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The 10 Best Bolt Cutters 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Here are the top-notch bolt cutters that can cut down any material including metal chain links, steel, wire, bolts and padlock.

A bolt cutter is a must-have powerful cutting tool that can be used for more than just cutting bolts and screws for both domestic or professional purposes.

This standard cutter is a highly versatile, lightweight, and heavy-duty option, which is precious in an emergency and worthwhile in a lot of destruction and demolition jobs with its long handles and short blades.

All you need is to place the cutting material in two halves and then squeeze the cutter handles together. Thus, the applied cutting pressure on the sharpened blades will cut through the material.

These are available in different sizes, shapes, and cutting capacities, which makes it a bit hard to figure out the best option. We suggest you consider the following key factors before investing in the bolt cutter to grab the best one.

Size –

The general size of these bolt cutters will range from 6 inches to 42 inches. Based on your type of cutting requirement, you have to choose the cutter with the right size. Small and medium-size cutters are ideal for household tasks, while large cutters are ideal for professional usages like cutting through locks, heavy chains, and padlocks.

Diameter Capacity –

The cutting capacity of a given cutter is the maximum thickness/width that it can cut through. You can find cutting capacity ratings as ½-inch, ¼-inch, 3/16-inch, and 5/16-inch. The higher diameter capacity is always the better option.

For more information on these bolt cutters, we recommend you read our detailed Buying Guide. Also, using the same information, we have shortlisted some Best Bolt Cutters with a brief review of each product along with its specifications, pros, and cons. Read on to know how to choose the best option as per your cutting requirements.

Best Bolt Cutters Chart

Best Bolt CuttersLengthCutting CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
WORKPRO Bolt Cutter30 inchUp to 15/32 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
TEKTON Bolt Cutter36 inchUp to ½ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
KNIPEX Bolt Cutter8 inchUp to ¼ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Vector Tools Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter24 inch Up to 3/8 inch--Check On Amazon
Olympia Bolt Cutter18 inchUp to 9/32 inch1 yearCheck On Amazon
GreatNeck Bolt Cutters36 inchUp to ½ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
KOTTO Bolt Cutter14 inch, 8 inchUp to 9/32 inch30 daysCheck On Amazon
RIDGID Bolt Cutter31 inchUp to ½ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
MAXPOWER Bolt Cutter30 inchUp to ¼ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon
Fiskars Bolt Cutter24 inchUp to ⅜ inchLifetimeCheck On Amazon

Best Bolt Cutters Reviews

1. WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter

WORKPRO W017007A Bolt Cutter

Workpro is known for making a wide range of power tools and heavy-duty usage products like its bolt cutters that are quite powerful for most users.

The Workpro W017007A bolt cutter comes at the 1st position of this list since this can be a great option for heavy-duty usage. Thanks to its Molybdenum Steel blade, you get a cutting capacity of up to 15/32 inch with it.

Although, unlike other heavy-duty options out there, it’s given length rating of 30 inch is a bit short for many users. Fortunately, you still get other things that you would expect from a heavy-duty option like its excellent build quality and a 1-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 30 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to 15/32 inch
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year


  • Highly powerful Molybdenum steel blade
  • Decent cutting capacity rating
  • Ideal for heavy-duty usage


  • Length could have been higher

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2. TEKTON Bolt Cutter

TEKTON Bolt Cutter

You can also consider Tekton and its bolt cutters if you want something made for heavy-duty usage without paying a lot of money.

Tekton’s 3421 bolt cutter comes at the 2nd position of this listicle as this can be a great option for cutting large-sized bolts and chains. You get an excellent cutting capacity of up to ½ inch with this one.

Since you get a length of 36 inches, you can easily cut through hard metals as you get a lot of leverage while using these bolt cutters. While you do get a lifetime warranty with this bolt cutter from Tekton, its build quality is a bit average when compared with other heavy-duty options.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 36 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to ½ inch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Excellent warranty period
  • Quite a large bolt cutter
  • Very high cutting capacity


  • Average build quality

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3. KNIPEX Bolt Cutter

KNIPEX Bolt Cutter

Knipex is a fairly premium brand of cutting tools and other heavy-duty tools that can be used for industrial as well as personal usage as needed.

