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12 Best Diagonal Cutter Reviews

Diagonal cutters or electric pliers, as they are more commonly known, are one of the handiest as well as crucial tools for everyone. Diagonal cutters allow you to cut down strong materials with a little amount of force by applying shearing pressure.

One of the most common uses for diagonal cutters is cutting cables which makes them ideal for electricians and professional handymen. If you are missing this crucial item from your toolbox, here’s what you need to know before you buy one.

  • Size: Just like any other tool, diagonal cutters offer variations in terms of sizes. The size of every diagonal cutter is provided in inches and you will generally find the cutters in the range of 6 to 9 inches. Keep in mind that the cutters of a specific size have limitations on their application. Thus, you should get the one that is most beneficial for your application.
  • Build Quality: Build quality is a very important factor for all kinds of tools and accessories. A high-quality tool will be more reliable in the long term and will offer you better results. However, it is important to know that most tools that are designed with better material are comparatively expensive.
  • Reliability: If you are willing to get a plier or a cutter for the long term, you should definitely consider its warranty period. Most of the options mentioned on our picks today will offer you a limited lifetime warranty period which is definitely a better choice as you will get a long-term assurance on the quality of the product.

If you have decided to get a brand new diagonal cutter, you are on the right path. In this guide, you will find the best option for a diagonal cutter which will offer you the highest value for the money. Also, there are a variety of options so that you can choose the one which suits your needs the best. If you get confused along the way, don’t worry. We also have a “Buying Guide” for you which will further help you in selecting the right option.

Best Diagonal Cutters : List

Best Diagonal CuttersSizeMaterialWarrantyBuy Now
IRWIN 2078306 Diagonal Cutter6 inchesNickel chromium steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
IGAN Diagonal Cutter7 inchesAlloy steel, Carbon steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
Klein Diagonal Cutter9 inchesAlloy Steel1 yearCheck On Amazon
KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter6.25 inches---Lifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
DOWELL Diagonal Cutter6 inchesStainless steel7 yearsCheck On Amazon
BOENFU Diagonal Cutter7.5 inchesChrome vanadium steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
IRWIN Diagonal Cutter8 inchesChrome steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
Channellock Diagonal Cutter6 inchesHigh carbon steelLifetime warrantyLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
CRAFTSMAN Diagonal Cutter8 inchesTPRLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
Mr. Pen  Diagonal Cutter6 inchesHeat treated carbon steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
iExcell Diagonal Cutter4.5 inchesChrome vanadium steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon
Channellock Diagonal Cutter6 inchesStainless steelLifetime warrantyCheck On Amazon

Best Diagonal Cutter Reviews

1. IRWIN 2078306 Diagonal Cutter

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Let us start with our picks with the most popular diagonal plier in the industry made by IRWIN. You might already be familiar with the brand IRWIN as it makes a wide range of manual as well as power tools.

In the 1st position, we have a 6 inches diagonal cutter from IRWIN. The tool is highly reliable as its blades are made up of nickel-chromium steel. And to offer you a secured and firm grip on the tool, it is covered with ProTouch grips on both sides. The grips are quite thick along with additional grooves on the sides for more powerful applications.

With the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers, you will definitely feel a lot less fatigue while working and will be able to cut through tough material with ease. The cutting edges on the blades of this diagonal cutter are induction hardened so that they do not lose the sharpness easily over time. As for the cutting jaws, they are machined for better grip over the workpiece. Even though this tool does not cost a lot, it comes with a lifetime warranty period.

Best Features

  • 6 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of nickel-chromium steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Induction hardened blades
  • Machined jaws for accurate cuts


  • Accuracy is pretty good
  • High-quality grips
  • Very cheap option


  • Overall size is not good enough for most applications

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2. IGAN Diagonal Cutter

IGAN DC-7 Diagonal Cutting Pliers

IGAN is our next choice for the best diagonal cutters as this is also one of the popular brands in the market that makes tools and accessories. But, this option is pretty strong and offers a better size.

If you liked our previous pick but looking for a larger diagonal cutter than 6 inches, take a look at our 2nd choice present here. The IGAN DC-7 Diagonal Cutting Pliers is a 7 inches diagonal cutter made with a mixture of alloy steel and carbon steel to offer a long-lasting edge as well as a reliable finish. It is forged from tempered steel and features hardened jaws that are achieved by induction heating and quenching.

