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The 7 Best Book Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Book lights are the perfect option – to read to book or work on a laptop in bed, without disturbing your partner.

Some of these models are specially developed for reading experience at night. While others come with more versatile features.

In this article, we have provided a list of Best Book Lights after carefully analyzing almost all products available in the market.

The three main factors we considered while analyzing these products are…

  • Book Light Type

They are available in two models – clip-on book lights can be hooked to the books while neck lights. If you want the light to directly fall on the book, the neck light is the best option.

  • Battery Life

Book lights are either powered by rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries. Right option among these two options depends on user preference.

  • Warranty

Book lights have a warranty period of 3 to 12 months. The rule of thumb is to choose a model with the maximum warranty period. For detailed information on how to choose book lights, we recommend reading our “Buying Guide”.

Haven’t got time? Then you can choose any option provided in the below list of Best Book Lights.

Best Book Lights List

Book LightsBattery LifeModes of operationWarranty/ReturnBuy Now
Perfect Day Book Light60 Hours3No / 30 Days Check On Amazon
Hooga Book Light30 Hours6No / 30 Days Check On Amazon
Vekkia Book Light6 to 10 hours31 Year / 30 Days Check On Amazon
Lepower Book LightNot Available31 YearCheck On Amazon
Energizer Book Light25 Hours3Not AvailableCheck On Amazon
Glocusent Book Light80 Hours31.5 Years / 30 Days Check On Amazon
Skymore Book LightNot Available2Not AvailableCheck On Amazon

7 Best Book Lights Reviews

1. Glocusent Book Light 

Glocusent LED

Next on our list is a very unique and innovatively designed booklight. The Glocusent LED reading light is more of a neck based reading light. It’s “around the neckwear” design places the light’s ends on either side with 2 LED beads that can shine on light forward. The light is available in two colours namely pink and blue variants.

Top Features:

  • Unique design that lets you wear the light around your neck but without any irritation or hassle. Even the build of the light is very much light in weight that does not even let you know that there is something on your neck.
  • Comes with a highly bright LED light on two sides of the opening and with 3 different colour intensities. One is the yellow warm white light with 3000 k luminosity and the other is a simple warm white with a 4000 k luminosity. The third one is a cool daylight white with 6000 k luminosity.
  • Each of the colours can be switched and adjusted to 2 levels each from low and high. Thus you would be having a total of 6 brightness levels with you to switch from.
  • USB based rechargeable battery. The USB comes with a modern Type C port and is much more compatible than the old Micro USB port.
  • The light has an immensely large battery of 1,000 mAH. Once fully charged, you can use the light for a massive 80 hours whole on every single head.
  • No flicker and the warm yellow light acts as a blue light filter to prevent any damage to your eyes due to the light.
  • The neck design is ergonomic and does not weigh you down while reading/wearing.
  • Partner friendly design lets you redirect the light’s beam angle to 90 degrees. This will give you a personal space with the light’s beam and not cause any disturbance to people around you.

Warranty: This light comes with an 18 month (or 1.5 years) long manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and also great customer support too.


  • None to mention specifically

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2. Hooga Book Light

hooga light

Next on our list is a single-mode, multi brightness-adjustable LED clip on reading light. The Amber clip-on light by Hooga comes with a basic clip-on design like the Perfect Daylight but has a much low luminosity as this light has been designed primarily to be eye and reader-friendly.

Top Features:

  • Simple clip-on design with a tight clip that can hold on to edged tables and thin papers as well with great strength.
  • 4 bright LEDs studded onto the light head for higher capacity of brightness.
  • Can be switched between 3 levels of brightness for high beam, medium beam and low beam lighting FROM 25%, 50% and 100% brightness settings (17.5, 35 and 70 lumens of change respectively)
  • All levels adhere to amber hue luminosity lighting of 1600 kelvin warmth. This is about 99.94% free from the blue light spectrum and thus promotes healthy eyesight and prevents any eye trouble and promotes melatonin growth.
  • Has a very long 7 inches large gooseneck. This can be adjusted in any flexible way to shed light in any direction you want it to.
  • Comes with a very large battery of 1,200 mAH capacity that does not flicker a bit. USB compatible rechargeable, once fully charged, the light can give you a massive 30 hours of lighting capacity.
  • Comes with a 36 inches large USB cable for charging and a full charge takes about 4 hours of time.
  • Light in weight as it weighs just about 2.5 ounces and the light itself is made out of durable material for longevity.