This Knipex 7101200 bolt cutter comes at the 3rd position of this article because it is a highly strong bolt cutter. And it is a highly compact bolt cutter making it ideal for portable use. Although, the given 8-inch length is not the best when talking about leverage.

Unlike other compact options, this one still offers a very high cutting capacity of up to ¼ inch which is quite good. Since this Knipex bolt cutter is ideal for heavy-duty usage, you get excellent build quality and a lifetime warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 8 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to ¼ inch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Small and compact
  • Ideal for heavy-duty usage
  • Pretty warranty period


  • Leverage is a bit limited

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4. Vector Tools Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Vector Tools Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter


Vector has been making bolt cutters for a long time, which makes you can expect its offerings to be highly strong and durable.

While there are a lot of high-quality bolt cutters out there, this Vector tools heavy-duty bolt cutter will take it to the next level thanks to its chrome Molybdenum steel blade. When combined with its given length of 24 inches, you can expect this bolt cutter to be highly functional for all kinds of usage, like cutting the toughest bolts, wires, padlocks, chains, threaded rods, and others.

You get a cutting capacity of up to 3/8 inch with this bolt cutter allowing you to cut large and thick objects if needed. The heavy-duty heat-treated blades can easily resist any dents and damage in hard applications. The perfectly aligned blades in a classic lever fulcrum design provide more power/leverage with less effort.

With its ergonomically angled non-slip plastic handles, the cutter will provide comfort and control while cutting. It provides factory set blade clearance yet can be adjusted easily with a simple turn of two eccentric bolts at the tool’s head. Despite its bulky construction, it won’t come with any manufacturer warranty.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 24 inch
  • Offers a cutting capacity of up to 3/8 inch
  • Ideal to cut chains, bolts, heavy gauge wire, padlocks, fencing, and threaded rods.
  • A perfect option for DIY and professional use
  • Lever-fulcrum design


  • Uses a molybdenum steel blade
  • Quite a decently length
  • Maximize leverage with angled, textured grip handles
  • Cuts hard and tough materials quickly and easily
  • Looks attractive with a satin finish blade and black matte finish handles.


  • Lacks warranty information.

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5. Olympia Bolt Cutter

Olympia Bolt Cutter

As you can most likely guess by its name, Olympia Tools is primarily a brand of tools and hardware accessories that includes a great pair of bolt cutters.

Even though the Olympia Tools 39-118 bolt cutters are a bit on the expensive side, these still make for an excellent pair of bolt cutters. This is due to the reason that you get an excellent size of 18 inches with this pair of bolt cutters.

Thanks to this given length not only do you get excellent leverage but the given cutting capacity of 9/32 inch. Another great thing about this bolt cutter is that you get pretty sturdy build quality and a 1-year warranty with it for peace of mind.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 18 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to 9/32 inch
  • Comes with a warranty period of 1 year


  • Extreme length rating for excellent leverage
  • Great for heavy-duty usage
  • Pretty high cutting capacity


  • The length could have been higher.

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6. GreatNeck Bolt Cutters

GreatNeck Bolt Cutters

Even though GreatNeck is a smaller brand than most other bolt cutter brands, you should still consider its offering if you want something highly reliable.

While buying bolt cutters, you will find a lot of highly reliable options including this GreatNeck BC36 bolt cutter. But unlike those, this one does not charge an extra premium for its excellent build quality and the included lifetime warranty.

