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How To Lock A Door Without A Lock?

1. Lock a Door with a Wedge

Using a wedge is the most simplest and cost-effective method to lock the door. It can be great when you are in a hurry. A door wedge is highly effective and you can also remove it to open the door. A wedge can be ready to use as a door stopper or you can also use a DIY cardboard-made door wedge. Some people also prefer to use a shoe tree or an old shoe. The task takes just one minute to put the cardboard to have a wedge shape.

You can do it by closing the door and placing the wedge close to the opening edge of the door. Make sure that you push the wedge firmly on the door. You can also test the door from the outside to confirm. However, this method is not perfect and works only with inward opening doors. Also, a door wedge will not be able to withstand forced entry attacks.

Lock a Door with a Wedge

2. Lock Door With a Fork

You will be amused to hear that you can use a fork to lock a door. It can be perfect for small emergencies. Using a fork helps to lock the door and make sure that unwanted visitors don’t enter a room. You need to make sure that the fork must have a flat handle.

To use a fork, you will have to make some changes to it. You need to bend it from the end to approximately 0.4 inches. A plier serves as a perfect tool to bend it. Alternatively, a hammer and a wise will also serve the purpose. Once done, you need to cut the handle of the fork.

The steps that you will have to follow to use a fork for locking the door.

Step 1: Start by opening the door.

Step 2: Insert the head of the fork into the strike plate hole.

Step 3: Close the door.

Step 4: Slide the handle of the fork into the middle teeth.

Lock Door With a Fork

3. Lock a Door with a Chair

Lock a Door with a Chair

Even a chair will work great to lock a door without a lock. This method is very simple and powerful. However, this will only work on doors that come with a lever. You can also use it on doors with knobs that open inwards. Also, chairs that come with adjustable height will be great as you don’t have to use objects under the legs to have the right height.

All you have to do is to place the back of the chair under the door handle. You must do it tightly. Make sure that the bolt is in place and it will not push the handle whether from the inside or outside.

4. Lock a Door with a Belt


Using a belt to lock a door allows you to lock it conveniently. You can do it in two different cases.

  • Lock a door that has a hook: You will have to stretch the belt between the handle and the hook. This helps prevent the pushing down of the handle. It will make the bolt stay in place. However, this is not suitable for doors without a hook and is only mostly applicable for bathroom doors.
  • Lock a door with an auto door closer: In most types of commercial buildings, doors come with an automatic door closer. What you can do is tighten the belt on the hinge. This will securely lock the door by keeping the two arms of the door together tightly.

5. Portable Door Lock

Portable Door Lock

Portable door locks offer additional security. You can take them anywhere you want and use them as an extra lock. One of the greatest advantages of using a portable door lock is that it does not require any tool for installation. However, these types of locks are suitable only for securing the door from the inside. Again it will not work if the gap between the door and the jamb is wide.

6. Use a Portable Security Bar

One way to lock a door will be to use a portable security bar. It serves great to reinforce a door making it your perfect survival tool. Even the installation is very simple. You will get different types of portable security bars to lock doors.

By placing the top yoke under the knob and letting the footrest on the floor, you can have better privacy. Some devices also allow you to adjust the height within a specific range.

7. Add a Keyless Door Reinforcement Lock

For people who don’t want the hassle of keys, a keyless door reinforcement lock will be the most secure way of locking doors. This will work great on both exterior and interior doors. These types of locks are very easy to use and offer you many advantages. You will be able to lock and unlock with a single motion. Even the installation can be done in a quick time. However, these are only suitable for in-swing doors.

8. Install a Door Barricade

Another highly effective way to lock your door will be to install a door barricade. This will make sure that unauthorized people do not enter your home. Door barricades are highly durable making them offer reliable protection. You can easily use it on different types of doors and it is easy to operate. They also let you have easy installation.

There are many types of door barricades available in the market. A door barricade comes with two parts, the actual barrier and the base plate. All you have to do is to slide the barrier into the base plate and lock the door. As it is anchored to the floor, it can withstand great force in comparison to keyless locks.

9. Use a Strike Plate Lock

A strike plate lock is easy to use and helps to keep your door shut. Even though it works similarly to a standard door chain, it is more durable. The advantage of using a strike plate lock is that it does not cause any damage to the door. To use it, you will only have to place it over the handle. Strike plate locks are also suitable for doors that come with a lock. In doing so, it offers you added security.

To Sum It Up All –

When we put it all together, there are many ways to lock a door without using a lock. However, it all boils down to whether you want a temporary or a permanent solution. For a permanent solution, it will be better to use portable security bars or reinforcement locks. These types of devices are affordable and suitable for different types of doors. For a quick solution, the first four methods can be great. You can even combine more than one method for improving security.

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