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Best Laptops Under $300 for Everyday Use

Nowadays, when it comes to working, we cannot think of anything apart from a laptop. There is no denying the fact that buying a laptop is a huge investment. With the number of brands showing up, it is becoming easier for users to find out something they choose to afford.

There are powerful notebooks that are attractive and have immense power to help you get your job done. But, if you have a tight budget and don’t want to spend more than $300 on the laptop you are buying, you definitely need to check this guide. Let us look primarily at the top three features we generally review while choosing laptops under $300.

  • CPU Series: The first thing you need to check while choosing a laptop under $300 is the CPU. Remember that the processor is the brain of the computer and has a significant influence on its performance. However, it generally depends on how you want to use it. Even the lesser expensive model seems good enough for some people, while the premium quality features might not be able to provide the performance. So, you should check the CPU series of your computer  and make sure that it can power your performance requirement. While several powerful processors exist, Intel and AMD Ryzen are the two greatest. Even when both brands are competitors, these processes can provide immense power for improving your productivity and gaming experience.
  • Capacity (RAM / HARD DISK): The storage capacity of your laptop plays an integral part in ensuring performance. Remember that when a laptop has less capacity, and you have more things to store, it will affect the performance. When you keep many files and media in your laptop beyond the storage capacity, it can slow down performance. With more storage capacity, you get more freedom to store many files and media. It is generally determined as HDD, SSD, and SSHD. The availability of an additional SSD card will provide you with more storage capacity than the hard drive. It improves speed and performance.
  • Battery Life (hrs.): One of the biggest reasons people prefer laptops over computers is their portability. Not only because of the portable size but also because these laptops have been provided with solid batteries. While different people require the laptop for different types of users, it can directly impact battery life. However, when you choose a laptop, you need to check the battery life mentioned in hours. With better battery life, you will get more opportunities to use your laptop.

While there are several other essential things that you need to look at when buying the best laptop under $300, these are the top three features that should be in your mind while making a choice. However, if you are looking forward to finding a detailed knowledge of the specifications, you can keep reading the “Buying Guide”. We will provide thorough knowledge about all the essential specifications you must consider while choosing these laptops. However, before that, let us take a look at the best laptops available in the market for under $300.

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Best Laptops Under $300 Table

Best Laptops Under $300CPU SeriesCapacityOSBattery Life (hrs.)Special FeaturesBuy Now
Acer Laptop
AMD Ryzen 3 3350U4GB DDR4 / 128 GB SSDWindows 1110hrsBacklight, FIngerPrint sensors and Alexa.Check On Amazon
Acer A515-56-36UT Laptop
Intel i3 - 1115G44GB DDR4 / 128 GB SSDWindows 118hr. 30 minCompatible with AlexaCheck On Amazon
Lenovo Laptop
Intel i3 - 1115G48GB DDR4 / 128 GB SSDWindows 118hrs360 degree convertible and virus protection.Check On Amazon
ASUS Laptop
Intel i3 - 1115G44GB DDR4 / 128 GB SSDWindows 118hrsFingerPrint and backlit keyboard.Check On Amazon
HP 15-dw Laptop
Intel i3 - 1115G48GB DDR4 / 256 GB SSDWindows 116hrsFingerPrintCheck On Amazon
Microsoft Laptop
Intel i5 - 1035G14GB DDR4 / 64 GB eMMCWindows 10 Pro8hrsTouchscreen displayCheck On Amazon

Best Laptops Under $300 Reviews

1. Acer Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R3UB Laptop

Acer is a known brand that has continuously manufactured some of the best high-quality laptops at a very affordable range. Their sleek and compact design has made them different from others in the league. Of the many exceptional products in their product line, the Aspire 5 has been launched with some of the outstanding features. This is a high-performance laptop for all those experts and gamers who are looking forward to improving their performance.

Integrated with AMD Ryzen delivers exceptional performance and immense battery life. It is a slim notebook that can help you meet all the demands needed in a laptop. It empowers workflow and allows you to move with it everywhere you go. 3000 series of processors with Vegas 6 mobile graphics helps you explore this laptop’s advanced capabilities. It has been fine-tuned to meet your daily requirements.

The WiFi is 6 Dual-band connection provides 3X faster connectivity than previous designs. So, you can browse, game, and stream faster with multiple devices. The use of Acer purified voice technology on this laptop helps you get the voice in your room and ensure that your voice properly reaches the other one on the other side. The TrueHarmony technology improves the sound of dual speakers.

