


  • Not suitable if you don’t want to replace multiple outlets at once

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Up next, we have the reliable set of GFCI outlets from the house of DEWENWILS, which manufactures a wide range of standard electrical outlets and other tools & home improvement devices at an affordable price range.

The DEWENWILS GFCI outlet set is a great option for heavy-duty usage that is designed with an amperage rating of 20 amps. They protect ground faults that avoid the risk of an electrical fire. Also, it has tamper-resistant (prevent accidental insertion) and weather resistant (ideal for the humid or outdoor environment) let the model meet UL standards for auto-monitoring.

With its self-test feature, the GFCI outlet ensures protection and trips & stops current flow quickly to deter any serious injury. It comes with an end-of-life monitoring function that turns on the red light when the outlet no longer offers ground fault protection and has to replace the GFCI, while the green light when it works properly.

It is easy to install as the manual offer clear instructions and includes a wall plate. It offers side wire or back wire for proper wiring. Yet there is no information available on its warranty.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 20 amps amperage rating
  • Self-test GFCI receptacle with LED indicator
  • Tamper-resistant and weather resistant
  • Meets UL standard for auto-monitoring
  • End-of-life indicator


  • One of the most reliable options
  • Meets all standard requirements
  • Affordable, safer, and easy-to-install option
  • LED indicator for proper functioning


  • No information on its warranty
  • Overall build quality and design could have been better

Buy Now From Amazon



BESTTEN is also offering a great set of GFCI outlets right here. This is also one of the brands that specifically focuses on smart home appliances such as GFCi outlets, dimmers, light switches, etc.

The BESTTEN GFCI outlet set is yet another great choice if you are looking forward to replacing all outlets right away. This is also a set of 10 GFCI outlets, each offering 15 Amps amperage rating. Also, these outlets are completely tamper resistant so you won’t have to worry about your kid’s safety with these outlets.

You will also find LED indicators on the BESTTEN GFCI outlets that are necessary to know the status of your connection as well as the status of the outlet itself. These outlets are ETC certified and you will receive the wall plate included in the package that is needed at the time of installation. Since these outlets are designed for 15 Amps amperage, they are perfect for basic applications.

Best Features

  • Offers 125 volts voltage rating
  • Offers 15 Amps amperage rating
  • Set of 10 GFCI outlets
  • Offers tamper protection
  • Wall plate included in the package


  • Affordable option for a set of 10 GFCI outlets
  • ETL certified outlets
  • Safety and performance is assured


  • Other options are a bit more reliable

Buy Now From Amazon

12. 3GRACE 20 Amp GFCI Outlet

3GRACE 20 Amp GFCI Outlet3GRACE 20 Amp GFCI Outlet is best choice for safety and convenience in your electrical system. It meets the highest industry standards and delivers exceptional electrical performance. Can trust that my home is safe and protected. They ensure that children are safeguarded from any accidents by preventing objects from being inserted into the slots. It is a relief knowing that little ones are well-protected.

The outlet has two indicator lights that give clear feedback on its power and protection status. When You see the green light, know it is installed correctly and working perfectly. Plus, it automatically conducts self-tests every few minutes, ensuring continuous protection. When it is time for a replacement, the red light serves as a helpful reminder.

It supports both back and side wiring, and the package comes with detailed instructions. I had it up and running in no time. It is perfect for any indoor space, whether it is home, office, or any other location. This outlet is UL certified. It meets the highest quality standards, and the brand offers a warranty, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Best Features:

  • 20 Amp 125 Volt 60 HZ GFCI Duplex Receptacle
  • UL 943 class A and UL 498 receptacle standards
  • Premium high-impact resistant thermoplastic materials
  • Rational structure design
  • Tamper Resistant shutters
  • Two Indicator Lights
  • Easy Installation
  • Back and side wiring
  • Detailed instruction
  • Ideal for indoor occasions such as homes, offices, hospitals, schools


  • Safest GFCI outlet on the market
  • Tamper-resistant shutters protect children from electrocution
  • Self-tests every 1-10 minutes to ensure proper operation
  • Easy to install
  • Back and side wiring options
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • UL certified
  • 3GRACE Brand warranty


  • Some users have reported that the outlet is not as tamper-resistant as advertised
  • The outlet is slightly more expensive than some other GFCI outlets on the market

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best GFCI Outlet

All electronic devices or machines need proper insulation and protection against various anomalies, especially fire damage. Every time you plug in your electronic device and use it, you can observe whether the device is performing as expected or not. If you are noticing improper behavior or minor shocks over the metallic part of the gadget, it is a sign of a grounding issue in your house’s electricity circuit.

To protect yourself and all other electronic gadgets in your home, you should invest in GFCI outlets. This device basically works as a circuit breaker that breaks the flow of current to avoid electrical incidents. You will find many options in the market when it comes to a GFCI wall outlet since there are a lot of brands that offer these products. But if you want the best one to be installed in your house, make sure you follow our buying guide for the best GFCI wall outlet and make your decision accordingly.

