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Angle Grinder Uses

Angle Grinder is one of the most versatile tools available in the market. It can be used as a substitute for many devices, and anyone can learn to operate it with some practice. Welders and craftsmen commonly use angle grinder as it can speedily do quite intensive work. Its handle is interchangeable, which makes it ideal for both right and left-handed people.

Angle Grinders are available in different sizes, but the most commonly used ones are 4 and 4.5 inches. However, it depends on the task you are using it for. So if you are curious to learn about the uses of an angle grinder, this article will provide you all the essential information.

What is an Angle GrinderAngle Grinder

Angle Grinders are handheld devices that perform various functions like cutting, deburring, polishing, grinding, etc. It is a highly versatile tool that provides excellent efficiency while working. They offer smoother cutting than a hacksaw.

Not only are they packed with an enormous amount of power, but they are safer to operate, provided that you have the required safety apparatus. Angle Grinders are categorized into three types; electric, pneumatic, and gas-powered.

The corded ones are usually much more powerful despite not being portable. The different attachments in an angle grinder include the disc, pads, cutters, and wheels. And by changing them out, the angle grinder can be used for a variety of purposes.

Angle Grinder Uses

1. Auto-body Worktit

Removing Paint

Angle Grinders are perfect for removing paint from large surfaces. It is used in many workshops to remove the old paint while not damaging the new one. After the paint is removed, the surface is polished before coating the fresh paint.

Rust Removal

Angle Grinders excel in removing rust. They are most helpful when the layer of rust is relatively thin, and you don’t want to damage the metal body underneath. Also, they can be beneficial for working on totally rust-ridden surfaces as well.

2. Masonry

Cutting ceramic tiles

Usually, cutting stone or ceramic tiles is quite hard with standard tile cutters. However, an angle grinder fitted with a diamond wheel can effortlessly cut through these materials. However, you need to be precise else it might damage the surface.

Follow the steps below to help you through the cutting procedure

  • Create an accurate lining of the cut on the tile’s back and front.
  • Then clamp it to a workbench. This minimizes the chance of any potential injuries to the operator.
  • Power on the angle grinder and score through 1/8th of the surface.
  • Flip the tile over and clamp it again. Now, cut the back portion again.

Removing Old Mortar

Cutting old mortar is possible with an angle grinder provided that you use some thick diamond tuckpointing wheels. This helps to eliminate the mortar without damaging the bricks. In fact, we found it to be much easier than the conventional method of using a chisel and hammer. You need to be mindful of the dust released, and therefore it is better to use a mask.

While grinding, there are some safety tips that ought to be followed. Keep the grinder away from flammable materials. Moreover, test the wheels to ensure that it is working properly.

Stone Cutting

For Stone Cutting, the best option is to use a diamond blade. The process is relatively simple but time-consuming. And if you perform it properly, the resulting cuts will be quite smooth. To make bevel cuts, we recommend using a small portable angle grinder as it provides extra mobility.

3. Metalworking

Cleaning Metals

The disc of the grinder can be used for cleaning metal surfaces, but it is best to avoid it. The effective way to clean metal surfaces is with the help of cleaning wheels, as the disc can alter the surface. The wire wheel brush is quite helpful in removing rust and paint from metal surfaces. Though the finish is not clean like that from a disc, it is faster, and the effect lasts much longer. It is important that you use glasses as wires might shoot from the wheel and hit your eyes.

Another alternative is using plastic stripped discs consisting of soft nylon covered throughout by silicon carbide. This arrangement can remove any coating that is not fused with the metal surface.

Cutting Metal

Hacksaw is used to cut through metals, but the process is painfully long. That’s why we recommend using an angle grinder fitted with a cutoff wheel, as it makes the process much faster and easier. The grinder can be used with most metals, but it is most effective on the harder metals.

Polishing Metal

First of all, use a sanding wheel to remove any scratch marks. However, polishing wheels can also be employed to make the surface smooth and clean. While polishing, you should be patient as the high power of the grinder could damage the material.

Tool Sharpening

It is not recommended to use an angle grinder for sharpening tools. However, it is possible to use it in that way. This is because the process requires a lot of skill and control. Angle grinder can also be used for sharpening axe blades. Follow the steps given below

  • Fix the blade securely and adjust the guard plate to direct the spark away from you.
  • Adjust the grinder so as to match the blade angle. Also, ensure that the wheel is towards the blade.
  • Using the grinder, make a small pass. Once again, in the same direction, make another pass.

You can use a mill saw for more precision and sharpness.

4. Carpentry

Carving Wood

An angle grinder is best used for shaping wood as the machine has the perfect power required to make those fine delicate cuts. You need to equip an abrasive carving disc to cut through wood. It is best used for shaping the legs of a table.

Planing Wood

If you have a wood plane, that is the best choice for planing wood. However, an angle grinder with a carving wheel is a good alternative. The carving wheel has teeth like those found on the chainsaw. As a result, use only the appropriate amount of force. Else, you might accidentally remove excess material.

Sanding Wood

Abrasive flap discs can be used as sanding surfaces. The difference is these are much faster compared to sanding paper. These discs are available in different sizes to work on different kinds of finishes. Moreover, it is quite difficult to distinguish the surface done by hand sanding.


In this article, we have listed out the different functions and ways by which you can make use of an Angle grinder. This tool is not super-expensive and can be easily available. This is the reason why most craftsmen use it for their projects.

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