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9005 Vs 9006 vs H11: Are They be Interchangeable?

Whether you are buying new headlight bulbs for your car to get better performance or want to replace the existing ones in case of malfunction, you can find a wide range of options out there. Not only will you find different headlight bulb models, but you can also find different types of headlight bulbs to choose from.

Even though you can find different options for the same, the three types of headlight bulbs you will find include 9005, 9006, and H11 headlight bulbs. While all of these bulbs may seem very similar, not all of them are going to be interchangeable. Hence, we are here with a complete comparison between 9005 vs 9006 vs H11 bulbs so that you can easily pick the right one for you.

Make sure to check out all the details and factors in this guide by going through it till the end. But before checking the differences between these headlight bulb types, we will first learn more about each bulb type down below.

9005 Bulb Explained

9005 Bulb Explained

If you are buying LED bulbs for the high beam light of your headlight, then the 9005 bulb type is the primary option that you will find. This type of light is great for lighting up a large area with high-intensity light with ease. Apart from being used in headlights, these same bulbs can also be used in fog lamps thanks to their high-intensity light output. But before using 9005 bulbs, you need to ensure that high beam bulbs like this one are allowed in your country.

9005 Bulbs: Pros and Cons


  • High beam bulbs for using on the highway
  • Quite powerful bulbs which look great
  • Generally pretty long lifespan ratings
  • Pretty directional light output for high beam


  • Power draw can be a bit high compared to others
  • Might be a bit too bright for oncoming traffic

9006 Bulbs Explained

9006 Bulbs Explained

The 9006 bulb is another option that you can consider while buying new bulbs for headlights. And while the 9005 and 9006 bulb types may seem quite similar with the same socket, they are used for different applications. Unlike the 9005 headlight bulbs, the 9006 headlight bulbs are used for low beam output instead of high beam output. These also have different wattage ratings as you will see later on in this comparison.

9006 Bulbs: Pros and Cons


  • Great compatibility for most headlight bulbs
  • Decently reliable LED bulbs
  • Viable option for using in low beam configuration
  • Low heat output with an efficient design


  • Not as powerful as 9005 bulbs
  • Cannot be used for fog lamps

H11 Bulbs Explained

H11 Bulbs Explained

When compared to the 9005 and 9006 headlight bulb types, the H11 bulb type is much different. Unlike the previous bulb types, the H11 bulb uses an L-shaped design. As for its primary function, such types of bulbs are used for the low beam in headlights. In fact, this type of bulbs can be used in both headlights as well as fog lights if needed. When compared to other H series headlight bulbs, the H11 headlight bulb is also great for long-term usage thanks to its excellent lifespan.

H11 Bulbs: Pros and Cons


  • Unique L shaped design
  • Works for both headlights and fog lamps
  • Highly efficient LED bulbs with low heat output
  • Makes your car look quite great


  • Limited lifespan rating compared to others
  • Slightly lower brightness than 9005 bulbs

Comparison Table for 9005 Bulb vs 9006 Bulb vs H11 Bulb

Apart from the pros and cons of each type of headlight bulb given above, you would also want to know about their differences when compared to each other. In that case, you can refer to this comparison table for 9005 bulb vs 9006 bulb vs H11 bulb:

Bulb Type 9005 Bulb 9006 Bulb H11 Bulb
Wattage 65 watts 55 watts 55 watts
Lumen 1700 lumen 1000 lumen 1200 lumen
Lifespan 50000 hours 30000 hours 30000 hours
Beam Type High beam bulbs Low beam bulb Low beam bulbs

1. Wattage

The wattage of your bulbs will determine its power draw which is highly important to check for ensuring that a given headlight bulb is compatible with your vehicle. While some bulbs may be rated at a higher 65 watt, more efficient options may be rated for 55 watts making them a more versatile option.

2. Lumen

If you want to know about the exact performance that you can expect from your headlight bulbs in terms of their light output, then you can check the lumen rating to know about the exact brightness they can output. This lumen rating can include values like 1000 lumens, 1200 lumens, and even 1700 lumens where the higher rating results in much better performance.

3. Lifespan

Apart from buying high-performance light bulbs, you would also want your headlight bulbs to last for as long as possible. And to confirm the same, checking the lifespan rating of the light bulbs you are using is highly important. Since these are LED bulbs, they generally have a lifespan rating of 30000 hours or even 50000 hours for your peace of mind.

4. Beam Type

In most vehicle headlights, there are two types of light beams to choose from which include low beam and high beam lights. As for the options given above, only the 9005 bulbs are made for high beam headlights and the 9006 and H11 bulbs are made for low beam headlights.

