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7 Best Black Light Bulbs (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Black light bulbs produce ultraviolet light, making materials glow in bright colors for striking effects. Ideal for theme parks, nightclubs, and forensic work, black light bulbs reveal the hidden, adding a unique and practical aspect to many uses.

If you choose to invest in black light bulbs, then we recommend considering the below options.

  • Type of the Bulb: Black light bulbs are available in 3 bulb types (incandescent, fluorescence and LED) and 2 different types based on fixtures (Wall fixture and socket fixture). These bulbs are also available in a handheld format that is perfect for party usage etc.,
  • Size of the Space: If you are buying the bulb for long-range use cases for small rooms to large halls, for outdoor ranges, you would need the light range to be higher than normal. These light reaches can range from about 5 meters to 10 meters or sometimes higher as well
  • Light Intensity: Intensity needs to be enough to be able to reflect the paint or anything that needs to glow out. The range of the light is about 385 nm to about 400 nm.

Apart from the above, we recommend considering the factors mentioned in the Buying Guide. In addition to that, we have also provided the best black light bulbs in the market.

7 Best Black Light Bulbs Table

Black Light BulbsTOTAL WATTAGEBuy Now
LeMeng Black Light Bulb9 WattsCheck On Amazon
Bluex Black Light Bulb9 WattsCheck On Amazon
Wiyifada Black Light Bulb10 WattsCheck On Amazon
Briignite Black Light Bulb12 WattsCheck On Amazon
Onforu Black Light Bulb15 WattsCheck On Amazon
MFXMF Black Light Bulb9 WattsCheck On Amazon
AIMEOKO Black bulb Light15 WattsCheck On Amazon

7 Best Black Light Bulbs Reviews

1. LeMeng Black Light Bulb

LeMeng LED Black Lights

Brighten up your events and creative projects with the LeMeng Black Light Bulb. These 9W LED black lights are energy-efficient replacements for 60-75 watt incandescent bulbs. With an E26 medium screw base, they easily fit into standard fixtures. special pigments, paints, and dyes to make them vibrant for parties, art projects, and Halloween decorations. The bulbs are non-dimmable for the best performance.


  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 395-400nm
  • Long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours
  • Energy-efficient, saving up to 90%
  • 2 years Warranty


  • Wide application for various projects.
  • Emit highly saturated UV light.
  • Easy installation and compatibility


  • Dimmer than expected for certain applications.
  • Limited brightness for larger spaces.

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2. Bluex Black Light

Bluex Black LightCreate an enchanting atmosphere with Bluex Black Light Bulbs’ captivating neon glow. These 9W A19 LED bulbs are perfect for decorative and artistic lighting effects. It can be a party, Halloween decoration, or a club atmosphere, these bulbs provide an immersive experience. It energy-saving and long-lasting, serving as a cost-effective alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. With a wide beam angle, it covers a broad area, ideal for posters or body paint.


  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 385-400nm
  • Long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours
  • E26 screw base
  • Radiates a beautiful neon glow.


  • Energy-saving design
  • Perfect for decorative lighting and events
  • Creates a visually dramatic atmosphere.


  • Bulbs may not emit a true blacklight effect for all applications.

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3. Wiyifada Black Light Bulb

Wiyifada Black Light BulbWiyifada Black Light Bulb, known for its energy efficiency and versatility. This dimmable A19 LED bulb replaces up to 100W traditional bulbs, emitting light at a 150-degree angle. It creates a vibrant fluorescent effect for reactive pigments, paints, and dyes. The installation is effortless in standard fixtures. Perfect for body paint, Halloween, parties, and more, it adds ambiance to any room.


  • Wattage: 10 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 385-400nm
  • E26 base for easy installation
  • Long lifespan of 20000 hours
  • Plastic & aluminum cooling system


  • Energy-saving LED technology.
  • Dimmable for customizable lighting.
  • Wide application for various events.


  • Limited light output 360 degrees around the bulb.

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4. Briignite Black Light Bulb

Briignite Black Light BulbBrighten up your Halloween decorations and glow parties with Briignite Black Light Bulbs. These LED bulbs have vivid fluorescent and UV-reactive effects. It’s energy-efficient, giving the same brightness as a 100W bulb using less electricity. The A19 UV bulbs use LED tech for better heat control and a longer lifespan, so your events can shine for years.


