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How to Sonos Roam Bluetooth Pairing?

To our surprise, speakers have become essential to our daily lives. When our devices lack a punch in the audio department, the speakers offer an immersive audio experience. Wired speakers are the best deal for confined spaces like your rooms. But what if you want to have a similar experience wherever you go? The wireless speakers come in resources to elevate your listening experience.

Sonos, a popular brand for audio products, has introduced its wireless “Roam” speaker range. These units are equipped with technologies like rechargeable batteries, network connectivity, etc. to make them portable. Sonos Roam is tuned to produce accurate audio even in outdoor conditions. Among several factors, connectivity is a crucial factor for these wireless speakers.

With this article, we will learn about how to connect Sonos Roam speakers with the help of Bluetooth technology.

Sonos Roam Speakers

Before we discuss Bluetooth pairing with Sonos Roam, we must understand what Sonos Roam is. As explained in the introduction, Sonos Roam is a range of wireless speakers from Sonos. These units are designed to deliver an impressive audio performance in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The lightweight and waterproof construction with a compact design makes them easy to carry anywhere the user wants to.

Sonos Roam speakers use sophisticated hardware components to ensure better quality of audio is delivered. They use a pair of class-H amplifiers to boost the power delivery of the audio. A single tweeter efficiently reproduces the high-frequency notes from the audio. It also uses a mid-woofer to blend accurate mid and low-range frequencies. All these components work in sync to create an unforgettable audio quality.

Bluetooth Pairing Process For Sonos Roam

We know that Sonos Roam has several connectivity technologies, including Bluetooth. This allows the user to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to these speakers. The connection is established by pairing the devices with these speakers. To simplify the pairing process, we have explained each step, including the general setup of the device.

  • You have to first press the power button of Sonos Roam.
  • While booting up, the speakers flash a white LED light.
  • When the light becomes stable, users have to press the power button again and hold it until a notification tone/chime is played by the speaker.
  • After this process, the white LED light will start flashing blue light. This means the speakers are ready to pair with Bluetooth devices.
  • Users must open the Bluetooth settings of the device they want to connect with Sonos Roam.
  • The Sonos Roam speaker will appear in the “available devices” list. Users can select this speaker from the list to connect it to the device.
  • When the Bluetooth connection is successful, the speaker will again play a notification tone. The flashing blue LED turns into a stable blue light, confirming the connection.

Pros And Cons Of Sonos Roam Speakers

Like any other speaker, Sonos Roam also has some pros and cons. These pros and cons change depending on the need and comfort of the user. Since Sonos Roam speakers also use Bluetooth connection, rechargeable battery, and other features, we should be aware of these pros and cons.


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allow the speakers to transmit data from a distance of 150 ft.
  • Wireless technologies allow the user to send commands to the speaker at the comfort of their fingertips.
  • The setup and control of speakers are user-friendly, making it easy for low-tech users.
  • The speakers also get a dedicated app to adjust various settings.
  • A rechargeable battery offers over 10- to 12 hours of power to keep the speaker away from the power outlet.


  • The speaker experiences signal interference or degradation in open areas.
  • It does not offer any dedicated expansion slot, making it difficult to use devices via port.
  • The battery life considerably reduces when the speaker is run at extreme settings.

When considered from a daily traveler’s point of view, the pros of Sonos Roam outweigh its cons. As a result, it comes down to the user’s preferences whether the speaker is an ideal option or not.

Sonos Roam Bluetooth Pairing – FAQs

1. Can we connect the Sonos Roam speaker directly to Bluetooth without using WiFi?

Ans: Wi-Fi is essential for the Sonos Roam speaker, to do the initial setup. Once this setup is completed, the user can use Bluetooth to connect the speaker to other devices. After this, using other connectivity technologies like Wi-Fi is unnecessary.

2. What does flashing green light mean on Sonos Roam, while Bluetooth pairing?

Ans: The flashing green light on Sonos Roam tells the user that the speaker is powered on and is ready for setup. Greenlight usually appears when the speaker has not been set up or configured. Greenlight also appears on older Sonos devices after they are reset to the factory configuration. This means the device will again need to be set up.

3. Do you need an app to connect Sonos Roam with Bluetooth?

Ans: A user will not need the Sonos app to connect devices via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection can be easily established by initially setting up the speakers. Users can then hold the power button for 1 to 2 seconds. When the blue LED starts flashing, the speakers go into pairing mode. Users can then access the device’s Bluetooth settings to pair with the speaker.

4. How to reset Bluetooth on Sonos Roam speakers?

Ans: Users have to first switch off the speaker by holding its power button for 5 seconds. When the speaker turns off, users have to hold the play/pause button and again power on the speaker. Holding the play/pause button, wait for the notification LED to go orange. After the orange light is seen, users must release the play/pause button, which turns the orange light into flashing green. The speaker is now ready to be set up afresh.

5. Is it possible to use Sonos Roam as a Bluetooth speaker?

Ans: It is indeed possible for the users to use the Sonos Roam speakers as a standalone Bluetooth speaker. However, this is possible only after performing the initial setup of the speaker. After this setup, users can use the speaker as a Bluetooth unit.

6. Can you connect multiple devices to Sonos speakers via Bluetooth?

Ans: Sonos Roam allows connectivity of multiple devices through Bluetooth technology. Users must disconnect an already connected device to make way for the new device. By selecting Sonos Roam on the Bluetooth menu of the new device, both units can be paired.


Sonos Roam has simplified the way of enjoying music anywhere, thanks to Bluetooth technology and other features. By parking your devices, you can control this speaker from anywhere. This article explains the steps for pairing Bluetooth-enabled devices to your Sonos Roam Speaker. It also makes the user aware of its pros and cons and answers certain FAQs to help them understand their Sonos Roam systems.

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