100+ Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

We know that electrical projects are used in many cases in our real life and they require more power when compared with electronics projects. Electrical project circuits use only passive components like capacitors, inductors, resistors, etc. As a result, many people like to get an idea about how electrical projects work and which projects may come under this category. For those people, here we are providing a list of top electrical projects ideas. These project ideas will be more helpful for engineering students also as many of them are showing lot of interest towards these electrical projects. All these projects ideas are collected from different resources and published here for visitors convenience. If any body interested, they may suggest some more project ideas through our contact us page so that we would include those project ideas also in this list.

Electrical Projects Ideas

Electrical Project Ideas List for Engineering Students:

1 Star Delta Starter using Adjustable Electronic Timer for Low power Induction Motor: This project aims to provide cost-effective star delta starter for low power three phase induction motor in order to provide low voltage start. This project uses 555 timer in mono-stable mode which drives GTO (Gate Turn-Off) thyristors driver circuit so as to change the mains three phase supply from start to delta.
2 Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work: This project implements the programmable load switching control using microcontroller for applications where repetition of nature of work involved. This project operates in three modes namely manual mode, auto mode and set mode. In manual mode, various loads are controlled by the input given by user by switches or remotely through GSM. In auto mode, loads are switched at regular default timings while in set mode loads are controlled based on the timings set by the user.
3 Automatic Induction Motor Starter with Delay Using Microcontroller: This projects implements an automatic induction motor starter using microcontroller which works same as that of DOL starter. The microcontroller continuously monitors the three phases of input supply for over voltage and single phasing conditions and accordingly switches the relays to switch the motor.
4 Microcontroller Based Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor using V/F Method: This proposed project implements the microcontroller based hardware design to control the speed of three phase induction motor using V/F method. By receiving the feedback signal of speed, microcontroller will give PWM signals to the IGBT inverter bridge in order to drive the motor at desired speeds.
5 Power Factor Correction Using PIC Microcontroller: This project measures the power factor of the load using PIC microcontroller along with zero voltage and zero current crossing detector circuits. According to the set limits for leading and lagging power factors, microcontroller switches set of capacitors to improve the power factor.
6 Microcontroller Based Protection for Low Voltage Motors using Zigbee Technology: The main aim of this project is to protect and control low voltage motors from low voltage, ground fault, thermal overload and unbalance conditions. Various sensors employed in this design continuously monitors the parameters of the motor. Microcontroller compares all these sensor data with respective set limits and accordingly the switches the relay. This information will be sent to the remote PC using Zigbee communication module.
7 Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator: This project demonstrates a fault locating model which determines the fault that occurs in underground cables using microcontroller. This design uses the concept of Ohms law for detecting the change in voltage across the cable whenever fault or short circuit takes place in the cable.
8 Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset for Temporary Fault and Trip for Permanent Fault: The objective of this project is to develop an automatic tripping mechanism for both permanent as well as temporary faults that are takes place in three phase system. This project uses 555 timer as a main controller which resumes the load when a temporary fault occurs in three phase system while it makes the load to be remain in tripping mode during permanent fault.
9 Automated Wireless Energy Meter Reading System using GSM: This project implements an Automatic Metering Reading (AMR) System for energy meter without any human intervention for generating the electricity bill. This project uses ARM controller for measuring electricity consumption a given period of time. Further, this billing information is sends to utility companies as well as to the customers using GSM module.
10 BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display: In this project the speed a BLDC motor is controlled precisely using microcontroller unit along with the hall position sensor. The microcontroller is programmed in such a way that it compares the actual speed (get from hall sensor) with desired speed and accordingly genrates the PWM signals to the motor driver unit.
11 PC Based Electrical Load Control: This project uses a personal computer to control various electrical appliances in homes by using microcontroller. Microcontroller acts as a data acquisition and control device which forms the bridge between PC and electrical appliances. Microcontroller receives the command signals from PC and appropriately controls the respective load.
