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RPX Vs. IMAX – Find the Difference?

What is RPX?

RPX stands for Regal Premium Experience. It is one of the most commonly used theatre systems on larger movie screens. The best part of RPX is its immersive sound effects and digital image qualities with laser projectors.

When Regal released it, it was keen on keeping the competition standard in the competitive market. Till now, Regal Hs has been successful, and RPX is one of the most used movie formats in modern theatres.

The RPX movies offer a premium feel while you watch the movie, irrespective of its format. It is also great for big screens but not bigger for more immersive and advanced experiences.

In general, the RPX screens have a width of 60 feet. But, the screen can be of any length ranging from 45 feet to 70 feet.

At present, the RPX supports VR movie formats and is way better than the traditional theatre movie experience. The Regal company made its best effort to create a more advanced environment in movie theatres that would offer the viewers premium feel against the high price of tickets.

Recently, RPX has introduced 4k projectors that can show 4k movies at 33000 lumens brightness and a contrast ratio of 1850:1.

The most distinct feature of the RPX system is its immersive audio. In Europe, especially the UK, the Aurus sound system is most;y used. But, in the US and Asian or African countries, RPX prefers the Dolby Atmos sound system.

Modern screens also can run 3D movies alongside offering fascinating experiences for any movie.

The RPX theatres also have a premium interior to reward the whole experience. The brand introduced leather seats and premium recliners in limited numbers in all of its movie theatres. They aimed to offer a premium movie-watching experience for all of the viewers, irrespective of the movie they would watch.

So, you will love the movie experience inside an RPX theatre instead of going to a regular movie theatre

What is IMAX?


IMAX became one of the most hyped and advanced cinema propitiatory systems of modern times. This abbreviation stands for “Image Maximum,” which indicates a full theatre experience.

It is made with high-resolution cameras, modern file formats, and advanced film projectors. In addition, IMAX is known for its very large screens with a tall aspect ratio of 1:43:1 to 1:90:1. Hence, IMAX offers a more immersive movie-watching experience with realistic images, especially 3D images, bright colors, and an immersive audio system.

Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, and Robert Kerr jointly founded the IMAX Corporation in 1967 and ruled the first IMAX cinema projection in the 1960s and early 1970s in Canada. It became very popular due to the advanced movie-watching experience, and modern theatres worldwide have IMAX proprietary systems. On top of that, IMAX theatres are also considered premium movie theatres.

Since IMAX was more expensive than Dolby digital systems, the company introduced IMAX SR in 1998.

The IMAX movie theatres have an immersive sound system, stunning visuals, and premium recliner seating alongside the very large and tall screen. On top of that, the larger cameras, digital dual laser projectors, and surround sound system are placed in such a way that each viewer is placed in the center.

Each seat in the IMAX theatre is positioned for the best possible view. It also expands your view angle to 70 degrees to ensure you get the best possible view from any part of the theatre. Besides that, the advanced sound system also equally reaches every part of the theatre.

Hence, in an IMAX theatre, you feel that you are present in the scene. Besides that, movie theatres with IMAX screens are also larger than conventional theatres.

The IMAX technology uses DMR or Digital Image R    mastering to offer stunning visuals. This proprietary image enhancement procedure optimizes each frame present in the movie and produces the clearest and sharpest picture with vivid colors.

To make a movie IMAX compatible, the crew must shoot it in IMAX cameras. These cameras have the largest revolution format to produce the vivid and realistic images you see on screen. On top of that, the camera also makes the pictures crystal clear with enough detail to make them compatible with the larger screen. Different IMAX digital cameras are available, all being wider than regular ones.

IMAX movies also have the largest image frames, containing one frame per 15 perforations in a single stop. In regular image cameras, a film strip contains only one frame per five perforations.

Due to this advanced technology, modern movies like action and sci-fi movies or period dramas, and documentaries are often produced with IMAX cameras. As a result, his images are vivid, and the sound is loud and realistic to make the viewing experience wonderful.

RPX Vs. IMAX: Comparison Table

While these two are advanced and premium movie proprietary systems that offer a better movie theatre experience, one may be better than the other in some criteria.

