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NZXT Cam Not Working – How To Fix?

NZXT Cam is a popular software application for monitoring the performance of your computer. You can keep track of the status of your computer components easily and accurately. Starting from monitoring CPU and GPU load and bandwidth consumption to connected devices and running applications, you can keep your eye on everything.

But there are times when NZXT Cam may have issues running the application smoothly. There are many reasons why NZXT Cam is not working properly. We will state all the possible reasons along with the solutions to fix NZXT Cam not working issue.

Why NZXT Cam May Not Work At Times?

Here are the common issues with NZXT Cam that you may come across. You need to understand the reasons why all these NZXT Cam issues so that you can solve them accurately by taking the proper steps.

1. NZXT Cam Won’t Open

If NZXT Cam is not opening, it is more likely that the problem is with NZXT Cam software application. Besides, it could be due to drivers not working properly. Moreover, there are some third-party apps that can prevent NZXT Cam from working properly. Furthermore, if your Windows version is not updated, you can face this issue.

2. NZXT Cam Won’t Install

When you have corrupted files and wrong installation settings, you cannot install NZXT Cam properly. Therefore, you have to ensure that you have the correct installation files. That is why it is recommended that you download the latest version of NZXT Cam and get rid of any old version installation files.

3. NZXT Cam Won’t Find Device

Even though the primary function of NZXT Cam is to connect with devices and monitor their performances, there are times when NZXT Cam cannot detect the devices on the computer. The most likely reason is that the hardware is not compatible with the software. Sometimes, the presence of USB ports as well non-responsive peripherals can lead to the software not detecting the device.

4. NZXT Cam Won’t Show FPS

When you have a gaming computer, the monitoring of FPS is extremely important. However, sometimes, NZXT Cam won’t show FPS as expected. This can happen due to OSD settings. You have to change the default OSD settings so that NZXT Cam can show FPS accurately.

5. NZXT Cam Won’t Show CPU Temperature

Just like FPS, NZXT Cam won’t show the temperature of your CPU. For any gaming computer, monitoring the temperature is important. This issue can occur when the OSD setting is not properly configured. You have to enable the CPU temperature displaying option on the OSD setting so that it shows properly.

Methods to Fix NZXT Cam Not Working Properly –

Now that you know the issues that you can face and the reasons behind those issues, it is time to fix the issues. Since the issues are several, the methods are different. You have to follow the methods one by one and perform them all without escaping until the issue is solved.

1. Restart NZXT Cam

The first thing you need to do when NZXT Cam is not working properly is close the application and restart the application. Closing the application in the regular way is not going to do it. You have to terminate it from the Task Manager. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar and from the menu, select Task Manager.

Step 2: When Task Manager opens, go to Processes tab and select NZXT Cam and click on End Task button.

Step 3: You should do the same for all other processes that are running in the background. This is because the background processes can interface with the software not working properly.

Step 4: Close the Task Manager after terminating all the different processes except the essential ones. Restart NZXT Cam application and see if the problem is fixed.

2. Enable On-Screen Display

When NZXT Cam is not showing CPU temperature, you have to enable CPU temp parameters from OSD settings. By default, the CPU temp may not be turned on. That is why you should check it and enable the option. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Launch NZXT Cam application and go to Settings from the left panel.

Step 2: Go to OSD settings and turn on CPU temp option.

Step 3: Click on Apply button, and it should start showing CPU temp. Otherwise, you can restart the application and check it once again.

3. Install Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework is essential for proper functioning of NZXT Cam. If you have not already installed Microsoft .NET Framework on your computer, you need to install it before installing NZXT Cam. If you already have installed Microsoft .NET Framework, you should update it to its latest version so that any issue with the previous version is fixed. Visit the official website and it is available for free.

4. Uninstall Antivirus Software

The root cause behind many applications not working properly on your computer is the antivirus you have installed. If you are using Windows, you can use Windows Security app. When you install third-party Antivirus software, it blocks applications installed on your computer and denies permissions for proper functioning. That is why you should uninstall Antivirus Software.

Step 1: Go to Start menu option. Search for Control Panel and open it.

Step 2: Open Programs and Features. Search and select the third-party antivirus you have installed.

Step 3: Click on Uninstall option and follow the on-screen instructions. After uninstallation, you should restart your computer and see if NZXT Cam is working properly.

5. Update The Latest Windows Version

There are times when the Windows version you have may be outdated and it could cause the entire system to malfunction. You need to check if any latest Windows version is available. If it is available, you should take the update immediately and see if the problem related to NZXT Cam is fixed.

Step 1: Go to Start menu button and search for Windows Update.

Step 2: Open Windows Update Settings. Click on Check for Update button.

Step 3: If any update is available, you can install it by following the on-screen instruction.

Step 4: After updating, the system should get restarted. Thereafter, you can launch NZXT Cam application.

6. Reinstall Drivers

More often than not, it is the device driver that is the main cause of NZXT Cam not working or getting compatible. You need to reinstall the driver of the concerned driver or update the drivers. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Go to Start menu button and search and open Device Manager app.

Step 2: Expand the devices and right-click on each device. Click on Update Drive Software or Uninstall option.

Step 3: If you have uninstalled the driver, you can right-click and click on Install option.

Step 4: After updating or reinstalling, you should restart your computer and launch NZXT Cam to see if the problem is fixed.

7. Allow Windows Firewall Permissions

When you have Windows Firewall is active, it can block certain applications including NZXT Cam. It is the same way as the antivirus software. You have to allow NZXT Cam through Windows Firewall so that it functions properly. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: From Start menu button, search and open Control Panel app.

Step 2: Open Windows Defender Firewall, from the Control Panel.

Step 3: Go to Allow An App or Feature Through Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 4: Select NZXT Cam and click on OK.

Step 5: Restart your computer and launch NZXT Cam.

8. Reinstall NZXT Cam

The last option you have is to uninstall the existing NZXT Cam you have and install the latest version. You can visit the official website of NZXT Cam and download the latest version. For uninstalling, follow the same steps as uninstalling antivirus software. After downloading and installing the latest version, you should restart your computer once and launch NZXT Cam.


NZXT Cam not working is not uncommon. There are several issues you can come across and we have listed the possible issues and the reasons behind them. Thereafter, we have provided the solutions and you should execute them one by one and see if the issue is resolved. The solutions are very basic and anyone can execute them in simple steps. If the problem is not solved, it could be an issue with the hardware.

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