The IGAN DC-7 Diagonal Cutting Pliers is a perfect choice for repetitive tasks as its blades do not lose their edge over time. Apart from that, it is also equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism which helps in getting the sequential cuts at a faster rate. With the IGAN DC-7 Diagonal Cutting Pliers, you will be able to cut through up to 1.6 mm thick steel wire and up to 9 gauge copper wires. IGAN also offers a lifetime warranty and support for its diagonal cutters.

Best Features

  • 7 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of alloy steel, carbon steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Induction heated and quenched jaws
  • Can cut Up to 1.6 mm steel and 9 gauge copper wires


  • Heavy-duty option
  • Spring-loaded mechanism for faster operation
  • Comfortable handles


  • Blades are not angled

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3. Klein Diagonal Cutter

Klein Cutting Pliers

Klein is one of the brands that fall on the premium side of the market with its heavy-duty products like pliers, voltage testers, and screwdrivers. The following choice might be the only best option if you want a large diagonal cutter.

In the 3rd place, we are offering the only 9 inches long diagonal cutter from our picks which is the Klein Tools D248-9ST Pliers. It is suitable for almost all types of tasks along with special applications with its large size. You will be getting an alloy steel construction with short jaws for quicker cuts. It allows you faster and closer cutting for soft rebar tie wire.

Similar to most other premium choices, Klein Tools D248-9ST Pliers also feature induction hardened cutting edges so that they stay sharp for a very long time. As for the grips on the cutters, you will find thinner plastic coatings with a smooth finish to avoid any kind of fatigue while working. Even though it is one of the most premium options, Klein Tools is offering only a year of warranty on the cutter.

Best Features

  • 9 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Short jaws for quick and close cuts
  • Plastic-dipped handles


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • High-quality blades
  • Long-lasting cutting edges


  • The grip should have been better

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4. KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter

KNIPEX Cutting Pliers

KNIPEX has also sold a considerable number of tools in the market as the overall quality and reliability of KNIPEX tools are pretty good. The following option from KNIPEX is a great option for versatile applications.

The KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter belongs to precision grade manual tools as it is a 6.25 inches cutter. It has a cutting capacity of about 9/64 inch thick medium-hard wires and 7/64 inch hard wires. As for the compatibility with the application, it can easily cut through nails, Piano wire, or ACSR wire, making it the most versatile option on our picks.

The premium price range of the KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter is certainly justified as it is the most popular choice for thousands of worldwide customers. It offers long-term quality assurance with a lifetime warranty period. As for the handles of the cutter, you will find easy-to-use plain handles with attractive designs which will go perfectly with your toolbox. And as the blade size is shorter in this unit, you will be getting higher leverage which allows you to create cuts with lower force.

Best Features

  • 25 inches diagonal cutter
  • High-leverage cutting performance
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Can be used for nails, Piano wire, or ACSR wire
  • 9/64 inch medium-hard and 7/64 inch hard wire cutting capacity


  • Precision grade cutting tool
  • High leverage requires lesser force
  • Up to 64 HRC hardness is acceptable for cuts


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty applications

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5. DOWELL Diagonal Cutter

DOWELL Cutting Pliers

Dowell is also a choice of thousands of users as its products are comparatively cheaper, yet highly reliable options. You can expect the same from the diagonal cutter made by Dowell which we are including here.

DOWELL Diagonal Cutting Plier is one of the most affordable options to enter our list as it costs less than half of what other premium options will cost you. Still, it is backed by a 7 year-long warranty period which is definitely worth it for long-term usage. The DOWELL Diagonal Cutting Plier is made up of highly durable nickel chromium steel with a total standard size of 6 inches. With such a material, you won’t have to worry about the edge getting blunt over time.

The DOWELL Diagonal Cutting Pliers is basically an upgraded version of its previous offerings which has some additional benefits such as professional grips for extra comfort. It reduces hand fatigue on continuous jobs while offering a secured grip at all times. It also meets the standard defined by ANSI which makes it the perfect choice at the given price range.

Best Features

  • 6 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • 7 years warranty period
  • Nickel chromium steel cutter
  • Professional grips


  • High-quality grip with ergonomic design for better control
  • Manages to satisfy all ANSI quality condition
  • Maximum gripping strength is available


  • Size is not best suited for all users

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6. BOENFU Diagonal Cutter

BOENFU Wire Cutter

BOENFU is also one of the brands that are known for highly ergonomic and reliable cutting tools. As this brand specifically deals with cutting tools like pliers and cutters, you should check out the diagonal cutter from BOENFU.