12 Wireless Auto Power Trip during Gas Leakage: This project aims to reduce the fire accidents that are takes place due to gas leakage in the presence electricity. In this project gas sensor monitors the gas leakage which gives the input to microcontroller when it senses the gas leak. Then the microcontroller activates the tripping mechanism to shutdown the power supply. RF module used in this project to transfer the information remotely to the alarm circuit and tripping circuit.
13 Four- Quadrant Adjustable Speed Drive for Series Wound DC Motors: In this project, a four quadrant adjustable speed drive is implemented for series wound DC motors which are mainly employed in electrical traction systems. PIC microcontroller is used in this project to control the speed as well as direction of the motor. This project also includes the current limiting as well as speed limiting protection circuits.
14 Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller: This project deals with the implementation of four quadrant motor controller using 555 timer along with H-bridge driver. 555 timer produces the necessary PWM pulses to control the speed while relays are used for changing the polarities and also to apply the brakes to the motor.
15 Solar Powered Auto irrigation System: The main aim of this project is to implement solar based automatic irrigation system for switching the pumping motor depends on the signal from soil moisture sensor. By receiving the signals from the sensor, microcontroller performs the switching of pump using relay.
16 Zigbee Based Home Automation System: The aim of this project is to implement a home automation system to control the home appliances remotely using Zigbee technology. Sensors like temperature, LDR and gas detection sensors connected to the microcontroller unit continuously monitors the weather parameters. The home appliances are automatically controlled when these parameters exceeds their set limits. Remote monitoring and control is also facilitated with Zigbee communication.
17 Photovoltaic Panels Monitoring and Solar Energy Measurement System: This project monitors the parameters of photovoltaic cells and measures the solar energy generated. A set of sensors along with microcontroller unit continuously monitors the solar energy and also allows the user to access the remote monitoring of these parameters.
18 Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot with Wireless Control: The objective of this project is to design an RF robotic vehicle to detect the LPG and smoke for underground mining applications. The RF communication module attached with robot sends the sensed data to the central monitoring area.
19 Remote Monitoring System for Three-Phase Distribution Transformer using Zigbee : In this project, parameters of a three phase distribution transformer are monitored and controlled remotely using Zigbee communication. Transformer parameter like temperature of the oil, oil level, voltage, current, etc are continuously monitored using various sensors. The sensor data is transmitted to the central controller using Zigbee module.
20 Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control: In this project, an energy efficient method for street lights is implemented to control the LED street lights. The power generated by the solar panels is stored in batteries during the day time and at the night this energy is supplied to the street lights. As the traffic on roads decreases from peak hours to late nights, this projects controls intensity of street lights based on timings.
21 LabVIEW Based Power Analyzer: This project uses LabVIEW software to measure and analyze the power quality parameters such as active and reactive power, harmonics, instantaneous power and power factor. In this a power analyzer VI is implemented using LabVIEW software along with DAQ board.
22 Wireless Power Transfer System using Magnetic Resonant Coupling: This project transfers the electric power from one circuit to the other without using any conducting medium between them. In this project, magnetic resonant coupling method is implemented to transfer the power from the source to a load.
23 Wireless DC Motor Control using DTMF Technology: The idea of this project is to perform wireless speed control of a DC motor from a mobile phone using DTMF technology. DTMF decoder receives the DTMF signals from the remote mobile to control the speed of a DC motor.
24 Cable Inspection Robot using Microcontroller and GPS Tracker: This project implements the underground cable fault detecting mobile robot that can navigate along the underground cable. This inspects fire accidents, obstacles, supply failures, presence of harmful gases, etc of the cable. GPS module facilitates finding of fault location and this information is further transferred to the main controller through the communication module.
25 Induction Motor Speed Control Using Android Application: The objective of this project is to control the speed of a single phase induction motor from Android mobile application. Bluetooth module attached to the control circuit receives the control commands from user mobile. Microcontroller receives these signals and controls the motor speed by varying the triggering pulses to the TRIAC.
