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Easy Ways To Measure RV Skylight for Perfect Fit


Adding a skylight to your RV will give you the benefit of enjoying camping outside with an incredible warmth of energy from natural sunlight. It will provide a mesmerizing view with a touch of natural sun rays from the roof. There are a lot of benefits present regarding the installation of a skylight into your RV. Although the structure of an RV light can be proven good, some measurements are necessary to avoid any future regrets.

One that should not be taken lightly is that for installing a skylight, you have to cut out a hole in your RV’s roof, and this matter can not be overlooked. It will be very significant if the measurements should have been taken correctly and twice because one wrong move can cause dollars worth of damage to your RV.

Advantages of Getting an RV Skylight

There are a lot of benefits of updating your roof to an RV roof as :

The most prominent factor in getting an RV skylight is that it will provide natural sunlight directly to the passengers. As it will be placed on the rooftop, it will be a direct source of sun and warmth directly coming from the sun, which can be counted as an excellent benefit for installing the skylights. It also provides light in the daytime. It depends upon the size of your skylight present on your roof and how much light will come downwards from the sun.

Another benefit of an RV skylight is that there will be unlimited fresh air as the cities contain a lot of smogs. When leaving the city’s limits filled with smoke and other harmful things that can be present in the air and entering into fresh and green outdoors, traveling for trips, make sure to roll down RV windows and open the skylight to enjoy the fresh air from the surroundings.

Installing a skylight can help make the size of your RV a bit larger. Its effect is directly proportional to having large windows for ventilation and a more incredible view of the home.

In case of any emergency, an RV skylight works as an additional escape for the person to jump out of it. Having more than one point from which you can escape is a blessing, and an RV skylight can be used like it if something happens.

Types of Skylights

After learning about the benefits of having a skylight on an RV, it is time to learn about different types that can be placed:

1. Fixed Dome Skylights

The first type is a fixed domed skylight which is a perfect skylight as it is not very expensive and everyone can easily buy it. The material used in them is sturdy acrylic. This makes them easy to install because they don’t let rainwater stay in the middle; instead, the water is pushed toward the front.

Next, that dome shape is very excellent in terms of rigidity. They are strong, and they are capable of standing on their own without the help of any braces. At last, their shapes make them spread the light rays inside the whole trailer. These usually come in white so that the light transmission can be enhanced. There are also tinted covers present for color-changing aspects.

2. Ventilating Skylights

 These skylights are made up from material of glass and aluminum, which is also impact resistant laminated. These are fixed on the roof but can slide left or right for opening. However, in this type of skylight, you cannot enjoy the luxury of having direct sun rays, but you can always open it up for fresh air.

These are button controlled, as they can be opened up and closed with only a button. Some skylights can be lifted electronically with a switch. Talking about electronic lifting, there are some available that can be closed, shut, or opened up by using the hands.

3. Tinted, Glazed or Clear

These types of skylights make different appearances inside an RV trailer because of the sheets used. White-colored dome lights are preferred when it comes to the dispersion of light in a trailer, as they tend to expand the light more naturally and thoroughly. If a person needs a skylight from which they can enjoy the beautiful view of nature, buying clear acrylic skylights is preferred.

Using a clear acrylic skylight, the person will experience another in-built window inside a trailer, enhancing the camping experience even better by giving a clear blue sky in the daytime and a beautiful starry sky at night.

The issue that a camper can face if he installs the first two options of skylights is that it can severely damage the interior furniture of the trailer. If you have leather seats installed, the difference will be more prominent as the leather will fade up, dry, or crack with direct sunlight.

To avoid this from happening to your furniture, it will be preferred that the s has to be tinted or smoked. Tinted skylight helps in blocking intense Uv rays. You will still be able to look outside of it and enjoy nature.

Right Ways to Measure for Your Latest New RV Skylight?

You should know what skylights are, their types, and how to install them. Now comes the turn of measurements taken of a skylight according to the requirement of the roof. The next thing to do is measure the skylight’s size, following where you need it to be fixed.

1. Decide a Perfect Location

Location for the installation of the rooftop matters because it is the work of only one time. If placed mistakenly, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The skylights are not to be placed anywhere because recreational vehicles’ roofs are the same as some residential homes, full of wiring. If by any accident, you cut off a wire leading to somewhere, it can cost a fortune.

Along with other parts, choose a precise location where no actions need to be seen, using it to pick out a less thick portion.

2. See the Sunroof ’s Available Sizes

There are many sizes options, as some people want their skylight to be big, and some need it to be small. If your budget needs do not meet, you can also consider taking other skylight sizes. You can also make the skylights on custom demand; however, if the seller has the same measure of the skylight, you need what could be better to buy it out and install it in your trailer and enjoy the perks.


If your recreational vehicle still needs to come up with a skylight of its own, it is time to get one installed as early as possible. How much of an exciting improvement it will make will be so exciting. Nevertheless, it comes with some pros and cons. If you are thinking of installing a skylight, that does not mean you can drill a hole in your roof wherever you want. This irresponsible installation can lead to significant damage worth thousands of dollars. Looking after a few things before buying and installing the skylights is always good.

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