Even at the given price tag, you get a length of 36 inches with it which is ideal for a heavy-duty option like this one. This is offered along with a cutting capacity of up to ½ inch that allows you to cut almost everything. However, this does mean that this bolt cutter is not portable at all.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 36 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to ½ inch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Perfect for heavy-duty usage
  • Excellent warranty period
  • Quite large for high leverage


  • Not a portable option

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7. KOTTO Bolt Cutter

KOTTO Bolt Cutter

Despite being a pretty small brand, you should still check out Kotto and its bolt cutters that are highly affordable but still offer a great package.

Kotto’s bolt cutter might just be for you if you are on a tight budget and looking for a budget offering. This is due to the reason that it is the cheapest option stated here that manages to offer a total of 3 bolt cutters in the box.

Since these bolt cutters are designed for portable usage, they have a size of 14 inch and 8 inch depending on the one that you are using. Because this is a budget offering, you only get a 30-day warranty included with them.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 14 inch and 8 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to 9/32 inch
  • Comes with a warranty period of 30 day


  • Portable and compact
  • Offers 3 different bolt cutters
  • Highly affordable and budget-friendly


  • Warranty could have been longer

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8. RIDGID Bolt Cutter

RIDGID Bolt Cutter

In comparison with most other brands of bolt cutters out there, Ridgid and its bolt cutters are quite premium but still make up for a great heavy-duty option.

Being a premium option, the Ridgid 14288 bolt cutter features a pretty decent size of 31 inches which offers a great balance between leverage and portability. Thanks to its given cutting capacity of ½ inches, it makes for a great heavy-duty option.

As you would expect from a premium bolt cutter, this one offers excellent build quality for long term usage. You also get a lifetime warranty included with this bolt cutter for high reliability.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 31 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to ½ inch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Excellent build quality
  • Great for long term usage
  • Ideal for portable usage


  • Quite expensive bolt cutters

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9. MAXPOWER Bolt Cutter

MAXPOWER Bolt Cutter

Maxpower makes all sorts of heavy-duty tools and power tools that are known to offer high value for money with specific features at a lower price tag.

The Maxpower bolt cutter can be another great option if you wish to have a reliable option without paying a premium for the same. Although, this bolt cutter does compromise in terms of its length which is rated at just 30 inch.

Fortunately, you still get a ¼ inch cutting capacity with it which is good for cutting all sorts of things. Talking about the reliability of this bolt cutter from Maxpower, you will be glad to know that you get a great build quality and a lifetime warranty with it.

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 30 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to ¼ inch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Quite reliable for the given price
  • Decent cutting capacity for heavy-duty usage
  • Fairly portable and compact


  • Length could have been higher

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10. Fiskars Bolt Cutter

Fiskars Bolt Cutter

With the last option in this listicle, we have Fiskars and its bolt cutters that are known to be highly affordable which is to be expected at the given price tag.

This Fiskars bolt cutter can be a great pick if you wish to use yours for a long period of time. However, it is not ideal for heavy-duty usage since the given length rating of 24 inch can be a bit low for some users.

Similarly, the given cutting capacity of up to ⅜ inch is also what you would expect from such a length rating. Another expected feature of this premium bolt cutter is its excellent build quality and the included lifetime warranty

Best Features:

  • Rated length of 24 inch
  • Offers a maximum cutting capacity of up to ⅜ inch
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Ideal for long term usage
  • Small and portable form factor
  • Decent cutting capacity


  • A bit on the premium side

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters are handy tools in several cases, mostly to cut through rusty or thick locks, fencing, padlocks, and other heavy-duty tasks. Compared to other power tools used for cutting metals, bolt cutters offer better control over their operation to have a safe, precise, and efficient cutting.

This guide consists of key factors to consider, their types, benefits, some tips, and FAQ’s. All this information will help you a lot in selecting the correct option.

Let’s get into the details of key factors to consider while shopping for a bolt cutter.

1. Intended Use:

A bolt cutter is a versatile tool that is used to perform several tasks other than simply cutting bolts. Additionally, you can use them to cut wire mesh to reinforce concrete pads, metal wire from chain-link fencing, rebar for landscaping, and remove padlocks when missed keys or forget combinations.