26 Wireless Automatic Railway Gate Controlling cum Traffic Signaling: In this project, the level crossing gate as well as railway level crossing traffic lights are controlled using microcontroller unit along with IR sensors. IR sensors at particular positions on the track, gives the input to the microcontroller about the train arrival and departure information. According to these signals microcontroller controls gate operation as well as traffic lights.
27 Wireless Meter with Theft Monitoring and Control System: This project aims provide the automatic energy meter reading and to prevent practice of power theft. In this project, the overloading resulted from power theft is detected and this information is conveyed to the authorities through communication network.
28 Patient Monitoring System using GSM: In this project, human body vital parameters like pulse rate, body temperature and saline level are continuously monitored by various sensors using ARM microcontroller. Further, these monitored values will be sent to the remote mobile using GSM modem.
29 Design of a Low-Cost Contact-Less Digital Tachometer with Added Wireless Feature: This project measures the RPM or speed of a moving object (say motor) without any direct contact with it. The microcontroller receives the IR sensor data, processes it and converts it into RPM. RF communication module transfers this data to remote PC where it is recorded and stored.
30 A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System: The main aim of this project is to switch the loads to either wind or solar energy source depending on the maximum power generated. This circuit also uses MPPT system for maximum power generation.
31 Implementation of PID and Fuzzy PD Controllers for DC Servo Motor: This project implements fuzzy based PD and Ziegler-Nichols rule based PID controllers in order to control the DC servo motor position. A DAQ board along with LabVIEW software is used in this project to implement both controllers.
32 Smart Phone Based Home Appliance Control : This project uses the Smartphone to control the various household appliances such as fans, lights, kitchen appliances, etc. The microcontroller unit along with Bluetooth module receives the control signals from user Smartphone and then controls the home appliances.
33 Contactless Sensor based Water Level Controller: The aim of this project is to design a water level sensing device using ultrasonic sensor which measures the water level without any direct contact with water. Ultrasonic sensor gives the sensing information to the ATmega controller which further processes the data and indicates the level information.
34 Electric Power Management using Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network: The main aim of this project is to implement a system which differentiates and controls the devices in a network on the basis of power consumption of individual appliance. Zigbee communication enables the monitoring the various load consumptions and accordingly controls the load depends on the availability of power.
35 Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker: This project demonstrates the ultra fast electronic circuit breaker that isolates the load circuit from mains supply at extreme faster rate as compared with bimetallic strip based circuit breaker. PIC microcontroller with current sensor unit detects short circuit or overload and appropriately turns the MOSFET in order to switch the load.
36 Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Solar Charge Controller: This project implements the solar charge controller circuit which charges the battery with amount of charge coming from solar panel. This circuit also regulates voltage to protect the battery from overvoltage and do not allow the battery to go into deep discharge.
37 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Educational Institution: This project aims to build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for educational institution based on DTMF technology. Using this system, user can access the information stored in the database by pressing corresponding key on his/her mobile. DTMF decoder with microcontroller unit achieves this operation.
38 SCADA Based Monitoring and Controlling Using Zigbee: This project implements the real-time SCADA system using Zigbee communication technology. Zigbee activated microcontroller unit along with set of sensors acts as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) while Zigbee transceiver based PC acts as Mater Terminal Unit.
39 Solar Tracking Solar Panel Using ATMEGA8 Controller: The purpose of this project is to generate the maximum solar energy from the PV panel depends on intensity detected by Light Dependant Resistors. Microcontroller adjusts the direction of solar panel towards the sun based on the signals from LDR.
40 Automated Toll Tax Collection Using GSM and RFID: This project implements the automatic toll tax collection by facilitating advance registering through SMS. Microcontroller unit with GSM modem receives the request from vehicle owners and sends the acknowledgement including the password to user mobile. At the time vehicle reaching the toll plaza, microcontroller asks for password, upon authentication it deducts the amount from RFID attached to the vehicle automatically, and then opens the gate.
41 Real Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar Cell Using LabVIEW and DAQ: The data acquisition board (DAQ) along with the LabVIEW software is used in this project for monitoring photovoltaic cells in homes as well as industries. DAQ board acquires the various parameters of solar cells and sends to LabVIEW software where we can monitor those values in GUI.
