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The 9 Best Book Scanners Reviews & Buying Guide

In today’s digitized world, almost everything has been converted into digital media. While physical books are susceptible to damage over time, digitizing them ensures they last longer and can be accessed easily.

A book scanner is such a pivotal device that scans physical books and other hardcopy documents and converts them into digitized format. You can convert them into images, PDF, word, or other formats as per your wish.

The most important thing when you are scanning books is to ensure that the content is clearly visible. Besides, the scanner should be able to scan the entire page.

Below are such primary features that you need to check before purchasing the perfect book scanner.

Camera Resolution: The camera resolution predominantly determines the image quality of the scanned documents and pages of the book. You can find cameras with a resolution of more than 22 MP. However, we strongly suggest you to go with a camera that has a resolution of at least 8 MP.

Coverage Area: The coverage area determines the scanning area of the book scanner. The maximum coverage area that you can get is A3 size. But, if you only plan on using the scanner for scanning standard textbook size pages, a coverage area of 13.7 x 18.9 inches would suffice.

Compatible OS: Almost all the book scanners are compatible with Windows OS. But the same can not be said for Mac and Chromebook OS. The options get even narrower in case of Android and iOS. While it would be enough to get a book scanner that is compatible with the OS of your PC, getting a multi-OS compatible scanner will come in very handy.

While these features will fulfill the basic purpose of the book scanner, there are several other features that can make the work a lot easier. Please find the complete list of such useful features in the “Buying Guide” section of this article. But, before that, please check out our curated list of the Best Book Scanners 2022

Best Book Scanners in 2023 Chart

Book ScannerCamera ResolutionPage Size CoverageCompatibilityBuy Now
Czur Shine Ultra Smart Book Scanner13 MPA3, A4Windows, MacOSCheck On Amazon
iCODIS Document Camera & Overhead Book Scanner8 MPA3WindowsCheck On Amazon
NetumScan Book & Document Scanner8 MPA4WindowsCheck On Amazon
IRIScan Desk 5 Pro Book Scanner12 MPA3WindowsCheck On Amazon
Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Book Scanner---A3WindowsCheck On Amazon
IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition Book Scanner8 MPA3Windows, MacOS, and ChromebookCheck On Amazon
Inswan INS-1 Book Scanner8 MP15.74 X 11.81 inchesWindows, MacOS, and ChromebookCheck On Amazon
Okiocam T USB Book Scanner 5 MP13.7 x 18.9 inchesWindows, MacOS, and ChromebookCheck On Amazon
IPEVO VZ-X 8MP Book Scanner8 MP14.29 x 19.01 inchesWindows, MacOS, Chromebook, Android, and iOSCheck On Amazon

Best Book Scanner Reviews

 1. Czur Shine Ultra Smart Book Scanner

Czur Shine Ultra Smart Book Scanner

Czur is a popular company that leverages innovative technology to develop scanning solutions for digitization of documents. The brand has a premium line of cost effective book scanners that are compatible with MacOS and Windows.

Czur’s smart book scanner uses patented technology to flatten the 3D curved surfaces after the pixel transformation when you are scanning the documents. It is designed to scan A3 and A4 documents and any documents smaller than A3 size. It has an ultra-fast scanning speed with less than 1 second per page and can convert the scanned pages to JPG, PDF, Word, and Excel.

The book scanner can also be used as a document camera with Zoom compatibility for online teaching and presentations. It is equipped with a 13MP camera and has auto cropping, smart paging, stamp mode, combine sides, and multiple color modes. It features a 90-degree foldable design and is lightweight with 4 lbs. The 2-level height adjustable neck along with a foot pedal allows for convenient operation.

The book scanner is backed by a 1-year warranty from the original date of purchase.

Best Features

  • CMOS 13MP camera
  • 1 second per page scanning speed
  • Patented flattening curved book page technology
  • A3 and A4 coverage size
  • Lightweight with 90-degree foldable design
  • Windows and MacOS compatibility
  • 1-year warranty

Where it lacks

  • Impression of your fingers are very difficult to remove
  • Zooming is slow
  • No LED lights

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2. iCODIS Document Camera & Overhead Book Scanner

iCODIS Document Camera Overhead Book Scanner

iCODIS is committed towards accelerating the development of small and powerful devices. The brand has a premium line of compact projectors and books scanners with advanced features.

iCODIS is equipped with SDK and Twain drivers that provide more power to its features including the 8MP camera and the 4 LED fill lights. Using this, you can scan documents up to A3 size. It uses the latest technologies including the automatic image segmentation, automatic correction, broken edge filling, intelligent continuous shoot, and OCR for effective and easy scanning process. It has a shooting speed of less than 1.5 seconds.

