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10 Best Oscillating Tools Reviews and Buying Guide

An Oscillating Tool is one of the most versatile tools that you can keep inside your tool kit since it can be used for a lot of applications like cutting, sanding, scraping and much more. It uses a vibrating blade to cut through wood, metal, fiberglass and comes with several attachments for filing and taking out grout. In this article, we will see some of the Best Oscillating Tools for your workshop or DIY project.

If you also want to buy an oscillating tool, then you have to consider the following factors:

  • Power Type: There are a lot of oscillation tool models out there that use different kinds of power types. It includes options that are either powered by a battery for ease of use or corded ones that are cheaper and offer similar performance.
  • Power Rating: Whether you are buying a corded or a battery-powered oscillating tool, it needs to be powerful. Therefore, you should check the power rating of your tool that is either given as 12V to 20V or 1.5A to 5A, where a higher rating is the better one.
  • Oscillation Speed: You can also check the oscillation speed of these oscillating tools before buying one for yourself. It tells the number of times it tool head oscillates every minute as 20000 oscillations per minute or 22000 oscillations per minute.

And based on these factors, we are here with some of the best oscillating tools. In fact, we have even mentioned their major features and options along with a detailed “Buying Guide” that will help you to buy the perfect oscillating tool after following this article until the end.

Best Oscillating Tools

Oscillating ToolPower TypePower RatingWarrantyBuy Now
Dewalt Oscillating Multi-ToolBattery-powered20 volt3 yearCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-ToolBattery-powered12 volt5 yearCheck On Amazon
Makita Oscillating Multi-ToolBattery-powered18 volt3 yearCheck On Amazon
Genesis Oscillating ToolCorded1.5 amp2 yearCheck On Amazon
Porter Cable Oscillating ToolBattery-powered20 volt3 yearCheck On Amazon
Ryobi Oscillating Multi ToolBattery-powered18 volt3 yearCheck On Amazon
Dremel Oscillating ToolCorded5 amp2 yearCheck On Amazon
Skil Pwr Core Oscillating ToolBattery-powered12 volt5 yearCheck On Amazon
Avid Power Oscillating ToolCorded3.5 amp2 yearCheck On Amazon
Rockwell Oscillating Multi-ToolCorded4 amp3 yearCheck On Amazon

10 Best Oscillating Tools Reviews

1. DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool

dewalt oscillating tool

DEWALT is a brand of power tools that has been around for a long time and offers a lot of things to its users with its power tool models.

The DEWALT DCS356B Oscillating Tool is the 1st product in the list and it is a highly powerful one for a battery-powered model. It uses a highly powerful 20V battery system for powering its 3-speed tool head.

You also get a great build quality as well as 3-year long warranty with this oscillating tool from DEWALT for peace of mind. Its quick-change system saves a lot of time for the user.


  • Uses 20V Battery
  • Great build quality
  • Built-in LED
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Great performance from 20V battery
  • Small and compact form factor
  • Quite a reliable and durable oscillating tool
  • A bit pricey
  • Only tool, No battery or charger

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-Tool

milwakue tool

You can find a lot of reliable and durable power tool offerings from Milwaukee that are generally powered by a battery system.

The Milwaukee 2426-20 Oscillating Tool is the 2nd product in this article and it is one of the most reliable and durable option mentioned here. Apart from offering an excellent build quality, you get a 5-year long warranty with it for peace of mind.

While its battery is just a 12V one, you get a decent oscillation speed of 20000 OPM. Its tool head can be easily changed between different blades and sanding pads if needed.


  • Powered by 12V Battery
  • Oscillation speed of 20000 OPM
  • 5-year long warranty
  • Most reliable and durable oscillating tool
  • Great build quality for peace of mind
  • Decent performance with high OPM rating
  • Tool only, no battery or charger
  • No LED

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Makita Oscillating Multi-Tool

makita tool

Makita is another well-known brand of electric power tools that are cordless and powered by a battery system.

The Makita XMT03Z Oscillating Tool is the 3rd product in this list and it offers decent performance to the user with its 18V battery system. If you have other Makita Tools that use the same 18V battery, then this tool would be a great addition for your tool kit.

You get a high oscillation speed of up to 20000 OPM along with a variable speed trigger. As for its warranty, you get a 3-year long warranty as well as an excellent build quality that is to be expected for the given price.