Designed with a 15.6 inches full HD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 82.58% of the screen-to-body percentage makes, it looks even premium. The storage capacity includes 4GB DDR4 memory and 120 8GB SSD to store as many files and media as you need. Integrated with Windows 11 home operating system ensures high-end security features like providing protection against malicious software. It helps to use the laptop as you want.

Keeping in mind the need for including a huge range of devices, this laptop has been included with a huge number of port availability. It includes 2 USB 3.2 ports, a USB type C port, HDMI 2.0, and a lot more. According to the brand, this laptop can run up to a good 10 hours on one charge. Lastly, the one-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer offers peace of mind.


  • Integrated with Ryzen 3 3350U processor to deliver the performance.
  • Get exceptional performance to run software programs with 3.5GHz of CPU speed.
  • AMD Vega 6 Mobile Graphics provides large memory and storage space.
  • Dual-band WiFi 6 connectivity provides three times faster connection for streaming, gaming, and browsing.
  • Acer PurifiedVoice Technology helps to do video chatting with ease.
  • TrueHarmony feature improves receiving sound clearly from dual speakers.
  • The aluminum top and slender build improve the look.
  • 6 inches of full HD display with more screen-to-body ratio.
  • 1920 x 1080 p with Color Intelligence technology for better photo editing.
  • Build with inbuilt Alexa.
  • Multiple port availability like 2 USB 3.2, USB Type-C, USB 2.0, HDMI, and a lot more.
  • It weighs only 3.99 lbs.
  • The laptop has 10 hours of battery life.
  • You get 1 year of limited warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Inbuilt Windows 11 to let you use all the special features.


  • The aluminum top looks premium.
  • A multi-functional device.
  • The device works really quickly.
  • Performs the job.
  • It has a good sound.


  • No SD card slot is included in the laptop.

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2. Acer A515-56-36UT Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-36UT Laptop

As we have known by now that Acer is a very popular brand known for its exceptional quality and features, the Aspire 5 model 56-36UT is another high-quality laptop available for under $300. Integrated with DDR4 SD RAM provides the speed and performance you need. The Intel i3 4.1 GHz processor powers this laptop. Integrated with the 11th generation of Intel core processor delivers great intelligence and speed, which enables you to create, enjoy and have an exceptional gaming experience.

Turbo boost technology has the ability to run high-end applications. With a 15.6 inches full HD display, it provides crisp and detailed pictures. The 16:9 aspect ratio of this laptop with narrow bezels not only makes it look amazing but also delivers a great experience. This full HD display can be a good choice for you. Designed by keeping in mind the need for a comfortable typing experience, it has been going over the mark.

It has a better sound experience and improved cooling ability that maintains the performance of this laptop. Another 128GB of SSD helps to store all your media and files in one place. Included with Purified Voice Technology improves signal processing and speed accuracy. It can cancel out any background noise. It is compatible with Alexa, so you can instruct it to get your job done.

Keeping in mind the need for using other essentials with your computers, it has ports for different accessories. You get a USB 3.2 type C port, 2USB 3.2 ports, HDMI 2.0, USB 2.0, and other ports for speakers, headphones, ethernet lineout Jack and others. It has been integrated with Windows 11 home for easy usage.


  • Integrated with i3 11-generation to get impressive quality and gaming experience.
  • The turbo boost technology provides 4.1 GHz performance.
  • 6 inches of full HD display.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio with a narrow bezel for a stunning look.
  • The purified voice technology of Acer cancels all the background noises and easily picks up voices to make clearer calls.
  • 4GBDDR4 memory +128GB of SSD storage helps you to store the media and files.
  • Compatible with Alexa to perform a range of tasks.
  • Integrated with Windows 11 operating system.
  • Designed with ports for all the accessories.
  • 130° of tilt for easy use.
  • Intel UHD graphics card for a better experience.
  • 5 Megapixels of rear WebCam resolution for a clear video call experience.


  • A decent quality laptop
  • Helps to get the job done.
  • The SSD storage is a great relief.
  • Great video calling experience.


  • The speakers are not great.

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3. Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i Laptop

When it comes to computer brands, Lenovo is definitely one of the names that have been making high-quality laptops at a very affordable price. This brand was established back in 1984, and it has been over two decades now that the brand is constantly offering exceptional products. Integrated with Intel core i3 – 1115 G4 processor provides the power that you need.

