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How To Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone 11

You often end up using the flashlight of your iPhone 11. But, for many new iPhone users, the flashlight remains a mystery. Turning it off may become a challenge for anyone who doesn’t know the right procedure.

Sometimes, the flashlight often turns on unintentionally whenever you use the phone. The challenge with turning it off starts with the new design of the iPhone 11. Earlier the flashlight could be turned on or off from the control center. But, in this new iPhone model, you cannot open the Control center of the screen upwards.

So, how to do that? Here are the ways to turn off the flashlight on your new iPhone 11.

Methods to Turn Off the iPhone 11 Flashlight

1. Turning Off Flashlight Using Lock Screenturning off flashlight using look screens

Opening the Control Centre may seem a hassle if you frequently use the flashlight. In this case, you can directly turn off the flashlight from the lock screen.

  • First, activate the lock You can press the side button or wake the phone up by touching the screen.
  • You will find that a button for the flashlight has appeared on the left lower corner of the locked screen. Click on it to turn the flashlight off.

2. Turning Off Flashlight Using Control Center

Here the easiest way is to turn the flashlight off from the Control Center. Follow these steps now-

  • First, swipe the screen from top to bottom (right top corner of the screen). A new screen for the control center will open on your iPhone.
  • Wait till the menu opens. Now, check out flashlight icon on the It usually appears in the lower row.
  • Now, click this flashlight button, and the flashlight will turn off automatically. In the same way, you can also turn on the flashlight in the future.

Turning off the Flashlight on an iPhone 11-Detailed Info

Here is some additional information that can help you turn the flashlight on and off easily on your iPhone 11.

  • You can easily remove the flashlight icon if you do not want it in the Control Centre section. For this, follow these steps-
    • First, open the Settings
    • From there go to Control Centrego to Control Centre
    • Next, tap on the red circle. A new tab will open.tap on the red circle
    • In this tab, press the remove button to remove the flashlight buttonpress the remove button to remove the flashlight button (1)
  • You can use Siri to shut your flashlight off or on through voice commands. You can say, “Hey Siri, shut off my flashlight” to turn it off. Similarly, you can say, “Siri, turn on the flashlight”
  • You can adjust the brightness level of the flashlight on your iPhone To do this, you need to go to Control center first. Then long press on the flashlight button to open a screen. The screen will have a slider. Glide the button on the slider to adjust the flashlight’s brightness as per your preference.


Turning off the flashlight in the iPhone 11 is not a difficult task. But, the procedure is a little different in this new model. You can use any of the methods stated here to turn off the fate flashlight at your convenience.

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