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Oscillating Multi-Tool Uses For Workshop

Due to their versatility, oscillating multi-tools are often the most popular power tools. You can complete different tasks with the right oscillating tool, including cutting, sawing, rimming, etc.

Most handymen, including contractors, plumbers, and even interior designers, also have their trusted oscillating multi-tool that they swear to. Not just that, but if you love to DIY, this tool can be a great addition to your toolbox.

In short, oscillating tools have endless potential if you can use them properly. In this article, let’s check out the different uses of an oscillating multi-tool.

What are the Oscillating Multi-Tools?

Oscillating Multi Tool or OMT are handheld power tools oscillating around a fixed body with varying diameters. The tool has a blade, pad, or rasp that rapidly moves back and forth instead of rotating around an axis. In simplest designs, these tools look similar to machines built around grinders in different diameter ranges. These tools are called multi-tools because a single tool can complete multiple functions like cutting, sawing, etc.

What are the Uses of Oscillating Multi-Tools?

1. Trim Cut-In

You can effectively use the tool to cut any edges or molds easily. On top of that, it can also be used to trim cut in different materials like wooden baseboards, etc.

2. Cutting and Trimming Pipes

A multi-oscillating tool is most used by plumbers to cut or trim pipes. With the right-sized blade, it becomes easier to slice, cut, or even trim the pipes.

Due to the rapidly oscillating movements, the blades can cut galvanized pipes beside the PVC ones used in regular plumbing work. On top of that, you can use the tool in tight and confined places where working with any other tool becomes difficult.

3. Undercut a Doorway

While adjusting and installing new floorings, you may need to undercut the doors and ten frames to fit them in. In this case, the oscillating multi-tool becomes very effective as it can cut through the door frames and doors with the desired precision. You can also smooth the edges if needed.

4. Cutting Out Openings in Drywall

Multi-oscillating tools can also help you cut drywalls while making home improvement works, including installing a new TV cabinet, a new rack, and so on. The tools can create precise cutting with smaller and better edges and offer you to cut through in areas with space issues. On top of that, you can also use this to easily remove stained, old, or damaged drywall.

Not just installing TV cabinets, it can also be used to cut and trim drywalls in case of installing new electric boards and light fitting sockets.

5. Plunge Cuts

If you ask an expert about using an oscillating multi-tool, they will tell you about the plug cutting. Such tools are designed to perform plunge cuts in different shapes and sizes. You can also plunge and cut different surfaces.

6. Scraping

Do you want to scrape off the old paint of the floor, gunk or the linoleum floor, or even some old poster from the wall? Use an oscillating tool with the scraping blade. Instead of using the tool on the whole area, concentrate on portions and slowly scrape the unwanted material off the surface.

7. Sanding

Sanding is important before you repaint your home or anything. The whorl process can become easier and safer with a multi-tool. The tools mostly come with a separate head for sanding that can remove the paint from walls or furniture. The best part about the tool is that the triangular sanding edges help to remove the paint and varnish even from corners or hard-to-reach spaces.

On top of that, you can also adjust the speed settings as per your preferences. So, now, use an OMT for sanding or removing paint from a door or even a wall.

8. Cutting/Sawing

Oscillating multi-tools are mostly used for cutting and sawing different materials, including wood, boards, metal, plastic, or even ceramic tiles; you just need to measure the boards and then attach the cutting or sawing head. The work will be done within a few minutes, minus the manual labor!

9. Scraping Adhesive Such as Silicone Sealant/Caulk

Oscillating multi tools can also be used to scrape silicone adhesives and caulk off the surface. The scraping work becomes a breeze; you do not need to use chemical peeling agents to remove the sealant. Start with a small section and gradually move along to finish the job.

10. Cutting Through Nails and Screws

Using a screw that is too long? Then trim it with an oscillating multi-tool. Most tools come with obtuse-angled blades that can flush cut the nails accurately per your measurements. You can cut smaller or larger-sized nails or screws with the same tool.

11. Flush Cuts

Just like cutting in regular angles, oscillating multi-tools can also be used to flush cut different objects, including pipes, cills, ends of metal sheets, etc., with the right tool head.

12. Removing Mortar

Oscillating multi-tools can also be used to remove hardened layers of the mother of the tickets or the floor. You need to use a grinding head to remove the thin layers of mortars within seconds. Most tools come with such head attachments; hence, you don’t need to buy them separately.

13. Get Rid of the Grout

You can easily remove old and chipped grout from the bathroom with an oscillating tool. Many multi-oscillating tools come with special grout-removing heads with carbide-grit attachments that you can use. This tool helps you to remove that old grout precisely and more cleanly.

14. Removing Rust from Metals

Rust can damage metals in many different ways. Most of the chemical; rust removal chemicals available in stores can damage the metal and the environment. In this case, the multi-oscillating tool will be helpful.

The grit pad or a sanding plate can easily remove the oxidized rusty part from the metal without much effort.

15. Sanding Down Furniture

Carpenters often use an oscillating multi-tool to sand and smooth the wooden furniture pieces. With the right head, you can make the edges smooth and the surface and trim or sand people within a few minutes. So, instead of sandpaper, now start using an OMT!

16. Getting Rid of Ceramic Tiles

Removing tiles manually becomes difficult, especially those old ceramic tiles on the toilet or kitchen floor. In this case, you can use an oscillating multi-tool to loosen the tile and remove them without much effort. The tools work properly and do not damage the wall or surface beneath, making the job neater and cleaner.

17. Trimming Wood and Floor Boards

Floorboards can be easily cut and trimmed with the help of an oscillating multi-tool. Since the tools have different heads, you can perform precise cuts and trimmings on floorboards or wooden boards in seconds.

Since the tools are versatile, you can safely perform different cuts, including curved or angular ones. On top of that, the tools are faster cutting through floorboards, and wood becomes easier.

18. Window Repair

Need to repair the cracked or damaged window? It is time to use the oscillating multi-tool. The tool can be used to remove the old caulk or putty of the window frame while you remove it. Besides that, you can also use the tool to trim and cut the window frames to install the new one. On top of that, if some old paint is layered on the window, you can also remove that with the tool.

19. Paint Preparation

Prepare the wall or wooden surface for painting with a multi-tool. You can scrape the old paint off within a minute and switch the multi-tool paint–scraping head. You can also smoothen or sand the surface with a gritting head attachment.

20. Repair Door Jambs

Oscillating Multi-tools help you cut the door jambs per the recruitment and design. It becomes extremely helpful when adjusting the door jambs while installing new flooring.

21. Open Tough Casing and Packaging

Need to open a package with casings or complicated packaging? Get the oscillating multi-tool. You can cut through the casings or layers of paper or even wood faster than you think!

22. Cabinet Installation and Modification

If you love carpentry or DIY projects, an oscillating multi-tool can greatly help you. You can cut the cabinet parts as per your measurements. Such tools come with multiple head attachments; you can design any cabinet, inducing a side pantry rack, TV cabinet, book rack, etc. You can even modify existing cabinets as per your preference.


Having an oscillating multi-tool in your toolbox can be a great benefit. The tool can be used for cutting, scraping, flush cutting, and trimming through different surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic. You can use the tool in different ways.

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