The book scanner has a dual mode with video recording and image capturing for versatile usage. It comes in compact size with a collapsible and lightweight design for maximum portability and easy handling. The book scanner is designed for easy installation and supports only Windows OS. You have to download the software using the CD or thumb driver to get started.

Best Features

  • 8MP camera
  • 1.5 seconds shooting speed
  • A3 coverage size
  • Multiple advanced tech –  automatic image segmentation, automatic correction, and intelligent continuous shoo
  • Compact size with a collapsible and lightweight design

Where it lacks

  • LED lights are not powerful
  • Software is not intuitive nor customizable
  • Zoom app does allow the doc cam to function
  • Not compatible with MacOS

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3. NetumScan Book & Document Scanner

NetumScan Book & Document ScannerNetumScan is a reliable brand that develops high-end projectors and book scanners with advanced features. Most products from this brand have a compact and lightweight design for maximum portability.

NetumScan book and document scanner have the latest technology that offers one-key automatic correction to make the scanner quite easy to use. This automatic correction will correct the picture intelligently, even if it is skewed. Also, it is equipped with only manual page turning, mass automatic scanning, automatic high-speed meter, OCR text recognition, and continuous scanning into pictures. All these will enhance work efficiency and they support text, pdf, and word documents.

In addition, it has an 8MP CMOS sensor that clearly captures live ultra HD images and its built-in LED light improves the brightness and the image quality even when you scan the documents in dark environments. Also, it offers a large range, even coverage, or intelligent light-filling effect that runs only on Windows.

It can capture and display images up to A4 size, which is quite perfect for daily use. It offers real-time projection and video recording that supports real-time live video & video recording for online tutoring or streaming, thanks to its intelligent high-spot instrument.

This portable & foldable overhead document scanner is made of high-quality aluminum alloy fuselage. For its effective working, you have to use a USB cable to connect the scanner and computer and install its dedicated software.

Best Features

  • A4 coverage size
  • 8MP CMOS sensor camera
  • Foldable, adjustable, and portable design
  • One-key automatic correction, mass automatic scanning, continuous scanning into pictures.
  • Real-time projection and video recording
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Has an aluminum alloy fuselage construction
  • Built-in LED light to capture in a dark environment.
  • Effective OCR text recognition

Where it lacks

  • Not compatible with Chromebook or MacOS.
  • Software is not customizable or intuitive.
  • The quality of the scanned images could have been better

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4. IRIScan Desk 5 Pro Book Scanner

IRIScan Desk 5 Pro Book Scanner

IRIS develops a wide range of miscellaneous products including home and office appliances, storage solutions, pet accessories, and furniture. The brand leverages innovative technology and proprietary designs to make them useful to the practical lives of consumers.

IRIS has used its proprietary book curve flattening technology in this book scanner for easy scanning of documents along with great accuracy and image clarity. The software is AI-driven for faster image processing and accurate replication. The AI detects your hand movements and scans the page automatically when your hand disappears. Using this, you can scan A3 documents and documents smaller than A3 size.

The book scanner detects automatically when you turn your page and scans it. Besides, you can also press the easy-push button to trigger the scanning process. With the help of the IRIS OCR patented software, you can scan a page in just 2 secs. The supplement LED lights improve the brightness and provide natural lighting in dark environments. The scanner can also be used as a video recorder with embedded Notebook video for recording and live streaming. It is compatible with only Windows OS.

Best Features

  • 12MP camera
  • A3 coverage size
  • 2 sec/page scanning speed
  • AI hand detection, Book curve flattening technology, Auto-detect page turn, and IRIS OCR patented technology
  • Built-in LED light
  • Windows compatibility

Where it lacks

  • Lighting is not powerful
  • Does not do a good job in removing the fingers
  • Not compatible with MacOS

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5. Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Book Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Book Scanner

Fujitsu is a world renowned brand that develops advanced imaging solutions to meet the designs of organizations based on the rapidly changing world. The brand has 3 product lines of scanners – ScanSnap, Fi series, and SP series.

This is one of the most advanced book scanners in the market that comes with all the latest technologies and features you can think of. While the multi-document detection function allows you to scan multiple documents in one scan, the auto book correction feature ensures the curve distortion is automatically corrected. There is also the Point Retouch function using which you can remove the captured fingers.