Warranty: There is no warranty on the product but it does offer a 30 days return window from the date of purchase


  • Lack of warranty
  • Not so ideal for high beam time light reading

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3. Vekkia Book Light 

vekkia light

Yet another neck light with a design that is much in the lines of the Glocusent neck reading light, the Vekkia is also a neck light with a 4 LED studded frontline. It too has its lights shining out of two barrels on two sides

Top Features:

  • Handsfree operation design that lets you wear the light by the neck. The two LED outlets on either side of the light let you have a dual pointer to read efficiently.
  • Both sides of the neckband are also flexible that lets you either hug it close to the neck or leave it freely for breathability (thanks to the soft and padded silicon surface)
  • The light heads create a personal space with a 90-degree spread that does not disturb your partner if they are asleep or beside you.
  • Comes with a decent 700 mAH lithium-ion battery that has a 1000 cycles life which gives you about 6 to 10 hours of reading time without a need to charge. While this may not be large, this is good enough for home-usage.
  • Comes with a standard length Micro USB cable for charging too.
  • Both the lights have 3 level brightness. One is a flashlight with wide-area daylight beam, one is a full bright and wide light and another is a warm read-only type light.

Warranty: The device comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and it also has a 30 days money-back guarantee window.


  • Could have had higher battery life suited for travelling too

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4. Lepower Book Light


Though the Lepower reading light is of a clip-on model, its headlight’s conventional shape and its tighter and tougher clip make it stand out from the rest of the clip-based lights available. This tough clip lets it stand not just on the thinnest of paper but also on the thickest of desks too (of a considerable thickness of course)

Top Features:

  • Simple clamp to fix a model that can clamp onto anything of the width 2.36 inches in size.
  • The arm and the lamp holder both have a free angle adjustment that lets you place the light’s head in any angle of choice for better viewing.
  • The 14.96 inches long chord can be moved about in 360 degrees and moulded into any shape you feel comfortable for viewing.
  • The bulb of the lamp has a unique circular ring type shape that has the ability to illuminate on all sides.
  • Has three lighting options. Warm light, mid white and daylight white light.
  • Comes with 2 switches for the chord to switch between dim and full bright mode of beams.
  • Rechargeable battery that comes with a dual prong USB AC adapter of 5 feet length. Can be plugged in and used on with the regular charging ports and points
  • The light is available in three colours, namely black, silver and pure white.

Warranty: The device comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • No proper mention about the battery capacity

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5. Energizer Book Light

Energizer Book LightNext on our list is Energizer’s book light. This is a clip-on book light that comes with advanced LED technology and provides a long-lasting reading time with the help of 2 Energizer batteries.

Top Features

  • Simple clip-on design with a flexible neck and built-in over-sized spring clip allows you to fix it on Kindles, books, clipboards, and visors.
  • Advanced LED technology that recreates natural reading conditions without causing any eye irritation.
  • Delivers an ideal beam size of 4 meters that is broad enough to cover the book but also narrow enough for privacy.
  • Adjustable neck allows you to direct the light at any angle and provide clear visibility while reading.
  • Provides 14 lumens of light.
  • Has a run time of up to 25 hours that is perfect for binge reading and travel reading.
  • Compact and portable so that you are not just confined to your reading room.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight.
  • Powered by 2 Energizer CR2032 that is included in the package.

Warranty: No information is specified regarding the warranty or return window of the book light.


  • Brightness level is too high
  • Difficult to replace the batteries

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6. Perfect Day Book Light

Book Light

First on our list is the Perfect Day LED light, one of the highest-rated and reviewed Booklights. A visually appealing yet simplistic design, the Perfect Daylight is rechargeable and comes with standard LED lights.