  • Wattage: 12 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 385-400nm
  • A19 bulb shape with an E26 base
  • Energy-efficient design


  • Powerful UV illumination
  • Long lifespan with efficient heat dissipation.
  • Stron gand bright black light effect.
  • Ideal for various events and artistic displays.


  • Not suitable for reading due to specific light emission.

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5. Onforu Black Light Bulb

onfor u light

Light up your space with the captivating glow of Onforu Light Bulbs. With a strong power and UV wavelength, It creates cool atmospheres, Halloween events, and art displays. They’re energy-efficient, with 18 high-quality LEDs and a wide 270-degree beam angle. Easy to install, these bulbs are perfect for turning any room into a lively and memorable space.


  • Wattage: 15 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 385-400nm
  • E26 base for easy installation
  • Ideal for glow-in-the-dark parties and Halloween events
  • High-quality LEDs 


  • Energy-saving design
  • It covers a large area.
  • Perfect for various applications.


  • It appears dim when not powered on.

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6. MFXMF Black Light Bulb

mfxmf Black Light BulbMFXMF LED Black Light is a dimmable bulb that is equal to 100W, and offers decorative lighting that can transform any space. It is energy-efficient and cost-effective, serving as perfect replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. With a long lifespan and low maintenance. Simply screw them into a standard E26 socket for easy installation. mfxmf Black Light Bulbs are versatile and captivating for all occasions.


  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 385-400nm
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Long lifespan 


  • Perfect for decorative lighting and glow parties
  • Versatile applications for various occasions.
  • Easy installation 


  • A shorter lifespan than expected.

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7. AIMEOKO Black bulb Light

AIMEOKO Black bulb LightTurn your space into a neon wonderland with AIMEOKO LED Blacklight Bulbs. They offer a mesmerizing glow perfect for glow-in-the-dark parties, Halloween, and art displays. Equivalent to 100W incandescent bulbs, they save energy while providing vibrant effects. Easy to install with a standard E26 base, they transform any room into a captivating party space. These bulbs promise a reliable and visually stunning experience.


  • Wattage: 15 watts
  • Bulb Shape Size: A19
  • UVA Level: 395-400nm
  • Lifespan of up to 35,000 hours
  • Comes with 2 Years warranty


  • Energy-efficient design saves on electricity costs.
  • Wide application for parties, body paint, and decorations.
  • Safe for use in children’s rooms and various events.
  • Easy installation


  • Premature burnouts and durability issues

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How To Choose The Best Black Light Bulb?

Choosing a black light bulb is similar to any other bulb types. However, the main difference is the particular features you have to look after. If you are unaware of factors you have to consider while purchasing a black light, then below is the buying guide for your reference.

1. Different Types Of Black Light Bulbs

Black light bulbs are available in three different variations that include incandescent, fluorescent and LED.

a. Fluorescent Black Lights

This option is completely different compared to regular fluorescent bulbs. They generate light when the power goes through glass tube that contains little mercury and some gas. Usually, white regular light is visible and the ultraviolet light generated by the mercury atoms is not visible to the naked eye. The black light visible from this bulb is available by the phosphor coating. This coating is present at the inner side of the bulb and responsible for converting the mercury energy into visible light. These lights are available in spirals and tube models.

b. Incandescent Black Light Bulbs

These lights work similar to ordinary incandescent bulbs. However, they have an extra component called filters which collect some light from the bulb filament. But this filter is not present in them. Usually, filter is responsible for collecting the light from bulb’s filament. But it cannot filter out the less harmful UV rays.

They don’t generate too bright light level and don’t react to white or fluorescent color (which is actually the main purpose of using black lights). So, they are mostly not a preferred choice.

c. LED Black Light Bulbs

Some of the LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are also capable of generating UV light within wavelength range between 390nm to 410nm. Compared to others, these lights generate least amount of heat and consume less amount of power.