This powerful cutting tool can easily create more than 4000 pounds of force. They are properly designed to cut a variety of distinct materials including nails, bolts, wires, cables, sheet metal, and piping. So, ensure to pick the correct option as per the material you thought to cut off with this bolt cutter.

2. Size:

There are different sizes of bolt cutters available in the market ranging from 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches. You came to know the cutting capability of the cutter to cut through different metal thicknesses and materials. Generally, these bolt cutters are differentiated into small, medium, and large models.

Small Bolt Cutters – The length of these cutters measure from 8-inch to 14-inch. These are designed to cut thinner chains and soft – medium hardness bolts. These small cutters fit perfectly in confined or tight spots, are stronger, and offer mobility or portability to carry and use everywhere needed.

Medium-Sized Cutters – The size of these cutters will range from 18-inch to 24-inch. They are designed to use on soft, medium, and hard metals. Its long handles offer greater leverage that makes it cut large items like removing bolts, and padlocks.

Large Cutters – These are heavy-duty tools that measure from 30-inch to 42-inch. They come with longer handles and strong steel jaws that make them ideal to cut through medium – hard metal items like copper cable, thick steel chains, steel rods, large bolts, and padlocks. They provide greater leverage and excellent cutting power to deal with extra tough work.

3. Weight:

Using a heavier cutter model will offer excellent cutting capacity, yet results in causing a lot of hand fatigue while operating it. While a lightweight bolt cutter is perfect for mobility and quick tasks, yet not durable to perform heavy-duty tasks. Generally, smaller cutters of 8-inch size will come around 2 pounds of weight, whereas larger 48-inch cutter models come around 8 pounds.

Ensure to keep the type of task you do in your mind before checking the weight of the bolt cutter. We suggest you choose a lightweight model in the toolbox for use in emergencies, while a heavy bolt cutter is to perform heavy tasks.

4. Diameter Capacity:

There are width limitations of material to cut on mini bolt cutter Most of these models are limited to cutting only bolts, rods, and wires of diameter up to 3/16-inch. However, the diameter size of the tool will determine its cutting capacity, which in turn equals to blades’ width when opened fully. For instance, a blade opening 1/8-inch will easily cut material of equal size.

5. Cut Style:

There is a variety of cut styles available for bolt cutters like clipper, angled, center, shear, and hydraulic. Here is a detailed explanation of these styles that help you in choosing the best option as per your cutting requirement.

Angled Cut – The bolt cutter with this cut style comes with a head that is angled from 25° to 30°, which allows you to easily place the head of the tool for doing lower cuts. It helps to shear off the screws and nails that are bulging from wood flush to surface for making it look better.

Clipper Cut – With its angle blade, this style of bolt cutter has a flat side that makes it a perfect option to cut off nails, and do clean cuts through sheet metal. Its blades will generate a high degree of pressure on the single focal point, even a slight bevel on them. Thus, it enhances the cutting power and aids in efficient cutting.

Shear Cut – Like edges on standard scissors, it features inverted blades that slide along each while getting close (not like other cut styles where its blade will meet). So, it is perfect to cut cables that cleanly slice through the strands of cable.

Center Cut – It has beveled blades on both sides, which are equidistant from one another. However, the blades bear down if applied pressure on them till the material in them got separated. These style cutters are perfect to cut through pipes, cables, and metal rods.

Hydraulic Cut – Runs on motor and they drive the cutting edge with hydraulically-powered piston, which produces more force compared to handle operated cutter. These are the perfect option to cut through thicker locks.

6. Rockwell Hardness Scale:

The blades of the cutting tools are made as per the Rockwell Hardness Scale (RHS). The scale uses HRC code to determine the level of resilience and hardness of the steel to know how powerful it can cut the material. A general rule is that the higher the HRC number means the harder the steel of the tool’s blade.