Top Features:

  • The head of the light comes studded with 12 Eye friendly LED lights with enough brightness
  • Has 3 brightness modes for all time reading. One is the daylight white mode with 4000 K luminosity and the other is the soft white with a 3000 k luminosity. For the night time reading, you can switch to the soft white brightness mode of 2700 k luminosity.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery and a USB support port. A USB cable is also provided for the charging
  • On a full charge, the light can give out the brightness for about 60 whole hours making it a great tool for holidays, camping excursions etc.,
  • The gooseneck of the light is adjustable in 360 degrees. You can fold and mould it in any direction so the head is tilted towards the illuminating surface.
  • A sturdy and durable clip that can easily be hooked onto any edged surface, book or even the thinnest of the papers as well.
  • Very light in weight and portable too with no flickering problems. Can be folded and placed in a pocket easily

Warranty: It does not have any warranty but it does have incredibly fast customer support and the company provides a 30 days money-back guarantee as well.


  • No warranty only return window

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7. Skymore Book Light

Skymore light

Finally on our list is the Skymore LED Booklight with a circular ring-shaped bulb/ beam outlet. It has a similar design schema as the Lepower booklight but this one only has 2 brightness settings. Interestingly enough, the light can also be turned to be used as a magnifying glass too.

Top Features:

  • Clam fix onto any tables or books with great ease thanks to the 2.36 inches large clamping clip.
  • Free angle adjustment to the 14.96 inches long chord. You can move it freely about 360 degrees for comfortable viewing
  • A unique and circular ring-shaped 7 watts bulb that illuminates just about in all directions for a better spread of the light without disturbing any other spots.
  • Can switch between 2 lighting colour options. Cool daylight white (normal) and Warm yellow-white (for night time and comfortable eyes).
  • USB compatible and comes with a 5 feel long wire that can be plugged into an AC Adapter, Laptop, power bank etc.,
  • Interesting magnifying glass function as well. All you need to do is turn off the light and use the convex lens on top of the lamp. Useful for observations, tattoo zoom-ins etc.,

Warranty: No warranty is available on the product and no return window as well


  • Though highly rated, it has no warranty nor returns window

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Quick Buying Guide To Pick The Best Book Light

While purchasing a book light, you need to consider several other parameters that can create a good reading experience. Below are the different parameters you need to look for in a book light.

1. Brightness

Most book lights have LED chips with adjustable brightness levels. So, you can adjust their brightness according to the ambient light. Apart from this, book lights have different light colors. The popular option is 1600k, also referred to as “Amber light”. With the adjustable feature, you can choose any color in the range of 1600k to 5000k.

Furthermore, the LED chips do not produce any blue light and the light does not flicker. Blue light is known to cause eye strain. Additionally, if the light flickers, it will cause a glaring effect while reading.

There are three different modes of brightness depending on their color temperature,

Daylight White

In this mode, you can get a maximum lumination of 6700 kelvin. It is ideal for night reading. But not so great for day-time reading. Sometimes, the daylight white also comes in low lumination for day-time reading purposes.

Cool White

The cool white mode has a lower lumination within the range of 3000-4100 kelvin. It provides a balance between the daylight and warm white modes. You can use it in semi-dark places or indoors during day time.

Warm White

Warm white mode produces lumination less than 2700 kelvin. The light has a yellowish shade and is safe for your eyes. Furthermore, it promotes melanin secretion when you use it during the evening time.

Note: If you want a book light for night reading before sleep, go with warm-colored bulbs. Cool-colored bulbs can be too bright.

2. Power Source

Most light bulbs either use rechargeable batteries or replaceable AAA batteries as their power source. Some models also work on solar power. But they are not efficient.

The latest light bulbs come with a USB charging cable which can be very handy. Almost everyone has a laptop. So, you do not have to search for a power outlet to charge your light bulb. You can just plug it into the USB port of your laptop.

