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Comprehensive Guide on How to Measure Laptop Size?

Laptops can be a great way to get your work done even when you are away from your home and office. And despite having a portable form factor, you get almost the same functionality as a desktop. As for modern thin and light laptops, you can easily take them anywhere you want thanks to their compact form factor and long battery life. Although, whenever you are going with anything portable, checking its size and form factor is quite important.

Similarly, you should also measure the size of your laptop whether you are getting a new one or already have one. And while one may think the screen size is the size of a laptop, there is much more to check. Therefore, we are here to show you how to measure laptop size quite easily, as stated down below. You can also find the importance of measuring your laptop down below. So whether you are getting a new laptop or want to check the size of your current one, make sure to go till the end.

How to Measure Laptop Size?

Now that you have an idea of the importance of checking the size of your laptop, you might want to get started right away. But before that, you will need a measuring tape at your disposal. Once you have arranged the same, you can go ahead and check the following measurements of your laptop one by one:

Measuring the Screen Size

How to Measure laptop Screen Size

One of the first things to measure while getting a laptop is the screen size. Not only does the screen size affect the overall form factor of your computer, but it can also affect your overall computing experience. To measure the screen size of your laptop, you have to place your measuring tape diagonally from one corner to the diagonally opposite one. You can find screen size options ranging between 11 inch to 17 inch depending on the laptop model that you have.

Measuring the Height

Measuring the Height

If you are going with a thin and light laptop, then you should consider checking its height or thickness as well. For measuring the same, simply keep the laptop on a flat surface and then measure the distance between the top and the surface. Make sure that your laptop’s lid is fully closed before taking this measurement.

Measuring the Width

Measuring the Width

Other than the screen size and the thickness of your laptop, checking its width is also quite important to get an idea of its overall form factor. Unlike the display size rating, the width measurement also includes the display bezels and the outer frame. To measure the width, simply place a measurement tape horizontally or left to right on top of your laptop.

Measuring the Depth

Measuring the Depth

You should also check the depth or the length of your laptop to get an idea of its form factor. Similar to the width measurement, the depth measurement also includes the display bezels and tells you about the true form factor of your laptop. As for measuring the depth, you need to place your measurement tape vertically or top to bottom of your laptop.

Laptops Size Chart

In most cases, the size or the dimensions of your laptop will be given as the screen size. Generally, this is given in inches, which is the standard for screen sizes which is simply their diagonal size. Although, if you are buying something like a sleeve or a laptop bag, then you might have the size given in centimeters. In that case, consider checking the following laptop sizes in inches and centimeters.

Diagonal Size in CM Diagonal Size in Inches
25.40 cm 10 inch
27.94 cm 11 inch
30.48 cm 12 inch
33.02 cm 13 inch
35.56 cm 14 inch
38.10 cm 15 inch
40.64 cm 16 inch
43.18 cm 17 inch
45.72 cm 18 inch
48.26 cm 19 inch
50.80 cm 20 inch

Why is it Important to Measure your Laptop?

While we have already given a complete guide on how to measure your laptop’s size, some of you might be curious about why it is important to measure your laptop. The primary reason for the same is that the size of your laptop can affect its portability quite a lot. Other than that, the measurements of your laptop are vital to check before buying things like laptop bags, sleeves, covers, and other similar accessories, which depend on the size quite a lot.


By measuring the dimensions and size of your laptop, you can easily get an idea of its portability as well as buy accessories for the same. And as we have also mentioned a complete guide on laptop measurements, you can easily check the dimensions of your laptop as well. If you have gone through all these laptop measurement details, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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