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The 6 Best Neckband Headphones For 2024

The neckband or behind-the-head headphones created a revolution in wireless audio technology and reformed the way of enjoying music on the go. They offer a perfect combination of utmost comfort and exceptional audio quality, thanks to their ergonomic and sleek design.

This popularity makes the market flooded with these around-the-neck headphones, leaving you in a dilemma on how to choose your ideal product.

Whether you are an audiophile or a casual listener, we have carefully curated a list of some Best Neckband Headphones with various features like immersive bass, extended battery life, sound clarity, and seamless connectivity. Also, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide” to know how to differentiate the models and select your best choice.

Let’s delve into the world of cutting-edge neckband headphones and choose the perfect option that caters to your discerning needs.

Roundup of the Top 6 Picks!

Best Neckband Headphones Table

Best Neckband HeadphonesBattery LifeWaterproof RatingBuy Now
Muitune Neckband Headphone 120 hoursIPX7Check On Amazon
Skullcandy Neckband Headphone8 hoursN/ACheck On Amazon
LG Neckband Headphone8 hoursN/ACheck On Amazon
Galirity Neckband Headphone16 hoursIPX5Check On Amazon
Sennheiser Neckband Headphone10 hoursN/ACheck On Amazon
Sony Neckband Headphone10 hoursN/ACheck On Amazon

Best Neckband Headphones Reviews

Here are the reviews of our top handpicked around-the-neck headphones that offer a comfortable fit and hands-free listening to enjoy listening to podcasts, music, phone call, or movie.

1. Muitune Neckband Headphone 

Muitune Neckband Headphone Muitune i35-JPO Bluetooth Headphones have an incredible battery life, They are perfect for long trips or to enjoy music all day long. It’s such a convenient and enjoyable. The sound quality is top-notch too. These Headphones have hybrid drivers, that will give a whole new experience! The bass is powerful, and the treble is crystal-clear, which creates a rich and vibrant sound.

One thing I really appreciate is its comfortable fit. They’re so lightweight that I can wear them comfortably for hours. No discomfort, just pure music enjoyment! The soft caps that come in different sizes ensure a snug and secure fit in my ears.

The Bluetooth 5.1 connection is smooth, and I never face any delays while listening. It’s easy and hassle-free. Overall, it has a choice for anyone who wants long-lasting battery life, great sound quality, and comfort. 

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2. Skullcandy Neckband Headphone  

Skullcandy Neckband HeadphoneExperience convenience and functionality with the Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Headphones, a perfect companion for music enthusiasts on the move. These wireless earbuds offer a seamless listening experience with added features for enhanced usability.

The lightweight and flexible build of these headphones is designed for added comfort and portability, and they ensure a secure fit and maximum flexibility, allowing you to store them in pockets or bags without any hassle.

Its signature Supreme Sound technology delivers exceptional audio quality across all genres. Feel the powerful bass, hear warm vocals, and revel in precision highs as you immerse yourself in your favorite tunes. With noise isolation, external distractions fade away, enabling you to enjoy crystal-clear clarity no matter where you are.

Effortlessly manage your calls and music wirelessly without reaching for the phone. The built-in microphone and remote offer convenient control over calls, music tracks, and volume within a range of 30 feet, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity. Extend your listening pleasure with the Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Headphones’ long-lasting battery life. Enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, allowing you to indulge in your favorite music for extended periods. And when it’s time to recharge, the battery fully replenishes in just 2.5 hours, ensuring you’re ready to go in no time, even when you’re on the go.

Express your style with the Gray/Miami color option, combining fashion and performance in one sleek package. The Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Headphones offer superior audio quality, all-day comfort, and the freedom of wireless connectivity, making them the perfect choice for those seeking an elevated music experience.

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3. LG Neckband Headphone  

LG Neckband HeadphoneElevate your audio experience with the LG Tone Style HBS-SL5 Stereo Neckband Headset, a premium accessory that combines style and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with Meridian, a renowned expert in high-performance audio, these neckband headphones deliver an exceptional sound experience that will satisfy even the most discerning audio enthusiasts.

Featuring Meridian’s advanced audio solutions, the LG TONE Flex offers a balanced sound profile that brings out the richness and clarity of every tone. Immerse yourself in 3D audio, where the bass resonates with depth and the treble sparkles precisely. Whether you’re enjoying music or engaging in phone conversations, expect unparalleled sound quality that transports you to the heart of the performance.

