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How to Charge AirPods Without the Case?

AirPods are a popular trend and a staple option to enjoy a wireless audio experience. These Apple earbuds come with a convenient charging case to keep them safe & secure and also charge them properly while not using.

Is it Possible to Charge AirPods Without the Case?

As an AirPod user, you should know how to charge the AirPods if the case is lost or damaged. Or is there any possibility or alternative ways available to charge and use the AirPods without the case?

Here is the ultimate guide that explains whether there is any way to still charge the AirPods without the case.

Generally, the design of AirPods is meant to charge via their charging case, which delivers the essential power to charge these earbuds. Usually, the charging case is charged through a lightning cable and its built-in battery allows multiple charges for the AirPods. This means it is almost impossible to charge them without the case, and you need to keep the case charged to keep the AirPods charged as well.

Why the AirPods Can’t Charge Without the Case?

There are several reasons that AirPods won’t get charged without the case. The primary reason is its small and compact size without any charging inputs or ports, making the AirPods must rely on the charging case to grab enough power required for the AirPods when inserted inside the case.

However, the built-in battery in the AirPods offers a limited life, and if the battery is depleted, then the AirPods need to be recharged by placing it in the case. So, the battery in the charging case can recharge the AirPods several times before the case itself needs to be recharged.

How to Charge the AirPods?

  • Here is the simple process that helps you know how to charge the AirPods quickly and easily.
  •  Place the AirPods properly in the charging case.
  • Then connect the case to a power source via a USB port and wall adapter.
  • The case will recharge the AirPods automatically, and after some time, the case will turn green as an indication of the fully charged status of the AirPods.
  • Continue placing these earbuds in the charging case regularly to prevent the battery from running out of power.
  •  Also, the case has to be recharged regularly to offer enough power for proper recharging of the AirPods.

Is the Charging Case Essential for AirPods?

The charging case is designed to offer a secure and convenient way to store and charge the AirPods along with protecting the AirPods from damage. Also, this case conserves the battery of the AirPods by turning off the power automatically whenever they are not in use.

Here we are going to explore various options and explain if it’s possible to charge these AirPods without the case.

Can we Charge AirPods without a Case? – Myths and Facts

There is no safe and acceptable way to charge AirPods without its charging case. But there are some popular myths floating around social media or the internet on how to charge AirPods without their case. It can be done especially in case of any lost, damaged, or currently unavailable. Here we have discussed some common debunking myths and facts about charging AirPods without their case. Almost all these myths or suggestions will keep the AirPods at risk of damaging their software or hardware.

Computer USB Port

  • Myth – AirPods can be charged using a USB port or wall adapter.
  • Fact – No, it’s not true. However, the charging case gets charged through a USB port or wall adapter but the AirPods won’t be charged directly with them. The only way to charge these earbuds is to insert them into their charging case and then connect the case to any power source.

Extend the Battery Life Without a Case

  • Myth – Charge the AirPods outside of the case to extend their battery life.
  • Fact – No, it’s not true. The battery of AirPods is designed to extend its life along with the charging case. The battery of the charging case will get charged and recharge the AirPods to extend their battery life. If you attempt to charge the AirPods directly by using a wall adapter or USB port, then it results in either shorting their battery life or damaging the AirPods.

Wireless Charging Pad

  • Myth – AirPods can be charged wirelessly by using a Qi wireless charging pad.
  • Fact – No, it’s not true. AirPods are designed to charge only when they are placed in the charging case, which is then connected to the power source through its cable. But it can’t be charged wirelessly through a Qi wireless charging pad.

Regular Phone Charger

  • Myth – A regular phone charger can charge the AirPods as fast as their charging case.
  • Fact – Might be, but not as fast and safe as their charging case. A phone charger won’t provide the same charging speed as the original AirPods charging case. The reason is that the case is designed specifically to charge the AirPods quickly with the required current and voltage. However, using a different charging source might slower the charging times and damage its battery. Don’t use any DIY narrow pin charger to charge the AirPods.

Power Bank or Car Charger

  • Myth – AirPods can be charged directly using a power bank or from a car charger.
  • Fact – No, it’s not true. Neither the power bank nor a car charger provides the specific charging current or voltage required to charge the AirPods directly. You have to place the AirPods inside the charging case, which can be charged from a car charger or a power bank to recharge these AirPods properly and effectively.