The book scanner is also equipped with the page turning detection function that scans the page automatically when you turn them. The time mode makes scanning the documents further easier by allowing you to set a fixed time interval to make the device scan the pages in real time with you. The book scanner is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Best Features

  • 3 sec/page scanning speed
  • A3 coverage size
  • Multi-document detection, Page turning detectionAuto book correction, Point retouch, and Time mode
  • Overhead LED light
  • Windows and Mac OS compatibility

Where it lacks

  • Software is laggy and unresponsive at times
  • Expensive
  • Heavy and bulky

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6. IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition Book Scanner

IPEVO V4K Ultra High Definition Book Scanner

IPEVO is a document camera company that develops simple and powerful teaching tools. The brand designs all its products with connected features for seamless operations and sharing of data.

IPEVO’s book scanner is equipped with an 8MP camera for capturing documents in ultra HD with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Besides, it offers a high frame rate seamless live streaming without any lags. At full HD, you get streams up to 30 fps and at  3264 x 2448 pixels, you get streams up to 15 fps. It is equipped with a Sony CMOS image sensor for noise reduction and color reproduction. The sensor also ensures the images are crystal clear even when captured in low light conditions.

The book scanner has a fast focusing speed so that you can scan more pages in less time without any interruptions. It has a lightweight design with just 1.92 lbs for easy handling and maximum portability. This is a multi-software compatible book scanner that supports Mac, PC, and Chromebook operating systems.

Best Features

  • 8 MP ultra HD camera
  • A3 coverage size
  • High frame rate with 30 fps at full HD and 15 fps at 3264 x 2448 pixels
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multi-software compatibility
  • Affordable


  • No built-in LED
  • Lacks advanced functions
  • Not the best option for video calls

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7. Inswan INS-1 Book Scanner

Inswan INS-1 Book Scanner

Inswan is a relatively small brand that creates digital imaging products specifically for educational use. The brand strives to provide an optimal experience for teachers as well as students with our innovative products and software.

Similar to the IPEVO book scanner, this scanner is also equipped with an 8MP Sony CMOS sensor for capturing ultra HD live images with a resolution of 264 x 2448 pixels at 30 fps. Besides, it has an autofocus lens that quickly shifts the focus between the objects. The built-in LED light along with the anti-glare sheet prevents exposure problems and allows you to capture clear images, irrespective of the lighting conditions.

The book scanner features a microphone that comes in very handy and works well with Documate and other webinar software. It has a compact size that does not take up much of your desktop space. With a maximum shooting area of 15.74 X 11.81 inches, the multi-joint design helps you to conveniently capture 2D and 3D objects. The book scanner supports Windows, Mac, and Chromebook OS.

Best Features

  • 8MP Sony CMOS sensor camera
  • 15.74 X 11.81 inches shooting area
  • Built-in LED light and anti-glare sheet
  • Multi-joint design with compact size
  • Supports Documate and other webinar software
  • Windows, Mac, and Chromebook OS compatibility

Where it lacks

  • Quality of scanned images are not great
  • Focus is not clear on 3D objects
  • Built-in LED is not very bright

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8. Okiocam T USB Book Scanner

Okiocam T USB Book Scanner

Okiocam has 3 product lines of book scanners – S, T, and T Plus. While the S series book scanners are designed for students, T series scanners are tailored specifically to meet the needs of teachers.

Predominantly used for remote teaching and recording online lessons, this scanner also does a good job in capturing documents. It has been designed to be the perfect tool for teachers in aiding them during online classes. Using this, you can share worksheets, quizzes, and more with your students. The scanner has a maximum recording area of 13.7 x 18.9 inches for recording full-sized worksheets, 3D objects, and arts & crafts and capturing standard-sized textbooks. It supports videos up to 30 fps at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The book scanner features a compact, lightweight, and adjustable design. It weighs only 0.8 lbs and measures 1.6 inches thick. The foldable magnetic base and the retractable arm makes it easy to store without taking much of your desktop space. The adjustable arm and the 360-degree rotatable camera conveniently captures documents from different angles. The book scanner is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook OS. It also supports teleconferencing and utility software such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, QuickTime, and many more.

