Previous article explains about what is a resistor, Resistance, Resistivity. Let us see different types of resistors. Like all electronic components, resistors are also
What is Resistor? Resistor is basic component that is used in all the electronic circuits. It is a passive element that resists the flow
There are many different types of resistors available. In order to identify or calculate the resistance value of a resistor, it is important to
Resistors are used for many applications in a circuit. But all resistors are not suitable for all the applications. Resistors are selected using different
Introduction In Direct Current (DC), the flow of electric charge is unidirectional. In DC, the voltage and current maintain a constant polarity and direction.
Introduction Varistor is portmanteau of variable resistor. It is a passive non linear two terminal solid state semiconductor device. Varistor provide over voltage protection
Introduction Two resistors are said to be connected in parallel if both the terminals of a resistor are connected to each respective terminal of
Introduction Resistors are the basic components of any electrical or electronic circuit. Often resistors are found in large numbers irrespective of the size of