1. Amperage

The amperage rating is one of the most important factors of a GFCI outlet since it is an electronic device. As you are going to power your other electronic appliances via this switch, you have to make sure that you are buying the correct type of outlet. For basic appliances that do not consume a lot of power, 15 Amps GFCI outlet should be more than enough.

However, you will have to invest in a high amperage GFCI outlet such as a 20 Amp option if you are going to use it for your HVAC system or to power the power tools present in your garage. If you plug a high-power electronic device in a low-capacity GFCI outlet, the results will not be desirable at all.

2. Safety Measures

One of the main reasons to switch to GFCI wall outlets is the additional safety available with these units. Therefore, you should always consider the safety features offered by the manufacturer on the GFCI wall outlet. Generally, you will find some common features such as LED indicators, tamper protection, moisture resistance, etc. on the majority of outlets.

If a certain GFCI outlet is offering you anything more on top of these features like an alarm feature or self-test functionality, you should give more priority to that unit. If you are not sure if the product is safe for your house or not, simply check if the product is UL/ETL/cUL listed or not. These are basically safety standard organizations that offer safety certifications to electronic appliances like GFCI outlets.

3. No. of Outlets

As you may have noticed so far, most GFCI outlets are available in sets or packs that include multiple outlets in the same package. If you don’t wish to buy the outlets frequently, you can simply get a large pack of 6 or 10 GFCi outlets and replace all outlets in your home at once.

If you decide to buy a pack, you will also have to pay a lot less, since it brings down the effective price of every single GFCI wall outlet. Generally, you will find GFCI outlet sets of 2, 3, 6, or even 10. In case you just want to try out the unit first before buying it in bulk, you can also buy a single GFCI outlet, install it in your home, and test it to check whether it is compatible with your application or not.

4. Warranty

Warranty is a major factor when it comes to electronic devices such as a GFCI wall outlet. Unlike other products, electronic products are usually factory sealed once they are out of production and there is almost no way to open and repair one if something goes wrong with the switch. Additionally, you will have to shell out more money if the product is damaged outside of the warranty period. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to buy a GFCI outlet with a long warranty period so that you can get reliable performance from the outlet. Also, it is an assurance of the build quality and performance of the unit. Therefore, it is all the more important to check the warranty period since you are going to connect many expensive electrical appliances to the GFCI outlet.

GFCI Outlet FAQs

1. How many outlets can a GFCI outlet accommodate?

Ans: There is actually no limit on how many outlets you can install on a GFCI board. Some premium options offer multiple USB ports on top of 2 to 4 standard outlets. But, you will have to make sure that you are using the GFCI wall outlet to power appliances that do not overload the unit. As you may already know, GFCI outlets have a specific capacity and overloading can certainly damage the outlet. For residential use, 2 outlets would be a safer choice.

2. Can I use the GFCI outlet in my bathroom?

Ans: GFCI outlets are basically designed to operate under conditions that might result in harmful electrical incidents for the user. Therefore, a GFCI wall outlet will be the ideal choice if you want an electrical outlet in your bathroom. Apart from that, it can also be installed in various other locations where there is a high chance of water contact such as gardens, kitchens, etc. Since these outlets react pretty quickly against ground fault, you will be safe in your bathroom with the GFCI outlet.

3. Which option should I get: 15 Amps or 20 Amps?

Ans: If you are planning to use the wall outlet for basic home appliances that do not consume a lot of electricity, a 15 Amp GFCI wall outlet will be perfect for you. However, for power-hungry appliances such as HVAC systems or power tools, you should prefer 20 Amps GFCI outlets since the power requirement is going to be considerably higher. Therefore, make sure you examine the appliances present in your house and buy a set accordingly.


Protecting your house from electrical problems should be your first priority since these problems are pretty common and result in unfortunate incidents. When it comes to wall outlets, the fire hazard is certainly a possibility and you should replace the wall outlets with GFCI wall outlets to avoid the chances of fire hazards altogether.

This way, you can keep yourself, as well as your loved ones safe and sound while using electronic appliances. Today, you will find the best GFCI outlets present on our list. You can also refer to our buying guide if you are not sure how to pick up the best GFCI wall outlet. Alternatively, you can pick one of our top recommendations listed below.

  • If you are not sure what type of GFCI outlet is perfect for you and are looking for a basic option to try out, we will suggest going with the ANKO GFCI Outlet. This is a standard 20  Amps GFCI outlet that is completely tamper-resistance and weather resistant. Thus, it is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor installations. You will also find LED indicators on the outlet which will offer you a quicker indication of the state of the switch.
  • On the other hand, if you have already decided to replace a standard outlet with the GFCi ones, we will suggest the LGL GFCI Outlet. This set includes 10 GFCI outlets, all of which offer 120 Volts voltage and 20 Amps amperage rating. These outlets are also backed by a 2-year long warranty period, making it a reliable option for house installations. You will find almost all safety measures available with the LGL GFCI Duplex set such as tamper resistance, weather resistance, end-of-life alarm, etc.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the DEWENWILS GFCI Outlet we have the reliable set of GFCI outlets from the house of DEWENWILS, which manufactures a wide range of standard electrical outlets and other tools & home improvement devices at an affordable price range.

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