BOENFU Wire Cutter is a great offering from our list as it comes with an attractive design on top of an ergonomically satisfying structure. It has a hard plastic handle with rubber coating on the sides so that it grips perfectly on your palm. It is also a comparatively larger cutter with an overall size of about 7.5 inches. The BOENFU Wire Cutter can cut through 14 gauge electrical wires pretty quickly.

Apart from the wires, the BOENFU Wire Cutter is also perfect for cutting other materials such as rubber, cardboard, plastic, and even thin metal sheets. Therefore, you will be getting a fairly versatile option under an affordable price tag. BOENFU Wire Cutter also comes with a lifetime warranty period so that you can contact the brand if you face problems with the tool at any point after the purchase.

Best Features

  • 5 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of chrome vanadium steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Plastic grips with rubber coating
  • Ergonomic design for better productivity


  • Thick and tough wire cutting tool
  • Able to cut through 14 gauge electrical wires
  • Versatile diagonal cutter


  • More leverage should have been provided

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7. IRWIN Diagonal Cutter

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

We have one more option to offer from the variety of tools designed by IRWIN. This is also a strong diagonal cutter as our last choice from IRWIN.

If you are still looking for a large diagonal cutter, IRWIN has got you covered. The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Plier is 8 inches in size and available at nearly half the price range compared to premium options. Apart from that, it offers chromium steel construction for long-lasting quality. You will get a similar ProTouch grip on this diagonal cutter same as our last pick from IRWIN for additional comfort.

As the cutting edges on the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Plier are induction hardened, you don’t have to worry about its quality loss over time. As it is designed by a reliable brand, it meets all the standards specified by ANSI regulations. Also, you get a lifetime warranty period on the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Plier.

Best Features

  • 8 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of chromium steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • ProTouch grips
  • ANSI standard certified


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Long-lasting sharp edge
  • Large-sized cutter


  • Cutting edges are straight and short

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8. Channellock Diagonal Cutter

Channellock Cutting Pliers

As you might have noticed so far, leverage is a very important factor for handheld cutting tools. Thus, we have decided to introduce a cutter from Channellock which focuses on just that.

Coming up next, we have one of the most lightweight yet highly applicable diagonal cutting tools in the market. The Channellock 336 Diagonal Cutting Plier has a standard 6 inches size with a lap joint diagonal design for better stability. On top of that, it is designed with an extreme leverage technology that manages to deliver cuts with significantly lesser force compared to other options.

The Channellock 336 Diagonal Cutting Plier has knife and anvil style cutting edges that ensure all the cuts are precise and accurate as per the user’s markings. It is possible because the cutting edges always ensure perfect matching. The material used for the Channellock 336 Diagonal Cutting Plier is high carbon C1080 steel so that you get superior performance along with prevention from problems like rust and corrosion.

Best Features

  • 6 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of high carbon steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Safe from rust and corrosion problems
  • Knife and anvil style cutting edge


  • Extreme leverage technology
  • Lap joint diagonal design
  • Precise cuts are obtained


  • The grip should have been better

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9. CRAFTSMAN Diagonal Cutter

CRAFTSMAN Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Craftsman is a brand that has been in the industry for a very long time now and has been continuously sufficing the need for both automatic and manual tools. If you are confused about which brand to prefer for a diagonal cutter, Craftsman is a great choice.

The Craftsman Diagonal Cutting Plier also offers the advantage of increased cutting force on its diagonal cutter just like other large-sized cutters with a total size of about 8 inches. It is made with a compound action design which allows you to get faster cuts and overall increased productivity in your work. The material used for Craftsman Diagonal Cutting Plier is alloy steel which is good enough for basic applications.

The Craftsman Diagonal Cutting Plier manages to provide you both comfort and control over the plier while you are working. It consists of bi-material grips on both sides to offer a secured grip on your palm. Even after an extended session, you will be able to use the Craftsman Diagonal Cutting Plier with ease. The Craftsman Diagonal Cutting Plier also ships with a lifetime warranty period.

Best Features

  • 8 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of TPR
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Made from drop forged steel
  • Bi-material grips


  • Tool size is pretty good
  • An increased cutting force with compound action
  • Great for repetitive work


  • Build quality could have been better

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10. Mr. Pen  Diagonal Cutter

Mr. Pen- Wire Cutter

In the competitive market of tools and accessories, Mr. Pen is a brand that manages to offer similar options, but within a much cheaper price range. The following diagonal cutter from Mr. Pen is the cheapest option on our list.