Connectors of 9005 Bulbs, 9006 Bulbs, H11 Bulbs

If you want to interchange light bulbs in your headlight, then checking the connectors offered by your light bulbs is highly important. Hence, checking the connector differences of these light bulbs is highly important which is as follows:

1. Connectors of 9005 vs 9006 Bulbs

Unfortunately, despite looking very similar the 9005 and 9006 bulbs use different connectors. In comparison, the 9005 light bulb has an additional connector compared to the 9006 bulbs. Although, 9005 bulbs can be used with a 9006 connector by modifying it.

2. Connectors of 9005 vs H11 Bulbs

As expected, the connectors of the 9005 and H11 bulbs are completely different. This is due to the fact that they are made for high beam and low beam usage respectively. Although, using a 9005 bulb with an H11 connector is still possible.

3. Connectors of 9006 vs H11 Bulbs

Even though the connectors of 9006 and H11 bulbs may look similar, they are completely different. Thankfully, similar to 9005 bulbs, 9006 bulbs can also be used with H11 connectors if you want.

Socket Compatibility of 9005 Bulbs, 9006 Bulbs, H11 Bulbs

You also need to check the socket compatibility of the light bulb that you are going to use in your headlights. Because these are different light bulbs, they all use different sockets as given here

1. Socket Compatibility for 9005 vs 9006 Bulbs

If you want to use a 9005 bulb in a 9006 bulb socket, then you will be glad to know that it is possible with modifications. However, using a 9006 bulb in a 9005 socket is not possible since 9006 bulbs have a larger socket base.

2. Socket Compatibility for 9005 vs H11 Bulbs

Similar to using 9005 bulbs in 9006 sockets, 9005 bulbs can also be used in an H11 socket by using a similar modification process with it too. As for using H11 bulbs in a 9005 bulb socket, that is not possible due to the larger H11 socket size.

3. Socket Compatibility for 9006 vs H11 Bulbs

In case you have a 9006 bulb, it can also be used with an H11 socket without needing any modifications in most cases. But using an H11 bulb with a 9006 socket is not possible which means that H11 bulbs only work with H11 sockets.

Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs of 9005, 9006, H11 Type

Now that you know more about 9005, 9006, and H11 type bulbs, you might also want to get one for your headlights. And while these are primarily LED bulbs, you can also find halogen options as given here:

1. Budget-Friendly Headlight Bulb: Sylvania 9005

Despite being affordable, these lights are highly powerful with a maximum brightness output of 1700 lumens. To make this possible, these bulbs use up to 65 watts of power. You also get a 1-year warranty and a 200-hour lifespan with these bulbs which is quite good for a budget-friendly halogen bulb.

2. Great Performing Headlight Bulb: Sylvania 9006

Since these are low beam halogen bulbs, their brightness is lower at 1000 lumens. Thankfully, this does result in a lower power consumption of 55 watts. Similar to the more powerful option from Sylvania, this one also has a 200-hour lifespan rating along with a 1-year warranty.

3. Excellent Brightness Headlight Bulb: Sylvania H11

Even though this is a halogen bulb, you get a decently high brightness output of 1345 lumens thanks to its cobalt blue nan-coating. With this coating, it is able to offer a comparatively higher lifespan rating of 230 hours. As for their power consumption, this halogen bulb is rated for up to 55 watts.

Best LED Headlight Bulbs of 9005, 9006, H11 Type

Apart from halogen bulbs, you can also find much more powerful and standard LED bulbs if you are going with a 9005, 9006, or an H11 bulb. For the same, you can consider getting one of our favorite recommendations:

1. High-Performance Headlight Bulb: Marsauto 9005

Being made for high-performance usage, this bulb offers a superb brightness output of up to 8000 lumens. For such a powerful bulb, its given lifespan rating of 30000 hours is quite great. Since this light has an LED element inside, you get a color temperature of 6000K with it.

2. Value for Money Headlight Bulb: Marsauto 9006

Even with a comparatively lower price tag, you get a brightness output of 8000 lumens with it. In fact, you also get a pretty great lifespan rating of 30000 hours with these light bulbs. One of the best things about this light bulb is that you get a pretty low power consumption rating of just 40 watts.

3. Great Looking Headlight Bulb: Beamtech H11

Since these light bulbs are primarily made for looks, they do have a lower brightness output of 4000 lumens. Thankfully, you still get a pretty amazing lifespan rating of 30000 hours with these H11 bulbs. And since this light bulb has a fanless design, it is completely silent and won’t make any weird sounds.


By checking this complete comparison and guide regarding headlight bulbs, you must have a pretty great idea about 9005, 9006, and H11 bulbs. In this comparison between 9005 vs 9006 vs H11 bulbs, we have given each and every detail regarding these light bulbs. Apart from their comparison, you can also find recommendations for the best 9005, 9006, and H11 light bulbs.

With these, you can easily pick the right headlight bulbs for your vehicle whether you want halogen bulbs or LED bulbs. If you have gone through all the information regarding the comparison between 9005 vs 9006 vs H11 given above, make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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