This dual-core processor has a memory of 8GB LPDDR4. It is also included with additional SSD storage of 128GB. Therefore, it can now become easier for you to use all the high-end software without lag. Using chrome OS offers lightning speed and boosts your laptop within seconds. Apart from this, it also gets automatic updates. Therefore, it makes sure that you are able to use the updated programs.

This 13 inches full HD computer is a touchscreen laptop. So, you can use this chrome book to browse, do your work, stream movies, listen to music, and enjoy video chatting with your friends. It has been packed with all the latest features, which makes this convertible Chromebook the best choice for your needs. The automatic update you get on the chrome book helps you to provide a speedy and fresh experience throughout.

Additionally, the inbuilt virus protection on this chrome book keeps all your data safe and secure. You just need to log on to your Gmail account, and your chrome book will start running. It can work as a tablet along with a laptop which is why it is a versatile choice. You can use as many apps from Google without facing any lag. To make sure that you enjoy a great viewing experience, it has been designed with narrow bezels and a 13.3-inch touch display.

Keeping in mind the need for reliable connectivity options, it has a range of options like the availability of 2 USB C, USB 3.2 ports, one headphone port, and others. The full IPS display helps to enjoy it even better.


  • Powered with the Intel Core i3 11th generation processor.
  • A 360 degrees convertible and versatile notebook.
  • Ensures staying connected with microSD card reader, USB A port, 2 USB C ports, Bluetooth, and WiFi availability.
  • Inbuilt virus protection.
  • 8 hours of continuous battery life.
  • 8 GB DDR4 and 128 GB of SSD to improve the storage capacity.
  • High-end front-facing speakers for improved listening experience.
  • High-quality certified stereo speakers for enhanced listening experience.
  • 13-inch FHD touchscreen for better browsing and viewing experience.


  • A versatile choice.
  • Good for light work.
  • Works great for students.
  • Folds into a flat shape.
  • Ability to use multiple applications.


  • The sound quality could have been better.

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 4. ASUS Laptop

ASUS VivoBook 14 Laptop

Asus is again a very popular brand for providing high-quality sleek laptops to users. Of the many Asus laptops provided by the brand, Asus VivoBook 14 is one of the best choices under $300. Being integrated with Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor offers the power to this laptop to easily get your job done. The 14 inches full HD display helps you to enjoy great entertainment.

Intel UHD graphics card integrated into this system helps you easily edit and enjoy watching videos. When it comes to storage capacity, it has 4 GB DDR4 memory and 128GB of SSD card that lets you store a huge number of files and media in this laptop. With the Nano edge display, you get a huge screen area to enjoy a great viewing experience for playing and working. The anti-glare coating on the panel reduces any kind of unwanted distractions.

Keeping in mind the security, the inbuilt fingerprint sensor helps you to start this laptop with a simple touch simply. The availability of windows 11 on this laptop with an Intel core i3 processor helps to efficiently and swiftly get your job done. With a 178° of viewing angle, you get a better viewing experience. The weight of this laptop is only 3.3 LBS, making it extremely lightweight.

The ergonomic build and full backlight keyboard help you to use the laptop even in low-light environments. It has been ergonomically designed for a better experience. 1.4 mm of key travel ensures comfort while typing. The improved Wi-Fi 5 dual band provides an improved connection without any kind of interference. Several other connectivity options include 1

USB 3.2 port, 1 USB type 3.2, 2 USB 2.0, 1 audio combo jack, and a type A jack.


  • Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor for improved efficiency.
  • Intel UHD graphics card for improved editing experience.
  • Weighs only 3.3 lbs which ensures its portability.
  • NanoEdge display on this 14-inch laptop.
  • FHD screen with IPS level to reduce unwanted distractions.
  • The backlit keyboard on the laptop ensures using this device properly in low-light environments.
  • Easy fingerprint sensor to seamless logging in.
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAm with 128 GB of SSD improves storage.
  • Several connectivity options like a USB 3.2 port, 1 USB type A 3.2, 2 USB 2.0, 1 audio combo jack, and a type A jack.
  • Integrated with Windows 11 OS on the laptop.
  • 178 degrees of viewing angles.


  • It is a fantastic choice.
  • The storage capacity is huge.
  • Lous speakers.
  • Overall it looks great and has good performance.


  • Battery life needs to be improved.
  • Not a great display.