The Mr. Pen Wire Cutter is definitely the perfect choice for those who are looking for a basic option for casual use. It will cost you a fraction of the cost compared to other premium options despite being a standard 6 inches diagonal cutter. It also has a slightly angled head on the blade to offer flush cuttings for up to 16 gauge copper wires. Apart from that, it can pretty much cut through any material wire which is 1.3 mm thick or lower.

The Mr. Pen Wire Cutter is made by heat-treated carbon steel, a special process performed on steel to make it more durable and reliable for a longer time. You will also find ground holes on the diagonal cutter so that smooth movement can be obtained while using the cutter. The non-slip grips also help with that as it offers more control on the cutter alongside better comfort. It also has a lifetime warranty period from Mr. Pen.

Best Features

  • 6 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of heat-treated carbon steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Most affordable diagonal cutter
  • Curved edge for flush cuts


  • Non-slip hand grips
  • Heat-treated carbon steel for additional corrosion resistance
  • Supports up to 1.3 mm rich wire of any material


  • The grip does not have additional grooves

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11. iExcell Diagonal Cutter

iExcell Wire Cutter

Now that we have introduced all of the famous choices for diagonal cutters, let’s move on to some of the unfamiliar names such as iExcell. It is also offering a very cheap option for a casual digital cutter which might be right for your needs.

The iExcell Side Cutter Diagonal Wire Cutter is yet another highly compact and cheap option that is a great choice for those who need a basic option. Although, it is a 4.5 inches diagonal cutter so its applications are quite limited. With the spring-loaded mechanism, it helps you get faster cuts which makes it very convenient to use.

On the bottom of the tool, you will find a soft PVC-made coating that covers this portion completely. Thus, it becomes very comfortable to use as the coating does not cause fatigue for the hands. You can use the iExcell Side Cutter Diagonal Wire Cutter for cutting through ty-rap, zip ties, thin wires, and many other materials that you come across in your daily routine. Even with the cheap price tag, it has a lifetime warranty period which is a nice addition.

Best Features

  • 5 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of chrome vanadium steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Spring-loaded functioning
  • Compact option


  • Perfectly suitable for casual applications
  • High-quality blades
  • Very compact design


  • Not suitable for professional applications

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12. Channellock Diagonal Cutter

Channellock Cutting Plier

In the end, we are bringing one more option designed by Channellock. It is also a mid-range choice just like our last pick from Channellock with many handy features.

We will finish off our picks for the best diagonal cutters with the Channellock 436. You will be getting a 6 inches diagonal cutter from Channellock with box joint design and heat-treated cutting edges for best results. The material is heat-treated by laser so that precise chemical composition could be achieved on the edges of the blade. Similar to our last Channellock option, it also features a knife and anvil style design for precise cutting and better blade life.

The Channellock 436 is made up of high carbon C1080 steel that introduces long-lasting sharpness on the blades along with strong resistance towards corrosion and other similar problems. The Channellock 436 is designed and developed in the USA and offers a lifetime warranty period given by Channellock.

Best Features

  • 6 inches diagonal cutter
  • Made up of high carbon C1080 steel
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Great build quality
  • Box joint design


  • Laser heat-treated blades
  • Knife and anvil style edge
  • Great reliability with a lifetime warranty period


  • The quality of the grip should have been better

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Diagonal Cutters

Now that you know the best diagonal cutters you can buy right now, let’s move on to our buying guide for the best diagonal cutters. If you haven’t noticed already, various options present on our picks today will offer you a variety of properties and specifications even though the sole purpose of a diagonal cutter remains the same.

Therefore, we are going to discuss these specifications in detail and offer you in-depth knowledge about diagonal cutters in general so that you can easily pick up the best choice in your budget. We will also drop some recommendations at the end of our guide so stay tuned.

1. Size of The Cutter

As you may already know, hand tools are designed in a range of different sizes so that they can be a perfect option for a variety of users. The overall size of the diagonal cutters affects both the ergonomics as well as the applications that are possible with the cutter.

In our list of the best diagonal cutters, you will find various cutters that range from 6 inches to 9 inches in terms of size. Therefore, you will definitely find a perfect size for a diagonal cutting tool on our guide within this versatile range. While you are choosing the size for a cutter, make sure you compare it with your application and also with your toolbox as it will be stored in one when not in use.