Single Point or Mouth-Pin Charger

  • Myth – A single-point or mouth-pin charger can charge the AirPods.
  • Fact – This is not true. Though the charger is mostly found for the Nokia 1110, it is also available to charge the AirPods. Some people on the internet spread that placing the stem end of an angle AirPods to this charger will safely charge them. But remember that this will damage the inner parts or software of the AirPods.

Third-Party Apps

  • Myth – AirPods get charged by using some third-party app.
  • Fact – No, it’s not true, and not a safer option to purchase or go with third-party apps. They make the users believe that the AirPods get charged by using their phone as a power source. Yet it is not at all recommended to use those third-party apps.


There are several ways to charge the AirPods without the case, like using a wireless charging pad, borrowing a friend’s case, or purchasing a new replacement case. Yet it is essential to take proper care and maintenance of the AirPods along with regular charging to ensure that it lasts longer.

To conclude, there is no possible way to charge AirPods without its case. These AirPods are designed to charge only when kept inside their case but not through a wall adapter or USB port directly. Therefore, the case plays a key role in AirPods’ design for offering a secure, safe, and convenient way to store and recharge these AirPods.

How to Charge AirPods Without the Case – FAQs:

1. Shall we use a different case to charge AirPods?

Ans: Yes, we can use a different AirPods charging case to charge them, as long as they are compatible with the case. They charge without even being paired to it. You can use any of your friend’s case to charge the AirPods, which are made especially for your AirPod models. For instance, don’t use the AirPods Pro case to charge AirPods Gen 1-3 and vice versa. Also, there is an issue of not getting recognized AirPods by the iPhone. So, all these are only temporary fixes to charge the AirPods without their case.
The best option is to purchase a replacement AirPods Case, and here is the replacement cost of these cases.
For AirPods (1st, 2nd, & 3rd gen) – The replacement cost for the lost case will be $59 (for the standard), and $79 (for the wireless case). The replacement fee for the damaged case will be $29 (with AppleCare+), $59 (for standard without AppleCare+), and $69 (for a wireless case without Care+).
For AirPods Pro – The replacement fee for the lost case will be $99, and the replacement fee for a damaged case is $29 (with AppleCare+) and $89 (without AppleCare+).

2. Shall we charge the AirPods with a wireless charging pad?

Ans: Yes, we can charge the AirPods case that is compatible with wireless charging pads, especially a Qi-Certified wireless charging pad for efficient and quick charging.

3. What to do if the AirPods case got damaged or lost? Is there any backup charging solution?

Ans: In case of any loss or damage caused to the AirPods case, then it has to be replaced to charge the AirPods properly and to make it use regularly. Yes, it has a backup charging solution, which is nothing but a replacement AirPods case from Apple or any authorized reseller.

4. Can I charge an AirPod case without earbuds?

Ans: Yes, you can charge the case without a pair of earbuds. Since the battery of the AirPod case and the AirPods are different, this makes it charge either independently or both. So, you can charge the AirPod case without their earbuds, in which the case charge gets stored in the case battery that is used to recharge the earbuds/AirPods.

5. Are there any third-party AirPod chargers?

Ans: Yes, several third-party products are available in the market, including charging pads, replacement charging cases, and portable battery packs. Usually, these third-party chargers are quite cheaper/economical compared to Apple chargers and are used to charge the AirPods. Yet not all these third-party chargers are compatible with the AirPods and won’t meet the safety standards. So, we suggest you purchase the chargers/charging case from reputable brands by checking the product specifications before buying them.

6. Why is it essential to have the case for AirPods?

Ans: The AirPods case is essential to connect AirPods to any new device, charging them, and offering protection while storing them. One has to charge their AirPods regularly to enjoy optimal performance. Also, it is not possible to charge the AirPods without the case, yet don’t search and go with misleading information on the internet to charge them without the case.
AirPods are the best companion at the workplace or journey due to their wireless convenience for Apple users (iPhone/iPad). The convenient charging case is essential for these AirPods for charging and convenient storage. Ensure to purchase the case from Apple in case of any missing/lost/damaged but won’t attempt any myths shown on social media.

Do you have any queries or thoughts to share regarding this topic? Then feel free to share with us in the comments section below. We are happy to hear from you and resolve your queries as early as possible. 

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