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5. HP 15-dw Laptop

HP 15-dw Laptop

When it comes to a brand that has been around for the longest time, HP is probably the first one to ace the race. This company was founded back in 1939 in the United States, and since then, it has been providing some high-quality laptops that are the best choice for a range of purposes. This brand itself provides a huge range of options to choose from.

This 15.6 inches full HD display has 1920 X1080 resolution. The micro-edge display boasts clarity and impressive color. It is a lightweight and thin laptop with a 6.5 MM bezel display showcasing its high definition. Keeping in mind the need for a strong processor, you get an Intel i3 1125G4 processor to stay entertained, educate yourself, and work on this device. It ensures infinite possibilities. This ultra-thin laptop provides the ultimate performance with its impeccable features and battery life.

You get multiple port options from HDMI 1.4, type C, headphones, SD card, card reader slot, and a lot more. The laptop has been pre-integrated with Windows 11, which has an exceptional layout to help you improve performance and functionality. Additional Intel UHD graphics card provides breathtaking visuals and an immersive entertainment experience.

8GB DDR 4 RAM and 256GB SSD card integrated into this device enable seamless connectivity. 5 megapixels of rear WebCam resolution helps to use the device for a video calling experience. The dual speaker ensures clarity and improves the experience. It takes only 45 minutes to go from 0 to 50% charge, and the additional fingerprint reader helps to log in to your device seamlessly with the touch of a finger.


  • 6 inches full HD display that has 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Runs from 0 to 50% charge in just 45 minutes.
  • Designed with many port options, including 2 USB Type A, 1 HDMI 1.4, 1 USB Type C, 1 microphone, 1 card reader, and others.
  • Intel Core i3-1125G4 Processor for better power.
  • Pre-installed Windows 11 provides a consistent new design with better layout options.
  • Intel UHD graphics deliver breathtaking visuals and an immersive experience.
  • 8GB DDR 4 RAM and 256GB SSD card for more storage.
  • The device weighs only 4.4 pounds.
  • Easy FingerPrint sensors for seamless logging in.


  • Great quality laptop.
  • Stunning visuals for entertainment.
  • The speakers are loud enough.
  • Charging is fast.


  • No backlit keyboard.

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6. Microsoft Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft is a brand that requires no introduction. It is probably the godfather of the internet. However, the brand has started providing high-quality laptops, and the Surface laptop Go by Microsoft is one of the best choices. It is a decent laptop because of its lightweight and portable features. This can be an excellent inclusion for all the students who require regular use of laptops.

It has a battery that lasts for 8 hours and ensures your productivity. The 3.2 aspect ratio of the screen makes it enough to use in different environments. It is also included with a great microphone and WebCam for an excellent video calling experience. If you need to use the keyboard on a regular basis, you can also feel comfortable using the keyboard as it feels easy to work with.

This 10.5-inch detachable keyboard makes it a tablet as well. The decent speakers with a clear microphone make it a fantastic choice for your requirements. Integrated with a 3.6 GHz core i5 processor and Intel UHD graphics card helps you to enjoy a great visual experience. 4 GB LPDDR 4XRAM improves the performance. It has 64GB EMMC hard drives to store all your files and media.


  • 4 Gb DDR4 SDRAM to improve performance and productivity.
  • Availability of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.
  • Intel i5 processor to power the device.
  • 45″ PixelSense display.
  • Touchscreen ability ensures easy use of the device.
  • Ultra-portable and premium finish laptop.
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options.


  • Well built and a lightweight choice.
  • Portable option.
  • Excellent microphone and webcam.
  • Feels good when typed.
  • Excellent video calling experience.


  • Does not support intense graphic programs.
  • Only 1 USB c port.

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Buying Guide for the Best Laptops Under $300:

With all the details about the best laptops available under $300, you will hopefully find it easier to decide. All of the brands that we have mentioned above are known for their outstanding product line. However, if you have pre-decided to buy a laptop that is not included in this list, you definitely need to ensure its capability and performance. So, checking some of the most important features will help you determine whether the laptop can offer constant performance.

1. CPU Series & Speed

The first important thing that you need to check in the CPU is speed. The CPU or the processor is considered the central part of this device. It is the brain of your laptop that has an immense impact on its performance. So, while looking for a laptop, make sure you are choosing an Intel or AMD Rison Processor with an improved speed mostly denoted in gigahertz. Make sure you buy the latest generation with improved gigahertz to complete all your tasks and improve productivity.