7. Handles:

The length of the handles (yet not its comfort) will matter a lot for those using the bolt cutter less often. A cutter with a longer handle offers greater leverage, which means more pressure is applied with less effort from the user but takes more space. Also, if the cutter has weak or hardwearing handles, then they snap when much pressure is applied to them.

Ergonomic handles are comfortable to use and are the most preferred option for regular users. With its extra layer (made of rubber or other material), they offer an excellent grip to your hands that prevents slipping and allow you to apply more pressure for effective cutting.

However, textured handles with a hard rubber grip are less comfortable to use, as the edges of these rubber dig into the hands and thereby result in causing pain while operating.

8. Blade Quality:

You have to choose the bolt cutter with the blade edge and jaws made of durable, strong, and hard material like steel for excelling cutting power. Usually, forged heat-treated chrome vanadium steel or chrome-molybdenum steel, in which they offer the best strength, and durability to last longer. The powder-coated finish on the steel will prevent the formation of corrosion and rust. Choose the best quality and hardest steel blades to cut through tough materials, such as padlocks.

9. Adjustable Blades:

The blades can be adjusted with the help of bolts on the jaws (direction) and neck (angle) of the cutter. This will allow you to make a quick and precise cutting of the material and also prevents any damage to them.

  • Adjusting the jaw bolts will change the movement of the corresponding blade either away or towards the joint. Turning them clockwise will move the blade to come closer, whereas counter-clockwise turning will make the blades move far away from each other.
  • Adjusting the neck bolts will change the angle of the blade either to move the tips far apart or closer together. Similar to jaw bolts, turning the bolt clockwise will move tips closer, while counter-clockwise will make them move far.

Bolt cutters featuring adjustable blades will offer more control over the tool and let you cut through wider materials. While for mini bolt cutters, adjust the screws at the front of the cutter’s blade.

10. Maintenance:

Proper care and regular maintenance will enhance the longevity of any power tool. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the bolt cutter accordingly to extend its lifespan.

Here are some maintenance tips for these bolt cutters.

  • Never attempt cutting thicker or harder materials than the recommended range, because they can’t handle and might damage the joints or blade.
  • Lubricate the joint with any lubricating oil or solvent like WD-40 for its clean and smooth functioning (as a part of regular maintenance). Also, spray the joint and let the solvent soak properly for proper lubrication.
  • Regular cleaning of the blade is a must with a brush and soap water. Dry it thoroughly by using a soft rag to avoid metal oxidization.
  • Clamp the blade in a vice and use an angle grinder or file to file the edges for sharpening the blade to have sharp and perfect precise cutting.
  • The neck adjusters are used to adjust and align the blade before using them each time.

11. Durability:

Everyone wants to have a strong, durable, and long-lasting tool (including a bolt cutter) for efficient use. The built quality and the construction material play a key role in determining the durability of the product.

So, check the blade material, in which the blades made of harder metal will offer a better cut. Steel (or forged steel) is strong, hard, and durable that is the best and most preferred blade material. Furthermore, look for a cutter structured with premium and high-quality materials to have long-lasting usage.

12. Handles and Grip:

A comfortable and nonslip grip will ensure the safety and effectiveness of using the tool, including this bolt cutter. So, we suggest you check the design to make precise cuts without any strain on the arms, wrists, fingers, and hands while working.

When it comes to its handles, prefer to choose the model with an ergonomic handle design featuring nonslip plastic, silicone, or soft rubber coverings. Also, angled handles allow you for precision cutting and comfortable usage. A general rule is that longer handles will provide better leverage for bolt cutters.

13. Jaw Opening:

Another essential feature that most people skip over but you should not while choosing the bolt cutter. It affects what and how a bolt cutter is used for. For instance, if the jaw opening is wide, the cutter can be a versatile option. while if the opening is small or slim, then it works only on thin locks.

However, the general jaw opening of these cutters will be 5/16-inch, in which a smaller one is suitable to cut thin metal pieces or wires. Go with a larger jaw opening while dealing with larger or extra-tough locks.