Enjoy up to 8 hours of talk time or music playback, ensuring uninterrupted communication and music enjoyment throughout the day, thanks to its long battery life. Whenever you need a quick power boost, just charge for 10 minutes for an impressive 3 hours of extended use.

Its dual microphones will deliver clear and uninterrupted conversations and block out the background noise and interference as the two mics work in harmony to capture your voice with exceptional clarity while reducing any echo effects.

Never miss an important notification again, thanks to the vibration alerts of the neckband. Stay in the loop with text messages, calls, and notifications as the gentle vibration ensures you’re always aware of incoming alerts without disrupting your audio experience.

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4. Galirity Neckband Headphone 

Galirity Neckband HeadphoneIndulge in a superior audio experience with the Galirity Neckband Bluetooth Headphones, designed to elevate your music enjoyment while providing convenience and comfort. These headphones boast the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and have enhanced CVC noise-canceling technology, ensuring a faster and more stable signal transmission for an enhanced listening experience with clear stereo sound and improved bass performance.

They consume less power and let you enjoy clearer sound quality, thanks to their long battery life. Thus, you can immerse in natural sounds while engaging in various activities, such as running, hitting the gym, or participating in sports, making it a perfect option for active lifestyles.

Its ergonomic design prioritizes comfort which allows you to wear the headphones with ease, providing a secure and comfortable fit. The vibrant yellow silicone material enhances the style and also reduces the collision sound when retracting, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable listening experience.

Additionally, the built-in microphone allows for hands-free calls, ensuring clear and hassle-free communication. With up to 16 hours of music or talk time on a single 3.5-hour full charge and an impressive standby time of 300 hours, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio entertainment on the go.

Enjoy the convenience of managing your music and calls effortlessly – you can skip, play, or pause music tracks without reaching for your phone. Answer incoming calls from your connected device. While its vibration reminders ensure no important calls go unnoticed.

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5. Sennheiser Neckband Headphone 

Sennheiser Neckband HeadphoneIntroducing the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Neckband Headphones, a perfect combination of impeccable sound quality and portability. The sleek ergonomic design and premium materials will make them durable, and aesthetic.

The NFC of these headphones offers one-touch pairing quickly and easily, whereas the integrated microphone makes it compatible with mobile devices. They deliver an immersive audio experience without compromising on convenience and style.

It features a soft stitched sheepskin leather neckband that lets you enjoy wearing them comfortably and securely for all-day long. While its Bluetooth 4.1 with AAC codec support and Apt X compatibility deliver exceptional sound quality via clear wireless transmission. Additionally, they deliver high-quality sound with a wide frequency response rating of 15 Hz to 22kHz and a sensitivity of 5 – 44 dB V/Pa.

Thanks to its long 10-hour battery life (on a single charge) that allows the headphones to use for long listening sessions, making them perfect for the on-the-go. Also, you can quickly recharge them via USB charging for around 1.5 hours. With its 3-way calling capability and multi-connection feature, you can connect up to 2 devices simultaneously without any worry of signal loss or sound quality.

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6. Sony Neckband Headphone 

Sony Neckband HeadphoneWe will end up our list with a product from a renowned Sony brand. The Sony WI-1000XM2 Behind-Neck Headphones are the best noise-canceling headphones that are powered by the HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1. It features customizable earbud tips that offer a secure & comfortable fit.

These headphones ensure optimal sound performance with their immersive audio experience and excellent call quality, ensuring optimal sound performance. While its 10 hours long battery life allows you to enjoy continuous music playback or talktime uninterruptedly. Also, it features a quick charging capability that won’t let you wait for several hours to get charged before using it.

With its flexible and comfortable design, you can enjoy greater comfort, even if worn for an extended period without having any pressure around the neck and ears. Additionally, it has hands-free calling and vibration notifications that notify the user about incoming calls and alerts them by vibration, making hands-free phone calls with ease.

The adaptive sound control will switch the sound modes automatically as per your activities and environment to enhance your sound clarity for smart listening. So, experience superior sound clarity without any distractions from your surroundings and elevate the audio listening like never before.

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Buying Guide for Neckband Headphones

The sales of neckband headphones are increasing yearly and they become the must-have common accessory for music listening or call management. You can wear them at any time, whether exercising, running, commuting to work, or on the go.

