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What is DCB Association Message and How to Disable it?

Debit and credit cards are very common these days, but so are the fraudulent activities and scams that revolve around these payment methods. Therefore, it would be understandable as to why you wouldn’t be willing to share your card’s details online. There are multiple security concerns and possibilities of data leaks, even with the most popular payment gateways.

So to deal with such a situation, Google came up with a brilliant DCB or Direct Carrier Billing solution. DCB is exclusively used for the Google Play Store and it works similarly to the Carrier Billing that is already available with the Apple ecosystem. With that, Google has introduced a safe and ultimately secure payment method for its users that can directly manage the transaction with the help of their carriers, eliminating the need for using cards completely.

However, the concept of DCB dates way back to the time when mobile users used to pay for ringtones or caller tunes on their phones. Basically, the amount is debited from the mobile balance of the user directly for the goods and services purchased from the Play Store. Recently many users have been getting the DCB_ASSOCIATION message on their phone, alerting them about Play Store transactions. If you are also concerned about these messages or want these messages to stop, you can disable it by using the several methods described below.


Let us understand what the DCB_Association message is in detail in the below sections.

What is DCB_ASSOCIATION and is it a Scam Alert?

The DCB_ASSOCIATION message is not a scam and is completely harmless. It is simply to notify you that the DCB on your Play Store is confirmed. Also, you need not be concerned about this message at all as this is simply a transaction alert from Google, redirected through your carrier.


Whenever you pay for a service or purchase something on the Google Play Store, a message will be sent to your phone carrier to process the transaction. After this, the DCB_ASSOCIATION text is sent and this works as a receipt for your payment. As soon as this message is received on your phone, it gets processed and the kind of purchase is also determined. It can also detect the Google account from which it is sent and then your phone number is charged for the purchase.

Common Appearance

These messages generally start with ‘DCB:Y3890K4’ and then a few alphanumeric characters follow it. In a few cases, the message generally starts with ‘DCB_ASSOCIATION’ and not just ‘DCB’. If you are an Indian resident, the message will be sent from the number, 552740002. Otherwise, the message will be sent from 6759, 9210, 1505, 7968, 6868, or some other such number depending on your service provider.


The main purpose of the DCB_ASSOCIATION message is to link your account on Google Play Store to your phone carrier to enable direct invoice generation of all the transactions carried out on Google Play Store.

Security Measures in DCB_ASSOCIATION

When it comes to sharing your credentials online, you can never be too sure. This is why when you set up DCB, you need to follow a few security measures. If any hacker gets access to your account and makes an illegal transaction, you will get notified in the form of a DCB_ASSOCIATION message. If you get such a message and suspect malicious activity, you need to immediately change your account’s password. Once that is done, you should call your network provider and lodge a complaint for the illegal transaction. Once the illegal transaction is successfully verified, you will get a refund from your carrier.

Addressing User Concerns

A few concerns the users might have are explained below.

1. Legitimacy of DCB_ASSOCIATION

The DCB_ASSOCIATION message you receive is legitimate if you have set the payment method on Google Play Store as your mobile network provider. You need not be concerned if you get such a message once you make a transaction on the Google Play Store.

2. Unauthorized Transactions

Due to some malware infestation or hacking activities, someone may try to conduct transactions on your Google Play Store without your consent. Such unauthorized transactions need to be dealt with by first changing your password and then informing your mobile network provider regarding the same.

3. Ensuring User Privacy

To ensure user privacy and secure your identity over the internet, a VPN is a very helpful and powerful tool. Even when the most secure settings are used, some data can still get leaked online. The best solution for utmost user privacy, security, and anonymity, is Private Internet Access.


If you want to disable the DCB_ASSOCIATION setting, you can follow any of the steps mentioned below.

a. Checking DCB Payment Options

  • Go to Google Play Store, tap on the 3 lines at the top, and select ‘Payment methods’.
  • Tap on ‘More payment options’.
  • A web browser will open where you may have to key in your Google account username and password.
  • You can see the DCB payment method set by you here.
  • Tap on ‘Remove’ if you wish to remove the selected payment option.


To disable the DCB_ASSOCIATION setting and stop receiving these messages, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner to open the menu.
  • Select “Payment methods” from the menu.
  • Tap on “More payment options,” which may redirect you to a web browser.