42 Transient Stability Analysis of Power System Using MATLAB: The objective of the project is to design the stability analysis of power system as simulation model in simulink/MATLAB. For the assessment of transient stability, a multi-machine system is implemented in this project.
43 Direct Torque Control of BLDC Motor : In this project direct torque control technique for controlling the speed of brushless DC motors is simulated in order to attain faster response of torque. This project uses LabVIEW software to develop the fuzzy logic controller for this technique.
44 Data Logger and Remote Monitoring System for Multiple Parameter Measurement Applications: This project aims to build an embedded system that performs data logging and remote monitoring of various parameters. The environmental parameters like temperature and humidity are monitored with sensors. AVR microcontroller acquires the sensor data and makes a record of it in EEPROM. This project also facilitates to monitor the acquired or logged data through GSM module.
45 Touch Screen Based Wheelchair System: This project controls the direction and speed of DC motors which are attached to the wheelchair so that it moves in desired direction. This ARM controller with touch screen enabled design is very helpful for physically disabled persons to control their wheelchair.
46 Simulation Model of Hydro Power Plant Using MATLAB/Simulink: This project implements the simulation model of hydro power plant with hydro turbine and synchronous generator on MATLAB platform. This work is useful for conducting operating tests as well as for analyzing the results.
47 Battery Monitoring System using Microcontroller: This project implements a battery monitoring system for UPS, telephone communication and hybrid electrical vehicle applications. Battery parameters like voltage and temperature continuously monitored using slave microcontroller unit while master controller gathers all the batteries information.
48 Microcontroller Based Inductance Meter: This project is intended to design a microcontroller based inductance meter to measure the unknown value of inductor. This project makes use of resonant frequency of LC circuit principle to achieve this operation using ATmega controller.
49 Data Logger for Solar: The aim of this project is to measure and store the solar energy parameters using Arduino controller. Sensors like LDR, temperature sensor, current sensor and voltage sensor monitors the respective parameters of the solar panel. The acquired data from Arduino controller is transferred to the PC where it is logged.
50 Design and Development of a Parabolic Dish Solar Water Heater: The main aim of this project is to develop the parabolic dish solar water heater for water heating applications. In this embedded electronic circuit is implemented for the parabolic dish to track the sun continuously in order achieve high efficiency.
51 Voice Operated Robotic Vehicle: The main objective of this project is to control the movements of robotic vehicle through voice commands of the user. The Speech recognition module along with RF transmitter sends the voice signals to remote robot. RF receiver in the robot correspondingly receives the signals and controls the robot movements.
52 Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Controlled SVC for Transmission Line: In this project Static VAR Compensator scheme is implemented for transmission line based on fuzzy logic. This system controls the reactive power by implementing the firing angle control scheme in MATLAB.
53 Maximum Power Point Tracking for Low Power Photovoltaic Solar Panels: This project describes the enhancement of power generated by the solar panel using MPPT algorithm. This MPPT (Maximum Power Point Algorithm) implemented on microcontroller in order to maximize the output.
54 Android Mobile Phone Controlled Bluetooth Robot using 8051 Microcontroller: This project involves in the designing of Android mobile application controlled robot using microcontroller. Android application based control commands received by Bluetooth module enables the microcontroller to control the DC motor speed and direction.
55 Street Light Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement using Sensor : The main aim of this project is to implement an energy efficient street lighting system which controls the street lights based on the movement of vehicles on the road. Microcontroller with set of IR sensor detects the vehicle movement and with this sensed data microcontroller switches the street lights.
56 Implementation of an Omni Wheels Robot: This project builds Omni-directional robot which can move in different directions. Arduino controller with motor driver circuit controls the motion of the robot in different angles.
57 Design of Load Sharing control system using PIC Microcontroller: The main aim of this project is to adjust the availability power with consuming load. This system measures the power using current and voltage sensing circuits for every energy source i.e., for wind, solar, grid and generator source. PIC microcontroller compares the load consumption and then optimally connects the respective load to the healthier source.