As a moviegoer, you will always want the best possible experience to ensure you get an immersive watching experience inside the theatre that justifies your price.

Criteria RPX IMAX
Comfort Wider, extra-padded seats with speakers right in the seat with high backs and headrests with enough room for walking inside the theatre Premium recliner seats that are optimized to offer the best view from every corner of the theatre but are not comfortable as RPX theatres
Screen size Wider but smaller than IMAX, 40×60 in size Taller than RPX in size with a curved screen, aspect ratio 1:90:1 to 1:45:1
Technology Uses digital projectors with flat screen Advanced IMAX technology  with 4k, and 2k laser projectors, which is more advanced than ROPX
Video Quality Good Vivid, crisp, and detailed pictures with 3d effect and immersive video quality
Sound quality 7.1 channel audio system, Aurus/Dolby digital that offers audio like a personal theatre 12-channel advanced audio system/ Dolby atmos system with overhead speakers for maximum immersive sound effects
 Movie experience Premium comfort Premium  and immersive
Which is better? RPX is suitable for every format, including 2d, 3d, etc. It is also pocket friendly. IMAX is ideal for action, fantasy, or sci-fi movies with more scenery and image details than dialogues. Hence, it may not be a great choice for romantic movies or other movies that emphasizes the dialogues than the images.

How Do IMAX and RPX Compare?

Here is a detailed comparison between IMAX and RPX to ensure you can make the right choice

  • Comfort

Comfort is often one of the main criteria for a movie choosing a theatre. In IMAX theatres, comfortable seats are offered. The premium seats come with higher backs. Some seats also have leather coverings to make the whole system premium. All of the seats are designed so that each has an unobstructed view of the screen from every angle. Hence, you will get an immersive movie-watching experience wherever you are seated.

But, if you check out an RPX theatre, their seats are of different quality. RPX prioritizes the comfort of its viewers. Hence, they offer leatherback seats, most of which are recliners, with extra padding to offer extra comfort. These seats are wider with headrests and high backs to ensure maximum comfort. On top of that, each seat has a speaker placed underneath it to offer a better sound system to the viewers. On top of that, the theatre has enough pace to ensure everyone seats comfortably. Even after the seats are inclined, everyone gets enough space to watch everything with the best comfort.

  • Technology

In the case of technology, IMAX is definitely a forerunner. Its special laser projection and the curved larger screen are known for offering the best pictures. Moreover, the curved flat screen offers a 3D effect even for 2D movies that make pictures clear, detailed, and immersive.

Besides that, IMAX uses 3d and 4d technology also, Its 12- channel audio system is also one of the best in the scene. The speakers are placed overhead to ensure each movie viewer gets an immersive sound experience, irrespective of their location.

But, IMAX movies need to be shot with special IMAX cameras only. On top of that, the movies can be shot for only three minutes. Furthermore, IMAX is not that great for quieter movies as the cameras are loud.

In the case of RPX, their best plus point is constant invention. RPX regularly introduces new technology to ensure moviegoers get the best possible experience. Recently, RPX has released 4k laser projectors with a contrast ratio of 1870: 1 and brightness of 33000 lumens. On top of that, RPX screens also support each possible format, whether it is 2D or 3D. Its unique nature makes it a great choice for every movie, regardless of genre.

  • Screen Size

IMAX is known for its wider, wall-to-wall curved screen that offers a 3d-like effect even for the 2d movies. IMAX screens are generally more than 50 feet tall and 70 to 100 feet long. That means an average IMAX screen is nearly five to six times bigger than the conventional movie screen. This creates eye-catching visuals with a vivid contrast ratio. Till now, the largest IMAX screen is in León berg, Germany, with a dimension of 144 x 75 feet with a weight of more than 500 pounds.

On the other hand, the RPX screens are taller. A conventional RPX screen will be 45- 70 feet wider, depending on the size of the theatre. The screens are also flat.

In the case of build quality, both RPX and IMAX  screens are equal as these are built in the same factories.

  • Video Quality

For modern movies, Video quality often makes a drastic difference in the movie-watching experience. With 4K, and high fidelity videos dominating the market, you may be interested in choosing a picture format that offers the best possible video quality.

In this case, RPX and IMAX have some plus and minus points.