Remove payments in playstore

  • Enter your Google account username and password if prompted.
  • Look for the DCB payment method that is currently set.
  • Tap on “Remove” next to the DCB payment option to disable it.Remove payment in google playstore

c. Ensuring Security

To ensure the security of your DCB transactions and prevent unauthorized access, follow these security measures:

  • Regularly update your Google account password to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.
  • Monitor your transaction history on the Google Play Store for any suspicious activities.
  • Install and regularly update reliable antivirus and anti-malware software on your device.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading apps from untrusted sources to prevent malware infections.

What Happens When You Disable DCB_ASSOCIATION?

When you disable Direct Carrier Billing Association, you are basically turning off the direct billing arrangement between your Google Play Store account and your mobile carrier. Here are a few changes that you will face upon disabling DCB_ASSOCIATION:

Payment Method Change: When you are disabling DCB_ASSOCIATION, Play Store will prompt you to change/update your payment method. So, you will need to select an alternative payment method, such as a credit/debit card or other payment options available in the Google Play Store to carry out your transactions.

Termination of Direct Carrier Billing: Direct Carrier Billing allows you to make purchases on the Google Play Store where the bills are directly transferred to your mobile carrier. Disabling the DCB_ASSOCIATION also means that you are opting out of this billing method. So, your future purchases will no longer be charged directly to your mobile phone bill. Instead, you will be asked to select an alternative payment method each time you purchase anything from the store. To avoid that, you can select an alternative payment method as your default option for ease.

No DCB_ASSOCIATION Messages: While there are some drawbacks of disabling the association, there is one benefit. Once DCB_ASSOCIATION is disabled, you will no longer receive continuous alerts or messages related to your purchases. As these messages are typically sent to acknowledge transactions made through Direct Carrier Billing, disabling the association automatically avoids these messages.

How to Disable DCB-FAQs

1. What if I receive DCB_ASSOCIATION messages without authorization?

Ans:- Receiving DCB_ASSOCIATION messages without any authorization could indicate potential unauthorized transactions or access to your Google Play Store account. Therefore, it is important to take immediate action to secure your account by either updating your account password or by enabling two-factor authentication for added safety. You should also monitor your transaction history regularly\ to stay updated about any suspicious activity. If you do detect a malicious transaction not authorized by you, you should instantly report the issue and seek assistance.

2. Can I stop DCB_ASSOCIATION messages?

Ans:- While you cannot entirely stop DCB_ASSOCIATION messages, it is possible to prevent them by disabling the Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) setting regarding your payment method on the Google Play Store. For that you can follow the instructions covered in this guide to navigate to your payment methods in the Google Play Store app. Here, you can remove the DCB payment option for your payment method and stop receiving these messages altogether.

3. Why do I receive DCB_ASSOCIATION messages?

Ans:- Users receive DCB_ASSOCIATION messages to confirm and acknowledge transactions made on the Google Play Store using the Direct Carrier Billing method. These messages serve as receipts or confirmations for your purchases, linking your Google Play Store account to your phone carrier for direct invoice generation. It is a standard procedure to keep you informed about the transactions you make through DCB.

4. Did DCB_Association Text And Hacked Account?

Ans:- No, receiving a DCB_ASSOCIATION text does not mean that your account has been hacked, or compromised in any way. In fact, this is a harmless prompt, indicating that the DCB on your Play Store is confirmed. However, if you suspect any unauthorized transactions that are marked by DCB_ASSOCIATION, it is crucial to take security measures as soon as possible. This includes a few common practices such as changing your account password, enabling 2-factor authentication, etc.


DCB_ASSOCIATION messages on your phone serve as confirmations for purchases made through Google Play Store’s Direct Carrier Billing method. While harmless, there might be some concerns revolving around user’s security or privacy when it comes to DCB_ASSOCIATION messages. Therefore, it is important to understand these messages so that you can take appropriate action if necessary. In this guide, we have covered some important aspects of the service such as the meaning of these alerts, the security measures that you can take to keep your account safe, and also step-by-step instructions for disabling DCB_ASSOCIATION. Messages. You can also check out our FAQ section where we have some common doubts about this feature in general which can clear some doubts for you. If you need more info, you can reach us via the comment section below and we will get back to you right away.

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