58 Simulation of Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with LabVIEW: This project simulates the mathematical model of inverter fed induction motor using LabVIEW software. This simulation is helpful for analyzing the dynamic characteristics of motor.
59 Footstep Power Generation using Piezoelectric Sensors: This proposed system presents the usage of piezoelectric sensors to generate the power from human foot pressure. The power generated from the piezoelectric sensors is stored in the battery and inverter converts the battery voltage (DC) to load operating voltage (AC). Microcontroller unit measures the power generated by these sensors and accordingly displays the amount of power generated.
60 Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors using Microcontroller: This project uses RF communication to synchronize the multiple motors in an industry. In this, all the motors are equipped with RF transceiver module along with microcontroller unit. This arrangement causes to change the speed of remaining motors if speed of the one motor is changed.
61 Head Movements based Wireless Device Switching : The main aim of this project is to switch the electrical loads or devices based on the head movements of a person using MEMS sensor. This type of project is helpful for physically challenged and paralyzed persons.
62 Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device : This project aims to control the speed and direction of induction motor using TV remote. IR sensors and microcontroller unit are used in this project to receive the signals from TV remote. A relay driver is connected to the microcontroller unit to change the direction of motor.
63 Hall Effect Sensor Based Portable Tachometer for RPM Measurement: This project deals with the implementation of portable, accurate and contactless tachometer using linear Hall Effect sensor. This sensor produces the number of pulses per revolution which are given as input to the microcontroller unit. Microcontroller measures these pulses per minute in order to give the RPM display.
64 Power Quality Monitoring and Power Measurements by using Virtual Instrumentation: This proposed project describes the design of power quality measurement and monitoring in LabVIEW environment. Various power quality parameters of voltage, current and power are measured and analyzed in this project using virtual instrumentation techniques.
65 Differential Transformer Protection using Arduino: This project implements the Arduino based differential protection for the transformer in order to protect the transformer from various electrical faults. In this, current transformers along with Arduino controller measure the differential current and if any fault occurs, it operates the relay.
66 Wireless Load Control Device using GSM Module: The intention of designing this project is to make more convenient and time saving method to control the loads from remote places. This project uses GSM module with microcontroller unit to receive user control commands to switch ON/OFF the particular load.
67 Design and Implementation of IGBT Based Single Phase AC Drive using PIC 18F452: This project implements single phase AC drive to control the speed of induction using PIC microcontroller. A constant voltage per hertz technique is implemented in this project by generating PWM pulses to drive the IGBTs.
68 On-Line Monitoring and Analysis of Faults in Transmission and Distribution Lines using GSM: This project uses the GSM technology to convey the fault information of transmission and distribution lines to utility department. In this project microcontroller unit along with sensors detects the faults that are takes place in power lines.
69 Wireless Temperature Data logger Using Zigbee: This project develops a temperature data logger system using microcontroller and Zigbee communication module. A temperature sensor with ADC enables the continuous acquiring of temperature data at the field side where Zigbee transmitter module is employed. At the receiver side, Zigbee receiver with microcontroller unit receives and logs the temperature data.
70 Microcontroller Based Active and Reactive Power Measurement: This design aims to measure and indicate the active and reactive power of an electrical system using PIC microcontroller. With the help of input from zero crossing detector circuit, PIC microcontroller calculates these two parameters and stores the data in EEPROM.
71 Simulation of Extra High Voltage Long Transmission Lines: In this project, simulation of EHV long transmission lines is performed in order to analyze various parameters and circuit condition under normal working conditions.
72 Microcontroller Based Modified SEPIC Converter for Driving Lamp with Power Factor Correction: This project presents a topology of Single-Ended Primary Inductance Converter (SEPIC) with half bridge inverter to feed the electrode less fluorescent lamp. This project improves the power factor and reduces the total harmonic distortion.
