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How To Insert GIF Into PowerPoint?

Creating a good presentation is like telling a story, and sometimes, just words and numbers might not be enough. In PowerPoint, where pictures and visuals rule, animated GIFs can be your secret weapon. They’re like short, funny clips that can make your slides more interesting.

This article is here to help you understand how to easily include GIFs in your PowerPoint presentations.

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How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint?

  • Open PowerPoint and Take a new slide
  • Click on the “Insert” tab in the PowerPoint ribbon.

Insert Pictures option in ppt

  • In above image you can see 3 way to insert pictures. Lets go through each
  • How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint using This Device
  • Click on This Device Option.
  • Select a video file and click Insert Option.

insert gif using this device in powerpoint You can see the video is inserted in Powerpoint slide. You can  customize  size by dragging  GIF.

GIF is inserted in powerpoint

How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint using Stock Images

  • Select Stock Images Option
  • In top of options, select Video option
  • You will see lot of videos to insert in slide. Select any one of your choice.
  • Click on Insert optionInsert gif using stockimages in powerpoint GIF is inserted in PowerPoint Slide. Left click on it and select Video Format Option.Select video format
  • This is how this GIF looks like.Gif is inserted using stock images

How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint using Online Pictures

  1. In the “Images” group, select “Online Pictures.”
  2. A dialog box will appear. In the search bar, type relevant keywords to find and select the GIF you want.
  3. Click on “Insert”.
  4. Once inserted, you can resize or move the GIF as needed.

How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint from Giphy

  • Open the Giphy website and choose a GIF by left-clicking on it.
  • Select “Save Image” to download the chosen GIF to your gif in giphy
  • Open PowerPoint and access the presentation where you want to insert the GIF.
  • Navigate to the desired slide and click on the “Insert” tab in the PowerPoint ribbon.
  • In the “Images” group, select “This Device”
  • Choose the downloaded GIF file from your computer and click “Insert.”
  • Adjust the position and size of the GIF as needed on the slide.

Adjusting the Position and Size of a GIF

When you insert a GIF, it automatically appears at the center of the slide. Yet, you have the flexibility to relocate or resize the GIF. Simply click on the GIF, and use the borderlines for moving and the anchor points for resizing. Click, drag, and effortlessly adjust the GIF’s position or size according to your preference.

How to Insert GIF into PowerPoint in Background

  • Insert the GIF
  •  Once the GIF is inserted, Resize and position the GIF to cover the entire slide. You can do this by clicking and dragging the corners of the GIF.
  • Right-click on it and choose “Send to Back” or “Send Backward” from the context menu. This will place the GIF behind other elements on the slide.Resize the gif and send to backwardConsider adding text to your slide. You can easily communicate key points or provide context that aligns with the animated background.
    gif in background


Insert GIF in PowerPoint-FAQs

1. Can you put a GIF in PowerPoint?

A. Yes, you can easily insert a GIF in PowerPoint. Go to the “Insert” tab, choose “Pictures,” and select your GIF file.

2. Can GIFs play automatically in PowerPoint?

A. Yes, GIFs play automatically in PowerPoint once inserted. No need to set up additional settings.

3. How do you make an animated GIF in PowerPoint?

A. Create individual slides with animations, then go to “File,” select “Export,” and choose “Create Animated GIF” in PowerPoint.

4. What is the easiest way to make a GIF?

A. Use online tools like Giphy, Ezgif, or Make a GIF. Simply upload your images or video, customize settings, and create your GIF.

5. How do you change the length of a GIF in PowerPoint?

A. To change the length of a GIF, you’ll need to edit the original GIF file outside of PowerPoint using an image editing tool or an online GIF editor. PowerPoint doesn’t provide direct control over GIF duration.


As we wrap up, think of this guide as your key to unlocking vibrant presentations. You’ve learned to easily add GIFs, but more importantly, you’ve gained the tools to turn static slides into dynamic stories.

Your presentations are now canvas for creativity. Explore, experiment, and let GIFs transform your slides into captivating tales.

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