3. Style and Design

The design of a light bulb is not only for its aesthetic value, but also increases your comfort level. The light bulbs come in different styles and designs.

The standard clip-on design allows you to hook it to your book. You do not have to remove it until you complete the book. On the other hand, the wearable neck design allows you to read different pieces of paper without any effort. Additionally, the light falls directly on the page creating a better reading experience.

The other popular styles include bending and free-standing. The bending style allows you to move it easily. Contrarily, the free-standing design is ideal if you have a fixed location in your house for reading purposes.

4. Sturdy Clip and Flexible Neck Clip

When opting for a clip-on design, ensure that the metal clip is strong enough to hook to the book or table. The clip should hold firmly without shaking. Additionally, the clip’s neck should be flexible so that you can easily adjust it. The gooseneck clips can bend at 3600. It can stand firmly at any angle and direct the light to the book.

5. Bulb Type

It is one of the most overlooked features while purchasing a light bulb. A majority of the light bulbs come with LED bulbs. But some models come with halogen bulbs. We recommend you go with LEDs as they are energy efficient.

6. Additional features

Apart from the standard features of light bulbs, you should also consider their extra features. Some models have an auto shut-down feature. When you set the timer, the light bulb will shut down automatically. The auto shut-down feature is great if you have a habit of sleeping while reading.

Some models also have scratch-resistant features. They can withstand wear and tear. So, look into the additional features that provide extra value for money.

7. Portability

Most book lights are lightweight and have a small compact size considering their use. If you have a reading table, then this feature is not important. But, if you are someone who sits and reads in different places, then you should give special consideration to this.

The book light should be foldable, lightweight, and small size so that you can easily move it. Anything above 500 grams will make it difficult for you to carry.

8. Ease of Use

The book light should be easy to operate. The power button and other controls should be easily visible. If the light bulb has any other features, it should also be easy to operate.

9. Warranty

When you purchase the light bulbs on Amazon or any other eCommerce platform, you generally have a 30-day return window period. Post that, you can not return the item for a refund or replacement.

So, you must purchase a light bulb that has a good warranty period. As stated above, most lightbulbs come with a warranty period of 3 to 12 months. When it comes to the warranty period, the more the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do book lights have blue light?

Ans: No, most book lights do not have blue lights. Blue lights are known to cause eye strain. Hence, book lights do not use them. Additionally, book lights also do not flicker that can cause a glaring effect while reading.

2. What color LED light is best for reading?

Ans: The best LED color light depends on your ambient light. If you are reading in the dark, we recommend you daylight white. On the other hand, for semi-dark and day-time reading purposes, you can go with the cool white and warm white colors.

3. Is cool white or warm white better for your eyes?

Ans: Cool white is better for semi-dark ambient light. If you are sitting indoors and reading during the day time, the cool white will give you good visibility. On the other hand, if you are reading in bright light, you can use warm white. Additionally, warm white promotes the secretion of melanin in your eyes.

4. How many lumens do you need for reading?

Ans: Your book light should have a lumen count within the range of 1600 to 5000 kelvin. Lights that have lumens less than 2700k are safe for the eyes. They are known as warm white. They have a yellowish color and promote melanin growth when you use them during the evenings.

5. Are daylight bulbs bad for your eyes?

Ans: The daylight bulbs can have lumens up to 5000k. They have a slight bluish color. If you use them excessively, they can cause eye strain. Additionally, they can cause eye problems such as cataracts and pterygium.


To sum it up, the Perfect Day Book Light should have enough battery life and provide good lighting. It should have at least 24 hours of battery capacity.

For good lighting, the daylight white color works well during night reading. The cool white will provide a good reading experience when you are reading in a semi-dark place. Lastly, the warm white color will serve well if you are reading in a decent ambient light environment.

Depending on whether you have a stationery reading table or move around while reading, you can opt for either a standard clip-on design or a wearable neck design.

If you have any queries or doubts, let us know using the comments section. Our team of experts will help you out. You can also share your thoughts and opinions in the comments box.

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