2. Capacity (RAM / HARD DISK)

The next valuable thing is the capacity or the RAM. You need to make sure that the laptop has more capacity. Generally, you get a hard disk with variable storage capacities like 64GB, 128GB, et cetera. However, apart from HDD, SSD is also a valuable inclusion. Remember that the more storage options you get on a laptop, the better your chances of storing the files and media will be. So always make sure that you check that the laptop has better capacity.

3. Battery Life (hrs)

The next important thing you must check is the battery life. Since laptops are known for their portability, you will not be able to use the laptop properly without a good battery life. So when you find a laptop with improved battery life, you can stay assured that the device can be used for a wide range of purposes throughout. Generally, the laptops are provided with battery life, denoted in hours that talk about the average time for using the laptop. However, remember that the battery life will differ according to your use.

4. Screen Size

The next valuable thing is checking the laptop’s screen size. If you are more of a video editing or creation or a designing expert, a better screen size will be valuable for your use. So while deciding on the best laptop, determine your need for the laptop and then check the screen size. If you are considering buying the laptop for regular use and not professional purposes, you can choose any screen size.

5. Connectivity Technology

Connectivity is an essential aspect as it ensures that you can use a laptop for broader purposes. Apart from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you must also check out the availability of ports within the laptop. With more port availability, you will be able to use a wide number of peripherals with your laptop.

6. Operating System

You should also check the operating system of the laptop. As you are buying a new laptop, it will be nice to use the latest OS. So make sure that the operating system is the updated one that helps you to enjoy all the recent and updated software. Windows 11, the latest OS, has a better user interface and design for easy use. When the device is pre-install with the latest OS, it gives peace of mind to use all the latest apps and software.

7. Warranty

Last, but not the least, you should never forget to check the warranty that comes with the device. Warranty is extremely important as it provides peace of mind and confidence while buying. When purchasing laptops under $300, make sure that the manufacturer is giving at least a year of limited warranty on the product.

Laptops Under $300 FAQs

1. Which brand has the maximum battery life for a laptop under $300?

Ans: While different laptop brands perform differently, Acer is known for its ultimate battery life. However, you must keep in mind that the battery life of a laptop depends a lot on your use. If you are mostly into browsing and streaming multiple browsers simultaneously, you will experience less battery life compared to general use.

2. Which laptop is mostly used by the students?

Ans: When it comes to students, they mostly look for affordable laptops. While there are several brands, when it comes to affordability and excellent accessibility, nothing can stand in front of the brands HP and Microsoft. These two brands have a range of models available at different price structures.

3. Does the over usage cause any damage to the laptop?

Ans: No. If you are taking good care of your laptop and it is properly maintained throughout, you won’t face any damage. Always ensure your laptop remains cool while using it for a longer time. It will preserve the processor and ensure better longevity.

4. Which is the better processor for under $300 laptop, Intel or Rzyen?

Ans: Both of these processors are known for their excellent performance. These two have a wide range of options. However, the latest Intel core processors might be a costlier choice.


So now that you have checked every possible detail let us find out the top 3 best choices from this list.

  • Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R3UB Laptop is the overall best laptop. This is one of the best choices if you are looking for high-quality laptops within your budget of $300. The Ryzen 3 3350U processor delivers exceptional performance. 3.5 GHz of CPU speed and AMD Vega 6 graphics card helps to enjoy unique video content. Integrated with PurifiedVoice Technology and TrueHarmony helps enjoy this device’s great sound. A 15.6-inch FHD display and multiple port options with 10 hours of battery life are something that you can think of at this price.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i Laptop is known for its affordability. This high-quality device has been powered with an Intel i3 core processor from the 11th generation. This is a 360° convertible notebook known for its versatility. Even though it is very sleek, it provides multiple connectivity options. It has a remarkable memory of a DDDDR4 and 128GB of SSD card for great storage capacity. The inbuilt virus protection and certified see your speakers ensure great entertainment.
  • HP 15-dw Laptop packed with features for students. This is known for its exceptional build and quality. It can be used for a wide range of purposes. 15.6 inches of FHD display with Microedge properties ensure impressive color and clarity. The i3 processor helps you to make what is the tile news. It is ultra-thin and provides impeccable battery life and features. The Indian UHD graphics card and a range of ports help you to stay connected and enjoy an immersive visual experience.

And that’s all about the best laptops available under $300. Hopefully, now it will become a lot easier for you to decide.

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