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Types of Car Speaker Size & Buying Guide

If you are a true music lover who travels often, you probably already give great importance to the car’s audio system, especially the speakers. The size of the speakers often makes a difference in producing the desired audio effect.

Are you wondering about which size of speakers your car model has? Or are you wondering about the best size to install a new and customized speaker system inside your car?

Well, whatever the question, we are here with all the answers you need. This article will teach you everything about car speakers, their sizes, the different models, and an installation guide!

All The Available Car Speaker Sizes

Car speakers usually come in different sizes and are placed in different positions due to their different size variations.

Usually, the size of a car speaker is measured diagonally from one end to the other end of the frame.

Please note that the cone size is not the measuring criteria here, as the cone placements and cone size can vary from model to model.

1. 3.5-Inch Speakers

The 3.5-inch speakers are most commonly used in cars due to their high-range sound-producing capability. These speakers also occupy much less space and can easily be installed in tight spaces.

On top of that, these speakers also consume less power and cost less. The average power handling range of such models is 15 to 30W.

Hence, you will find the 3.5 speakers in smaller cars with very less space or the car dashboard unit. These speakers mostly come with 3 ¼ inch wide mounting holes.

The best part about these is that they offer great audio experience in high (treble) and mid-range audio waves. But, unfortunately, due to their small cone size, their bass effects could be better.

On top of that, these speakers are installed without any enclosure.

2. 4-Inch Speakers

The 4-inch speakers are larger than the previous models and offer great sounds with high and mid-range audio waves. On top of that, these also consume less power, making them a great choice for occasional listeners who do not need much bass effect.

On the contrary, you can also use these speakers with larger speakers if your car has enough space.

The power handling of these speakers usually ranges from 25W to 45W. Due to their size, you can also install the speaker in the car dashboard. On top of that, these speakers also do not need an enclosure.

The 4-inch speakers are available in different styles like woofers, as component speakers with a separate crossover, and in coaxial arrangement with tweeter and woofer.

3. 5.25″ (5 1/4″) Speakers

The 5.25-inch speakers are also smaller size speakers that offer better mid-range bass effects than the previous two models.

Hence, these speakers are often installed in car doors, like rear doors. But you can also play them in other places if you want to. The power handling limit is 25-55W.

It is a popular speaker variant due to its size, affordability, and performance. You can easily combine these speakers with advanced and customized tweeters and woofer cones to get an enhanced and clear audio experience.

If you do not have space to install larger tweeters and woofers, you can use a speaker adapter to enhance the sound quality of 5.5-inch speakers.

Due to their versatility, you will find the 5.25-inch speakers in coaxial, midrange, component, and mid-bass sets.

4. 6-Inch and 6.5-Inch (6 1/2″) Speakers

The 6.5-inch and 6-inch speakers are available in coaxial, stackable components and separate sets. But, the 6.5-inch speakers are more common. The 6.5 ones are among the most popular and are great for mid-bass, mid-range effects with a good lower-end bass effect.

You must install the speakers properly to harness their best audio effects. The best part about both 6-inch and 6.5-inch speakers is that these are versatile and can offer you a decent audio experience.

You will find such speakers in the front doors of the cars. But, the main drawback with both these models is the sound distortion at high volumes. On top of that, their bass effect could be better at low frequencies.

5. 4×6 Inch Coaxial & Plate Speakers

The 4X6 inches speakers are quite common in car models. Most automobile manufacturers use a regular 4-inch speaker instead. Such speakers are great for anyone who wants a good audio experience without spending a lot of money.

The 4X6 inch speakers, alongside a subwoofer, offer more control over different frequency ranges. On top of that, such speakers also fit perfectly into a regular music system and offer a consistent audio experience.

But, most of these speakers are usually mounted on the car’s rear pillars or in the dashboards. Hence, the enclosure effect is very poor, and you will not get a good bass effect.

You can always choose the 4X6 inch speakers in “Plate” design- component speakers with separate audio drivers. The power handling range is 25W-35W.

Please note that, in some car models, the 4X6 inch speakers are installed with a closely-fitted grill. Hence, you will need to remove the grills or make other arrangements to install speakers with protruded tweeters.

6. 5×7 Inch Speakers

The 5X7 inch speakers are also installed in rear side panels, especially in sedans and hatchbacks. These speakers have a larger cone size than the 6.5-inch models. Hence these models offer better bass effects if the proper environment is present.

The average power handling ranges from 30 watts to 50 watts. But, these speakers are also not very common, and their plate speakers are also not available easily.

But you can find the adapters easily and use the speakers as component speakers with 6-inch, 6.25-inch, or 5.25-inch speakers.

7. 6×8 and 6×9Inch Speakers

Both 6X8 inch and 6X9 inch speakers are some of the largest speakers available in the market. Both offer somewhat oval speaker cones, allowing better air circulation. The power handling ranges from 50W (coaxial) to 100W (advanced models).

The speakers offer a good bass effect if the speaker enclosure is proper. Even though the bass effect is not like a subwoofer, it is quite good for any music lover.

The best part about these speakers is that you can use them in different vehicles- cars. Camper trailers, boats. On top of that, you can also use them in pre-designed speaker enclosures if your vehicle has no speaker openings. The enclosure is also easily available. If you want, you can also make them yourself.

8. 4×10 Inch Speakers

The 4 x10 inch speakers stand out due to their extremely oval speaker cones. Hence, these speakers are ideal for horizontal spaces where vertical space is very less. Hence, most trucks and larger vehicles install these speakers in the rear upper pillars and dashboards.

You will get a good midrange and treble audio experience. If you are not much into bass effects, these speakers will be enough for you.

Since these speakers are uncommon, you may need to search more. But, these speakers can easily be found in factories. Hence, you can buy them directly from car audio companies or the dealer where you bought your car.

How To Know My Car’s Speaker Size?

As you can see, the speakers inside a car can vary in shape and size. You can find 4 inches, 4.5 inches, and 5.25 inches or, 4×10 inch and other models in a car. You can take a measuring tape and determine the size easily.

Things to Consider While Getting a New Car Speaker

Here are a few things that you may need to consider while buying a new car speaker:

1. The Shape, Size, and Dimension Should Be Ideal for Your Car

The first thing you need to do is check if the shape and size of the speaker are ideal for your car. So, always measure your car’s existing speaker size carefully to get an idea of which speaker you need.

Before buying, also check the dimension of the cat speaker. Even though speaker sizes may be the same, their dimensions can differ. You can easily measure that also with a measuring tape. On top of that, check out the mounting plane for a better idea.

2. Always Get Speaker Brackets.

While buying new speakers for your car, remember to get speaker brackets. These brackets offer great help while mounting the panels.

How to Determine the Speaker Size for Your Car

To know the right speaker size for your car, first, you need to measure the speaker length. You can do it easily with tape. Hold the tape at one end of the speaker’s body and diagonally place it through the speaker cone center to the other end. The length reading is the speaker size.

Next is the measurement of the speaker’s dimension. First, place the measuring tape at the base of the speaker mounting plane. It should reach the magnet of the speaker. The length is the dimension of the speaker.

Note these readings down, and you are ready to shop for the right size speakers for your car.


Having better knowledge about the speakers installed inside your car can be helpful to great lengths. You can use the knowledge to buy a new set of speakers or even get the whole set customized for a better audio experience in the car. You can use this article to learn about speaker sizes and find the best possible option for your car.

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