2. Different Black Light Choices

Apart from single bulbs, black lights are available in different options to suit different lighting requirements. We have mentioned them below for your reference. You can choose any model based on your preferences.

a. Stage Lights

They are mostly used in night clubs or concerts. This option comes in different sizes and shapes. You can plug them up with other mixing boards through wireless or wired connections. They are usually available in pack of more than one. You may mostly need either one or two lights in a small home gathering. Some of these stage lights can also change colors as required.

b. Blacklight Bulbs

They are also referred to as BLBs and resemble regular bulb options in size and shapes. Compared to others they need a lot of energy to burn. However, some of the latest models are quite energy-efficient. You can simply screw them into existing bulb socket present in your home, porch, light post, lamps or patios as necessary.

c. Blacklight Strips

These lights are the perfect option for people who are looking to use them mostly indoors. You can simply install them over the wall or ceilings near an electrical socket. And when done, you can just roll up everything easily. They mostly come with plastic wheel for easy rolling up. You can use them outdoors as well if these lights have waterproof feature.

d. UV-A Flashlights

Flashlights that have backlights capability are the perfect option for finding stains, spotting insects and other similar. As UV-A lights are capable of picking up physical matter that are invisible to naked eye, you can use them for several purposes including cleaning the carpets, bed, walls, furniture and others. And you have finished the cleanup, you can check for any missed spots.

e. Standard UV Lights

Normal UV lights are specially made for detecting stains. They are similar to the normal backlights you have commonly seen in TVs. However, they are much brighter than normal backlights. UV lights are not built for mood lighting purposes.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Black Light Bulb

In addition to finding out which type of blacklights, you should also consider their features while making a decision. We have mentioned some of these features below for your reference.

1. Area Size

These lights are available in different sizes. So, check the area you want to illuminate with blacklight like outdoors, indoors, large hall or small room. For body paint usage or just normal small personal parties, a short-range is okay. But if you are buying the bulb for long-range use cases for small rooms to large halls, for outdoor ranges, you would need the light range to be higher than normal. These light reaches can range from about 5 meters to 10 meters or sometimes higher as well

2. Light Spread

Analyze whether you want to illuminate a small space or fill the room with different lights. Make a choice based on it. Check out the lumen range or brightness level to see how much the light generated by the blacklights spreads.

A self-explanatory feature, the intensity of the light need not be as high as a normal everyday bulb; but the intensity needs to be enough to be able to reflect the paint or anything that needs to glow out. The range of the light is about 385 nm to about 400 nm.

3. Mounting

Some black lights are wall mountable while some of them can be used independently as well. Some of them are built as normal ceiling lights which need simple drilling or nailing into the fixture. They usually have more than a single bulb which look similar to strip or rod which helps in turning the light to a certain spot as per the preference. While analyzing feature, you should also make sure the product comes with necessary hardware.

4. Length Of The Electric Cord

Make sure the cord length is long enough to reach the electrical socket. If possible, check out if the product comes with extensible cords, especially if you have to use it for outdoors purposes.

5. Budget

Black lights are available in different price ranges. So, you can choose any option based on your budget preferences.

6. Warranty

Warranty duration represents the quality and durability of a black light. We recommend choosing a product that has longest warranty. Usually, they come with maximum duration of 1 to 2 years long.

What Is A Black Light?

Black lights are similar to other lamps which emit UV (ultraviolet) light. They generate a specific type of UV wavelength (with energy from 350nm to 410nm). This range is mostly invisible to naked eye. In addition to that, it is safe to human skin. Just the name itself, they come with black coating which ensures durability compared to standard models. As the black light product UV light, they let the white objects, fluorescent paints and clothing more vibrant.

What Are The Uses Of Using A Black Light?

Do you like visiting night clubs, disco or Halloween decorations? Then you may have been amazed how the white color pops up be it clothing or decorations. Sometimes, this color even looks unnatural and incredible.

If you want to create a fun and exciting atmosphere at home, then you can do it by replacing the black lights. This can transform the complete interior atmosphere of your house. They are used in spotlights, table light and even porches or outdoors.

How To Use A Blacklight Safely?

In order to ensure safe use, it is very essential to know how to use them properly. These black lights comprise of UV-A light which is present at visible color spectrum at the far edge. As they are shorter wavelength, staring at them for a long time can potentially damage the eyes. So, while using UV light, it is better to use eye protection. However, with UV-A, it is recommended to avoid gazing through the centre of the light, especially for longer duration.

In addition to that, some black light bulbs can become quite hot. So, never use them when there are materials that are flammable or easily catch fire. This means that you have avoid using them with lamps, even if they are compatible as the fabric over the lamp can get damaged.