14. Foldable Design:

When you want to carry the bolt cutter somewhere in a tool bag, then prefer to choose a model with a foldable design. Also, the model with longer handles will offer an increased mechanical advantage. Keep in mind that not all bolt cutters have this feature, so search for the model with a foldable design to accomplish your task quickly and easily.

15. Warranty:

Over a long period, your bolt cutter might face a lot of wear and tear after cutting all sorts of hard metals. Since all bolt cutters are made out of high-quality metal, they won’t differ much in terms of their build quality. Instead, you can check the warranty offered by them to get an idea of their durability and longevity. Fortunately, most of these cutters out there include a lifetime warranty, while some models offer a 1-year warranty. The longer warranty on the product, the better you can use them.

Types of Bolt Cutters:

In general, there are three main types of bolt cutters – traditional, foldable, and extendable. Here is a detailed explanation that let you know which type is most suitable for your cutting requirement.

Traditional – This type of cutter has all the required elements in its design, which let you perform the intended task yet won’t offer any design characteristics. However, the mini or compact models fall under this category, because they have the same design and are scaled-down.

Foldable – Some cutter models are a bit hard to store, so the manufacturers designed their models with foldable handles. You can fold the handles upward on the jaws to minimize the length. Though, it looks wider, yet can be stored in most bags and toolboxes. Ensure that its handles are made of solid materials.

Extendable – A bolt cutter having an extendable handle is used to work in tight spaces easily. This extended handle will enhance the mechanical advantage, but the main problem is the handle’s design which lacks structural integrity, as it is hollow.

Benefits of Bolt Cutters:

Here are some of the benefits you can grab by using these bolt cutters.

No Need to Clean Up – Cutting a lock by using a power tool or hand tool will make the overall process messy and leave a lot of things to clean up. While the use of bolt cutters does not make any mess and will do the job quickly and simply in a single shot.

A Safer Option – Some powerful power tools work as an alternative to bolt cutters that are used to cut through locks. They might be some danger involved in its usage like handling mistakes or flying dust or parts. Whereas, bolt cutters are efficient that can cut the material which is placed inside the jaws without any re-bounce or recoil. Also, it won’t harm anyone or any other parts.

Quick, Easy & Efficient – A bolt cutter can easily snap a lock-off within no time, irrespective of how long it is hanging on the door, gate, or storage unit. Thus, they work to unlock (lock cutting) them efficiently and quickly with little to no difficulty.

Eliminates Effort – Anyone can operate this bolt cutter, as it doesn’t require much physical strength or effort. All you need is arm strength with some mechanical force and pressure to cut the hard lock easily and smoothly.

Tips to Use the Bolt Cutters:

Take a glance at some of the tips that you have to follow for the safe and effective usage of these bolt cutters.

  • Wear Eye Protection – Sometimes, the use of bolt cutters may lead to flying metal pieces. So, it is a must to wear eye protection for the user’s safety while operating this bolt cutter.
  • Blade Adjustment – These cutters have an adjustable cutting head. You have to check this feature before using the cutter every time to ensure that the ends won’t be in direct contact with each other.
  • Handle With Care – Usually, the cut-ends of the screws, wires, or bolts are sharp, which means you have to be careful and wear gloves to safely collect these cut pieces.
  • Eliminate Diagonal Cuts – These cutters are designed for level cuts, yet not for diagonal cuts. So, it’s better to avoid counteracting the jaws for diagonal cutting, which might damage the edges while cutting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to sharpen the bolt cutters?

A metal vice, angle grinder or file, oil (lubricating solvent), and clean cloth are required to sharpen the bolt cutter blades. Before you start the process, you have to clean the cutter’s head and clamp it securely in a metal vice. Then file the blade with either grinder or file, yet follow the beveled angle of the blade. Avoid sharpening the edges as you do for a blade.
Usually, cutters have beveled edges that cut material to separate forcefully but won’t slice like a blade. Finally, use a cloth to clean the blade and oil it with any metal lubricating solvent. Keep it aside for a couple of days before you use them again.

