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How To Google Turn on Flashlight

As the smart assistant of Google, Google Assistant lets you make voice commands for taking action. You can perform different tasks including turning on the flashlight. Google Assistant enables you to turn on the Flashlight in various methods. This will make sure that you don’t have to move from one place to turn on the flashlight manually. All you have to do is use phrases like “Hey Google turn on flashlight”, “Google flashlight” and so on.

How To Turn On Flashlight with Google Assistant

1. Toggle on Google Assistant

Without enabling Google Assistant on your smartphone, you will not be able to use Google Assistant. Google Assistant is compatible with Android 5.0 or above. Your phone must have 1GB memory, Google app 6.13 or higher, and Google Play services. You will have to touch and hold the home button to activate Google Assistant and say “Ok Google.”

2. Turn On Flashlight

You will be able to turn on the flashlight by just saying “OK Google” once you have enabled Google Assistant. There will be a reply from Google Assistant and you need to say “Turn Flashlight ON.” However, you will have to make sure that the voice is clear so that Google Assistant can listen to you.

Look at the animation on your device screen. If something is going on, it means Google Assistant is listening. If it works you can say “Google turn on the flashlight.” You can even make use of other phrases like “Hey Google turn on the flashlight.”

3. Flashlight in Notification Panel

You can even turn on the flashlight through the notification panel. All you have to do is to slide down the notification panel and tap on the torch icon. When you don’t see the flashlight icon on the notification panel, you will have to go to the notification panel settings. Hit on the icon to enable the flashlight on the notification panel.

4. Flashlight X Widget

By using a flashlight widget, you will be able to turn on the flashlight quickly. You can do it by long pressing on the home screen. There you will find many apps from which you will be able to add the widget. You can drag the torchlight to any empty space. However, make sure that this will not have anything with the settings.

Apps for Android Phones TO Turn On Flashlight

1. Flashlight Widget:

Flashlight Widget is a widget that will turn on the flashlight. You can easily display it on the home screen with a single tap. One of the best things about it is that it is less than 30 KB. You can install it for free and say “Hey Google turn on my flashlight”. Flashlight widget also does not have any ads.

2. Icon Torch – Flashlight:

You can download Icon Torch – Flashlight for free. It lets you use it conveniently and does not have any settings. You can place it anywhere including the home screen, notification bar, and navigation bar. It is small in size and you can activate it with ease.

3. Power Button Flashlight:

LED Flashlight Torch: Another popular app is the Power Button Flashlight. With this app, you will be able to use the volume buttons for turning on the torchlight. It also lets you shake the phone screen to turn on the flashlight. However, you will have to give accessibility permissions. You can download Power Button Flashlight for free.

4. Flashlight:

Flashlight will make the camera’s LED and light of the screen as a flashlight. You can even select from over 10 different light colors. The bright torchlight is fast and you can use it in different modes. After downloading the app, you can say “ok Google flashlight on.”

5. Easy Flashlight – Super Bright LED Flashlight:

The easy-to-use interface of Easy Flashlight will let you use it without any hassle. It does not consume much space with its less size. Easy Flashlight is very bright and has widget support. You can use it with different types of apps.

6. Power Button Torch/ Flashlight:

Power Button Torch lets you use it with the power button. To turn it on, you have to press the power button a few times. There is also an option to turn it from the notification bar. Additionally, Google Assistant works fine to use it. This app does not come with any ads.

7. Pure Flashlight – Super Bright LED:

In Pure Flashlight, you will find built-in free images. It lets you download it for free. Best of all, you can use it even if the phone is locked. With it, you don’t have to worry about in-app purchases, additional settings, or ads. With Google Assistant, you can turn Pure Flashlight by using your voice.


Google Assistant lets you turn on the flashlight without even touching your device. When you have flashlight apps on your smartphone, you can power it on in multiple ways. The app offers better convenience and serves great in an emergency. Some of these apps have extra features and they work perfectly with Google Assistant.

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