Which One Is Better UV light Bulb Or Black Light?

Both UV and black light generate invisible ultraviolet energy at a specific wavelength that is invisible to the naked eyes which make certain colours glow in normal lighting conditions. The black lights literally have a black coating which make them more durable.

When it comes to which one is better, black light is considered or recommended over the fluorescent ultraviolet bulbs. As they generate longer UV wavelengths which are capable of penetrating surfaces and objects which makes them glow when they are exposed to black light energy.

But the fluorescent UV light is actually considered best compared LED version as the lower wavelengths cause the objects to glow more. LEDs actually consume less power and have durable lifespan.

How Many Black Lights Are Optimal?

It is important to have optimal number of black lights to keep your space happening and entertaining. When you are decking for a party, you may have to consider certain factors.

As blacklight bulbs emit less purple/blue glow compared to standard lighting, it comes with concentrated blacklight energy. If you are partying outdoors where blacklight has to cover across the walls and all the surface area. An ideal optimal blacklight count is considered as – approx. 1 bulb for every 100 square feet or 10 feet.

Are Blacklights Actually Safe?

Most of the people often wonder whether black lights are safe or harmful to their guests at the party. It is normal doubt for anyone considering the potential UV wavelengths. For instance, the atmosphere of earth protects us by taking out the UV radiation.

To understand whether it is safe or not, you have to understand the distinction between the UV radiation spectrum.

  • Ultraviolet A (UVA) – 315 to 400 nm
  • Ultraviolet B (UVB) – 280 to 315 nm
  • Ultraviolet C (UVC) – 100 to 280 nm

Actually, among this wavelength range, UVA is considered pretty safe. But shortwave and mediumwave UV light can be damaging which are UVB and UVC. So, blacklights have wavelength range of 365nm and use glass as filter to remove anything below 320 nm.

So, you can be assured that UV light from Blacklights is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about the cornea getting hurt.

Which Is The Best Black Light Type?

As already explained above, black light technologies are incandescent, LED and fluorescent. For more information, you can check out the detail explanation mentioned above in the buying guide.

The ideal black light mostly depends on the individual choice. Generally, LED is considered the most favored choice because of its energy-efficient feature and durability. It also doesn’t emit much heat compared to others.

However, experts believe fluorescent UV lights are truer UV backlights in the whole range. They have a wavelength range around 370nm which is present in within UV blacklight territory.

Which Blacklight Lets The Objects Glow?

This usually depends on the wavelength of blacklights. The wavelength range within 350nm to 400nm makes things with fluorescence glow in the dark. Some of these things include authentication markers on paper currencies, ID cards, fluorescent body paints, posters, cat or dog urine on carpets, curtains, and creatures like armyworms and scorpions.

Fluorescent black lights are usually better at this because they are present at the middle to lower end of the wavelength. Some LED black lights are good but they don’t have the required effect as blacklight wavelength is near to the upper edge of UV light spectrum.


Backlights have become quite popular because of their glowing effect in the dark. Apart from parties and art installations, they are also widely for cleaning and sanitization purposes. If you want to install black lights in your parties or homes, you can check out the guide we mentioned above for analysis purposes. 

The top three for the best black light bulbs are:

2 Responses

  1. We are a research institution. We would like to obtain black fluorescent bulbs with higher wattage that can detect fluorescence in wood samples for tree species identification.

  2. None of these bulbs and sources are very good blacklights. And, 385nm to 400nm isn’t true blacklight, but what’s known as near UV light. True blacklight is 350nm to 365nm, 365 being the most effective. None of the lights you call best are true blacklights. Also, you kept saying, oh this one is very bright. UV light is invisible. A good true blacklight will look very dim but all fluorescent paints glow very bright. Much brighter than the blacklight. If a blacklight is bright, then most of the light if not all is in the shortest wavelength of visible light, or near UV. You showed no fluorescent tube blacklight bulbs which are the best true blacklight bulbs. Most fluorescent bulbs are peaking at 365nm and 350nm. I’ve been around 350 to 365nm blacklight daily for over 30 years and 350 to 365nm light hasn’t had any effects on skin or eyes. Don’t fall for near UV lights. They are not real blacklights.

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