2. Shall we use a bolt cutter to cut screws?

Yes, you can cut through different materials like a screw with this bolt cutter. Knowing the type of material, you have to cut through before investing in a bolt cutter will give an idea of the tool having sufficient jaw capacity to hold and cut the material efficiently.

3. How to use bolt cutters?

The process of using a bolt cutter is simple and straightforward.
*Set the cutting material on the spot and move it deep into the blade jaws for a proper grip and to have free movement of its handles.
*It not only enhances its cutting force but also avoid slipping material out of jaws while applying pressure for its proper cutting.
*Now use slight pressure to pull the handles, yet ensure that the material does not slip out of the cutter.
*Increase the pressure slowly till its blade cuts through the material placed on it. Turning or twisting the handles should be strictly avoided because they damage either the joint or the blades.

4. Can I cut hardened steel using a bolt cutter?

No, bolt cutters are unable to cut through hardened steel properly but need power tools like hacksaws with blades made of hard materials.

5. Which size bolt cutter is required to cut a padlock?

Here jaw capacity plays a vital role over than length of the bolt cutter while determining the correct size of the cutter to cut through the padlock. The diameter of several padlocks will range from 3/16-inch to 7/16-inch. The material with a 3/16-inch diameter can be cut using 8-inch mini-bolt cutter. To cut the bolts or metal up to 7/16-inch diameter on standard padlocks, you need a bolt cutter of 24-inch. Whereas, use a 36-inch bolt cutter to cut harder metal on high-quality padlocks. The larger the bolt cutter with a higher jaw capacity, the more it can cut padlocks.

6. Can I own a bolt cutter?

Though it is legal to have this bolt cutter in most areas, we suggest you check the specific local rules and regulations before buying and owning them. However, it is illegal to carry this cutter when having criminal intent or any intention to break the property.

7. What is the maximum thickness a bolt cutter can cut easily?

The thickness it can cut is based on the cutter’s design. Different models come with different cutting capabilities and power. So, the opening width of blades and handle’s length will determine the cutting power and the maximum cutting thickness.

8. What do we use mini bolt cutters for?

We use this mini bolt cutter to snip bolts, thin wires, or nails, which means mostly they cut materials of diameters up to 3/16-inches.

9. Can I use a bolt cutter to cut any locks?

We are unable to cut through various heavy-duty padlocks by using bolt cutters, yet only the truly failsafe locks, which are fully covered in an external housing. If the lock is made from slim metal, you can use a bolt cutter to weld them at minimum damage.


In case that you have lost the keys to any given padlock then opening it can be quite difficult. Because of this, you may get locked out of your house, get your bike locked up, or lose access to your locker. Thankfully, you can get rid of such padlocks quite easily using any one of the best bolt cutters stated up above in this listicle.

However, if you are still not able to pick the right one, you can simply go with one of our ideal recommendations for the best bolt cutters:

  • Despite having a fairly low price tag, the GreatNeck bolt cutters are still the most durable and reliable option stated here thanks to the included lifetime warranty. These bolt cutters also offer a high cutting capacity of up to ½ inch making them ideal for heavy-duty usage especially when you consider the given size of 36 inches.
  • Although, if you simply want a large-sized bolt cutter, then the Olympia 39-142 can be a viable option for you. Thanks to its massive length or size of 42 inches, you can easily work on all types of metals. As for its cutting capacity, it can cut metals of a maximum thickness of up to 5/16 inch. You also get a decent 1-year warranty with it.
  • If you are on a tight budget and want something highly affordable, then the Kotto bolt cutters can be the right one for you. Even though these bolt cutters are the cheapest option out there, you still get a total of three bolt cutters that are rated at 14 inch and 8-inch lengths. With these, you get a maximum cutting capacity of up to 9/32 inch for easily cutting most bolts and wires with ease.

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