2. Design

The design is yet another aspect that affects the user in a lot of ways. In general, diagonal cutters are designed in such a way that you can use them for crimping or wedging applications. Still, there are minute differences in the design of the blades as well as the handles which makes a lot of difference at the time of application.

For instance, a cutter with straight blades will offer you straight cuts which are perfect if you need the cutter to produce similar types of cuts continuously. But to get more accuracy and precision, some manufacturers offer angled heads on the blades. This allows you to cut the material at a certain angle and also manage curved cuts with ease.

3. Build Quality and Grip

Coming to the most important aspect of any tool, the build quality. While purchasing a diagonal cutter, you need to make sure that you are investing in a plier which is going to last a very long time and offer flawless performance even after continuous usage.

Even though diagonal cutters are mostly used for cutting wires, the sharp edge can wear out over time and produce inaccurate results. You can avoid it by checking the material used for the blades of the cutter. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the grip provided on the cutter. As this is a manual tool, you will be applying force by hand and it is ideal to have a strong ergonomic grip on the tool to avoid accidents and get accurate cuts every time.

4. Warranty

Tools are generally very strong and offer at least 5 to 6 years of performance without any problems at all. But if you are picking up a premium option, it is recommended to get one from a brand that backs its products with a lifetime warranty period. Such a warranty period is basically a quality assurance on the cutters and offers you the best value for your investment.

To get a lifetime warranty period, you do not necessarily need to purchase the most expensive option as we have a variety of selection which also includes budget-friendly yet reliable options. The warranty period not only applies to the build quality of the cutter, but to its overall design and performance that certainly gives its user peace of mind before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a diagonal cutter?

Ans: Cutters are simple hand tools that work in a similar fashion as a scissor. But, instead of cutting soft material like paper, diagonal cutters are used to cut through hard material, metals to be specific. The cutters are operated by hand and apply an enormous amount of shearing pressure on the workpiece to offer quick and sharp cuts on almost any metal. However, keep in mind that the material used on the cutters needs to be harder than your workpiece.

2. What are the different types of cutters?

Ans: There are a variety of cutters present in the industry that are commonly used such as side cutters, cable cutters, flush cutters, end cutters, and diagonal cutters. Out of which, diagonal cutters are specifically designed for crimping or wedging a cable so that even more precise cuts can be obtained. These cutters are perfect if you are working with soft copper or aluminum conductor wires.

3. How long does a diagonal cutter last?

Ans: Considering the general usage of a diagonal cutter, an ideal choice should last more than a decade without any problem. But, if you are working in harsh environments where there is a lot of moisture contact and multiple types of workpieces, the overall lifespan of a diagonal cutter might be cut short. Therefore, you should pick up an option that offers a long warranty period, if not a lifetime one to get the most reliable performance.


Diagonal cutters are certainly very helpful in a toolbox irrespective of the job you are performing. These tools offer you a simple way to cut through hard materials with high accuracy which is definitely required in all fields. Whether you are working in the electrical industry or a sheet metal industry, you will be needing a reliable set of diagonal cutters by your side.

To help you get the best option, we have offered you a selection of the best diagonal cutters available in the market right now. You can also refer to our buying guide for the best diagonal cutters mentioned above for more information. And if you are still not sure which option to buy, go with one of our top recommendations given here.

  • Even though diagonal cutters aren’t one of the most expensive tools, Mr. Pen is offering a pretty good option that will cost you the least compared to any other choice. It is a standard 6 inches cutter made up of heat-treated carbon steel to offer you a long-lasting performance. You will also get a lifetime warranty period from Mr. Pen  Diagonal Cutter that will be desirable in the long run.
  • As you already know, larger tools require comparatively lesser force, especially for manual tools like diagonal cutters. Hence, we will recommend the Klein Diagonal Cutter as it is the only option from our selection which is 9 inches long and made up of alloy steel. It is designed with a slightly angled head which helps you deliver precise cuts on the workpiece easily.
  • KNIPEX Diagonal Cutter is also a great choice if you are looking for a premium as well as a reliable option. It can easily cut through a variety of materials like nails, Plano wire, ACSR wire, etc. KNIPEX is also offering multiple choices for the diagonal cutters so that you can pick up the option which is perfect for your work. Similar to most other premium choices, it also comes with a lifetime warranty period.

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