  • Runs on 18V Battery
  • Oscillation speed of 20000 OPM
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Great performance with a battery system
  • Compatible with other 18V Makita batteries
  • Variable speed trigger for precision
  • Size could have been smaller and more compact

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Genesis Oscillating Tool 

Genesis tool

Genesis is a brand of power tools that makes a highly popular oscillating tool that is corded and offers various things to the user.

The Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Tool is one of the cheapest options out there. Even then, it comes with a 19 piece accessory kit that results in a high value for money with this corded oscillating tool.

It is powered by a 2.5A Motor that churns out up to 21,000 oscillations per minute. Despite its lower price tag, you get a decent 2-year long warranty along with a great build quality that is not expected with other budget options.


  • Power rating of 2.5A
  • Corded Oscillating Tool
  • 19 piece accessory kit
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Up to 21,000 Oscillations per minute
  • Decent build quality and warranty period
  • Budget price tag for a high value for money
  • Comes with various accessories for ease of use

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Porter Cable Oscillating Tool

porter cable tool

If you are familiar with battery-powered power tools, then you must have heard about Porter Cable before, as it offers a wide range of options, including an oscillating tool.

The Porter Cable PCC710B Oscillating Tool is another great option if you are looking for a powerful cordless model. It comes with a powerful 20V battery system along with 11 accessories for ease of use.

Talking about its warranty, you get a 3-year long warranty with it that is always great to have, especially when you consider its great build quality.


  • Voltage rating of 20V
  • Great build quality
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Built-in LED work light
  • Includes 11 accessories
  • Long warranty and decent build quality
  • Tool only, no battery or charger

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Ryobi Oscillating Multi Tool 

ryobi tool

Ryobi makes a wide range of cordless power tools that generally offer a high value for money to the user due to the lower price tag.

The Ryobi P340 Oscillating Tool is one of the only options out there that comes included with 3 heads for flexibility. Its 18V battery system ensures that you do not face any performance issues while using this tool for various applications.

A great thing about Ryobi is that it offers a 3-year long warranty with its oscillating tool that is always great to have. Although, the build quality could have been slightly better


  • Voltage rating of 18V
  • Comes with 3 tool head attachments
  • 3-year long warranty
  • Justified price tag for given performance numbers
  • Comes with multiple tool heads
  • Build quality could have been better
  • Only tool, no battery or charger

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Dremel Oscillating Tool 

dremel tool

Dremel is one of the oldest brands out there that specialize in making handheld power tools like its oscillating tool offering.

The Dremel MM50-01 Oscillating Tool is a corded model that is one of the most powerful options present in this article due to its 5A electric motor that is highly powerful. When combined with its 30 accessories, you get a great experience while using this oscillating tool.

While you only get a 2-year long warranty with this high-end oscillating tool, its build quality is quite great and offers long-lasting tool heads for ease of use.


  • Amperage of 5A
  • Corded Oscillating Tool
  • Offers 30 accessories out of the box
  • Up to 21,000 Oscillations per minute
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Great build quality for peace of mind
  • Highly powerful motor for heavy-duty applications
  • Easy to use controls and adjustment options

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Skil Pwr Core Oscillating Tool 

ski l tool

SKIL is a budget-oriented brand of power tools that mainly has battery-powered options, just like its oscillating tool mentioned in this article.

The SKIL PWR CORE OS592702 Oscillating Tool is a complete kit present in this article that offers everything that you need to start using it right away. This 12V power tool comes with a total of 40 pieces of accessories that should be more than enough for most users out there.

Its battery has a rating of 2.0 Ah, which results in a long battery life while using it. Unlike most other options out there, this one comes with a 5-year long warranty that is always great to have.


  • Run on 12V Battery
  • Kit contains 12V 2 Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • Up to 45 minutes of run time
  • Up to 18,000 Oscillations per minute
  • Offers a total of 40 accessories
  • Built-in Light
  • 5-year long warranty
  • Highly reliable and durable oscillation tool model
  • Offers multiple accessories for ease of use
  • Comes with Battery and charger

Buy Now From Amazon

9. Avid Power Oscillating Tool

Avid Power Oscillating ToolThe brand Avid Power has sophisticated power tools for commercial DIY projects as well as convenient tools for your automobile maintenance, gardening, and other home makeover works. The 3.5A oscillating tool from this brand runs with a speed ranging between 15000 to 22000 OPM.