73 Substation Monitoring and Control using Zigbee: The objective of this project is to develop the remote monitoring and control system for substation using Zigbee module. Various parameters of the distribution transformer in substation are continuously monitored using Zigbee module. Zigbee receiver at the main station acquires these parameters and takes action accordingly.
74 Interleaved Quadrupler DC ÐDC Converter High Voltage Gain with Low Voltage Stress: In this project implements the interleaved quadrupler voltage DC-DC converter to achieve high voltage gain and to reduce current ripples and conduction losses. This design uses three stage interleaved boost converter with voltage quadruoler circuits.
75 Control of Boiler Operation using PLC-SCADA: This project achieves the automatic control operation of boiler using PLC and SCADA. Boiler temperature and pressure are continuously monitored using temperature and pressure sensor respectively. The PLC acquires these sensor values and depends on the control algorithm, it controls the actuators. SCADA system enables the remote monitoring and control of boiler operation.
76 PLC Based Intelligent Traffic Control System: This project aims to implement an intelligent based traffic control system using sensors and PLC. Photoelectric sensors detect the presence of vehicles on various junctions of the road and give the signals to the PLC. Based on the program in the PLC, it controls the traffic signals.
77 PLC Based Robotic Arm Control System: This project implements the robotic ARM control system using PLC for precise control. Programmable logic controller (PLC) is programmed to perform different ARM movements by giving the corresponding signals to motor driver circuit.
78 Implementation of PLC Based Elevator Control System: This project describes the implementation of elevator control system using PLC. Hall Effect sensor detects the position of the elevator and gives the corresponding signal to the PLC. According to the program in the PLC, it generates the control signals to the DC motor to control the movements of elevator.
79 Design of PLC and SCADA Based Control Panel for Continuous Monitoring of 3-Phase Induction Motor: In this, efficient and versatile tool for controlling the induction motor is proposed which control and monitors the speed with high accuracy. A variable Frequency Drive (VFD) based PLC controls the speed of the motor at better regulation. SCADA system for this project is implemented for remote monitoring and control of the speed.
80 Power System Stability Enhancement by Simultaneous AC-DC Power Transmission : The main aim of this project is to present the simulation of simultaneous AC-DC power transmission by superimposing DC on AC. This project replaces the parallel AC-DC transmission by converting double circuit AC into composite AC-DC transmission line. This work is simulated in MATLAB platform.
81 Analysis of DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy System: This project analyses the selection of DC-DC converter with transformer to produce the desirable characteristics for electrolyser applications using MATLAB. In this, ripple-free regulated output is produced by the DC-DC converter.
82 PLC Based PID Speed Control System: This project deals with the design of intelligent drive controller for AC motor by implementing PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control scheme. This project achieves the precise control by exactly tuning the PID parameters using Ziegler-Nichols methods.
83 PLC Based Induction Motor Starting and Protection: In this project, slip ring induction motor starting, protection and speed control schemes are implemented using programmable Logic controller (PLC). Rotor resistance control method is implemented as starting method while overvoltages, over current and over temperature protection schemes are implemented to protect the IM.
84 Simulation and Comparison of SPWM and SVPWM Control for Three Phase Inverter: This project deals with the modeling of Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) technique which effectively uses the DC bus voltage and produce the less harmonic content as compared with Sinusoidal PWM technique. This model is simulated using Simulink/MATLAB and results are compared with SPWM technique.
85 Modeling of Induction Motor and Fault Analysis: In this work, induction machine model is implemented in Simulink/MATLAB to analyze the motor performance and for effectively diagnosing the rotor faults. This analysis is carried out for single, double and three bar broken rotor faults.
86 Improved AC-AC Converter For Induction Heating Applications: This MATLAB based project simulates the single-switch parallel resonant converter (improved AC to AC converter) to produce high frequency currents for induction heating applications. The analyzed results are compared with existing half and full bridge inverter topologies.
87 Solar Powered Mobile Charger Using Buck Converter: This project aims to build solar powered mobile charger circuit using synchronous buck converter. The DC power obtained from the PV array is synthesized and modulated using this buck converter in order to meet the load requirements.