Don’t end up buying headphones that won’t suit your preference or requirements. So, we are here with some key factors that assist you in selecting your ideal neckband headphones.

Let’s get into the details of what factors to check while shopping for neckband headphones.

1. Noise Canceling

While purchasing any audio equipment, noise cancellation technology is quite essential for an immersive audio experience. They effectively block out external/background sounds and let you enjoy the music to the fullest without any distractions. If you want to focus on your favorite tracks or work in a noisy environment, then the headphones with noise cancellation will ensure clear and undisturbed audio.

2. Type of Headphones

There are two main types of neckband headphones – on-ear and in-ear. Here the in-ear headphones provide a more discreet and compact design that offers a snug fit and passive noise isolation. While on the other hand, on-ear headphones are a bit larger and rest on the ears, which delivers better sound quality and a comfortable fit. So, choose either type as per your personal preference and comfort.

3. Sound Quality

Sound or audio quality is another key factor to consider and ensure to look for models having Dolby Atmos and aptX technology for effective sound transfer with clarity. Also, headphones with HD sound will offer better sound quality and an immersive listening experience.

4. Microphone

It is quite common that we use these wireless neckband headphones for hands-free calling and voice commands, thanks to their built-in microphone. This enables you to answer calls without reaching for the phone & facilities clear communication during video or phone calls. Ensure to look for headphones offering a high-quality microphone for transmitting clear and accurate voice.

5. Battery Life

Since it is a wireless product, the battery life is quite essential to consider. The overall battery life of the neckband headphones will determine the longevity to enjoy uninterrupted music playback or talk time. Look for headphones with a long battery life of around 8 – 10 hours of continuous playback, particularly for those who plan to use them for extended periods or while traveling to enjoy the audio all day long.

6. Budget

The neckband or behind-the-neck headphones come in various price ranges from $15 to $250 based on the features, brand, or warranty. Initially, you need to set the budget range to narrow down the options and choose the product with your requirements and preferences. Even the high-end models are budget-friendly that offer advanced features and superior audio quality. Choose the one that delivers decent performance at your price range.

Also, we recommend you read our article – How to Wear Neckband Headphones for more information on how to wear them properly without causing any pressure on the neck & ears. 

Best Neckband Headphones – FAQs

1. Are these neckband headphones suitable for active lifestyles?

Ans: Yes, they are. Many neckband or behind-the-head headphones are designed to resist sweat or water splashes with at least an IPX4 rating, making them perfect for active lifestyles, even worn during workouts or traveling/commutes. While its built-in microphone allows for hands-free calling. But ensure to look for headphones offering a minimum IPX4 rating to protect against moisture, and a comfortable & secure fit for durability and longevity.

2. What’s the maximum battery life of these neckband headphones?

Ans: The battery life of these neckband headphones will differ among models. However, the average battery life will be around 8 – 12 hours of continuous playback. While some high-end models offer extended life of up to 20 hours or more. So, check the battery life of the headphones and choose the model based on your usage patterns that meet your requirements.

3. Can I connect neckband headphones to multiple devices simultaneously?

Ans: Mostly, the wireless around-the-neck headphones connect via Bluetooth which let you pair these headphones with multiple devices. Yet, the simultaneous connection of headphones to multiple devices varies from one model to another. So, it is essential to get detailed information either by checking the product specifications or contacting the manufacturer before buying the product.

4. Are these neckband headphones compatible with voice assistants?

Ans: Yes, they are. Voice assistant compatibility is a common feature in modern headphones. It allows you to pair them easily with any voice assistant-enabled devices and thereby access various functions using your voice commands, including controlling the music or making calls.

5. Can these headphones cancel out external noise?

Ans: Most behind-the-neck headphones have active noise cancellation (ANC) technology that reduces background noise and lets you enjoy the music without any distractions/disturbances. But the effectiveness of noise cancellation is not the same in all models. So, it is essential to check and choose headphones offering reliable noise-canceling features to cancel out external noises.


The convenience and great audio experience have made these neckband headphones a perfect wireless option to wear for extended listening sessions. We hope the above-mentioned guide and products cater to the diverse needs of professionals, casual listeners, fitness enthusiasts, or music enthusiasts to elevate their audio journey to the next level. So, stop waiting and start investing in one of these around-the-neck headphones to enjoy a truly immersive and wire-free musical experience.

Share your queries or thoughts regarding these neckband headphones with us in the comments below. We resolve your queries as soon as possible.

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