Best Features

  • 5 MP camera
  • 13.7 x 18.9 inches coverage area
  • 30 fps at 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Compact, lightweight, and adjustable design
  • Foldable magnetic base with 360-degree rotatable camera
  • Windows, Mac, and Chromebook OS compatibility

Where it lacks

  • Overhead light casts a shadow on the page
  • Adjustable arm could have been more flexible for side-to-side movement

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9. IPEVO VZ-X 8MP Book Scanner

IPEVO VZ-X 8MP Book Scanner

The last product on our list is IPEVO’s book scanner. While it retains many of the basic functions of the previous IPEVO scanner in our list, it is equipped with advanced features for faster and efficient performance.

The main difference between this and the previous model from the same brand is that the former features an Amarelle integrated system-on-a-chip (Sock) along with the standard Sony CMOS sensor. This directly translates to faster processing speed, good reproduction of colors, and better noise reduction in low light conditions. Apart from this, the 8MP camera supports HD (1920 x 1080) resolution in WiFi and HDMI mode, near 4K resolution (3264 x 2448) in USB mode, and HD (1920 x 1080 at 30 fps) resolution for video recording.

The book scanner has a maximum shooting area of 14.29 x 19.01 inches. It is equipped with LED lights for illuminating the documents in low light conditions. The multi-jointed stand and swiveling head along with the small footprint allow you to conveniently capture from different heights and angles.

This scanner is compatible with multiple OS including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, and iOS, Besides, it has multiple connectivity options including 33 feet range WiFI, HDMI, and USB. The battery life lasts for up to 9-12 hours.

Best Features

  • 8MP camera
  • 14.29 x 19.01 inches scanning area
  • HD resolution in WiFi and HDMI mode and near 4K resolution in USB mode
  • Multi-jointed stand with a swiveling head
  • Multi-software compatibility
  • Multiple connectivity options

Where it lacks

  • WiFi is glitchy and drops frequently
  • Auto focus is not great
  • On the expensive end

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Features you Need to Check Before Buying the Perfect Book Scanner

Scanning a large number of documents and pages of a book can be a tedious task. But, when your book scanner is equipped with the latest features, it doesn’t have to be that difficult anymore. These features help you get the job done faster and also provide great image quality. Below is a complete list of such features:

Scanning Speed

The scanning speed refers to how fast the book scanner can focus the document and capture the image. The scanning speed is determined by the sensor integrated with the scanner. The fastest book scanners can scan a page in less than 1 second, while on an average, the scanners take 1 to 2 seconds to scan a page. If you have to scan bulk documents and books, then we suggest you go with the fastest book scanner within your budget. It would be worth the money.


The book scanners come with a wide range of technologies and functions for effective scanning and clear image capturing along with providing ease of use.

The flattening curve technology is one of the most essential features that automatically removes the curve distortion on the edges of the page. The page turning detection function automatically scans the page when you turn it by detecting the presence/absence of your hand. Some of the other essential functions include finger removal, point retouch, time book, auto book-correction, and triggered continuous shooting functions.

Connectivity Options

Most of the book scanners come with a USB connection that would suffice because almost all the latest smart devices are equipped with a USB port. However, a wireless connection with a long range will come in very handy. You do not have to be restricted with the cable length allowing you to place the scanner far away from your PC. Some models also have an HDMI port, in addition to the USB port and WiFi feature.


It is very important that the book scanner has a compact and lightweight design. Besides, most models also feature a collapsible design with adjustable height and retractable arms. Such features not only aid in compact storage but will also allow you to capture images from different angles, heights, and orientations. You should also keep an eye on the durability of the book scanner so that it can sustain physical damages for a long working life.


Almost all the models are backed by a warranty. While you may not find the details of the warranty on the product page or on the official website, you can contact the seller directly to check the warranty. Along with the book scanner, you will receive a warranty card that will have information on how to claim the warranty when needed. While the most obvious choice is to go with the scanner backed by the longest warranty period, we strongly recommend a warranty period of at least 1 year.


Still unable to choose the perfect book scanner? Please check our favorite picks below:

  • Czur Shine Ultra Smart Book Scanner is the most advanced model equipped with all the latest features at a bit expensive price. Its 13 MP camera offers great image quality and is designed to scan A3 and A4 documents. It is compatible with Windows and MacOS and can easily scan a page in a second. Furthermore, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • IPEVO VZ-X 8MP Book Scanner is the most versatile option with multi-software compatibility and multiple connectivity options. It supports Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, and iOS, Besides, it has multiple connectivity options including 33 feet range WiFI, HDMI, and USB.
  • iCODIS Document Camera & Overhead Book Scanner is the best budget option on our list. With an 8MP camera and 1.5 sec/page scanning speed, it has most of the latest tech that gets the job done in a fast and hassle-free way.

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