88 Modeling & Simulation of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems : The objective of this project is to model and simulate the double-fed induction generator in the MATLAB Simulink environment. Based on the vectorized dynamic approach, DFIG model is described in this project.
89 Automation of Coal Handling Plant of a Power Generation Unit using PIC Microcontroller: This project demonstrates the automation of coal handling plant of a thermal power generation unit using proximity sensors and PIC microcontroller. Based on proximity sensors signal, microcontroller controls the speed of stepper motor which further drives the conveyor belt. This also implements the interlock facility in motors to provide the safety.
90 Distribution Transformer Fuse Failure Detection and Information Passing System: The main objective of this project is to detect the failure of fuse that employed at the distribution transformer. This failure information is intimated to the concerned person through GSM module. In this project LabVIEW based PIC microcontroller is used along with the voltage sensor to detect fuse failure.
91 Wireless Design for Power Theft Monitoring: This project aims to implement anti-power theft monitoring system using wireless sensor networks. This wireless sensor device is a power metering device of the customer which sends the load information periodically to the controlling station. The controlling station aggregates all the user data and automatically detects the power theft user by comparing extra load consumed than that of actual value.
92 Speed Control of Universal Motor Using Microcontroller: A TRIAC and microcontroller based circuit is implemented in this project to control the speed of universal motor. Microcontroller provides the phase angle control of TRIAC which varies the power through universal motor.
93 Conductor Temperature and Sag Monitoring System using Zigbee and GSM : This project aims to measure and monitor the sag and temperature of high voltage overhead conductor using sensors without making any interruption to the continuous power supply. These sensed parameter values are send to the central monitoring station using Zigbee module and also to the authorized persons using GSM module.
94 Implementation of Programmable Automatic Voltage Regulator: The main aim of this project is to implement Programmable Automatic Voltage Regulator (PAVR) using microcontroller. This project achieves the stabilization of output voltage with the deviation of input voltage from 100 to 340 volts.
95 GSM Based Automated Embedded System for Monitoring and Controlling of Smart Grid: This project demonstrates the remote monitoring of smart grid parameters using GSM module. Electrical parameters like voltage, current, power and frequency are acquired by the data acquisition device. These real time values are periodically send to authorized persons through GSM network.
96 Measurement of Air Breakdown Voltage and Electric Field using Standard Sphere Gap Method: In this project, air breakdown voltages and electric field of the high voltage equipment are measured by using sphere gap method for the measurement of high voltages.
97 Calculation and Analysis of Transformer Inrush Current of Transformer: In this work, analytical formulas are implemented to calculate the inrush current in transformer. And then the effect of switching angle variation, remnant flux and energizing circuit impedances on inrush current characteristics are analyzed using MATLAB.
98 Inductance Capacitance and Frequency (LCF) Meter : The main aim of this project is to implement a portable instrument to measure inductance, capacitance and frequency. This two probe device is implemented using PIC microcontroller with additional circuitry for accurately measuring and displaying these parameters.
99 Implementation of Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor Drive System: This project implements the LabVIEW based frequency locked loop control algorithm for controlling the speed of DC motor. This project describes capability to maintain the speed stabilization and regulation in order to recover the rated speed from load change.
100 Circuit Breaker Based Feeder Pillar with Over current and Earth-Fault Protection : This project aims to design and simulate the 415V AC feeder pillar with earth fault, overload and over current protection using earth leakage CB, three phase overload relay and sequence relay. This design and simulation is performed on MATLAB platform.
101 Design Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Data Logger with Xbee: This project demonstrates the design of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) data logger to read, collect and store the energy consumption of various consumers remotely using Zigbee technology. This design is implemented using Arduino controller and Zigbee communication module.
102 A Domestic Robot for Security Systems Using Zigbee Technology: This project aims to build a robotic vehicle that can enhance the security at homes. This project achieves the door locking system with active input from ultrasonic sensor and PIR sensors. A camera attached to this system enables the remote monitoring using Zigbee technology.

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