If you are looking forward to watching a 3D movie with loads of action and stunning visual elements, IMAX may fare well. After all,  IMAX is known for its vivid image details. On top of that, IMAX seats are optimized for the best view from each angle, making you feel closer to the screen. Even for 2D movies, IMAX offers greater video quality as the curved screen gives somewhat of a 3D effect to even 2d movies.

But, IMAX is not great for movies that have more emphasis on the dialogues than the visuals. Hence, if you are watching a period drama or a romantic movie, it is better to go for RPX.

Besides that, RPX screens are also a great choice if you want to watch 3D movies, minus the strain on your eyes. In addition, RPX screens have less brightness which may be comfortable for some people.

On top of that, some 2D movies also do not look great on RPX screens as the screens are flat and viewers are placed at a long distance. But, the overall watching experience in RPX will be similar to IMAX.

Hence, you have to choose depending on which types of visuals the movie has, its genre, and what you desire.

  • Sound quality

In the case of sound quality IMAX is the winner. Its 12-channel sound system produces high quality and immersive sound experience. In IMAX theatres, the sound box is placed overhead to ensure the viewers get an immersive sound experience. IMAX often makes you feel that you are a part of the movie scene itself.

But that does not mean RPX falls behind a lot. Modern RPX theatres use 7.1 audio channels. While in Europe, it opts for Aurus audio, Dolby Atmos audio is more common in other places. In addition, to offer an immersive sound experience, RPX theatres have speakers placed under each seat that create their own sound bubbles.

Some people love this system and enjoy the vibration coming from the speakers under their chairs. But, for many others, the vibration is an unnecessary distraction.

Well, finally, the choice depends on you, depending on what your personal preferences are.

  • Movie Experience

For a wholesome movie experience, IMAX scores better in the immersive experience sector. Its laser projectors, overhead sound speakers, and curved screen make you feel that you are a part of the scene. On the other hand, the seats are steep, and the crisp pictures often stand out.

On the other hand, the RPX movie experience is all about a premium feeling with reclining leather seats with wider space and a high backrest with ample leg space. In other words, the RPX theatres are like a premium version of modern theatres with extra amenities.

If you check for a value-for-money experience, IMAX is always a winner. But if you love premium seating, you may choose RPX.

  • Ticket price

Last but not the least; the budget is also a concern. Well, if you check out the price tag for IMAX movie theatres, these are quite expensive than the conventional theatres.

RPX theatre price range can go up and down depending on the technology (4K or 3D or laser projector) and the seat quality. As a result, the price often differs from $1 to $4 from IMAX.

Hence, the choice depends on your taste as well.

Similarities between RPX and IMAX

 Suppose you check out the similarities. Both RPX and IMAX are modern movie proprietary systems that are more advanced than conventional systems. Both of these offer an immersive sound experience with better visuals.

Both systems are getting new inventions to ensure moviegoers get the best possible in-theatre experience. But the similarities end in this aspect only.

IMAX Vs. RPX: Which is Better?

If you love to watch stunning visuals with life-like sound quality, IMAX may be better for you. It is ideal for 3D movies, action movies, and other movies with stunning visuals. But, it is not ideal for movies with great importance on dialogues and other subtle hints. With IMAX, you will have equal experience, irrespective of your seat location.

On the other hand, RPX movie theatres are all about the premium experience. It offers immersive sound, but the visuals and sound system may not be great like IMAX.

On the flip side, RPX can equally handle all types of movie formats, like 3D, 2D, 4k, etc. Hence, you will enjoy the movie irrespective of its visuals, dialogues, and genre. But, RPX theatre seats are not optimized, and the screen is also flat. That means those in the front rows will have a better movie-watching experience than those sitting in the last rows.

So, in the end, it depends on what your heart desires for a movie.


IMAX and RPX are both premium movie proprietary systems but are drastically different. While RPX is all about premium seating and good sound effects, IMAX is about stunning visuals and wonderful sound experiences throughout the theatre.

In short, RPX may be better than regular theatre, but it is a little behind the stunning technology of IMAX.

If you love luxury, RPX wins; but if you love immersive movie experiences, IMAX may be a winner.

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