You can adjust the speed of this oscillating tool according to your requirement by adjusting the 6 level speed dial. The tool provides excellent results by delivering 4.5-degree oscillation and 1-ton clamping force. And, the tool’s quick-change accessory system lets you easily change the blades without having to use other tools.

It is ergonomically designed with an auxiliary handle that is very comfortable to hold and gives stability while using. With dimensions, 12.64″ x 8.15″ x 4.25″ and weight 5.5 pounds, this compact-sized tool is portable and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Best Features:

  • The power rating of 3.5-amp
  • 13-piece saw accessories
  • 6 variable speeds
  • 4.5-degree oscillation


  • Fast-changing features
  • Wide applications
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Warranty details are not clear

Buy Now From Amazon

10. Rockwell Oscillating Multi-Tool

rockwell tool

Last but not least, we have Rockwell in this article that is another small brand of power tools out there and offers a decent oscillating tool.

The Rockwell RK5142K Oscillating Tool is quite similar to mainstream brand options out there in terms of the performance with its 4A electric motor. It even comes with a 3-year long warranty for ease of use.

Its included accessory kit comes with a carrying bag that allows you to easily carry it around safely since the build quality of this oscillating tool is not the best


  • Corded Oscillating Tool
  • Amperage rating of 4A
  • 33 piece accessory kit
  • Up to 20,000 Oscillations per minute
  • 3-year long warranty
  • High-performance rating with 4A motor
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Build quality could have been better

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Oscillating Tool

Choosing one from these various options is not easy as they offer different features and options that have been mentioned in this article. Therefore, to further help you out in buying an oscillating tool, we are here with a detailed buying guide related to oscillating tools.

You can find all of the factors and aspects related to oscillating tools in this buying guide. In other words, you can follow this buying guide until the end to buy the perfect oscillating tool for you:

1. Power Type

After going through this article, you must know that there are a lot of oscillating tools out there that differ from each other in terms of their power input type. While some of them are corded and require a power socket to work, other models might be battery-powered ones.

Such battery operated oscillating tools are highly practical and allow the user to easily use the given tool without being tethered by any power cord. Although corded oscillating tools generally offer the same levels of performance at a much lower price but they come with a power cord.

2. Power Rating

If you want to use an oscillating tool and not have any performance issues in the long run, then you should get one that offers a proper power rating. For battery-powered models, this power rating is given in volts as 12V or 20V. When compared with each other, the higher 20V rating is much better and offers a high level of performance to the user.

On the other hand, corded oscillating tools have their power rating mentioned in amps. This rating includes options like 1.5A or 5A models, out of which the latter one performs much better.

3. Oscillation Speed

The oscillation speed of an oscillating tool simply tells you about the number of times the head of your oscillating tool moves every minute. This includes options like 20000 oscillations per minute or 22000 oscillations per minute.

When compared with each other, the higher rating generally results in slightly better performance from the given oscillating tools. Although, if you want a lower oscillation speed for a particular given application, then this oscillation speed can be generally adjusted using a variable speed trigger that is found in most models out there.

4. Warranty

Another important factor to consider while buying an oscillating tool is its warranty. Generally, oscillating tools come included with a 2-year long warranty for peace of mind. Although, more reliable options can even include longer warranty periods such as 3 year or 5 year long. You can expect to use such options for a long time without any issues.


While there are many power tools for different applications, an oscillating tool is considered to be an all in one tool. This is due to the reason that they have interchangeable tool heads of all kinds that make them highly popular. In fact, even we have mentioned various oscillating tools up above in this article, along with their major features and other details. The detailed buying guide mentioned in this article covers various aspects and factors related to these oscillating tools. But if you want to save time, you can simply buy one of the following recommendations:

  • If you want a powerful oscillating tool that is also battery-powered, then you can go with the DEWALT Oscillating Tool. Its 20V battery system ensures that you get great performance for a long time with its 3-year long warranty.
  • The Milwaukee Oscillating Tool is the most durable and reliable option present in this article as it offers an excellent build quality to the user. When combined with its 5-year long warranty, you can expect this tool to last for a long time.
  • Although if you want a corded oscillating tool for high-performance numbers without paying a lot of money, then you can go with the Dremel Oscillating Tool. Its 5A electric motor is highly powerful and more than enough for most users out there.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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