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How to Fix Your Xfinity Remote- 9 Ways To Fix It

Howdy technophiles! Is your Xfinity remote not working properly? If that’s the case, you should know that many people encounter some (or) other issues with their Xfinity remote. Whether it is malfunctioning (or) the remote is not performing as intended.

Xfinity is a prominent internet provider with a very good smart TV-style set-top box. It offers the most popular apps as well as video streaming services. However, in rare situations, the Xfinity remote can stop functioning. Anyways, we have developed this article to assist you in fixing your Xfinity remote. 

In this article, we will go over the troubleshooting steps that you should follow to fix your Xfinity remote. Dig into the article to explore more.

How To Fix Your Xfinity Remote?

Below mentioned are some of the common problems along with their troubleshooting steps to fix your Xfinity remote conveniently.

Problem- 1: Batteries Issue 
Solution: Check the Batteries and Replace Them If Required 

Firstly, check the batteries of your remote before proceeding further. 

  • The Xfinity remote has a red LED light that blinks whenever you press any button. 
  • But if it blinks several times, it implies the batteries are low and should be changed. 
  • Whereas if the light doesn’t blink at all, it indicates that the batteries are completely drained and must be replaced.

Following that if the remote is still not working, here are the additional troubleshooting steps you should try.

Problem- 2: Remote isn’t Programmed Properly 
Solution: Program Your Xfinity Remote Correctly

To begin, ensure that your Xfinity remote is properly configured.

  • Different TVs connect to the Xfinity remote in different ways, so double-check that the remote is paired correctly.
  • Refer to the user manual to complete this process.
  • For voice control models go along the instructions displayed on the TV.
Problem- 3: Malfunctioning of Code (or) App 
Solution: Reboot Your Xfinity Device

Xfinity devices such as smartphones and PCs can have a code error (or) malfunctioning of any apps. 

Problem- 4: Physical Barriers in Front of the TV (or) Xfinity Device 
Solution: Clear the Obstacles 

An Xfinity remote sends radio frequency and infrared signals that must be in direct line of sight from the remote’s end to the device. 

  • Clear soundbars and other decorative items placed in front of your TV and Xfinity device’s infrared receiver.
  • Ensure both Xfinity device and TV are close enough i.e. about 10 feet (3 meters).
Problem- 5: Remote Buttons Not Working 
Solution: Clean the Remote Buttons

Remote buttons can become clogged with dust, grime, spills (or) other materials. 

  • Remove the batteries from your Xfinity remote and press all the buttons.
  • Shaking (or) tapping the remote against your hand can help in releasing any stuck buttons.
Problem- 6: Remote’s IR Sensor Issue 
Solution: Check the IR Sensor Via Mobile Camera

Both your TV and Xfinity remote use infrared beams to send and receive signals.

  • Open your phone’s camera app and look at your remote through the screen.
  • Press any button on the remote.
  • A working remote will have a red light blinking through the camera screen with each button press.
  • If you do not see a red light, the remote may be defective (or) the batteries are dead.
Problem-7: Remote Not Controlling Cable Box 
Solution: Unpair and Re-pair the Remote

If you find that your remote has no control over the cable box unpair and repair your remote

  • Press and hold the “Setup” button until the LED at the top of the remote changes from red to green.
  • Then enter the code provided by Xfinity to re-pair it.
  • If it doesn’t work, try resetting the device. Simply unplug it from the power source and plug it again.
Problem- 8: Remote Controlling the Wrong Device 
Solution: Change TV Modes from the Remote 

If your remote is controlling the wrong device, make sure it is set to the right device by pressing the TV, AUX (or) DVD button at the top of the remote. 

Problem- 9: None of the Above Options Works 
Solution: Factory Reset Your Xfinity Remote

If everything else fails when troubleshooting your Comcast Xfinity remote, you can factory reset it.

  • Resetting your remote to factory settings will return it to its original form. All of your settings and pairings will need to be reset.
  • Simply click on the “Setup” button on the remote.

If you’ve tried all of the above options and your Xfinity remote is still not working properly, then contact Xfinity customer care via live chat (or) over the phone to fix the problem.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, your Xfinity remote may stop working abruptly for a variety of reasons. But we hope that this article guides you in troubleshooting common problems successfully. However, we always recommend you approach either the technical team (or) customer service assistance if none of the above tips works out

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